August 7, 2016 – 5:25 am

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The real warmongers are still pulling your chain. You still can’t wake up. You are fools and ‘ignorant as fuck’. By Margot Kidder.

There is something I am going to try and explain here after watching the Democratic National Convention this evening (July 28[?], 2016) that will invite the scorn of many of my friends. But the words are gagging my throat and my stomach is twisted and sick and I have to vomit this out.

The anti-americanism in me is about to explode and land god knows where as my rage is well beyond reason. And I, by heritage, half American in a way that makes me “more” American than almost anyone else in this country except for the true Americans, the American Indians, am in utter denial tonight that I am, as you are, American as well.

I am half Canadian, I was brought up there, with very different values than you Americans hold, and tonight - after the endless spit ups and boasts and rants about the greatness of American militarism, and praise for American military strength, and boasts about wiping out ISIS, and America being the strongest country on earth, and an utterly inane story from a woman whose son died in Obama’s war, about how she got to cry in gratitude on Obama’s shoulder - tonight I feel deeply Canadian.

Every subtle lesson I was ever subliminally given about the bullies across the border and their rudeness and their lack of education and their self-given right to bomb whoever they wanted in the world for no reason other than that they wanted something the people in the other country had, and their greed, came oozing to the surface of my psyche.

I just got back from a rather fierce walk beside the Yellowstone River here in Montana, trying to let the mountains in the distance reconnect me to some place of goodness in my soul, but I couldn’t find it. The scenery was as exquisite as ever, but it just couldn’t touch the rage in my heart.

And there you all are tonight, glued to your TVs and your computers, your hearts swelled with pride because you belong to the strongest country on Earth, cheering on your Murderer President. Ignorant of the entire world’s repulsion. You kill and you kill and you kill, and still you remain proud.

The visions of all the dead children in Syria that Hillary Clinton helped to kill; the children bombed to bits in Afghanistan and Pakistan from Obama’s drones, the grisly chaos of Libya, the utter wasteland of Iraq, the death and destruction everywhere caused by American military intervention. The Ukraine, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, you name it - your country has bombed it or destroyed its civilian life in some basic way.

When I heard all the Americans cheering for the military and the pronouncements of might coming from the speakers in the Wells Fargo Centre, I loathed you. I loathed every single one of you. I knew in my gut that what I was taught as a child was true, which is that YOU are the enemy. YOU are the country to be feared. YOU are the country to be disgusted by. YOU are ignorant. And your greed and self-satisfaction and unearned pride knows no bounds.

I am not an American tonight. I reject my Puritan ancestors who landed in this country in 1648. I reject the words I voiced at my citizenship ceremony. I reject every moment of thrilling discovery I ever had in this country.

You people have no idea what it is like for people from other countries to hear you boast and cheer for your guns and your bombs and your soldiers and your murderous military leaders and your war criminals and your murdering and conscienceless Commander in Chief. All those soaring words are received by the rest of us, by us non-Americans, by all the cells in our body, as absolutely repugnant and obscene.

And there you all are tonight, glued to your TVs and your computers, your hearts swelled with pride because you belong to the strongest country on Earth, cheering on your Murderer President. Ignorant of the entire world’s repulsion. You kill and you kill and you kill, and still you remain proud.

We are fools.

Note: Margot Kidder is an actress (Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman: The Movie) and activist in Montana. The above article was posted at CounterPunch.

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  1. 18 Responses to “MY FELLOW AMERICANS: WE ARE FOOLS”

  2. Well, Margot…kinda disjointed, irrational rant.
    If the Americans are the villains, the Russians and Assad must be the heroes. All that chlorine gas and barrel bombs were supplied by Walmart? ?Half-Canadian by consuming enough Canadian Club ? Hope your dental floss farm is doing well since you’ve moved to Montana. What is your brilliant solution ?

    By Jimmie Olsen on Aug 7, 2016

  3. No words of repulsion or loathing for ISIS? Boko Haram? Cowards who conduct terrorist strikes and then hide behind children?

    No outrage for Iraq and Syris’s use of chemical weapons on civilians? No hatred for Muslim extremists who murder Christians and gays, and treat women like slaves?

    Would you have America sit by and just watch all of that?

