JANUARY 2005 [214 ALBUMS = 420CDs]

Jan 2 2005 [13CDs]

1] The Arcade Fire - Radio 3 Sessions [no label 1CD] New Canadian band from Toronto. Recorded at Studio 211 Oct 2 2004 for radio broadcast in Ex stereo. Includes cover of Talking Heads’ Naïve Melody.

2] The Beatles - A/B Road:The Complete Get Back Sessions Jan 28 1969: Pt 1 [Purple Chick 2CD] live at Apple Studios, England. Ex SBD mono. This is a 6CD set

3] Nick Cave - The Boatman’s Call Demos 1997 [no label 1CD] studio demos. Ex- SBD stereo but hissy in places.

4] Husker Du -Zen Arcade Complete Outtakes [no label 3CDs] Complete known outtakes. Ex- to Ex SBD

5] Don Cherry with Rena Rama - Stockholm 1991 [no label 2CD] live in concert at unknown venue on Nov 20 1991. Some tracks unidentified. Rena Rama are a Swedish band founded in early ‘70s. Ex SBD stereo some hiss.

6] Mike Gibbs Orchestra - Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2003 [no label 1CD] Live May 4 2003 in England. Mike Gibbs was a key English jazz musician of the English scene in the ‘70s. Plays swing. Ex Satellite broadcast stereo

7] Led Zeppelin - Seattle Matrix [Winston Remaster 3CD] Fan remaster of the Seattle, July 17 1973 gig. Matrix includes 2 audience sources and the main [hissy] soundboard recording Ex- SBD. CD3 is all audience source that is GD AUD.

Jan 4 2005 [ 34CDs]

8] Eric Burdon - Live At Ebbets Field [no label 1CD] live in Denver, CO, Oct 17 1974. Includes Sun Secrets. Ex FM stereo.

9] The Beatles - Ultimate Live Masters [Secret Trax 1CD] Three shows 1] Stockholm, Sweden Oct 24 1963 2] Liverpool England, Dec 7 1963 and 3] Paris, France, Jan 19 1964. All taken from newly discovered tapes and released 2000. Ex SBD?

10] The Beatles - A/B Road:The Complete Get Back Sessions Jan 28 1969: Pt 2 [Purple Chick 2CD] live at Apple Studios, England. Ex SBD mono. This is a 6CD set


11] Cream - At the Grande Ballroom: Vol 6 [Cream ReMasters 2CD] live at Grande Ballroom, Detroit Michigan, Oct 15 1967. Recorded on a reel-to-reel deck. Ex AUD stereo.

12] Cream - Back Bay Theatre/ Winterland Outtakes: Vol 8 [Cream ReMasters 2CD] CD1 live in Boston, Apr 5 1968. Gd AUD. CD2 live in San Francisco, Mar 10 1968. Gd AUD. The vocals on both shows can be heard. Rough sound.

13] Bob Dylan - Farewell Bloomfield [Cuttlefish 2CD] live at Fox Warfield Theatre, Nov 15 1980 Slow Train Tour, includes Mike Bloomfield’s final performance on two songs with Dylan. He died a few weeks later. Ex- SBD? mono.

14] Elton John - Aztec Stadium, Mexico [no label 2CD] live in Mexico City, Nov 13 1992. VG mono VHS tape taken from a TV broadcast. Hissy.

15] Joy Division - Warsaw Studio Demos [no label 1CD] Studio demos from 1978 and 1979 includes complete demos recorded as Warsaw for RCA. Ex SBD stereo

[16] Chick Corea - Live Under The Sky 1979 [no label 2CD] live at Denen Colosseum, Tokyo, Japan July 27 1979. Lineup is Chick Corea, Al DeMeola, Tony Williams and Bunny Brunel. Ex FM stereo

17] Hellborg, Lane & Sipe - Tramps 1996 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Dec 31 1996. Ex SBD/Aud matrix stereo.

