October 1, 2012 – 4:22 am

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Into The Mystic [Mid Valley 706/711, CD1 and 2 of 7CD]

Sessions and more. Excellent soundboard.

While Derek And The Dominos’ Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs album was released in 1970, it was only in 1990 that other Layla session tracks were officially released on the 20th Anniversary Edition.

Even then, not all the session tracks were released. In 2006, Paddington put out Layla And Other Assorted Love Sessions - Complete Studio Sessions for Layla & UnreleasedĀ 2nd Album, a five-CD/1DVD set. And, in August this year, a seven-disc set from Mid Valley, Into The Mystic - Layla Sessions And More, surfaced on torrent sites.

Thanks to keiji for sharing the tracks.

Disc 1:
Although Tracks 1 and 3 are the same takes as heard on the Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs album, the bootleg has different mixes, false starts and session chat. Track 2 is the same take heard on The History Of Eric Clapton, but with a different mix and false start (and besides, The History Of Eric Clapton only appeared on CD briefly, and only in Japan, many years ago). As for the three takes of One More Chance (Tracks 10,11 and 12), they show the development of the take heard on the Eric Clapton - Crossroads box set, but all are alternate mixes showing the take at various stages before completion.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD or they are out of print.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Discs Three to Five will be shared in the coming weeks.

Disc 1
Layla Sessions
Track 101. Thorn Tree In The Garden (4.7MB)
Track 102. Tell The Truth (15.2MB)
Track 103. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (8.1MB)
Track 104. Layla (12.0MB)

Eric Home Studios March 1971
Track 105. Instrumental #1 (22.3MB)
Track 106. Instrumental #2 (11.0MB)
Track 107. Devil’s Road (21.2MB)

Olympic Studios April/May 1971
Track 108. Untitled Instrumental #1 (3.3MB)
Track 109. Untitled Instrumental #2 (5.2MB)
Track 110. One More Chance (5.4MB)
Track 111. One More Chance (5.2MB)
Track 112. One More Chance (5.2MB)

Disc 2
Olympic Studios April/May 1971
Track 201. Mean Old Frisco (6.7MB)
202. Mean Old Frisco - Omitted*
Track 203. High (5.3MB)
Track 204. Snake Lake Blues (5.7MB)
Track 205. Snake Lake Blues (5.6MB)
206. Snake Lake Blues - Omitted*
Track 207. Evil (7.6MB)
208. Evil - Omitted*
Track 209. Son Of Apache (10.2MB)
Track 210. Moody Jam (8.1MB)
Track 211. Chocolate (3.9MB)
Track 212. I’ve Been All Day (6.4MB)
Track 213. Got To Get Better In A Little While (9.0MB)
Track 214. Got To Get Better In A Little While (6.8MB)
Track 215. Sick At Heart (5.6MB)
Track 216. Is My Love (3.3MB)
Track 217. It’s Hard To Find A Friend (7.2MB)
Track 218. Till I See You Again (4.4MB)
Track 219. Yes, I Love You (2.8MB)

* Tracks 2, 6, 8 - available on Eric Clapton - Crossroads boxset.

Click here to order Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (2CD 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition).

Click here to order Eric Clapton’s Crossroads boxset.

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  2. delicious

    By darth on Oct 1, 2012

  3. Thanks BigO!

    By JB on Oct 1, 2012

  4. Fabulous! Thank you!

    By Rick on Oct 1, 2012

  5. ERic Clapton is GOOD!

    By elvislives on Oct 1, 2012

  6. Thanks for all the great music. These are some crazy jams. Who is the vocalist on “Devil’s Road” ?

    By The Incredible Falling Owl on Oct 1, 2012

  7. OMG dreary Clapton again.

    By Al Bowly on Oct 1, 2012

  8. Rene Armando vocalist on Devil`s Road.

    By wurm on Oct 1, 2012

  9. Many people i know, don’t like E Clapton because
    of it’s laidback style and don’t want to look
    any further.But such fools they are,they missed
    the goal.This guy was playing true and good!

    By easynow on Oct 1, 2012

  10. This was the last time EC really touched my soul. After Layla his solo output was disappointing: Too many lacklustre boring records and collaborations.

    By Tony Lauber on Oct 1, 2012

  11. Great! I was looking for this a long time.
    Would you please check: file 205 reports error.

    By celtiis on Oct 2, 2012

  12. Ok, I just listened to the 3 cuts from Clapton’s home studio which are certainly interesting, but is Clapton playing guitar? Definitely sounds like the other Dominoes, but the guitar playing is not typical Clapton at all. There are all sorts of tones and licks that I’ve never heard him use before or since.

    By Just Bill on Oct 2, 2012

  13. Track 205 won’t download.

    By aking on Oct 2, 2012

  14. Hi
    Problem downloading 205 - is it OK your end?

    By Daij on Oct 2, 2012

  15. track 205 works fine for me .

    By sluggo on Oct 2, 2012

  16. track 205 downloaded for me but it is corrupt and won`t play.

    By sluggo on Oct 2, 2012

  17. Have checked and Track 205 is fine. Thanks for the feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Oct 2, 2012

  18. sluggo, I had to delete the partial download from the first try so that the 2nd try works on track 205.

    By 4yrsnojob on Oct 2, 2012

  19. yeah I got it now, bigo stepped in and fixed it. I had it downloaded but it wouldn`t play back , said the file was corrupt. works now.

