April 13, 2016 – 11:54 am

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The Boss makes a stand for individual rights of the LGBT community.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band canceled last Sunday night’s concert (April 10) in Greensboro, North Carolina to protest the state’s passing of the controversial Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, also known as the “bathroom bill.” Springsteen condemned lawmakers for passing legislature that infringes so heavily on the rights of the state’s LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community. The bill forces transgender individuals to use the toilets associated with their birth certificate, that is, if you are born a male, you have to use the men’s room. Springsteen’s complete statement below (click here):

“As you, my fans, know I’m scheduled to play in Greensboro, North Carolina this Sunday. As we also know, North Carolina has just passed HB2, which the media are referring to as the ‘bathroom’ law. HB2 - known officially as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act - dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use. Just as important, the law also attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace.

No other group of North Carolinians faces such a burden. To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. Right now, there are many groups, businesses, and individuals in North Carolina working to oppose and overcome these negative developments.

Taking all of this into account, I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. As a result, and with deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th. Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry - which is happening as I write - is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

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From wikipedia.

On 29 October 2014 a $ingapore Supreme Court ruling upheld the country’s ban on same-sex relations between consenting adult men. The Supreme Court held that section 377A of $ingapore’ penal code, which criminalises sexual intimacy between men, does not violate articles 9 and 12 of the country’s constitution. These articles guarantee the right to life and personal liberty, and provide that all people are entitled to equal protection before the law. The applicant’s attorney argued that 377(a) criminalises a group of people for an innate attribute, though the court concluced that “there is, at present, no definitive conclusion” on the “supposed immutability” of homosexuality. The court also upheld the differing laws regarding male and female same-sex sexual activity because female homosexual acts “were either less prevalent or perceived to be less repugnant than male homosexual conduct.” The court ultimately held that law reforms permitting private homosexual sex were a question for the $ingapore Parliament to address.

It was only in 2007 that oral and anal sex were legalised for heterosexuals and female homosexuals only.

What is Section 377A?

“Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years.”

The $ingapore perception as explained by prime minister General Lee Hsien Loong in 2007: “$ingapore is basically a conservative society… The family is the basic building block of this society. And by family in $ingapore we mean one man, one woman, marrying, having children and bringing up children within that framework of a stable family unit.”

The reality is quite different. (click here)

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  2. Bruce doesn’t seem to know the difference between his personal politics, and taking care of his fans. I have been a loyal Bruce fan for 35 years, but this thing has lost me. I was actually going to buy two tickets for the event, but did not, as my wife didn’t want to drive the 3 hours to get up there, as we did the last time he played there. And I’m glad I did not. But I do feel exceptionally bad for the fans who purchased tickets through second sources and will not be able to get their $150 back. Bruce has gone from being the greatest rock musician in the history of Rock and Roll (in my opinion). to being an outright jerk, putting his fans in second place to his politics. No more live Bruce purchases for me. I’ve had enough! (and I’ve been waiting all these years for him to start releasing them).

    By Greg on Apr 13, 2016

  3. Greg…can you be any more self-absorbed?

    By fred astaire jr on Apr 13, 2016

  4. Everything today has to be politicized ,Back in the day at least when groups like The Dead,Jefferson Airplane,CSNY ecc would protest the Viet Nam war,they wanted to perform to get their messages heard,not only that ,people were dying in an unjust political war so there is a huge difference between that and whether two gays want to blow each other in a bathroom.Man what has happened to morals in this country and the world for that matter. No wonder the divorce rate is 60 per cent or over compared to less than 20 per cent in the 1950s Why does everything these days have to be in your face. There have always been gay people, many celebrities from the past, Montgomery Clift,Rock Hudson, Gore Vidal,Sal Mineo,Tab Hunter just to name a few.Most people in the media knew it but it wasnt openly discussed so the public didnt know unlike today where everything has to be out in everyones face. Some things are meant to be private ,I personally dont want to see two men going at it in a stall in the mens room but i dont care to see a man and woman go at it either,Privacy people, where has it gone, There are far more serious problems in the world for Bruce and people like him to protest. At least back in the past people had enough respect to not offend others with lewd offensive behavior