18] Charles Mingus - Los Angeles 1965 [no label 2CD] live on Sept 25 1965. Also officially released on Mingus’ own label by his wife but long out-of-print. Ex FM stereo

19] New York Contemporary Five - Copenhangen 1963 [no label 1CD] live at Radiohusets, Koncertsal, Oct 27 1963. NYC5 are Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Don Moore & JC Moses. Ex FM stereo

20] Bob Marley - Rastaman Vibrations: Demos & Mixes [no label 1CD] studio sessions in 1976. Some finally released on 2003’s Deluxe Editions. VG to Ex SBD stereo. Mostly excellent.

21] The Monkees - Commercials for 331/3 Revolutions Per Monkee + Head [no label 1CD] fan compilation of promo radio spots for the album + Rice Krispies commercials and backing tracks for some of their hits. VG to Ex radio broadcast


22] Van Morrison - 2003: The Unreleased Live Album [no label 2CD] fan compilation of three concerts broadcast on radio in 2003 - Montreux July 19; Hamburg Nov 13 and Malvern Nov 25. Ex SBD stereo

23] Pink Floyd - Waterbury 1973 [WojTek 4CD] complete show at The Palace Theatre, Waterbury on Mar 18 1973. CD1 and 2 taken from audience recording Ex-. CD3 and 4 taken from a different audience recording VG+, a bit muddy.

24] Quicksilver Messenger Service - Filmore West 1966 [no label 1CD] live in San Francisco, Nov 5 1966 both sets. Ex SBD stereo. Some hiss.

25] Patti Smith - Poems To End Greed and Terror [no label 1CD] fan compilation of Spoken Word performances by Smith, Oliver Ray and Lenny Kaye. From 1995 to 2001 at St Mark’s Church in New York. Includes The Thing, her monologue on 9/11. VG to Ex SBD. Mostly excellent.

26] Toy Matinee - Live At The Roxy 1991 [no label 1CD] Live May 1 1991 in US. This band features Kevin Gilbert and Sheryl Crow. Includes cover of Elton’s Love Lie Bleeding. A compelling performance. Ex SBD stereo

27] Uncle Tupelo - The Neil Young Connection [no label 1CD] fan compilation of Neil Young songs as recorded by Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Golden Smog, Coffee Creek, Jeff Tweedy and Son Volt. All offshoots of Uncle Tupelo. Various dates and venues. VG to Ex

28] Wilco - Madison Square Garden New Years Eve 2004 [no label 2CD] live in New York on Dec 31 2004 includes many covers Livin’ After Midnight, Love Will Keep Us Together, Political Science, I Shall Be Released, Something In The Air and Don’t Fear The Reaper. Excellent performance. Ex- AUD stereo?

29] Yes - Resurrecting Dragons [no label 1CD] This is just the first disc of the 2CD bootleg and contains most of the songs broadcast on Feb 19 1988 during the Big Generator Tour in Houston. VG+ FM stereo

Jan 5 2005 [ 6CDs]


30] David Bowie - Oh You Pretty Things [Savage Hippo 1CD] three sessions: Apr 8 1997 Boston WBCN broadcast and another radio session but the date given is same as Boston but venue is Atlanta??? ; Oct 4 1971 BBC broadcast. All sessions are duo recordings Bowie and Mick Ronson and Bowie and Reeves Grabels. Ex SBD stereo

31] Cream - Final US tour: Vol 9 [Cream ReMasters 2CD] CD1 live Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland Oct 4 1968, Ex SBD stereo. CD2 Sports Arena, San Diego, Oct 20 1968 Gd AUD recording. CD1 was considered for release but dropped. Three tracks later appeared on Live Cream Vol 2.

32] Led Zeppelin - St Louis Blues [Empress Valley 3CD] live in St Louis, Feb 16 1975. Newly discovered soundboard tape. Ex SBD stereo but Robert Plant's voice is thrashed.

