September 4, 2013 – 4:04 pm

Chilli crab is a very distant memory. When thinking about $ingapore, people recall Lee Kuan Yew, Ho Ching and a very distant Lee Hsien Loong. That’s $ingapore culture. Their pictures appear regularly in $ingapore and overseas. They make the lists of financial magazines. Other countries have a markedly different culture. More than 250,000 Japanese eagerly follow a Malaysian mother. Her skill is making attractive bento lunches. By Oona McGee Aug 20, 2013.

Kyara-ben, boxed bento lunches featuring cute comic characters, have been around in Japan for some time. Usually created by housewives, getting to feast on one in person, though, is about as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree.

So it’s no surprise that people in Japan were green with envy when they caught sight of these adorable meals. Created by a Malaysian mother of two, these plates of healthy cuteness have earned her a huge fanbase. There are more than 250,000 followers who are eagerly keeping track of new creations as they appear on her Instagram account. From Lady Gaga to Batman, no feast is too difficult for this artistic mum!

If you’re thinking these creations are out of reach, think again: Samantha Lee, the mother behind these works of culinary art, says she has never been to a cooking class! If you’re interested in trying some of these designs at home, take a look at her how-to video tutorials on her Facebook and Instagram pages or visit her blog, EatzyBitzy.

Totoro caught in a vegetable shower with a zucchini umbrella.

Miffy lives amongst the kiwi fruit trees. Hope she eats her muesli on the way home…

Cute and healthy! Hello Kitty holds bunches of colourful fruit balloons!

An Amsterdam scene contains a fibre-rich river and apple houseboats.

The Little Mermaid’s under the sea with risotto hair and blueberry eyes.

Lady Gaga shocks us in a seaweed bodysuit. Meat dresses are sooo last year.

Snow White’s evil Queen dares us to answer the ultimate trick question.

Keep your sparkly eyes off the apple, Snow White!

Angry bird looking angry, maybe for being a meat patty.

Snoopy roasting a marshmallow over a strawberry fire!

A chocolate-covered ninja basks in the sunshine.

In a strange twist of fate, Batman protects a patch of vegetables from… well, a bat.

A peanut butter bear works off his calories by scaling chocolate mountains.

Enjoy an English breakfast with a guard from Buckingham Palace!

Sources: leesamantha (Instagram) iamleesamantha (Facebook) eatzybitzy [Read in Japanese]

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