May 12, 2012 – 8:25 pm

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Led Zeppelin II Sampler - Eeklair Multitrack Mixes [no label, 1CD]

Excellent soundboard.

In January 2012, Empress Valley put out a four-CD set, The Making Of Led Zeppelin II. There are four songs - Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Ramble On, and What Is And What Should Never Be - one on each disc. And each disc has eight isolated tracks - from the multitrack master - featuring vocals, guitars, drums, bass and percussion.

It is likely Eeklair took a set of the multitracks and remixed them into this sampler.

This is what Eeklair noted:

Well, I’m throwing my hat into the ring. I think I would make a good steward of the Led Zeppelin Multitracks because…

bear in mind, the effects used such as delay and reverb are modern sounding. NO HISS REDUCTION was applied to these results…

Hope you like it Jimmy, it’s for you.

Eeklair also added:

I only have the four tunes, it’s up to whomsoever leaked the multitracks to deliver us anything more… It’s a labour of love, and I’m only too enthused to mix the stuff… Maybe soon Jimmy will unleash the rest of the album…

Thanks to Eeklair for the efforts and for sharing the tracks on Demonoid.

This is what music fan tmtomh commented at Demonoid:

Thanks for this - you clearly put a lot of hard work into it. Whole Lotta Love and WIAWSNB sound great - the full ending in WLL is really terrific. The album edit version of Heartbreaker, though, sounds just a little dull and rolled off, and both versions of Heartbreaker seem to have strange volume fluctuations around 0:45. Did you run into any particular challenges or difficulty when working with this track?

Another fan, iliketorock, posted:

Could you turn the BASS UP about 12db? I want break the windows out… Just finished the whole thing, Heartbreaker and no Living Loving Maid…WOW. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.

As always, we welcome readers to send in their comments on these remixes.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Track 01. Heartbreaker (Album Edit) (Eeklair 2012 Remix)
Track 02. Ramble On (Eeklair 2012 Remix)
Track 03. Whole Lotta Love (Eeklair 2012 Remix)
Track 04. What Is And What Should Never Be (Eeklair 2012 Remix)
Track 05. Heartbreaker (Producer’s Cut) (Eeklair 2012 Remix)

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  1. 30 Responses to “LED ZEPPELIN II - THE EEKLAIR MIX”

  2. Stonking quality. This is what I lost an ear too. Eelclair this is creem. You must have had fun on the remix, a nice light touch not to heavy with the slides. Great drumming on WLL from the dear departed, this is worth it just for that track alone. My only grouse would be change the running order and end on something other than Heartbreaker.

    By Creatist on May 12, 2012

  3. Surprised to see this here, I thought there was a ban on all “heavy balloon” material here.

    By sluggo on May 12, 2012

  4. Fabulous quality and very nicely done

    By Phil on May 13, 2012

  5. WWL what? original was too subtle? The old adage applies. Just because you CAN remix it that way, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Now it’s a parody…of itself.

    By 4yrsnojob on May 13, 2012

  6. WWL = Whole Whatta? Love

    By 4yrsnojob on May 13, 2012

  7. yeah, my thoughts echo sluggo. has the ban been lifted? please big o, say it’s so…

    By Billy Jack on May 13, 2012

  8. Interesting but really,at the end of the day all you can do is pick out what`s missing and what you would add or change to make it sound better.Jimmy got it right the first time as far as I`m concerned.

    By couz on May 13, 2012

  9. maybe because its official material but a remix of it.. theyre deeming it acceptable to post. who knows? who cares? this stuff is garbage either way.
    the atlanta 73 soundcheck material..now thats some good stuff. been listening to that a bit lately. whew!

    By darth on May 13, 2012

  10. Fantastic. I’m Empressed, I mean impressed. Hoping for a March 20, 1975 LZ Empressed post in the coming months!

    By Max on May 13, 2012

  11. Max, your wish has come true. Check out The Clock That Went Backwards Again site. It was just posted along with the March 19th show as well. I tried to tell a friend about BigO and somehow he got to a webpage about BigOrgasm. Crazy! Thought people would get a kick out of that….

    By John Branin on May 13, 2012

  12. Darth ….. 73 soundcheck ? I think I’ve been listening to a ‘75 one for a while that’s outta control , but , there’s Physical Graffiti stuff on it …

    By TZ on May 13, 2012

  13. Something is always better than nothing.

    Haven’t listened to this yet, but it sounds promising.

