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In Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu’s Rusted Body – Guts of the Virgin 3 (1987), finding release - from “hard times” to marital to sexual - is the operative word. And if that is withhold, as one character says, “balls will explode”. Stephen Tan reviews.

While reviewing movies for this column, we have come across various forms of extreme violence and sex. For example, Kim Ki Duk’s The Isle (2000) with its fish-hook swallowing sequence; and, for really pushing the boundaries on obsession and sex, Nagisa Oshima’s In The Realm Of The Senses (1976).

Meanwhile, the women-in-prison sexploitation sub-genre offers its share of lesbian sex, cruelty and torture. It is in this category that Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu’s Rusted Body – Guts Of The Virgin 3 (1987) will make you sit up or at least stop you in your tracks.

For a start, don’t expect much of a story - The Lady has fallen on hard times and resorts to blackmailing and torture for funds. The film begins with The Lady’s hirelings, Jiro and Grandpa Natsu, torturing a bank employee into revealing the whereabouts of a stash of embezzled money.

At the same time in another room, The Lady is having sex with the psychotic Misa, Natsu’s granddaughter. When the man does not yield, he is told that he will suffer a worse fate when he faces the “two women”. Misa’s torture is simple but highly effective and painful. Using a plier, she pulls out the a from his toe. Next, Misa yanks out one of the man’s teeth. The Lady then tells Misa: “It’s not enough. Cut off his penis all the way. If a bird doesn’t sing… kill it.”

Under duress, the man reveals that it is bank manager Moriyama who has the money. Unfortunately, the man still gets his penis cut off and, not only that, he is killed and turned into pig feed!

The Lady then strategies that they kidnap Moriyama and his mistress and, at the same time, Jiro seduces and win over Moriyama’s wife, Hideko. [Why they need Hideko is a bit murky but hey, why complain when there’s Jiro’s seducing Hideko and then the two having sex.]

The film then takes a slight detour by looking at Grandpa Natsu and his scientific contraption which involves a bed of sensors and a headgear that allows a person to experience the joys of sex as another couple is doing it on the bed. This leads to an orgy between Jiro and Misa while Grandpa has oral sex with The Lady (as she’s hooked up) until he cannot control himself and urinates, which not only puts a damper on things but a stop to everything!

Using a video, Jiro shows Hideko how Moriyama has been cheating on her. He then shows how he is sympathetic to her and, before long, the apparently sex-starved Hideko is having sex with Jiro.

Both Moriyama and his mistress are kidnapped. The mistress is tortured but Moriyama keeps mum and refuses to reveal the money or secret account. Next, Jiro has sex with Hideko in order to make Moriyama both jealous and angry enough to reveal the details but he still holds on. The Lady enters into the fray and has frenzied (not to mention acrobatic) sex with a tied-up Moriyama, with Misa later joining in. The two women, plus The Lady’s secret weapon, finally has Moriyama spilling the beans.

For the squeamish, the nail and tooth pulling at the beginning of Kazuo Komizu’s Rusted Body is already too much. (In-between, there is a lot of eye candy in the form of Jiro having sex with Misa and Hideko.) But there are two sequences in the film that elevate Rusted Body into something not entirely sublime but nauseatingly harrowing.

In the torture of the mistress, she is tied up in the nude to a bar and slowly lowered into a tub filled with eels! The thought and sight of the eels slithering around the woman’s crotch is simply shuddering.

And if In The Realm Of The Senses has a castration scene, Rusted Body has its early on. But what comes later is equally if not even more memorable. Driven to the peak of his desires, The Lady simply ties up Moriyama’s erect penis to prevent it from ejaculating! And then she continues driving the hand-cuffed Moriyama wild so much so that he cannot hold it any more. Yet, there is no release - for such is The Lady’s torture - until Moriyama finally caves in. For the piece de resistance, Misa unties the string and the camera zeroes in on the erect penis (which is probably either a prosthetic or dildo) which then ejaculates.

Kazuo Komizu’s Rusted Body is hardly mentioned in connection to the “women-in-prison” genre [fair enough, it is not strictly a “women-in-prison” film] but for S&M/imprisonment genre fans, it is certainly worth a look. It really boggles the mind and, if nothing else, Keiko Asano makes a very well endowed and voluptuous Lady.

Note: The Rusted Body DVD is banned in $ingapore.

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