Jan 6 2004 [21CDs]

33] The Arcade Fire - Christmas Recordings [no label 1CD] recorded in 2001 and given away as a present on Christmas 2002. Ex SBD stereo of The Christmas Song, O Holy Night, Jinglebell Rock and A Very Arcade X’mas.

34] Eric Andersen - Jabberwocky 1972 [no label 2CD] both sets at the Jabberwocky club in Syracuse, Sept 15 1972. Andersen was one of the first to be hailed the "new" Dylan. A couple of Merle Haggard covers included. Ex SBD stereo


35] David Bowie - Ziggy’s Final Farewell 1973 [Rattlesnake 2CD released 2003] this set includes all the rehearsals and final mixes for what was dubbed the 1980 Floor Show with guest Marianne Faithful, telecast on US Midnight Special. It was recorded at the Marquee Club in London from Oct 18 to 20 1973. The 7 bonus tracks on the silver disc are not included in this CD-R version. Those tracks were by the Konrads and it is uncertain whether Bowie was even present. Ex SBD stereo

36] David Bowie - Class of ’74 Vol 1-3 [EgoDisc 6CD] This is triple volume set of 2CDs each. Vol 1 is Los Angeles Sept 4; Vol 2 is New York July 20 and Vol 3 is Los Angeles Sept 2. All are good audience recordings. Spare your neighbours, listen to these on headphones only. There is a Volume 4 which I have been unable to get.

37] Cream - California Days Vol 10 [Cream ReMasters 2CD] CD1 live at Anaheim, California, Mar 18 1968 + 2 tracks at Fillmore San Francisco Mar 7 1968. Anaheim is Gd AUD mono. Fillmore is Ex SBD stereo. CD2 live in San Jose, May 25 1968. Gd AUD mono.

38] Buckingham-Nicks [Fleetwood Mac] - Alabama 1974 [no label 1CD] live in Tuscaloosa in 1974. Taken from a reel to reel recording of a soundboard. Ex SBD stereo. Only three songs, very short, includes Rhiannon.

39] Jefferson Airplane - Winterland ’67 [no label 1CD] Live at Winterland Oct 14 1967 + Calliope Warehouse, San Francisco, Nov 6 1965 + 1 Crown of Creation outtake. Ex SBD stereo

40] Modest Mouse - Acoustic X’mas 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, Dec 11 2004. Ex FM


41] Rolling Stones - Paint It Black [no label 2CD] Live in Paris, Olympia Theatre 1965 and 1967. CD1 has merge of two shows ’65 and ’67 in VG radio broadcast mono? + Swedish TV special broadcast Apr 2 1965 - GD off-air recording? CD2 has complete ’65 and ’67 shows but in GD AUD? only. Very muddy.

42] Patti Smith - Bowery Ballroom 2004 [no label 2CD] live in New York, Dec 31 2004, New Year’s Eve concert marking Patti’s birthday. Ex AUD stereo. Very noisy crowd. CD1 Tk4 has a skip at 1.53m. CD2 begins with a loud noise like the recorder accidentally stop-start his machine. Fantastic performance that was broadcast on Sirius satellite.

43] Tortoise - Munich 2004 [no label 1CD] live in Muffathalle, Germany, July 17 2004. Ex FM stereo.

Jan 7 2005 [10CDs]

44] The Band - Across The Endless Highway [Polar Bear 1CD] live at Roosevelt Stadium, New Jersey, Aug 1 1973. Ex SBD stereo. Classic Rock, all their great songs are here.

45] David Bowie - TV Rebell [no label 1CD] two songs recorded for German Television in 1967 - Love You Till Tuesday and When I Live My Dream - with some lyrics sung in German. Taken from 7" vinyl boot that was released in late '90s. Ex SBD stereo but with audible clicks and pops. Amazing discovery.

46] Tin Machine [David Bowie] - Boston 1991 [no label 1CD overburn] live at Orpheum Theatre, Nov 20 1991. Ex FM stereo.


