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Music For Glitterbug
[no label 1CD]

A clue as to the origins of this recording was finally gleaned in June of 1998 when Eno was interviewed in Mojo magazine.

"Spinner wasn't really a collaboration [with Jah Wobble]. I had done the soundtrack to the Derek Jarman film, Glitterbug, but didn't think it stood up on its own as an album, without the film."

Jarman's last completed film while he was still alive was 1993's Blue. Blue consists of a single shot of saturated blue colour filling the screen, as background to a soundtrack composed by Simon Fisher Turner featuring original music by Coil and other artists, where Jarman describes his life and vision.

The concept of Glitterbug was to use super 8 mm films Jarman had taken throughout his life and splice them together to tell his story. In the end, he managed to edit about an hour's worth. This is how All Movie Guide described the hurriedly-made documentary:

"It is considered to be the companion piece to Jarman's film Blue. Without a traditional plot, the film chronicles Jarman's life before AIDS with a series of free-flowing images gleaned from over 15 hours of Jarman's home movies taken between the years 1970-1985. London provides the central image, but other places seen include Italy, Spain, and rural England. The glittering parties filled with drag queens, drugs, and interesting people before the onset of AIDS are also chronicled."

Here is the original stereo mix of that soundtrack that was eventually worked over by Jah Wobble and released as Spinner after much changes - Wobble added rhythms, bass parts, and orchestra.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3

Track 01 Track 1 (1.7MB)
Track 02 Track 2 (4.5MB)
Track 03 Track 3 (4.5MB)
Track 04 Track 4 (6.2MB)  
Track 05 Track 5 (4.0MB)  
Track 06 Track 6 (6.8MB)  
Track 07 Track 7 (3.9MB)  
Track 08 Track 8 (4.4MB)  
Track 09 Track 9 (2.1MB)  
Track 10 Track 10 (4.2MB)  
Track 11 Track 11 (4.6MB)  
Track 12 Track 12 (3.9MB)  
Track 13 Track 13 (5.1MB)  
Track 14 Track 14 (2.0MB)  
Track 15 Track 15 (2.9MB)  
Track 16 Track 16 (5.4MB)  
Track 17 Track 17 (2.9MB)  
Track 18 Track 18 (6.1MB)  

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