    By Frank, on Apr 13, 2016

  5. Sick of everything being political, At least in the past groups like The Airplane,Dead,CSNY ecc protested unjust wars and death, not gays going down on each other in bathrooms, Why does everything have to be in your face today, at least in the 1950s and 60s it was private, Many famous people back then were gay but the press and other media had the decency to not report it so most of the public didnt know unlike today where it seems everything about everyone is everyone elses business. No wonder that moral decay has been rotting the world slowly for the last 50 years or so, If I see another Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner magazine cover ill pull my hair out

    By Frank, on Apr 13, 2016

  6. We need more artists to follow Bruce’s example. Good on you Bruce! Our country (U.S.A) has become completely F’d in the hands of corporate greed and religion. “god” (insert laughter) seems to be concerned with what you do with your genitals behind closed doors… and he also needs $.

    By duff on Apr 13, 2016

  7. We have completly lost our way as a nation, Bruce is an entertainer not a politician Entertain Bruce , or protest something more important than fags going at it in stalls , At least the rock stars from the past protested wars and social injustice If we are so much more of an enlightened world now , why have family values diminished to the point where half of the homes are without a father present , There were always gays but in the 50 s and 60s it was a private thing , now days everything has to be in your face Repugnent

    By Donnie tremaine on Apr 13, 2016

  8. “I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters.”

    The dysfunctional, deluded, warped and wretched cast as heroes in the cause of reconstrcting society. Brilliant. No wonder Trump is doing so well.

    By Reimer on Apr 13, 2016

  9. A persons sexual preference and or behavior should be a private matter kept between themselves Everyone today is a publicity whore , One more magazine cover with that freak ,Bruce/ Kaitlyn Jenner and I’ll throw up , Follow the example of past famous prople like Rock Hudson and MontgomeryClift both gay who kept their orientation to themselves

    By Donnie tremaine on Apr 13, 2016

  10. All you folks who hate gays should go back and listen to Pat Boone or something equally unattractive.

    By Bill McCown on Apr 14, 2016

  11. Who said anything about hating gays?? The extreme Left always seems to have a hard time nuancing anything. If you call out Bruce for being a rude, self absorbed fool, who decided to jerk around his fans–who made him who he is today–selfishly pissing in their faces, the people who drove many miles, reserved hotel rooms, and bought tickets for $150 each, and then finding out that he canceled the show they were ready to attend at the last minute, because of some silly law about men having to use men’s rooms, and women having to use women’s rooms, then he can take a flying hike. All of this stuff is bizarre to me! He didn’t give a crap about how much it would cost them to cancel hotels, refill gas tanks, and return tickets if they even could (scalpers don’t give refunds), then you guys ought to open your wallets filled with cash in a windstorm, and let it all blow away. Maybe then you’d understand.

    By Greg on Apr 14, 2016

  12. Greg, i couldnt agree more, Bruce should keep his politics out of his obligation to his fans,Really do feel for all the people like yourself who invested money and time only to be totaly screwed over at the last minute because of his selfish narcissism ,Give a left winger an opening and they will exploit it to the hilt,Have a longtime friend who worshiped Springsteen since the late 70s but because of his obsessive left wing stances in recent years he wont even listen to him anymore

    By COREY M on Apr 14, 2016

  13. If you were born a male then you are a man,if you were born female then you are a woman,Who wants a man in the ladies room and vice versa, Agree with Donnie, Anything goes these days with these alternative lifestyles. People can do what the hell they want behind closed doors but why does everyone have to know about it. Everthing is a freak show thee days. If i see another Bruce.err Kaitlyn Jenner magazine cover I’ll gag Family values and morality have gone down the toilet This never would have been tolorated in the 50s 60s

    By Frank on Apr 14, 2016

  14. Answer me this, leftists: Are you comfortable with YOUR wives, daughters, nieces and granddaughters using public restrooms with individuals who were born male? I didn’t think so.