    By Rick Magee on Aug 7, 2016

  4. Yes, disjointed to say the least but not what I call irrational. I think reactionary fits the bill.
    For well over 100 years America has felt the need to stick its nose in other countries business. Anytime ‘we’ don’t like an elected ruler or government the U.S. does its best to overthrow what that nations citizens have done. My generation grew up hearing that the US was doing things for ‘world peace’. Its all BS. A plow for more power and more control over other countries. As the US looses more power and more influence, maybe the table will turn and another country will dictate who runs our government and how. Until then the policy remains - bomb and maybe the target will be among the dead. Civilians are an ‘acceptable loss’ if they hit at least one bad guy. This is why elections and every vote matters. This is why you need a source for news that is not controlled by a party or the government. This is why Hillary’s history matters. No one has ever died from Trumps decisions. The great sad crime is that so many people will refuse to vote at all; so the wars will continue, the jobs will still go to Mexico and China. Instead of a drunken rant Margot should name names, point out who decided on which crimes. In other words do something useful with her ‘celebrity’ name. The people have to make the government change.

    By The Horse on Aug 7, 2016

  5. Indeed, it’s a hysterical rant from Kidder, disjointed and fragmented as only a tortured mind can produce. The sad thing is, fellow commenters, is that she’s 100% correct. The USA has become the stuff of nightmares, and the two of you are mere prawns in the game. Kidder announces the raw, rude truth about your country and all you can do is echo the disgusting lines of the American fascists and bleat “What about the other guy!”. The facts always bear out that groups like ISIS, no matter how heinous their methods, would not even exist without the American war machine and its constant grabs for the resources of the Middle East. It is clear to me that Kidder is also talking to you when she presents her words of disgust, as you are both, apparently, just as badly brainwashed as the rest of the flag waving, army-boosting, blind and brain-dead American populace, no matter which side of the aisle you sit upon. We are the bad guys. And the only good guys in this country today are those who expose the evils of our de-facto Nazi existence and show the American wolves for who they are. The USA is the world’s biggest problem, and we can only pray they don’t band together to solve it. Our bombs always produce misery, and, of course, mindless, hysterical, ignorant patriotism. Open your eyes and shut your mouths. When you’ve learned some of the truth and accepted some of the facts maybe you won’t be so arrogant when your pride has been hurt by someone merely exposing your country for it’s deep and viscous hypocrisy.

    I LOVE my country more than anything in the universe, but I detest the way it has become so corrupt, arrogant and ruthless. The last time I saw so many flags waving, so many fingers pointing, so much bigotry and national “pride” and so many mindless fawns cheering for a military was about 5 minutes before Germany invaded Poland.

    Thanks for reading :)

    By Instant Karma on Aug 7, 2016

  6. Yeah, like if only America kept to itself all these other horrors would disappear! There is a reason why other countries turn to the USA in times of need.
    It seems that YOU have had a big sip from the America is the Devil kool Aid.
    They have been torturing and killing each other in the Middle East long before there even was America. They were enslaving each other in Africa before there was an America.
    I am not saying that America is pure and blameless but to blame all or even most of the world’s problems on it is worse than silly-it is a gross and dangerous exageration.
    The rest of the world sure does’t mind taking America’s money- maybe we shoukd keep our money and military at home. Take care of ourselves while ISIs sets up its Caliphate and Russia and China gobble up Europe.
    BTW it was that disgusting, vile American military you hate so much that turned the tide in both World Wars!

    By Rick Magee on Aug 7, 2016

  7. Yes, the worst thing we did in Iraq was to invade it, and take out Saddam Hussein. At least he kept the lid on the pressure cooker. Once he was gone, the loons took over, and went on a Muslim extremist binge, killing all the Christians in the country, and blowing up the Christian churches, and anyone else who did not agree with their so called religious agenda. Invading Iraq was the worst decision we ever made, and now Hillary wants to remove Assad from Syria. Do these fools ever get it??? Time to focus on America once again, and make it a great country. But first we need to remove the fools running it.

    By Greg on Aug 8, 2016

  8. It’s interesting how conservatives blame Obama for being soft on terrorism while the left accuses Obama of being a hawk.

    By Rick on Aug 8, 2016

  9. Perhaps she wrote that piece of crap while cowering behind another wood pile. Time to get back on your meds sweetie.

    By Starrwatts on Aug 9, 2016

  10. A real mental case, who cares what she thinks about anything? Go back to Canada please.

    By Maek Schuler on Aug 9, 2016

  11. They feed the children of Flint lead and children around the world lead. Amerika is in for a rude awakening. As for you war mongering assholes, I hope members of your family die in wars run by these assholes.
    Fuck you military supporting assholes, you are all fucking chicken hawks.

