June 4, 2009 – 3:17 pm

A warrant of arrest was issued against blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, editor of Malaysia Today, on April 23 when he did not turn up in court for his sedition trial. Raja Petra has not been arrested and his whereabouts continue to remain unknown although the police claim he is in Australia. Raja Petra is still actively blogging at this website and, in this recent article, hit out at the racists who visit his site.

There are some who love to post comments such as the Monarchy should be abolished because it costs a lot of money to maintain a Monarchy and if it is abolished then the country can save a lot of money. I detect from their IDs and e-mails that many of these people are Chinese. These people know who they are so I need not mention their IDs here.

This shows how narrow-minded these people are. They probably have very small brains. Furthermore, these people are actually closet racists. They oppose the Monarchy because it is seen as a symbol of Kedaulatan Melayu (Malay royalty) and by abolishing the Monarchy you would also be rid of Kedaulatan Melayu. It is better that these Chinese come right out and honestly admit that they are anti-Malay.

Racism is not confined to Umno or Utusan Malaysia. Trust me, there are as many Indian and Chinese racists as there are Malays. There is no monopoly for slime-balls and scumbags. You find them in all races. And rest assured there are as many Indian and Chinese slime-balls and scumbags as there are Malays.

If you want to propose that the Monarchy be abolished for one reason or another then it is an argument worth listening to. But to say that we should abolish the Monarchy so that the country can save money is bullshit. And in spite of me replying to this so many times in the past these small-minded people still make the same comment.

Next year I will be 60. For almost 40 years I have been buying insurance. I have life insurance, personal accident insurance, fire insurance, car insurance - you name it, I have it. Now, isn’t that a waste of money? I have never yet needed to claim against any of my insurance policies.

I think we should abolish insurance and save billions each year, more than what we spend to maintain the Monarchy.

I find that the Malaysian police force is very corrupted. Most times the police are in partnership with the criminals and actually aid rather than combat crime. And we spend billions each year on a police force that commit more crimes than criminals themselves.

I think we should abolish the police force, as well as the need to apply for a licence before buying a gun - which in most cases we would not get anyway unless we bribe the Chief of Police a hefty sum of money. Then we can all buy guns like in the old Wild West and we will be able to look after our own safety. If anyone tries anything we just shoot them dead. Imagine how much money the nation can save. Billions every year, more than what it costs to maintain a Monarchy.

Hey, it’s not about saving money. If we abolish the Monarchy it will not be so that we can save a few million Ringgit. The English call this penny wise, pound foolish - which describes what most Malaysians are.

I find that most corruption occurs in the implementation of public sector projects. If we stop building schools, hospitals, roads, etc., then there would be no corruption. Corruption occurs because there are government projects. No projects, no corruption.

We spend RM40 billion a year to develop this country. It is estimated that the ‘evaporation rate’ is at least 30 per cent. That comes to RM12 billion a year or RM1 billion a month. If we abolish the building of schools, hospitals, roads, etc., we can save RM1 billion a month, more than the cost of maintaining the Monarchy.

Hey, it’s not about saving money. If we abolish the Monarchy it will not be so that we can save a few million Ringgit. The English call this penny wise, pound foolish - which describes what most Malaysians are. We save ten cents but waste one Ringgit. That is the Malaysian way.

Any corporate turnaround manager would tell you that you attack the top three costs. Most likely the top three costs would represent 70 per cent or more of your total cost. Therefore, by cutting down the top three costs, you could probably bring the total cost down a great deal.

And the Monarchy, although it is a cost, does not come within your top three costs.

I mean, imagine your corporation is bleeding hundreds of millions. You then do a due diligence and discover that bank interest on borrowings is your top cost. Next come directors’ fees, emoluments and other perks, which include one month paid holidays to the Bahamas for the whole family, private jets for each board member, and so on. Third is the pension bill to employees that you have to pay - and because you are an old company you have many ex-employees still on your payroll in the form of pension payouts.

You then look further down the list and at item 15 you spot the tea lady’s cost. You then retrench the tea lady and replace her with a coffee machine and water cooler. How much do you save by retrenching the tea lady? And now everyone spends all their time congregating at the coffee machine and water cooler gossiping instead of at their desks working.

Okay, the ten Monarchs we have are not quite tea ladies. But if you were to look into their cost, although it may be exorbitant, it would probably be at the bottom rather than at the top of the top ten costs - that is if it is even in the top ten to start off with. Why focus on the lower costs when we should instead be worried about the top three, top six, or top ten costs?

If you want to attack the Malays and the Monarchy, the symbol of Kedaulatan Melayu, then do so. But do it openly. At least we will know you are a racist. But don’t try to hide your racist streak by attacking the Monarchy on the basis that it costs the country money to maintain it. There are many other costs, which are worse than this, which we can tackle first and save a lot of money.

And stop saying that I am defending the Monarchy because I am also from the Royal Family. That is a cheap shot and you know this is not true. I also attack the Monarchy but I put my name to whatever I write. You attack the Monarchy but do not reveal your true identities. And when I whack any race I do it openly. You attack the Malays but disguise the attack by saying things like if we abolish the Monarchy we can save money.

You know what I hate worse than racists? Racists who have no balls and throw stones while hiding their hands. And that would be many of you here in Malaysia Today.

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  2. We should abolish the monarchy because it costs too much money

    By Dollar Bill on Jun 4, 2009

  3. you are very clever!

    By solopolo on Jun 5, 2009

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