47] The Clash - This Is Live Clash: Chicago 1979 [Weeping Goat? 1CD] live in Chicago Sept 14 1979. Ex- FM mono? Some distortion, slightly muffled. Quite a lot of live punk shows were recorded with that d-i-y spirit.

48] Explosions In The Sky - Chicago 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois, Oct 15 2004. Ex SBD stereo.

49] A Silver Mt Zion - Eindhoven 2001 [no label 1CD] live at Effenaar, Netherlands, Jan 25 2001. Ex SBD stereo.

50] Janis Joplin - Fillmore East 1969 [A TooleMan ReMaster 2005 1CD] live in New York, Feb 12 1969. Ex SBD stereo.

51] Ray Davis - 80 Days [no label 1CD] demos for 80 Days stage play composed and written by Ray Davis and performed in San Diego at La Jolla Playhouse in 1988. More details here http://www.kinks.de/40jahre/teil6_e.html  . Ex SBD stereo

52] Patti Smith - Bowery Ballroom 2003 [no label 2CD] live in New York, Dec 30 2003. Smith always plays three shows at the end of the year in New York. Her birthday is Dec 31. Ex AUD stereo.

Jan 11 2005 [33CDs]

53] Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Back In The Day [Digital Reproductions 3CD] live at Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, Feb 9 2000. Taken from ALD source. Ex- ALD mono[?]

54] David Bowie - 1974 [FirePower 2CD] live at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Oct 10 1974 + on CD2 live at Curtis H[?]ixon Hall, Tampa, Florida, July 2 1974. VG+ AUD stereo

55] David Bowie - US Radio & TV Shows [no label 4CDs]
CD1 Ivor Novello Awards May 10 1970; 1980 Floor Show Nov 16 1973; Dick Cavett Show Dec 4 1974; The Cher Show Nov 23 1975 and Saturday Night Live Jan 5 1980. VG to Ex- broadcast. The Cher Show is only very good.
CD2 99X 3rd Anniversary show Apr 8 1997; Conan O’Brien show Apr 10 1997; 105 FM show Sept 9 1997. Ex- broadcast.
CD3 Live at MTV 10 Spot Oct 14 1997; GQ Awards Oct 15 1997; Fashion Awards Oct 15 2002. Ex- broadcast
CD4 WBCN radio Aug 4 1997; Storyteller Oct 19 1999. Ex- broadcast

56] The Faces - San Bernadino 1971 [no label 1CD] live at San Bernadino, Nov 30 1971 just after Rod Stewart’s Maggie May reached the top of the US/UK charts at the same time. A spirited performance. Ex- AUD[?] mono

57] Flaming Lips - Austin City Limits 2004 [no label 1CD] live in Texas, Dec 19 2004. Broadcast on PBS. Ex- TV stereo.


58] Lindsay Buckingham - The Gift Of Screws [no label 1CD] unreleased album from late 90s[?]. Includes 2 Rolling Stones covers - She Smiled Sweetly and The Singer Not The Song. Ex SBD stereo. THIS IS MP3 SOURCED. Not for trade. As far as I know there has not been a lossless version of this material. It emerged at the Fleetwood Mac Online community.

59] Fleetwood Mac - Concord 2004 [no label 3CD] live in California, June 27 2004. VG+ AUD stereo. Taken from a video source.

60] Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Two Cheers For Democracy [no label 2CD] live at Palaise Royale, Toronto, Canada Mar 27 2003. Ex AUD stereo. Unreleased song, Albanian, is played here.

61] Patty Griffin - Vic Theatre, 2004 [no label 1CD] live in Chicago, May 15 2004, WXRT FM broadcast. Ex FM stereo, a bit too trebly.

62] Billy Joel - Retold Vol 1: The Bridge to 52nd Street [Mighty Fishy 1CD] studio sessions around mid-‘80s for The Bridge [1986] and 52nd Street albums. VG to Ex- SBD stereo

63] Billy Joel - Retold Vol 2: The Piano Man From The Harbour [Mighty Fishy 1CD] Piano Man [1973] and Cold Spring Harbour [1972] sessions. Ex- SBD stereo


64] Pink Floyd - The Wall June 17 1981 [MoLm ReMaster 2CD] live at Earl’s Court, London, June 17 1981. Ex AUD mono.

