December 5, 2012 – 12:37 pm

On December 3, 2012, Roger Waters posted the following note on his Facebook page:

“Last Thursday on the 29th of November, the UN’s official day of solidarity with Palestine, I was privileged to be invited to address the General Assembly Committee on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian People, including their right to self determination. This is a UN video of my remarks that day. Later that day the General Assembly voted by the overwhelming majority of 139 votes to 9, with 40 abstentions to upgrade the status of Palestine to ‘Non member observer STATE!’ A momentous victory for the people of Palestine.”

Click on the graphic for the videoclip.

Here are some excerpts of Waters, speaking on behalf of the Russell Tribunal and Global Civil Society at the UN General Assembly:“I am a musician, not a diplomat, so I shall not waste this precious opportunity on the niceties of protocol… I’m looking at shedding some light on the predicament of a beleaguered people.

“The Russian Tribunal on Palestine was created to shed such light, to seek accountability for the violations of international law, and the lack of United Nations resolve that prevent the Palestinian people from achieving thier inalienable rights, especially the right of self-determination…

“Since Operation Cast Lead, according to the Israeli human rights organization B’tselem, 271 Palestinians were killed by Israeli attacks and during the same period not a single Israeli was killed.

“Hamas, having dropped its original demand for Israel to be dismantled in the run up to the elections, was democratically elected in January 2006 in elections deemed free and fair by every international observer present, including former US president Jimmy Carter. The leaders of Hamas have made their position clear over and over again, it is this: Hamas is open to permanent peace with Israel if there is total withdrawal to the 1967 borders, 22 per cent of historic Palestine, and the arrangement is supported by referendum of all Palestinians living under occupation.

“The U.N. needs to embrace a new democracy. The veto must be rethought, or the U.N. will die. The system is too open to abuses. The blanket protection afforded to Israel by the United States’ use of the veto is but one example of such abuse.”

Waters was among the guest speakers at the United Nations in New York City who were on hand to voice their support of Palestine. The ex-Pink Floyd singer/bassist serves as a representative of the Russell Tribunal, an international nonprofit group that condemns Israel’s oppressive policies toward Palestinians. abcnewsradioonline reported that in his speech, which lasted about 25 minutes, Waters not only lambasted Israel but criticized the U.N. itself.

xXxmoesalfitixXx, who posted the above videoclip on youtube, wrote: “Roger Waters… delivers a very nicely put speech in front of delegates on International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This day also marks an important development in the Palestinians’ bid to statehood as they are now recognized as a non-member observer state. Hopefully the world sees both sides of the story and that both conflicting parties go into negotiations towards a two-state peaceful solution and put an end this long and dragged out conflict. Enough is enough!”

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  2. Er…with what authority does Waters address the UN on such matters? Can we expect to see Bono ratifying international treaties?

    By Reimer on Dec 6, 2012

  3. Reimer, go look up the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, with which Waters is associated. It’s basically an ongoing, self-appointed “trial” of Israel, with little or no criticism of the wrongdoing of the Palestinians. Go read the “findings” from their sessions - it’s almost impossible to find any mention of Palestinians suicide bombings, rocket attacks on civilians, widespread hatred of Jews, etc. I get the impression that the RT takes it as a given that anything that the Palestinians do is justified as a “response to oppression,” an attempt to “end apartheid,” etc etc. They’re just innocent underdog victims, doncha know?

    Anyway, to answer your question, Waters got to speak at the UN because (a) he thinks Israel is an evil oppressor of a and (b) he’s famous.

    By none more black on Dec 7, 2012

  4. Well said, none more black - For many months now I have been staying silent as one of my rock heroes went further and further in his outspoken hatred of the State Of Israel. I see that our kind host BIG O supports these views in a blatant ‘in your face’ manner as well. There are two sides to every story and in this case both sides have blood on their hands. However, before the State Of Israel is condemned let us recognize that violence begets violence and it doesn’t take Roger Waters to bring that fact to the world’s attention. For my own part, I have no interest in spending money to see Waters spew his obvious hatred of Jews and wish that he would crawl back into retirement. There, I said it.

    By The Jewish Voice on Dec 7, 2012

  5. Hey, TJV, to be fair to Big O here, I’ve read all KINDS of opinion pieces on this site. Some I agreed with and others not so much. I don’t think Big O is “blatantly supporting” ANY of these views, but rather publishing opinion pieces on a variety of topics for us all to gather more info and make up our own minds. I agree that “violence begets violence” and the more voices (famous or not) that speak out against the cycle, the better chance we all have of finally breaking it and moving toward world peace.

    By golgo hakase on Dec 7, 2012

  6. Bravo Mr. Waters and Mr. Hahase. My Rock stars need to be a little more political. Get the word out. Yes, “violence begets violence.” The Germans oppress/kill the Jews and the Jews oppress/kill the Palestinians and the Rich oppress/kill the poor etc. Not in that order. Fucked up or what? God save us all (if there actually is a god.

    By Louis Torro on Dec 9, 2012

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