November 11, 2020 – 7:49 am


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The working class is talking. Are you listening? More than 70 million voted for Donald Trump in an election where 66.4 per cent of eligible Americans voted. By OHMama.

I was born at the end of Gen X and the beginning of the Millennial Generation, and grew up in a middle class town. Life was good. Our home was modest but birthdays and Christmas were always generous, we went on yearly vacations, had two cars, and there was enough money for me to take dance classes and art lessons and be in Girl Scouts.

My 1940s born Dad raised me to be patriotic and proud, to love the war bird airplanes of his era as much as he does, and to respect our flag and our country as a sacred thing. I grew up thinking that being an American was the greatest gift a person could have. I grew up thinking that our country was as strong, and honest and true as my Dad. I grew up thinking I was free.

As an adult, I have witnessed the world I grew up in fall to ruin. I have watched as our currency and our economy have been shamelessly corrupted beyond redemption. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I TWICE had our meager investment savings gutted by the market that we were told to invest in, now that pensions no longer exist and we working stiffs are on our own. We will be working until we die, because the Social Security we’ve been forced to pay into has also been robbed from under us.

I have watched as our elected officials enter Congress as ordinary folks and leave as multi millionaires. I have watched my blue collar husband get up at an ungodly hour every day and come home with an aching back that we pray will hold out long enough to get him to old age in one piece. Outside of shoes, socks and underwear, almost everything my family wears was bought used. We’ve been on one vacation in 12 years.

We don’t have cell phones, or cable, or any sort of streaming services, just a landline and internet. We hardly ever eat out. Our house is 1400 square feet, no air conditioning. I cook from scratch, and I can, and I garden and I raise chickens for eggs and meat and I moonlight selling things on Etsy. Still it is barely enough to pay the bills that go up every year while service quality and the longevity of goods goes down. What I just described is the life you can live on 60K a year without going into debt.

I have watched as our elected officials enter Congress as ordinary folks and leave as multi millionaires.

At last calculation, when you consider all of the federal, state and local taxes plus registration and user fees, Medicare and SS payroll taxes, almost a third of what my family earns is stolen by the government each year. What’s left doesn’t go far, just enough to cover the basics and save a little for when the wolf howls at the door.

I watched as my family’s health insurance was gutted and destroyed. Our private market insurance, which we had to have because my husband’s employer is too small to have a group plan, was made illegal. We were left with the option of either buying an Obamacare plan with unaffordable deductibles and insanely ridiculous out of pocket maxes, or paying the very government that destroyed our healthcare a fine for not buying the government mandated plan that we cannot afford. We now have short term insurance that isn’t really insurance at all, and I live in fear of one of us getting injured or sick with anything I can’t fix from the medicine cabinet.

I have watched as education, which was already sketchy when I was a kid, become an all out joke of wholly unmathematical math, gold stars for all, and self-loathing anti-Americanism. My family has taken an enormous financial hit as I stay home to home school our child. At least she’ll be able to do old-fashioned math well enough to see how much they are screwing her. A silver lining to every cloud, I guess.

I’ve sat by and held my tongue as I was called deplorable and a bitter clinger and told that I didn’t build that. I’ve been called a racist and a xenophobe and a chump and even an “ugly folk”. I’ve been told that I have privilege, and that I have inherent bias because of my skin color, and that my beloved husband and father are part of a horrible patriarchy. Not one goddamn bit of that is true, but if I dare say anything about it, it will be used as evidence of my racism and white fragility.

Raised to be a Republican, I held my nose and voted for Bush, the Texas-talking blue blood from Connecticut who lied us into two wars and gave us the unpatriotic Patriot Act. I voted for McCain, the sociopathic neocon songbird “hero” that torpedoed the attempt to kill the Obamacare that’s killing my family financially. I held it again and voted for Romney, the vulture capitalist skunk that masquerades as a Republican while slithering over to the Democrat camp as often as they’ll tolerate his oily, loathsome presence.

I am watching as the media, in a manner that would make Stalin blush, is silencing anyone who dares question the legitimacy of this farce they call democracy. I know, it’s a republic, but I am so tired of explaining that to people I might as well give in and join them in ignorance. I will not vote again.

And I voted for Trump, who, if he did nothing else, at least gave a resounding Bronx cheer to the richly deserving smug hypocrites of DC. Thank you for that Mr President, on behalf of all of us nobodies. God bless you for it.

And now I have watched as people who hate me and mine and call for our destruction blatantly and openly stole the election and then gaslighted us and told us that it was honest and fair. I am watching as the GOP does NOTHING about it.

They’re probably relieved that upstart Trump is gone so they can get back to their real jobs of lining their pockets and running interference for their corporate masters. I am watching as the media, in a manner that would make Stalin blush, is silencing anyone who dares question the legitimacy of this farce they call democracy. I know, it’s a republic, but I am so tired of explaining that to people I might as well give in and join them in ignorance.

I will not vote again; they’ve made it abundantly clear that my voice doesn’t matter. Whatever irrational, suicidal lunacy the nanny state thinks is best is what I’ll get. What it decided I need is a geriatric pedophile who shouldn’t be charged with anything more rigorous than choosing between tapioca and rice pudding at the old folks home, and a casting couch skank who rails against racism while being a descendant of slave owners.

I’m free to dismember a baby in my womb and kill it because “my body, my choice”, but God help me if I won’t cover my face with a germ laden Linus-worthy security blanket or refuse to let them inject genetically altering chemicals into my body or my child’s.