    By Counter-Revolutionary on Apr 14, 2016

  15. Right on , couldnt have said it better myself , In the last 40 to 50 years we have gone from it being a disgrace to be gay to being a disgrace to condem or critizize alternative lifestyles , If someone says anything disapproving of gays or professes a desire for traditional values we are condemed for being bigots and are told we need sensitivity training , It goes against nature , you can’t reproduce with the same sex , simple as that , That being said as long as fags ate discreet and not in everyone’s face , they can do what they want ? but no humping in bathrooms please

    By Donnie tremaine on Apr 14, 2016

  16. Exactly,anyone who says otherwise is lying. Even the far lefties would balk if the transexuals and fags were at their doorsteps. Its easy to take the moral high ground when they are not living next door or have infiltrated your personal lives

    By Donny Tremaine on Apr 14, 2016

  17. Is that old one-trick-pony bore still going around? Deary me! Yes, well done “Boss”, just think about all your line-dancing fans who are out of pocket etc, and all because you back up a load of freaks….Bono and co. will be proud of you though.

    By JF on Apr 14, 2016

  18. Wow ! What a right-wing diversity love fest this has turned into. Should the LGBT community walk around with special sewn on patches, too? Maybe those pesky lunch counter protestors of the 50’s/60’s should have spared you the unpleasantness
    and discomfort by 1) not sitting next to you or 2)
    just asking for take-out,

    By fred astaire jr on Apr 14, 2016

  19. The loss of money for tickets as well as the time lost and gas ecc is a big deal for fans, Interesting to me that Bruce starts publicizing his far left political beliefs after he became a huge star.When he was young and on the rise and even during the early years of his fame it was hard to get him to talk about anything which added to his mystique. Now that hes old and has millions he wont shut up, interesting,

    By COREY M on Apr 14, 2016

  20. Bruce feels you need him more than he needs you,Screw the fans , his lefty agendas are what matter at this point, Hes also a hypocrite at least CSNY/Airplane/Jackson Browne/Dead and many other 60s/70s/rock protesters ecc were like that from the beginning , Bruce just decided after he became rich that he would be a crusader , At least pick a more important cause than Fags and transgenders going to bathrooms, give me a break

    By Donny Tremaine on Apr 14, 2016

  21. I’m surprised this discussion leans so far to the right. How can the lives of individuals outside your own family have any impact on your ability to keep your own family together? There’s simply no correlation. Statistically speaking, a male born as a male is far more likely to not only follow you daughter or wife into a bathroom and violate them, they’re also likely to vote republican…

    love, baiting right-wingers

    By duff on Apr 14, 2016

  22. I see none of the leftists in this thread dared to reply to my earlier direct question. Perhaps that’s because they don’t wish to expose themselves as either hypocrites or mentally deranged psychotics who would gladly endanger the safety of their female family members for the sake of mainstreaming what was until a few years ago considered deviant perversion.

    By Counter-Revolutionary on Apr 14, 2016

  23. @Righty Posters:
    So you prefer to have Dennis Hastert go into the mens room with your son than a trans-gender whose become male because they like women?


    By collin on Apr 14, 2016

  24. “Leftists”? It’s bigotry in any area of the political spectrum. LMFAO As for gay people being in your face…. Keep it away from their dicks.

    By Bob Wilson on Apr 14, 2016

  25. As earlier stated everything about todays world is in your face, What business of mine or anyone elses is it whether or not someones gay,straight Bi trans or whatever freakish preference they may have. I frankly dont give a crap but why is it that everyone has to let it be known and broadcast to the world,Hey everybody look at me Im Gay ,notice me , give me some attention. Same rule should apply to straight people and any other preference .Why is it so important to shout it to the world.things like that should be private and in the past decades it wouldnt be talked about but in todays social media look at me world showoffs are everywhere either way What Bruce did sucks

    By Frank on Apr 15, 2016

  26. Frank, yes, today it is mob-rule, rather than our laws. The laws are there for a reason, and that is to keep us safe, and secure. And when we flip a finger at those laws, then it is like domino’s, they all come tumbling down, and the end result is across the board chaos, with no recourse to be had. I guess the Left doesn’t understand that they are digging their own grave, and we will all suffer in the end. But back to Bruce: if he were a real man, he’d ask everyone to send their unused tickets to him, and then he would personally, with his own hand, envelopes, stamps, and checks, write each person a personal check from him for 3 times the ticket price. That would be putting his money/time/material where his big mouth is.

    By Greg on Apr 15, 2016

  27. A few short years ago the very idea of sexually confused freaks being permitted to use any public restroom they wished, would have seemed unthinkable. Today, the leftists howl with indignation at the merest reluctance to accept such perversion, and declare those of us uncomfortable with it as akin to the segregationist police at the Edmund Pettus bridge in 1965. A decade from now, the leftists will be demanding that bestiality be respected because there is no limit, no end to their relentless crusade to undermine western civilization, subvert it institutions, pervert it’s youth and erase it’s history.

