Popland Gets More
Action In USA!


A year after managing a release on San Francisco-based indie label Zip Records with modest results, Popland's exposure in the United States appears to be on an upward swing with the garnering of major US distribution for the "Action!" album and the placement of seven songs from the album on an MTV Network TV series.

Popland leader Kevin Mathews continues the tale: "We have been advised by Zip Records that "Action!" has been picked up for national distribution by Portland-based Burnside Distribution Corporation (http://www.bdcdistribution.com), which means that it will become easier for American music lovers to get hold of "Action!" if they're so inclined. This is a tremendous boost for Popland's efforts to make an impact in the US pop underground, thanks to the unwavering belief of Zip Records chief Art Herman."

Not only that but Herman has also been successful in the placing of "The Hip Song," "Dumb Thing," "Whatever...," "Hold On," "Meat from the Sky," "The Future" and "...to you" on "Fraternity Life" a new TV series on MTV Networks.

"I understand that the show is cheesy juvenile fare but with a huge audience. It is actually a spin-off of the wildly successful "Sorority Life" and is slated for a February 2003 debut." Mathews commented, "No guarantee that the songs will be actually used of course but you never know..."

Mathews added, "What is incredible is that this positive turn of events coincides with my decision to put Popland on hiatus while I focus my musical pursuits on more spiritual concerns — reuniting True Vine, an evangelistic band from the '80s, to record a CD due next year and the Soul Alternative project, which will feature the new songs that I am writing and the current spiritual direction my life is taking."

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