December 16, 2008 – 12:30 pm

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with John Fogerty and Neil Young
Dead Moon Rising [Tuff Bites, 1CD]

Live at Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, November 3, 1991. Very good soundboard except some digital noise at the end of Track 4 and beginning of Track 5 and on Track 6 (1:37 to 2:18).

One does not think of long jams when it comes to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fogerty’s is all three-minute swamp rock whereas The Dead can go on and on and on. But this show had a lot of good vibes and the fun of performining alongside each other clearly showed.

Fogerty stuck to his tunes and The Dead were gracious enough not to meander. Even Neil Young didn’t stretch as much as he could have.

This is what timbolimboli wrote at the Internet Archive: “We were all relieved when the boys came out, because… no one was really sure if they’d come since they’d just done four shows the week before. But, they played an exquisite short set. And yes, Popper was great on Wang Dang Doodle… Fogerty came out and was great, voice strong, he played well and the boys backed him well.

“Some folks may have been at the show at the Oakland Coliseum in 1989 right after when Fogerty won the copyright infringement suit filed against him by Saul Zaentz of Fantasy Records. After he won, he was free to start playing the Creedence songs without fear, and he came out that day - it was an AIDS benefit - with Steve Jordan on drums, I forget who on bass, and Jerry and Bob on guitar. They were great! And he sounded BETTER this day! Only four songs, but fabulous stuff.

“The crowd sang along with each of his tunes. Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Neil Young, CSN, and pretty much everyone else came out, or at least stood on stage, for the Forever Young finale. A young reviewer wrote about the plane flying overhead, it was an Otis Spunkmeyer plane (the cookie company) and dropping carnations, as did another reviewer. That was extra-special. An incredible, incredible day. Few dry eyes in the Polo Fields, but much, much joy!”

John Fogerty with The Dead. Neil Young with The Dead. Pity it’s such a short set.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality stereo MP3s - sample rate of 192 kibit/s). As far as we can ascertain, this recording has never been officially released.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Track 01. Hell In A Bucket
Track 02. China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider
Track 03. Wang Dang Doodle
Track 04. Born On The Bayou*
Track 05. Green River*
Track 06. Bad Moon Rising*
Track 07. Proud Mary*
Track 08. Truckin’/The Other One/Wharf Rat
Track 09. Sunshine Daydream
Track 10. Forever Young (Neil Young on vocals and guitar)
Track 11. Touch Of Grey

* With John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Note: Our CD copy had digital noise at the end of Track 4; at the beginning of Track 5 and on Track 6 (1:37 to 2:18).

On the other hand, readers can also download these “clean” tracks, courtesy of U4ea:

Track A: Born On The Bayou
Track B: Green River
Track C: Bad Moon Rising

Click on the link to order the Grateful Dead retrospective, So Many Roads.


  2. Randy Jackson (now of American Idol) was the bass player at the AIDS benefit in 1989. Fantastic show!

    By late great jerry on Dec 16, 2008

  3. These songs were recorded at the Bill Graham memorial free concert held after his tragic death in a helicopter accident. Other performers at this show included Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, a reunited Journey (just for this show), the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Bobby McFerrin, Jackson Browne, Joe Satriani, Aaron Neville & Chester Thompson, Tracy Chapman and Robin Williams. It was an amazing way to say goodbye to the man who revolutionized the San Francisco music scene. Thanks for sharing!

    By Brad Bechtel on Dec 16, 2008

  4. Will my comments EVER appear in this thread?

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 16, 2008

  5. I’ve tried posting a comment here all day. Now I see other comments are appearing so I’ll try yet again with the last attempt (which I copied/pasted to notepad):

    Damn it. I wrote a nice thing about this show and must’ve submitted it without filling out name or email or something.:(

    Anyway, thanks! I lost my cassette of this over the years.

    Just some points of interest:

    This was a memorial for the late concert promoter Bill “Uncle Bobo” Graham, with whom the Dead had a longtime close relationship. It was billed as “A Benefit For Laghter, Love, And Music,” and featured artists whose careers he’d helped or whom he had otherwise touched.

    Bruce Hornsby was playing piano with the Dead most shows at the time, but for whatever reason was absent at this one.

