February 21, 2009 – 7:44 pm

Revolution Take 20 [His Master’s Choice]

This is the newly-surfaced 11-minute stereo version of Revolution.

This track (presumably not speed corrected) is taken from Revolution… Take Your Knickers Off, a two-CD set from His Master’s Choice, which has just been released.

Unfortunately we do not own a copy of it.

Thanks to telecaster71 for sharing the speed-corrected track on the Dime site.

Note: Click on the highlighted track to download the MP3 (sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, this track has never been officially released.

Track 01. Revolution Take 20 (speed corrected) - This file is no longer available because of claim by Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.

Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter problems downloading the file.

  1. 18 Responses to “THE BEATLES - REVOLUTION TAKE 20”

  2. BIG O Thanks so much for the new Beatles, Dylan, and Jimi
    TERRIFIC man!!! Bruce M

    By Bruce on Feb 21, 2009

  3. Nice. I dig being taken furthur in to the Beatles unseen scene. Thanx!

    By Timmy on Feb 22, 2009

  4. has anyone found this set yet?

    By Matt on Feb 22, 2009

  5. totally unbelievable….especially the slow version……..more Beatles,Dylan, and Springsteen

    By jeff on Feb 22, 2009

  6. Wow…Beatles, Dylan, Springsteen, Rundgren….you guys know good music!

    By Hulkzilla on Feb 22, 2009

  7. Interesting to say the least. Now I know where a lot of Revolution #9 came from!
    I think I prefer the “slimmed” down version used on the “White” album though.

    By Tom on Feb 23, 2009

  8. Hi! Thanks!
    and How are you?

    “Bomb” from Tokyo.

    By Bomb on Feb 23, 2009

  9. I love this beatles & stones stuff you put here. more please!!!???

    By mkane on Feb 23, 2009

  10. Great stuff!! I would be eternally grateful if you could find the whole 2 cd set!!

    By keith h on Feb 24, 2009

  11. WOW! I’ve been going nuts waiting for something “new” from the vaults. Very cool, sans electric guitar and horns. Very “unplugged” in the beginning. Nice bass track, which is lost in the released mix.

    By Eddie Edwards on Feb 25, 2009

  12. I…can see why they didn’t pick this take.

    By heli0tr0pe on Feb 25, 2009

  13. here’s another clue for you all…

    the full version might be enjoyed on

    By paul ramone on Feb 25, 2009

  14. Revolution Take……..
    disc one
    disc two
    Regards Mal.

    By Mal on Feb 26, 2009

  15. Wow, we’re being spoilt! First REvolution 1, take 20; now Revolution 9, alternative mix! Is this real?!! :-)

    By tamsinwest on Feb 26, 2009

  16. awesome stuff !!!! would love to hear that 10 min. plus version of revolution.

    thanks for sharing this gem.

    By bob on Feb 28, 2009

  17. I would die for Beatles!

    By Elwood Camble on May 15, 2010

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