August 19, 2010 – 11:10 am

$ingapore’s Youth Olympic Games estimated to cost taxpayers $387 MILLION is proving to be no bargain for the PAP government. Daily there are reports on the net of cock-ups, empty halls, poor food supplied to volunteers and even the collapse of a roof where an Olympic event was to take place. The latest to surface is an article posted at a blog which shows letters from $ingapore schools pressing into service student volunteers. Below is the posting.

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Over the weekend, I called up my 3 still-schooling cousins and told them to call up all their friends/ tuition students etc who are attending different schools from them, and their friends’ friends/siblings , and their friends’ friends’ friends/siblings…

This is the result:

Kuo Chuan:
Pupils are required to pay $5 refundable deposit. The deposit will be returned if they turned up for the event on the actual day.

Click on the link for a better view.

In view of the YOG, we need to make some adjustments to the schedule of the P6 Preliminary examination and the CA for P3 - 5… Due to the tight schedule, we will need some time to process the result slips. As such, the report book will only be issued through your child when school re-opens… the examination will end on 3 September (the last day of the term).

St. Patrick:
YOG Torch Relay cum Carnival on Sunday 8 August 2010 from 9 am to 4 pm. All students are to be in school by 7.40 am. Attendance is compulsory.

Zheng Hua:
The relay will carry on in the advent of light to moderate rain… Therefore, P3 to P6 pupils are to bring along their ponchos, caps and water bottles… we seek your understanding if your child/ward is dismissed later than 12.55pm on this day as there might be a delay in the relay due to weather.

Do you blame the schools?

No, I don’t.

I blame Your Overbearing Government - which is what YOG stands for, according to these two videos:

Click on the graphic to watch the video clip.

Meanwhile, none of the international schools in $ingapore bothers about YOG.

And, MOE dare not order any of these international schools to order their students to attend YOG.

So, the following hilarious situation occurs:

American / Australian / Canadian students from the $ingapore American / Australian / Canadian Schools can’t be bothered to attend any YOG events to support athletics from their respective countries.

Meanwhile, three schools in $ingapore make their $ingapore students “adopt” these three countries under so-called “YOG twinning programme”, such that these poor students are “volunteered” to attend the YOG events which these three “adopted” countries’ athletics participate in, and are instructed to cheer and applaud loudly whenever athletics from these three “adopted” countries score a goal, a point, or win a medal!

While these $ingaporean students have their school examinations postponed, wear their raincoats to line the streets, have heavy breakfast to last a long morning, and attend compulsory YOG events on Sundays, the American / Australian / Canadian students say: “Thank you very much for being our proxy at the YOG to support our athletics, so that we can relax and spend time with our families and friends!”.

While $ingapore school teachers scramble to supervise their young students at these YOG events, burning their family weekends, and $ingapore school principals ponder long and hard to reschedule examinations and to come up with long-winded carefully-crafted letters to entice enough parents to let enough students attend YOG, so as to meet the numerical quota that their “higher-ups” at MOE demand, their American / Australian / Canadian counterparts relax at home free-and-easy. (I believe it’s now “Summer holiday” for these international schools.)

Why are our principals and teachers and students desperately galvanising support and applause for foreign athletics when even these foreign athletics’ own country-men, who are right here studying in International schools in $ingapore, can’t be bothered!

Can you think of anything more comical?

Vivian Balakrishnan, Ng Eng Heng,
We will skewer both of you at the upcoming election! How much grilling do you want? Rare, medium-rare, or well-done?

(Is your blood boiling? Listen to the last 10 seconds of the 2nd video that I embedded above. May help cool you down.)

Note: The above was posted at young-pap.blogspot.com.

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