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 16, 2008

  6. I have my doubts as to whteher this will post, but I’m trying a different browser.
    The lineup was:

    Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    Bobby McFerrin
    Jackson Browne
    Aaron Neville
    Tracy Chapman
    Robin Williams
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    Grateful Dead

    After the Dead’s encores (Forever Young & touch Of Grey), Kris Kristofferson, Joan Baez and Graham Nash took the stage for an a capello singalong of “Amazing Grace.” It was marred IMO by Joan hurriedly yelling out each next line’s lyrics for the crowd befvore the previous line had full ended, as well as Kris’ (love ya Kris, but . . .) offkey singing, both of which apparently cause Graham Nash to sing the first sour notes I’ve EVER heard him sing.

    Still, I think everyone there got goosebumps.

    Thanks so much for this.:)

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 16, 2008

  7. Also missing from this is Neil’s spoken intro to Forever Young. He said “I got a letter here from Bob. It’s too long to read so we’re gonna have to play and sing it for ya.”

    I suppose Dylan couldn’t make it so he had Neil say that.

    Also, I think this may have been the only time they did the Sunshine Daydream part of Sugar Magnolia without having done the first part somewhere in the show. Sugar Mag was Bill Graham’s favourite song, so perhaps they realized without enough time left to do the whole song and just did that, or maybe they thought they’d already done it.

    By SocietysPliers on Dec 17, 2008

  8. I just realized after 17 years what an odd choice singing about going to Hell in a bucket is for an opener for a Memorial Set.

    Another interesting point is that they closed the set with Sunshine Daydream, but had not done the first part of Sugar Magnolia at the show. My guess is that since Sugar Mag was well-known to be Graham’s favourite song, they remembered too late that they should play it and in the interest of time only did the Sunshine Daydream part. I believe that out of the 31 times they played Sunshine Daydream separately from the rest of the song, this was the only one where it was the only part played.

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 17, 2008

  9. Sugar Mags without Sunshine Daydream was the first song played on 10/27/91. The first show after Bill’s death.

    Eight days later they finished it.

    By Clang on Dec 17, 2008

  10. I met Bill Graham in the aisles of the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway in October, 1987 about 30 minutes before show time, as he was scurrying about making sure that the Dead Heads didn’t burn the place down. He couldn’t have been nicer and took the time to sign a program for a good friend of mine who was in the middle of cancer treatment and couldn’t make the show. Bill was an incredible force in music and this was indeed a fitting tribute to his memory. Thanks for posting! Party on, Wayne - Party on, Garth!

    By adamdean on Dec 17, 2008

  11. Thanks, Clang. I was going to look that up.

    Makes sense.

    I khave the second set of that show somewhere in with Carlos Santana & Gary Duncan jamming, as well as the second Hallowe’en set in which Ken Kesey recites (although not verbatim) ee cummings’ “buffalo bills defunct” for Bill Graham during Dark Star and Gary Duncan again jams with them, but never heard the first sets.

    Thanks so much for the info.

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 18, 2008

  12. what was the line-up of the grateful dead at this show?

    By Walter on Dec 18, 2008

  13. Hi Walter

    The Dead lineup:
    Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
    Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals
    Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
    Vince Welnick - keyboards, vocals
    Bill Kruetzman - drums
    Mickey Hart - drums

    John Popper - harmonica
    Neil Young - vocals, guitar
    Graham Nash - backing vocals
    Kris Kristofferson - backing vocals

    By Admin on Dec 18, 2008

  14. Wow , thanks for this great show from the
    Grateful Dead
    And also a big thanks for the clean tracks.

    By fred on Dec 19, 2008

  15. thanks for the lineup.
    But are you sure that Mickey Hart was playing this show? I thought that he was not in the band from 1971 to 1975, because his father Lenny Hart, the manager of Grateful Dead until 1971, ran away with 155.000 dollars.

    By Walter on Dec 19, 2008

  16. AAAHH, sorry, stupid me –
    I mixed up the years because I was also listening to a GD-show from 1971 with the beach Boys. When I read your posting again and thought “Vince Welnick in 1971???” I realised that this show is from 1991.
    Maybe I don’t relate the Dead to the 90’s

    By Walter on Dec 19, 2008

  17. I wonder why tracks 4 & 5 are only 64kbps whereas the rest are at 192? The digital noise is nothing too bad on these tracks…but track 6 is abysmal. The alternative version, though clean, is weedy-sounding in comparison and needs compressing and normalising to sound as loud and beefy as the rest of the album.

    By Nev on Dec 19, 2008

  18. Hello Nev

    There must be some mistake as both tracks were sampled at 192 kbps. You might want to retake the tracks again.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 20, 2008

  19. Sorry, bigo, my mistake…the program I used to clean up those two tracks was resaving them at a low bitrate…thankfully I’d also saved them as wavs. Great material, keep up the good work!