65] The Rolling Stones - 13 Nervous Breakdowns [no label 1CD] fan compilation[?] of goof ups by the Stones from 1972 to 1999. VG+ to Ex-

66] Frank Zappa - The History & Collected Improvisations of Frank Zappa [RXZ 10CD released 1999] This set is taken from vinyl source, and has clicks and pops. Sound quality is mono and very good. Only CD 9 comes from a stereo soundboard.
CD1 Ultra-Modern Stringbean: Live at Festival Hall, Melbourne, June 29 1973
CD2 Nifty: Various dates and locations in 1973 and 2 tracks from 1974.
CD3 Ein Monster in der Musikhalle: live in Wighalle, Vienna, Sept 11 1974.
CD4 If You Get A Headache: Live in Kiel Auditorium, St Louis May 13 1975 + Boston Music Hall, Oct 23 1975
CD5 Frank Zappa vs The Tooth Fairy: Live at Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, California, July 19/21 1974
CD6 A Token of My Extreme: Live at Bridges Auditorium, Claremont, California, Apr 11 1975 [late show]
CD7 I Was A Teenage Maltshop: Various dates and locations. 4 tracks live in Boston, Apr 27 1975.
CD8 Petrouska: Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sept 13 1967 + 2 tracks live at Long Beach Arena, Dec 31 1974.
CD9 Zurkon Music: Live at Palladium, New York, Oct 31 1977. Ex SBD stereo.
CD10 Back On The Straight And Narrow: Live at Apollo Stadium, Australia, Jan 24 1976.

Jan 11 2005 [14CDs]

67] Ryan Adams - Live In San Francisco 2001 [Wolf ReMaster 2CD] live at Foley's Cellar, Feb 18 2001. This remaster removes stage banter and reduces crowd noise by fading before and after songs. Ex SBD stereo


68] Led Zeppelin - Live in Japan BoxSet: Pt 1 [Last Stand 5CD]
CD1&2 Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Sept 23 1971. VG++ - Ex- AUD mono
CD3-5 Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Sept 24 1971. VG++ - Ex- AUD mono

69] Led Zeppelin - California Mystery Train [Blimp 3CD] Live in San Diego, June 19 1977. A Mike Millard recording. Ex AUD stereo

70] Yes - Studio Outtakes Collection [no label 4CD] sessions for Yes' first five albums. Numerous versions. CD1&2 focus on the first two albums. CD4 is Close To The Edge album sessions. Ex SBD stereo

Jan 12 2005 [19CDs]

71] Deep Purple - The Bootleg Series 1984-2000 [Thompson 12CD]
CD1&2 Highway Stars - Live in Adelaide, Memorial Drive Nov 30 1984
CD3&4 Third Night - Live in Sweden, June 16 1985
CD5&6 Hungary Days - Live in Budapest, Jan 28 1987
CD7&8 In Your Trousers - Live in Stockholm, Nov 13 1993
CD9&10 Purple Sunshine - Live in Ft Lauderdale, Mar 4 1995
CD11&12 Made In Japan 2000 - Live in Osaka, Apr 1 2000

[These recordings are taken from good quality audience tapes and in no way represent high quality live concert audio. They have been professionally remastered from audience sources and are subject to variation in sound quality — taken from the set’s liner notes. More or less accurate.]

72] Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Two Cheers For Democracy [no label 2CD] live at Palaise Royale, Toronto, Canada Mar 27 2003. Ex AUD stereo. Unreleased song, Albanian, is played here.