    By sluggo on Oct 2, 2012

  20. A hardline Duane fan demanded, “It sounds interesting . . . but do these tracks have Duane Allman playing on them?” I’ve spent a few hours looking that up, and trying to find the best source for that info. Not sure I found it, but they try: Follow this link to a thread that will take hours to read. This has been a source of controversy for some time. This thread dates from 2004, with a reference to a table of contents from 2005 with 5 separate threads. I didn’t even go there! I think they’re able to nail down the likely times and dates most of the time. They would record and jam all night long, night after night. The Allman Brothers Band had their 3 days of their concerts happening nearby all within the early part of the same timeframe. Then finally, Duane left with the Allman Brothers Band. Derek & the Dominos took a 4 or 5 day break. Derek & the Dominos (without Duane) did more work the last 2 or 3 days of studio time. There are songs that they identify that Duane had nothing to do with at any point, but there are songs that Duane was very much involved with. They document that sometimes the wrong dates were written down, which added to the confusion. They quote various sources, like bandmembers’ recollections (unfortunately, they don’t agree!). The album had final touches done April & May 1971. Here’s the link:

    Sorry, they didn’t “keep Britain tidy!” - Scott

    By 4yrsnojob on Oct 2, 2012

  21. excellent work 4years.
    I wonder if Bobby Whitlock`s recent bio might shed any new light. Seems most of these guys were so whacked out they scarcely recall any dates with any real clarity.

    By sluggo on Oct 2, 2012

  22. Looks Like “Slowhand” is going to get the deluxe treatment.

    By sluggo on Oct 3, 2012

  23. Will the other 5 cds be released?

    By BRMoore on Oct 3, 2012

  24. the 3cd/1dvd version will likely include the ogwt performance from 4-26 wouldnt ya think? there arent a lot of 77 pro shots out there. if they include a live performance on one of the cds there is a few good ones from early 78 to pick from.. mostly fm brdcsts. santa monica feb 11th is the one that comes to mind.
    he has a new cd coming out early 2013 u know in time for those may dates in england. 5 shows at royal alb hall and 2 others. no info yet on the usa dates or the name of the new cd etc. but thats why hes been quiet since february’s gig at the apollo for hubert.

    By darth on Oct 3, 2012

  25. I seem to remember reading that Duane did not play on anything after the original sessions, posssibly in the booklet that came with the 20th anniversary box set. I have a number of Allman Bros. sets from both March and April, when most of this recording occured. So, I don’t think Duane’s on it.

    Nobody as responded to my question about the playing on the home studio tracks. I really don’t think it’s Clapton.

    By Just Bill on Oct 4, 2012

  26. a good interview with Bobby Whitlock here…

    By sluggo on Oct 4, 2012

  27. Just Bill, If you’re referring to only the work done during March and April 1971 by Derek & Dominos, then yeah, Duane not involved per the sources I linked to. But I would think that the work Duane did for 15-16 hours a night while Allman Bros Band performed in the local area would still exist on these studio sessions somewhere, even if only early on. There really were no historians going around with video cameras back then, except for “Let It Be.” And we know how well that turned out. NOT.

    By 4yrsnojob on Oct 4, 2012

  28. Hey Just Bill , The 3 EC home studio tracks don’t sound like EC to my ears , more like Jeff Beck . Also the tone sounds like a humbucker equipped guitar , Les Paul , 335 , SG . Thanks BigO for the music !

    By bruce on Oct 6, 2012

  29. Who does the vocal on Its hard o find a friend? What was the intention of that tune? Anyway its very nice.

    By Classe on Oct 20, 2013

  30. classe - thats bobby whitlock. its an outtake from the 2nd album which never came to be. it didnt even make it to the crossroads box.

    By darth on Oct 20, 2013

  31. classe, actually it is the drummer Jim Gordon and one of his demos where he is singing and playing acoustic guitar.
    Till I see you again is also him and another one of his demos.
    pay no attention to the post from darth he is constantly rewriting rock and roll history.

    By sluggo on Oct 20, 2013

  32. Classe, that’s Jim Gordon on vocal. Bobby Whitlock’s voice is much deeper.

    According to WinwoodFans: “Hard To Find A Friend”: an outtake (circa 9/71, Island studios, London) from the Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys album, written and sung by Jim Gordon. This song and at least one more Gordon composition (”Molly”) were written and recorded originally (in demo form) during the 5/70 Olympic Studios sessions for Derek and the Domino’s second (unreleased) album. Although Rolling Stone(10/14/71) reported some of the recording session for the song, it is unclear whether Traffic’s version was ever completed. The instrumental track is listed as : “violin, harpsichord, piano, bass, two acoustic guitars, electric guitar and two voices”. While this might sound like a finished track, Gordon is described as punching out the recording light while attempting a lead vocal - so it may have ended there. The Domino’s version is rather breezy, much more in a demo form; two acoustic guitars, bass, double tracked vocals, and Gordon’s distinctive rolling drum patterns - but the lyrics seem complete, and give the only clue to what the words may be to a unreleased Traffic song”

    Here’s the site, you’ll have to scroll down for the text:

    By Dingus on Oct 20, 2013

  33. Dingus, it looks like darth is up to his rock and roll mystery history again.
    wonder why he does that to himself.

    By sluggo on Oct 20, 2013

  34. sluggo, the darthmeister seems to have an unquenchable desire to be proven wrong. I’ve told him before that he should do a quick search and avoid making mistakes. I hope his new friend Walter doesn’t think that we’re tormenting him.

    By Dingus on Oct 20, 2013

  35. wrong darth

    By bobby whitlock on Oct 20, 2013

  36. thanks darth.

    By speedboy on Oct 20, 2013

  37. Hi, greetings from Brazil! It’s was a incredible material for my resaerchs about Eric Clapton Derek’s period! Thank you to share this gold songs with us!
    God bless you my friend! Cheers!

    By Carlos Garcia on Jan 31, 2016

  38. Hi Bigozine2, Love your work.

    Is this recording available for download? Keep getting File Not Found errors.


    By Rcubed on Mar 27, 2018

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