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When all else fails, there’s always Noboru Iguchi’s Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead (2011). Just don’t watch it with a heavy stomach. Stephen Tan reviews.

The movie’s title is such a throwaway that you’d just have to check it out. There are more farts and fart jokes here than any number of American movies combined and it’s likely the most grossed-out movie you will probably watch!

Student Megumi, model Maki, Aya, Maki’s boyfriend Také and science nerd Naoi head out into the woods to catch some worms which are rumoured, when eaten, to keep the person slim and trim - just what Maki needs. Maki swallows the fabled worm and soon develops a stomach ache and starts farting.

She finds an outhouse among some abandoned buildings but before she can do any business, a hand rises up from the cesspit and grabs her buttocks. (Everybody’s worst nightmare?) The hand belongs to a man and soon, the zombie rises up and starts to threaten Maki, who manages to rush out, followed by a group of shit-covered zombies.

Megumi and her friends manage to beat off the zombies but not before the zombies enveloped Maki. In one of the buildings, Megumi gets help from Dr Tanaka who has been harvesting the worm/parasite in order to keep his daughter, Yuri, alive. By mixing the parasite’s eggs into some pasta, Tanaka infects Megumi and her friends.

Megumi sees Tanaka feeding the worm to Yuri and the doctor threatens Megumi; the commotion brings out Aya and Naoi. Meanwhile, Také dies when his head explodes as the worms try to break out from his body.

Megumi, Aya and Naoi try to escape and run into even more zombies - only this time, the zombies move by walking backwards, on all fours, with the parasitic critters sticking out of their butts! Aya and Naoi run into a building only to find Tanaka and a zombified Maki there. Naoi and Tanaka are killed when they are attacked by tentacled critters as Maki penetrates Aya (with a tentacle).

After battling some more zombies, Megumi finally catches up with Aya, only to find her turning into a zombie. With her remaining humanity, she holds off Maki while urging Megumi to kill them both. Aya dies but the dead Maki soon turns into a creature that looks like the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal, only with wings and can fly!

Yuri enters the fray but Megumi, using her fart as jet power, defeats both the creature and Yuri. She downs the last bottle of anti-parasite (to fight another day) and when Tanaka surprises her by grabbing her bottom, Megumi gives the doctor a flying kick and says: “Dumb ass! You’ve got shit for brains!”

Noboru Iguchi’s Zombie Ass has practically everything - probably save the kitchen sink. The film begins with a fairly lenghty vomitting scene and the first quarter has some of the grossiest shit to be put on film! There is a fair bit of nudity, especially with Maki showing off her buttocks in the outhouse. According to the IMDB, actress Asana Mamoru (Maki) had an upset stomach the day of the shoot and had to control her bowel movements while filming the outhouse scene so she didn’t poop on the zombie (actor). Some of the farts heard were real. There is also a nude scene with Megumi holding and comforting Ara in the shower but no, it does not seem to go in that direction.

Surprisingly, the fight choreography is good and Megumi’s action sequences with the zombies look realistic. And then, there is the gore and the effects. Heads being splattered, faces crushed and torn apart when sat upon; and those critters sticking out of the butts - one can get delirious just thinking and looking at them!

There is also a backstory involving Megumi who feels guilty over her sister’s suicide when she failed to help her sister against some school bullies but logic is not one of the movie’s strong points - among which is why the hell is Megumi in that (skimpy) school uniform when she’s in the boondocks looking for worms? [We can understand the Japanese fetish for student/maid/nurse uniforms but it still jars in this film.] Throughout, no explanation is given for the worms/parasites’ existence nor why is there a “bad” vs “good” parasite, as in the final showdown.

Still, if you can stomach the vomit, the poo, the farts and the gore, this is definitely more fun and outrageous than anything you can imagine. Go see it.

Note: The Zombie Ass DVD is banned in $ingapore.

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