    Thanks for the post, BigO :)

    By Tony on May 13, 2012

  14. I have to say this sounds pretty darn good played back through my crummy computer speakers.

    By sluggo on May 13, 2012

  15. barth reminds us….”,maybe because its official material but a remix of it.. theyre deeming it acceptable to post. who knows? who cares? this stuff is garbage either way…..”

    whoa ! hold on !! wait a minute there sonny boy, aren`t you the self professed garbage picker ?

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 13, 2012

  16. ZEP Atlanta 73 Soundcheck???? Oh Man!!! Lets have that!!! I have 2 friends that worked the box office that night at old FULTON CO. STADIUM at that show!

    By THE Russian Assassin on May 13, 2012

  17. DUNG - this is a music site, not an insult forum. Please stay with the topic.

    BigO - Thanks as always!

    By TDC on May 13, 2012

  18. I can hear plenty of bass. Whoever that fan was probably ruined his hearing by falling asleep with his head leaning on the front of a folded horn.


    By George martini on May 13, 2012

  19. we`ve lost Duck Dunn…

    By sluggo on May 13, 2012

  20. TDC - thursday is garbage day here, you in for a dumpster run ?
    when we are finished we can download some official music releases because apparently it`s not stealing from our musician friends.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 14, 2012

  21. doesn`t anyone want to hear the blues?

    By uncle remus on May 14, 2012

  22. ZEP Atlanta 73 Soundcheck???? Oh Man!!! Lets have that!!!

    oooo wee nothing like another version of stairway to go with the 995 versions you already have,
    Where`s the blues here?

    By uncle remus on May 14, 2012

  23. to help with some info since there is some confusion here… the soundcheck i was referring to has been in circulation before but never in this quality and has been previously attributed to the year 1975. u may already have this material and so u might check ill give u a set list of what is included. thankfully stairway isnt in there. no we dont necessarily need an umpteenth version of that.

    Custard Pie (NOT the released version!)
    Wanton Jam
    The Rover
    Rover Jam/Night Flight
    Chuck Berry Medley: No Particular Place To Go
    CBM Nadine
    CBM Reelin’ and Rockin’
    Rockabilly Jam: Move On Down The Line
    RJ Rock Me Like A Hurricane
    RJ Keep On Movin
    RJ Dynamite/Shakin’ All Over

    the previous information had this as minneapolis 1-18-75 or la ca 6-25-75. these are both incorrect. either way the quality of this new release from braves stadium atlanta ga 5-4-73 is extremely superb.
    one shouldnt assume what might be on a recording or whether or not one needs to have/hear it before they know more about it. this isnt a run of the mill zep tape. there arent that many soundcheck tapes out there of zep for that matter. if u take all the zep shows there are (500) and only include how many sbd ones there are and then separate the studio items from the live items. and then the shitty crap from the worthwhile stuff. there isnt a hell of a lot out there worth having. this is a gem. i recommend it. im a zepaholic. but even i dont have to have every bum note they ever did. same with floyd and clapton and many others.

    By darth on May 14, 2012

  24. garbage is as garbage does

    By snarth on May 16, 2012

  25. I listened to this twice already. Know I have not listened to Zepp II in over 20 years now
    (a true dust collector) Max and I have listened to exclusely to bootlegs during this time. The radio plays these songs on the hour, why play the cd, lp, cd remaster or 8 track. Anyway, these mixes add new light to tired ears. I was enjoying these mixes quite a bit, so I say Thank You for taking the time for doing this and thanks for BigO for posting these tracks. Just like the Beatles RockBand mixes, Its fun to listen too again…after all these years ago…..light and shade again.

    By Max on May 16, 2012

  26. Eeklair - awesome job, great remixes. Always enjoy your remasters. Nice one.

    By Tiny tim on May 17, 2012

  27. BLACK SABBATH 5/19/12 Birminham, England: Please Big O… any chance you can secure a copy of this for download? The Setlist looks incredible!

    By THE Russian Assassin on May 20, 2012

  28. I missed this.Is there any way of still downloading it ? cheers, Gary.

    By Gary on May 20, 2012

  29. thats odd. why was this closed? or is that an obvious answer?

    By darth on May 20, 2012

  30. Darth, I recall there being a note when this was first posted that this would only be up a week.

    By 4yrsnojob on May 20, 2012

  31. The Sabbath gig is over on Clock Went Backwards

    By dragonhead on May 22, 2012

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