    By Counter-Revolutionary on Apr 15, 2016

  28. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Greg is automatically by definition a Leftist. Greg’s political label is a mystery to me. His punishment
    for Bruce sounds like he’s closet Socialist. Wealth redistribution thru a 3X refund ? A lot of bitching from a guy who did not plan to attend.

    By fred astaire jr. on Apr 15, 2016

  29. FFS. You ought to get a room together - except that some of you are clearly the same person. I’m going to wank over pictures of Scarlett Johamsson while you lot invade Poland. “When der Fuhrer sez…”

    By Dave Baine on Apr 15, 2016

  30. I have both my own mind (don’t follow crowds, or movements), and my own set of principles. I am an independent, though might vote for Trump if he makes it that far. I’ve been to dozens of Springsteen concerts, but will go to no more. He has become a slack jawed follower of the extreme Leftist movement. I myself like thinkers who have the ability to reason.

    By Greg on Apr 16, 2016

  31. “I myself like thinkers who have the ability to reason”

    “I have both my own mind (don’t follow crowds…”

    And you might vote for Trump? Right….

    By Bob Zucker on Apr 16, 2016

  32. @Greg:
    Losing money on entertainment and being legislatively ostracized in the community exist on wildly disparate levels of social significance.

    “I lost money on a show I can’t attend” is very, very low on that scale compared to, “I can’t go there because of who I am”.

    It sounds like you’re okay with tax-salaried legislators deciding who is acceptable and who isn’t. Even though the people who are being legislated against pay those taxes and are your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

    How tall are you Greg? Let’s say 5’10”. We just passed legislation that bars 5’10” persons from using our public parks. You can’t be here. Go away. It appears you’d be fine with being turned away. Seems you’d just be upset about being out the $5 in gas it cost you to drive there.

    Maybe it’s because you’re not the one being discriminated against. When the next legislation puts you in the crosshairs of bigotry perhaps you’ll feel differently.

    Fans lost money and the experience when Springsteen cancelled. Springsteen lost money and fans when he cancelled.

    But what those fans, I, Springsteen – and you Greg – gained is the defense of our human liberty against bigoted government rule.

    If I’d had non-recoupable expenses to that show, I’d consider the cancellation not a loss but an investment–in my personal liberty.

    By kingpossum on Apr 16, 2016

  33. Dave,Ive read all the comments and i’m with you 100 per cent,You didnt personally lose time and money but are outraged in sheer principle by Bruce’s selfish behavior. As to Kingpossum ,Since when do you get to decide about investments in personal liberties.Many people don’t want to politicize everything ,they just want to be entertained.Again I say that Bruce Springsteen was almost mute when he was a young rocker coming up and also didnt say much more during his early years of fame,As he got older and richer his tongue got looser. As for him being out many fans, at this point he really dosnt give a shit. If he cared about the fans he would either have cancelled the show much earlier before tickets were bought or as Greg said would have refunded the money plus some. Bruce has always sung about the common working class yet he has no problem with ripping them off by cancelling his show without giving refunds.someone gets to keep all that money even though he dosent perform, thats stealing. Bruce is free to protest any perverted cause he chooses but march at the state capital or something like that and not screw the people who made him over

    By COREY M on Apr 16, 2016

  34. Sorry Greg, called you Dave ,meant you typo error with you 100 per cent Bruce’s behavior sucks

    By COREY M on Apr 16, 2016

  35. Yes counter rev, you are right, Gays and trans today in the near future i guess it will be OK to have sex with animals maybe marry your dog or horse, No moral boundries anymore, Once the left has their way anything will be acceptable, Old perverts will even be allowed to marry their granddaughters and neices