73] Rolling Stones - Big Hits [High Tide & Green Grass] [TXM 101 1CD] A fake Decca 1966 release featuring all the ORIGINAL mono singles plus 6 bonus tracks. Ex

74] Rolling Stones - Through The Past Darkly [Big Hits Vol 2] [LK 5019 1CD] A fake Decca 1969 release featuring all the hits from 1967-69 in Mono mixes plus 7 bonus tracks. Cocksucker Blues is here. Ex

75] Bruce Springsteen - Unearthed II [Masquerade Music 1CD] - The Mike Appel sessions aka Laurel Canyon Demos, June '72 to July '74. This second edition includes Border Guard and Hollywood Kids not found anywhere else. NOTE: The title of this is Unearthed the II refers to the second edition where I believe two songs were added.

76] Bruce Springsteen - Before The Fame [Pony Express Records 5899 2CD] Also includes Hollywood Kids and Border Guard. The Mike Appel sessions again.

Jan 13 2005 [23CDs]

77] The Clash - Walk Evil Talk: The Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg [no label 1CD] Fan remaster of the Clash bootleg, The Rat Patrol… This version is taken from a CD-R bought at a record fair and purportedly comes from The Clash’s record label. This is allegedly Mick Jones’ mix of 1981’s Combat Rock and includes a never-before-heard jazz-like instrumental, Walk Evil Talk, which is just "Topper and Mick". Remastered by Sukwoon Noh. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo


78] A Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra La La Band - Berlin 2004 [no label 2CD] Live at Magnet, Berlin, Germany, Feb 19 2004. Godspeed You! Black Emperor did not tour in 2004. Ex SBD stereo.

79] Jimi Hendrix - He Was A Friend Of Ours [JP10 1CD] Live at Royal Albert Hall, Feb 24 1969. These are the rehearsals before the show. Ex SBD stereo

80] The Kinks - Starmaker & A British Biscuit [Ducks On The Wall 1CD] Starmaker is original soundtrack recorded at Granada studios, Manchester, July 25 1974 and broadcast mon Sept 14 1974. VG SBD mono. A British Biscuit was recorded live at New Victoria Theatre, London June 14 1975 for US radio. Ex SBD stereo. Low-res artwork. All these songs were rerecorded for The Kinks’ 1975 album Soap Opera.

81] Led Zeppelin - Live in Japan BoxSet: Pt 2 [Last Stand 8CD]
CD6&7 Live in Hiroshima, Sept 27 1971 VG AUD stereo
CD8-10 Live in Osaka, Sept 28 1971. GD AUD stereo
CD11-13 Live in Osaka, Sept 29 1971. VG-EX- AUD stereo

82] Mike Nesmith [The Monkees] - Solo Sessions 1963-1965 [Splendour of Bohemia 1CD] 17 tracks only. 9 have been censored from this torrent download of early demos and singles by the soon-to-be Monkee. SBD stereo

83] Nirvana - Loose Ends [no label 3CD] The first two discs were compiled from unreleased studio sessions from 1987 to 1993. Compiled by fan John W Busher. Includes the KOAS-FM tape, Reciprocal Studios, BBC sessions, Smart Studios, Music Source Studios, NOB Radio in The Netherlands and BMG studios in Rio De Janeiro. Overall excellent SBD stereo. The third disc was compiled by "tom" and contains 4 tracks of jams. If you buy the new With The Lights Out Nirvana collection, you will have every known studio session by Nirvana, claim the compilers.


84] Patti Smith - Live At The Warsaw: Pt 1 May 1 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Warsaw Club, Brooklyn, New York, May 1 2004, LABOUR DAY show. Ex AUD stereo. Includes a cover of Rolling Stones’ Salt Of The Earth.

85] U2 - Children Of The Revolution: First Recordings 1978-79 [Alternative Edge 1CD] Tk 1-3 First demos recorded Apr 1978 at Keystone Studios, Dublin. Tk 4-7 Second demos recorded Dec 1978 at Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin. Tk 8-15 Third demos recorded May 1979 at Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin. Tk 16-22 bonus tracks taken from rare singles and outtakes from 1979-1982 and includes the I Will Follow from the legendary "riot show" in Hamburg 1981 where a very young Bono challenges the crowd to behave themselves. Ex SBD stereo. Low res cover art

86] The Who - Instant Party: The Complete UK & US Singles Collection [HiWatt 2CD] The original 45 RPM mixes from original masters including producer Shel Talmy’s lost tapes. Ex SBD stereo. Cover art is low-res.