    By Nev on Dec 21, 2008

  20. Hello Bigozine!

    This is my first comment in here, although I’m a frequent visitor. These MP3s gifts are all great, so thanks a lot for your generosity!

    Merry Christmas to you all,

    By Serge ZENI on Dec 21, 2008

  21. Clang,

    They played El Paso TWICE in the same show for the 1st time on August 27th, 1972 at the Veneta Fairgrounds in Oregon. The next day they played at Ken Keasy’s Farm, and for the SECOND time EVER, they payed EL Paso.

    By the way, what’s that one show where they play the drums at the beginning of China Cat backwords?

    By Nance Pantz on Dec 30, 2008

  22. Nance -
    I’m not sure the relevance, but it is interesting . .

    But I have soundboards of what seem to be the entire Veneta 8-27-72 gig as well as a video of much of it, and there is only one El Paso (out of DARK STAR!!!!:O) on it - and DeadBase lists it only once.

    Of course, tapes are often incomplete and DeadBAse, as well as (too many times) myself, have been known to be wrong as well, so, . . .

    Here’s what it on my recordings:
    SET I:
    Promised Land
    Me & My Uncle
    Black-Throated Wind
    China Cat Sunflower ->
    I Know You Rider
    Mexicali Blues

    SET II
    Playin’ In The Band
    He’s Gone
    Jack Straw
    Greatest Story Ever Told

    Dark Star ->
    El Paso
    Sing Me Back Home
    Sugar Magnolia
    Casey Jones
    One More Saturday Night

    As to the next night, it must have been a private gig and is not listed in DeadBase or anywhere else I can find. The Veneta show was FOR Kesy’s family creamery, though, and my video “Sunshine Daydream,” is an unreleased documentary about it.

    And they’d been playing El Paso nearly every show since July 14, 1970, and the Veneta show was, by my calculations (which, as I said, have been known to be in error) the 66th time they’d played it, so it was far from the 2nd time ever the next night.:)

    As to the China Cat/Drums question, I’m not sure what you mean by backwards, unless yo mean with I now You Rider coming BEFORE China Cat Sunflower, and if that’s what you mean, I’d sure love to hear it. I was blessed to see the Eyes Of The World -> Estimated Prophet second set opener with Branford Marsalis on Eyes at Nassau in March of 1990 (don’t feel like digging out the cassettes) which I believe was the first time they flipped them around (although not the last - they did it a few times in ‘94 I believe, but I failed to catch any ‘94 shows, I think.

    Anyway, you got even more discombobulateder than I was before, so please explain the China Cat thing - I’m quite intrigued.:)

    And you seem like you might be a fun trader . . .

    Jerry Christmas and a Hippy New Weir to all!

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 30, 2008

  23. Oops . . . that should have read:;

    Anyway, you got *ME* even more discombobulateder than I was before

    By Society's Pliers on Dec 30, 2008

  24. Pliers,

    Really, it sounds that way. El Paso that is.

    Clang likes to count. I like busting his chops.

    As for China Cat, it’s just the drums at the beginning. They sound backward. I’m still looking for the tape.

    By Nance Pantz on Feb 19, 2009

  25. I haen’t listened to this show in some time… I need to dig it out again and see if mine’s the “clean” version or not. I don’t remember any problems, but still.

    As for Fogerty not being known for long jams, there is that lengthy CCR recording of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” of course, not to mention their full version of “Suzie Q” as well.

    By Shaun on Jul 24, 2009

  26. Really a wonderful concert. Beautiful fall day, everyone respectful of the great Bill Graham. All the great music he brought to the world and all the fantastic experiences the fans had over the years at the Fillmore West and East, Day on the Greens etc. The Dead had a special place in it all and Jerry wouldn’t be around much longer. But the Band sure smoked that day. The opener “Hell in a Bucket” made my hair stand up from the first note. The whole band played with such committment and then backed other artists like John Fogarty so well. The best “Born on the Bayou” I ever heard. God Bless everybody who was there and those digging the sounds now. Rock on America!

    By William Clarke on Sep 11, 2009

  27. long live UNCLE BOBO!!!!

    By Wang Dang on May 15, 2010

  28. A historic show, never to be forgotten. Thanks again Big O.

    By Rexinlasvegas on Feb 15, 2014

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