    By Donny Tremaine on Apr 16, 2016

  36. Been reading all these comments,had to get my two cents worth in, Many people are sick of celebrities who because of egomania attach themselves to political causes. Remember George Clooney and his famous pals with the 9/11 victims telethon following the twin towers going down,Apparently much of that money was diverted to places other than to the victims families which is why im always sceptical when famous people act like they care about regular folks.People only get involved with these causes so that they can feel better about themselves. If Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Clooney , Tim Robbins Susan Sarandon or any other of these publicity seeking whores really cared they would retire from performing and devote their lives full time to their causes. They wont however because their bank accounts and mansions are too important to them. Read awhile back that Bruce paid many thousands of dollars for his daughters horse ,Does that sound like someone in touch with and understanding of the problems of the common man, A Horse ? Yet he cant cancel his show in time before people have already spent their money and wasted their time and gas or refund the money already spent. He cares about the fans really? Many of his fans are the working class he sings about and the choice may have been to either pay for tickets to see him or not pay their rent that month, does he realize that or even care? Of course not

    By Wade on Apr 16, 2016

  37. “i guess it will be OK to have sex with animals maybe marry your dog or horse.”

    Thought that was already common in the deep south.

    By Shithouse Nixon on Apr 16, 2016

  38. Thread is sooooo funny. It’s like, I got nothing against gays but I wouldn’t want my daughter marrying one.

    By Shithouse Nixon on Apr 16, 2016

  39. @COREY M

    “…since when do you get to decide about investments in personal liberty?”

    I get to decide about investments in my personal liberty every day. Re-read my comment. I said it’s how I would have perceived it. I didn’t say it’s how you or anybody else should perceive it.

    It’s my opinion. You have a different one. No issue there.

    Conversely, the North Carolina government has decided about investment in personal liberty for others. Others they happen to not like. And they took money from these people—taxes. These people paid taxes and were denied services. Just like people paid money for Springsteen’s show and were denied entertainment. Stealing, in your words.

    Your argument says the North Carolina government should reimburse the affected people the amount of taxes they paid last year plus some. Maybe those affected will decide that would be a worthy investment as it pertains to their personal liberty.

    But you’ll have to ask them.

    By kingpossum on Apr 17, 2016

  40. A rock concert is different than paying taxes,The fans want to see Bruce the singer and musician , not Bruce the politician / crusader for Human Rights. If he wants to set up events to give speeches to the public condemning the NC situation as well as any other causes he believes inand charge admission thats fine but the fans who paid to see him may have no interest in his political beliefs , they just want to see him and his band perform. My question remains why can’t the fans get their money back? If Bruce wasnt paid then who has the money and what right do they have to keep it in light of the fact that fans paid and didnt get to see a show. If you attend a movie theatre and the projector breaks during the film the ticket office refunds your money,Why is this different especially in light of the fact that the amounts were huge and many working class people cant afford to lose their hard earned money

    By COREY M on Apr 17, 2016

  41. All Bruce would have needed to do, is announce at the beginning of the concert that any transgender person in the audience who needs to use the bathroom, should come backstage and use mine (Bruce’s). That he would open his bathroom door to all transgender, gay, and other. That would be leading by example.

    By Greg on Apr 17, 2016

  42. This whole thing seems pretty stupid to me anyway How the hell are they going to enforce this law, Are they going to hire guards for every public restroom in the state and have them sitting at chairs outside bathrooms demanding birth certificates . I suppose everyone in NC now has to keep their BC in there purse or pocket when they go to a burger king or a gas station to use the john on the interstates ,Personally I hate the way the world is today,Social Media. Everyone being a showboat, Look at me .Look at me Look at me. Athletes acting like idiots when they score touchdowns or hit 3 pointers , Dumb reality shows that make everyone attention hungry as well as modern pop stars who have more talent shaking their asses and acting vulgar than actual vocal or music abilities, and of course everyones sexual preferance has to be everyone elses business, Why? because people cant shut the fuck up about it.Rock Hudson was gay, so was Montgomery Clift, Gore Vidal and many other famous people from the past,you didnt hear that much about it 50,60 years ago,there were rumors of course because unlike today a persons private life was just that PRIVATE,and no one elses business nowdays everyone has to be out there and shout it to the world. The football player Michael Sam destroyed his career because of his out there approach to being gay,Teams and other players didnt want the circus atmosphere and all the media attention. all he had to do was keep it to himself do what the hell he wanted in his private time and no one would have said a word about it and he might be on a team today. Do people thing hes the only gay athlete in the NFL or other sports leagues of course not but most keep quiet for the sake of their careers. All that being said we certainly dont need more stupid laws. The government should stay out of peoples lives as much as todays generation should become more understated like previous ones and quit the out there in your face approach Enough already