I am done. Don’t ask me to pledge to the flag, or salute the troops, or shoot fireworks on the 4th. It’s a sick, twisted, heartbreaking joke, this bloated, unrecognizable corpse of a republic that once was ours. I am not alone.

I can be doxed, fired, shunned and destroyed for daring to venture that there are only two genders as proven by DNA, but a disease with a 99+% survival rate for most humans is a deadly pandemic worth murdering an economy over. Because science, Idiocracy is real, and we are living it. Dr Lexus would be an improvement over Fauci.

I am done. Don’t ask me to pledge to the flag, or salute the troops, or shoot fireworks on the 4th. It’s a sick, twisted, heartbreaking joke, this bloated, unrecognizable corpse of a republic that once was ours.

I am not alone. Not sure how things continue to function when millions of citizens no longer feel any loyalty to or from the society they live in.

I was raised to be a lady, and ladies don’t curse, but fuck these motherfuckers to hell and back for what they’ve done to me, and mine, and my country. All we Joe Blow Americans ever wanted was a little patch of land to raise a family, a job to pay the bills, and at least some illusion of freedom, and even that was too much for these human parasites. They want it all, mind, body and soul. Damn them. Damn them all.

Note: The corrupt establishment will do anything to suppress sites like the Burning Platform from revealing the truth. The corporate media does this by demonetizing sites like mine by blackballing the site from advertising revenue. If you get value from this site, please keep it running with a donation. [Jim Quinn - PO Box 1520 Kulpsville, PA 19443] or Paypal. The above article was posted at theburningplatform.com.

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  1. 15 Responses to “I AM DONE”

  2. What did your senator/representative say when you called in to complain about Trump’s interfering with the Postal Service and installing that stooge to cause the system to lag for 2 months? Did they even react? Now we know that this dude was instructed by the court to do a sweep of the post offices and make sure ballots were documented and he blew off the court and let tons of mail sit for days after Nov 3. Now he’ll be in court again, but we have the aftermath of voter suppression. The votes that were stalled because of Trump’s fuckery were finally being counted.

    By Ren on Nov 11, 2020

  3. Trump seems more like Alexander Lukashenko everyday.

    By John Lowe on Nov 12, 2020

  4. For fuck sake get over it, you voted for the orange fuckwit and prior odious Republicans, Stop fucking whining and please leave the rest of the world out of your ugly divided societal problems.
    To think that when I was a child (late 60’s early 70’s) America was something to look up to…how things change. You reap what you sow…I’m sure someone intelligent said that once upon a time.

    By softshoebanana on Nov 12, 2020

  5. A Bronx cheer to the smug hypocrites of DC eh? Did it ever dawn on you that he made them look like rank amateurs the way he took care of his family and sycophants that drinks every ego driven word out of his mouth. The man has no class, no empathy toward any one other than himself. He was unfit for the office long before he got there, And America and the world is better of without him. So please, keep crying, keep backing your guy’s completely baseless claims of unfairness, so when the recount shows again who won, we can put trump and his hoodwinked followers where they belomg. In a sad footnote of American history.

    By Ed Underwager on Nov 12, 2020

  6. Jeepers Uncle O. Two true non-propaganda articles in a row!
    I like. Keep it balanced, bro.

    By Chowdergun on Nov 12, 2020

  7. Exxxcceellleeeennnttt article.Hear this loud and clear. TERM LIMITS is the only thing that can stop politicians from stealing our money. (taxes)

    By otis t on Nov 12, 2020

  8. Ya got a lot of fuckwads here ol big O.

    By otis t on Nov 12, 2020

  9. Mr. Trump POTUSA is not one of them - one of them - establishment politician. Both r and ds will do anything to rid themselves of a president who is not in the ‘club’.

    By otis t on Nov 12, 2020

  10. Win or lose, I will always vote. I will fly my flag high and respect all those who have fought and fallen for it. I will not respect those who kneel for the anthem for whatever protest of the moment they are protesting for. Long Live The USA.

    By Big E on Nov 13, 2020

  11. I will always vote, win or lose. I will always stand for the flag that so many have fought and died for. I will not support those who choose to kneel for whatever the protest of the moment is. GOD BLESS THE USA.

    By BigE on Nov 13, 2020

  12. You sound like a cry baby in general, no matter what your political affiliation or who you vote for. Life is hard, get over it. If you aren’t born rich you have to claw your way through it like the rest of us. Just don’t expect much sympathy for your whining.

    By Ned B on Nov 13, 2020

  13. The writer says “God Bless Trump” but does not realize the 4 years under Trump were no better for her than the other Presidents. In fact, the Trump tax break was for the rich; her husband’s wages did not go up and there was no hope of putting her child in public school and getting a part time job as Trump’s Education Secretary is anti public school. She favors Charter Schools. Trump had 4 years and a majority in Congress and still could not put forth an affordable health care plan to help people like the writer. Take off the blinders, Trump is not your saviour.

    By Freud on Nov 14, 2020

  14. Democrats have made a mockery of elections here in the USA. Our elections have integrity thanks to corrupt Washington DC politicians, both R and D’s. Congressional term limits NOW!

    By otis t on Nov 16, 2020

  15. That is “electiond have (NO) integrity”.

    By otis t on Nov 16, 2020

  16. Silly democrats taking his election to the bank, can’t wait for thorough election process.
    And why was it they pushed for mail-in voting? Oh that’s right, that covid thingy. Just wait!

    By otis t on Nov 17, 2020

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