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The history of the Blade Runner soundtrack is abysmal. When the movie arrived in 1983, the first soundtrack on sale was a rescoring of Vangelis’ work done by an orchestra for the then practice of releasing soundtracks in "orchestral adaptations".

Nothing more was heard till 1994, when bits and pieces of what Vangelis recorded in London in 1982 finally saw release. This is what he said in April of 1994:

"Most of the music contained in this album originates from recordings I made in London in 1982, whilst working on the score for the film Blade Runner. Finding myself unable to release these recordings at the time, it is with great pleasure that I am able to do so now. Some of the pieces contained will be known to you from the Original Soundtrack of the film, whilst others are appearing here for the first time. Looking back at Ridley Scott’s powerful and evocative pictures left me as stimulated as before, and made the recompiling of this music today, an enjoyable experience."

And here are the tracks offered on the official 1994 release:

1. Main Titles (3:42)
2. Blush Response (5:46)
3. Wait for me (5:27)
4. Rachel's Song (4:46)
5. Love Theme (4:57)
6. One More Kiss, Dear (3:57)
7. Blade Runner Blues (8:54)
8. Memories Of Green (5:05)
9. Tales Of The Future (4:46)
10. Damask Rose (2:32)
11. Blade Runner (End Titles) (4:39)
12. Tears In Rain (3:00)

In the intervening years, Vangelis himself was keen to have his original recordings heard and hence some were leaked out as private releases with 2,000 copies made.

It differed greatly from what Vangelis later compiled and had 6 extra tracks to the official edition. Here is the full tracklist of the private edition:

1. Ladd Company Logo (0:24), John Williams
2. Main Titles and Prologue (4:03)
3. Los Angeles, November 2019 (1:46)
4. Deckard Meets Rachael (1:29)
5. Bicycle Riders [Harps of the Ancient Temples] (2:05) Gail Laughton
6. Memories of Green (5:39)
7. Blade Runner Blues (10:19)
8. Deckard's Dream (1:12)
9. On the Trail of Nexus 6 (5:30)
10. If I Didn't Care (3:03), Jack Lawrence [only used in workprint]
11. Love Theme (4:57)
12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:35)
13. Dangerous Days (1:02)
14. Wounded Animals (10:58)
15. Tears in Rain (2:41)
16. End Titles (7:24)
17. One More Kiss Dear (4:00) Skelling and Vangelis [theatrical release]
18. Trailer and Alternate Main Titles (1:39) Robert Randles

Needless to say, with Blade Runner an underground success since its release in 1983, many entrepreneurs have tried to offer their variation to satisfy the demand for Vangelis’ soundtrack. We counted at least 21 bootleg editions right up to 2004.


Blade Runner - WSM 2000 - WSM

Blade Runner - Struzan Beta - Struzan Beta

Bade Runner - Struzan UK - Struzan UK

Blade Runner - Cliffhanger and Radio Plays - WD9403

Blade Runner - WestWood Edition - A2000 Skinjob Release

Blade Runner - Tapes version - 1982‚ No company or catalog number

Blade Runner - Special Edition - 1999 DECK MUSIC (Japan)

Blade Runner - OWM 2000 - OWM 2000

Blade Runner - Off World version - 1993 Off World Music

Blade Runner - Los Angeles - November 2019 - Esper Production

Blade Runner - Gongo version - 1995 Gongo Music

Blade Runner - FIC. version [Director's Cut without dialog] - 1990 FIC. Records

Blade Runner - Esper Edition - Esper Production

Blade Runner - Director's Cut version - Memoires vol 5 - 1997 FIC

Blade Runner - Deck Definitive Edition - DECK ART - 765‚ Japan

Blade Runner - Collector Box - Deck Definitive Edition - DECK ART - 765‚ Japan

Blade Runner - BG 589 Version - BG 589

Blade Runner - Asian World 98 Version - AsianWorlds 1998 - Philippines

Blade Runner - Asian World 96 Version - AsianWorlds 1996 - Philippines

Blade Runner - 20th Anniversary Edition - Off World Music

Blade Runner - 2001 Version - Private 2001

But in 2004, a music collector offered as a free download, a lossless edition of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack compiled by "Esper Productions". This was originally a limited edition of just 10 sets. Esper claimed this new edition was "exclusive [with] never-before-heard pieces that are not present on any of the bootlegs or private releases in circulation." We can vouch for this stunning 2CD set for its beautiful wide-stereo, sound quality.