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 17, 2016

  43. Could someone please tell me what this cloudfare is for, Half the time it wont let you leave a comment which causes people to leave multiple comments. Noticed some comments posted days after they were written. Sometimes it goes thru right away but many time it says checking browser. This only happens when you try and leave comments but have no trouble downloading which is weird. Do other people have the same issue .thanks

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 18, 2016

  44. You’re right about the crappy media, Chuck, but there’s no reason anyone should have to hide the fact he or she is gay, except to avoid bigotry and getting the shit kicked out of them by morons who still think using the word ‘fag’ in a derogatory manner makes them look witty. Or cool. Or hard.

    By Zach James on Apr 18, 2016

  45. No one should go out of their way to hide it Zach, but there is no reason to blab it to the world either.You said it yourself.by being so in your face gays and people of alternative lifestyles only make it harder on themselves. They lose jobs , get snide remarks and like you said some get the crap beaten out of them. If you are discreet and keep your private life private no one will really bother you. Its this in your face loud up yours approach that piss people off. Who needs the drama , just mind your own business keep things to yourself and most people wont care. We all have our own problems to worry about

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 19, 2016

  46. The release of highly toxic radiation from the reactors was enormous, on the level of the Chernobyl disaster,But Fukushima is arguably worse than Chernobyl,A world wide disaster,Yet 43 Responses to “SPRINGSTEEN CANCELS GIG TO PROTEST ‘BATHROOM BILL’”Its good to see you got your priorities right ,The land of the free What a joke Its more like the land of the Dumb,not one outrage here, America You deserve Trump And Bruce has been taking a stand before No Nukes 1979 and 1988 the Human Rights Now! tour

    By skinned knees on Apr 19, 2016

  47. Skinned, If we could do anything about nuclear threats, other than voting “no nuke” once every two years, we would. But at the practical level, we must do what we can to bring “normalcy” back to our everyday lives. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this world is flaring up in just about every sector, even nature is revolting to the bizarre climate of in your face politics (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, etc). I, for one, have had enough. As Chuck wisely said, keep your lives private. I don’t go out and shout from the rooftops every time I have a great night in bed with my wife. Give me a break. BTW: the reason NC enacted that law was mainly for grade school and high school bathrooms…

    By Greg on Apr 19, 2016

  48. Don’t you think they’re in your face, as it were, because they’ve had to hide for so long? If they hadn’t had to do this, maybe the media would just treat it as their personal choice alternative lifestyle, Just look at some of the reaction here.

    By Zach James on Apr 19, 2016

  49. Its not just gays ,trans and other sexual issues ,Its society and the world in general,People are loud and defiant by nature today.You cant even go to a movie theatre anymore and hear the movie without having to put up with loud people yelling during the film. The actors and other celebrities from the past mentioned earlier Clift,Rock Hudson ecc were gay,all the people in hollywood knew it and it was rumored in the public but never confirmed.It didnt hurt their careers because of the way they and the media handled it.JFK was a notorious womanizer who had many affairs but the media never brought it up because it had nothing to do with his ability to do his job.Today it would have beeen all over the media and he would have been run out of office

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 20, 2016

  50. Everything today is in your face, not just sexual orientation and alternative lifestyles,As earlier stated Rock Hudson was one of the biggest movie stars in the world, back in the 50s 60s, Most insiders knew he was gay and rumors abound among the public,however because of the more understated way society was back then It didnt affect him or his career,It was only when he was dying of aids in the mid 80s that it all blew up,many other famous people were gay as well but didnt talk about it so the public wasnt bombarded every single day.Other examples are athletes who showboat and all these dumb reality shows. People are so addicted to attention today which is why there is so much backlash, Whatever happened to less is more and quiet dignity , Greg makes an excellent point,who wants to hear about everyones sex life gay or straight

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 20, 2016

  51. Greg makes a good point, why does everyone have to disclose their sexual orientation and bedroom activities to other people. What happened to quiet dignity and being understated.Everyone today is so addicted to attention.Dumb reality shows,Athletes who showboat,When did it all change? People have enough things to worry about in their own lives than to be concerned about all this stuff.

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 20, 2016

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