    By nobsartist on Aug 9, 2016

  12. I second this: fuck you all, what she is saying is right, and you all must be really stupid to not see this!

    By Trevor Horn on Aug 10, 2016

  13. Amen Greg and Rick Mcgee,We never should have gone to Iraq.Saddam was actually our friend in disguise but Bush was so blinded by his Nation building obsession that he couldnt see the forest from the trees.It took about a month to get rid of Saddam who had nothing to do with 9/11 and now these Muslim wackos have taken the mideast over.Isis would not exist if Saddam or his sons were still in charge.The lesson in this is leave the middle east alone,stop the dependentcy on the oil and other resorces and focus on this country.Close the borders build a wall and like Trump says dont allow those savages here.Look at Europe,France,Germany the UK .They are being overun by these radicals Why ? because they let em in thats why.My aunt recently got back from a trip to Paris and said it didnt even resemble the Paris she remembered from previous trips in the 70s and 80s Im not too happy with Trump or Hillary but at least Trump has a clean slate so far.We know what Hillary and Bubba are all about dont we ? This is too dangerous a time to have people like that in power.I wish we could go back to a time when we wernt such a global world,Every country has lost its uniqueness and the things that made them special.Burger King in Paris and Tokyo Ugh

    By COREY M on Aug 10, 2016

  14. I agree that war is a terrible thing, but I don’t see where calling anybody an asshole accomplishes anything.

    There are times when military action is necessary. If you knew innocent people were being slaughtered and you could do something, wouldn’t you?

    Do you really think the US is just looking for places to send its young men to fight and die? Are you that naïve? Stop drinking the anti-war US is the devil kool aid.

    I am a pacifist by nature but would do whatever I had to do to protect another person, even if I didn’t know them.

    I guess the anti-war crowd would just walk away and say, “too bad.”

    It amazes me how some in the hate-filled anti-war liberal crowd can be.

    Nobsartist- I hope your family members live long, peaceful, and healthy lives. Live long and prosper.

    By Rick on Aug 11, 2016

  15. Yes, Hillary is a dirty, corrupt, steam rolling politician who let’s its own know that Mafia tactics continue to be a way of life in the Democrat Party. It seems that Julian Assange has all but come out and stated outright that Seth Rich, who was murdered in DC last month, was one of his informants for the email leak. It is now clear that Clinton found out who it was and put him on the hit list. Of course that is nothing new for the Clintons; dead bodies have piled up over the years for those who have crossed that pair. Go Trump; not that I particularly like him either, but at least he wants to clean out Washington, and that’s a step in the right direction.

    By Greg on Aug 11, 2016

  16. Personally, I think Saddam had to go, but the lack of forethought and consideration given to what might occur afterwards ought to hang around Blair and Bush’s necks like a fucking megaton albatross. It was a quick fix for the cameras and an easily-manipulated audience with a dismal understanding of the world, not to mention a generation that wants instant gratification without having to think about any kind of consequences.

    By James Ellison on Aug 11, 2016

  17. James,i honestly domt think Saddam was a threat to the west.he just wanted to dominate his little area in the middle east.When he ventured into Kuwait we spanked him and sent him back home so i doubt he would have tried that again.Saddam was not a religious wacko nutcase but a capitalist like Castro.He was a horrible brutal dictator but look at the mentality of the people he was dealing with,Was Iraq the way it was because of Saddam or the other way around, Look whos running thimgs now,Would You choose Saddam or ISIS ? We cant police the entire world only try and keep them in a box and away from civilized society unlike what the UK Germany France have done

    By COREY M on Aug 11, 2016

  18. As an ex-pat American presently living in Canada my reaction to MK’s “rant” is one of complete sympathy. The history of the US is and always has been a re-creation of all the things it was supposedly founded to erase from the world…and as the most powerful nation on earth it has been the most destructive and hypocritical of them all. Simply because there’s a boatload of other evil in the world doesn’t make us any better, or justify anything the US has done in the name of “Freedom” and “Democracy”; if anything it makes us worse…more than despicable… pathetic comes to mind–if not for the horrors we rain on the world on a daily basis–for the gullibility,ignorance, laziness,and smug self-righteous superiority that allows our “leaders” to do as they please.

    If any country in the Middle East had ever come to the Us and tried to take away our hot dogs or big-screen TVs, our 4-wheelers or our beer-soaked Sunday fucking football games, would we sit back let them do it?

    Terrorism on a global scale exists today because the United States of Amerika created it 70 years ago when it backed the creation of Israel in order to gain a foothold for oil in the Middle East.

    The crazy-ass lunatics known as ISIS need extermination, but the deaths & suffering of their victims can be laid squarely at Lady
    Liberty’s feet

    By Galad Elflandsson on Aug 23, 2016

  19. Every time you hear people complaining about what a terrible country America is, how we’re warmongers and shouldn’t be a world leader, and complaining about how they have personally been so discriminated against while living here, stop for a moment and ask them:
    so what country do you think is so much better, and if you’re not living there, how about you just move there and stop whining? Maybe go to Russia, China, Cuba, you know, one of those other countries where life is so much better for everyone.

    By Stephanie T. on Sep 2, 2016

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