87] The Who - Collector’s Who’s Next [TenDollar 1CD] Tk 1-9 taken from the legendary German Polydor release in what collectors call "true" wide stereo. This is allegedly taken from the only known masters that were mixed in this fashion. Tracks 10-13 are true stereo single versions from "long pout-of-print" UK collection; Tracks 14-17 unreleased versions in stereo taken from bootleg "Lifehouse To Leeds". Ex SBD stereo. Low res cover art.

Jan 15 2005 [16CDs]

88] Beatles - Home Tapes Six: 1968-1969 [Silent Seas 082 1CD] Complete home recordings at Ringo’s Montagu Square Apartment in London, Paul’s St John’s Wood and John’s Surrey home. VG mono Best possible sources as these are all home demos.

89] The Beatles - A/B Road:The Complete Get Back Sessions Jan 28 1969: Pt 3 [Purple Chick 2CD] live at Apple Studios, England. Ex SBD mono. This is a 6CD set


90] The Beatles - The Lost Day By Day Rolls Pt 1: I Me Mine [BATZ 0277 1CD] lost rolls from Jan 8-10 and Jan 21 1969. Ex SBD mono

91] The Beatles - The Lost Day By Day Rolls Pt 2: Green Onions [BATZ 0296 1CD] lost rolls from Jan 24 and Jan 25 1969. Ex SBD mono

92] Cream - Long Time Comin’ [Hawk048 1CD] Tks 1-12 live rehearsals at Power Plant, Jan 11 1993 Tks 13-15 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame performance Jan 12 1993. Ex SBD stereo

93] John Fogerty [ex CCR] - Two Benefits: 1987 and 1989 [no label 1CD] Live at Welcome Home Vets, Landover, MD, July 4 1987 taken from pre-FM master. Ex SBD stereo. This sounds like the bootleg Vet’s Rousing Welcome Home on Rarities & Few less the DJ intro and bonus tracks. Tks 9-19 are live AIDS benefit, Oakland, CA, May 27 1989. Ex SBD stereo.

94] Evan Parker & The Dave Green Trio - BBC 2004 [no label 1CD] live at BBC studios Nov 5 2004. Ex FM stereo This is free jazz from saxophonist Parker.


95] Patto - BBC Sessions [no label 2CD] fan compilation of almost all known BBC sessions by UK rock band Patto. Quality varies. CD1 is mostly GD to VG mono. CD2 is VG to Ex stereo

96] Rolling Stones - In Action [Diamond 1CD] Tks 1-9 live in Honolulu, Hawaii July 29 1966 Ex SBD stereo but low bass. Tks 10-15 live at Olympia Theatre Paris. VG SBD mono muffled. Tk 16 live at Palladium, London, Jan 22 1967 live vocal over a backing track. Tks 17-21 live at Olympia Theatre Paris, Apr 11 1967 VG SBD mono muffled.

97] Rolling Stones - That’s No Way To Get Along [Morganfield 1CD] live in Boston, Nov 29 1969, second show. Said to be backup recording for official live LP Get Your Ya Yas Out. VG SBD stereo? Lots of echo and muffled.

98] Patti Smith - Live At The Warsaw: Pt 2 May 2 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Warsaw Club, Brooklyn, New York, May 2 2004, LABOUR DAY show. Ex AUD stereo. Includes a cover of Vanity Fair’s Hitchin’ A Ride.

99] U2 - The Last Night In Hartford [no label 2CD] live at Civic Centre, Hartford Connecticut, May 9 1987. Ex- AUD stereo. from the taper’s masters.

Trade Freely. Not For Sale.

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