This is only the second time a double CD version has been put together, the first was the 20th Anniversary Edition from Off World Music released in 2000. The Esper Edition takes virtually all the known music that was featured in the Blade Runner Director’s Cut and the 1982 theatrical release into one soundtrack with exceptional sound quality.

According to an internet review, this release debuts

- "Thinking of Rachael" - the shorter and different take of the Love Theme (heard only in the 1982 theatrical release where Deckard dozes off on his piano).

- the incidental music, Rachael Sleeps, when Deckard wakes Rachael‚ just before their escape at the end of the film.

- the eerie electronic rumblings leading into the "Love Theme" is expanded and presented in its complete form‚ titled "I am the Business."

- "Esper Analysis" is the incidental music from the Esper photo examination film sequence.

- "Deckard Enters the Bradbury" also has expanded music‚ not heard on any previous release.

- For the first time‚ the complete "Tears in Rain" dialog is presented here (ie "time to die" omitted from other versions)

- Lastly‚ this release contains interesting new mixes and transitions‚ (ie the fusion featured on the track titled "Sushi Bar- Damask Rose")

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Blade Runner - Esper Edition
[no label 2CD]

Disc 1
Track 01 Prologue And Main Titles (3:54)
Track 02 Leon's Voight Kampff Test (1:09) [1.6MB]
Track 03 Sushi Bar - Damask Rose (2:46) [3.8MB]
Track 04 Spinner Ascent (1:21) [1.8MB]
Track 05 Blush Response (5:43)  
Track 06 Wait For Me (5:12)  
Track 07 Deckard Meets Rachael (1:36) [2.2MB]  
Track 08 Rachael's Song (4:20)  
Track 09 Tales Of The Future (4:53)  
Track 10 Bicycle Riders (2:10) [3.0MB]  
Track 11 Chew's Eye Lab (1:15) [1.7MB]  
Track 12 Memories Of Green (5:35)  
Track 13 Blade Runner Blues (10:01)  
Track 14 Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian (1:47) [2.5MB]  
Track 15 One More Kiss‚ Dear (4:04)  
Disc 2
Track 01 Deckard Dream (1:10) [1.6MB]  
Track 02 Thinking Of Rachael (1:18) [1.8MB]  
Track 03 Esper Analysis (2:34) [3.6MB]  
Track 04 Animoid Row (2:34) [3.6MB]  
Track 05 Taffey Lewis Night Club (2:02) [2.8MB]  
Track 06 Salome's Dance (1:23) [1.9MB]  
Track 07 Zhora's Retirement (1:42) [2.3MB]  
Track 08 I am The Business (2:29) [3.4MB]  
Track 09 Love Theme (4:58)  
Track 10 I Dreamt Music (4:32) [6.3MB]  
Track 11 Morning At The Bradbury (3:46) [5.3MB]  
Track 12 The Prodigal Son Brings Death (4:07) [5.7MB]  
Track 13 Deckard Enters The Bradbury (3:37) [5.0MB]  
Track 14 Dangerous Days (0:57) [1.3MB]  
Track 15 Wounded Animals (10:53) [14.9MB]  
Track 16 Tears In Rain (2:51)  
Track 17 Rachael Sleeps (2:08) [2.9MB]  
Track 18 End Titles (4:06)  


Blade Runner is original music composed and performed by Vangelis except:
"Harps Of The Ancient Temples" written and performed by Gail Laughton
Vocals on tracks 3‚ 9 (disc 1) and track 5 (disc 2) by Demis Roussos
Vocals on "Rachael's Song" by Mary Hopkin
Saxophone on tracks 2 and 9 (disc 2) by Dick Morrisey
Lyrics and vocals on "One More Kiss‚ Dear" by Don Percival

Trade Freely. Not For Sale.

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