January 4, 2014 – 7:40 pm

Phil (left) and Don Everly.

DON EVERLY R.I.P. 1937 - 2021

Don Everly of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll duo the Everly Brothers died on August 21 at the age of 84 at his home in Nashville. The singer’s family told the Los Angeles Times through a spokesperson this Saturday that he had passed on that day. However, cause of death was not disclosed. His death comes seven years after he lost his brother Phil, with whom he formed the iconic rock ‘n’ roll duo that rocketed them both to stardom. ‘Don lived by what he felt in his heart,’ his family said in a public statement marking his death over the weekend. ‘Don expressed his appreciation for the ability to live his dreams… with his soulmate and wife, Adela, and sharing the music that made him an Everly Brother.’ -

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PHIL EVERLY R.I.P 1939-2014

On January 3, 2014, Phil Everly, a lifelong smoker, died in the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank at the age of 74. Phil died of complications from lung disease, his wife, Patti, told the Los Angeles Times. Phil Everly and his brother Don made up the Everly Brothers, one of the biggest pop acts of the 1950s and early 1960s. The pair had an onstage breakup in 1973 that led to a decade-long estrangement, but Phil later told Time magazine the brothers’ relationship had survived this. “Don and I are infamous for our split,” Phil said, “but we’re closer than most brothers,” the BBC reported. The Everly Brothers were elected to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in its first year, 1986, and they were given a lifetime achievement award at the Grammys in 1997.

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Seattle 1973 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Paramount NW Theatre, Seattle, WA; March 23, 1973. Good to very good audience recording.

Thanks to JEMS who recorded and transferred the show; and to davmar77 for sharing the tracks at Dime.

JEMS master recording. This is an excellent sounding recording. Of note this is probably one of the last shows they would do together before their infamous split that happened live and onstage during a show at the John Wayne Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, on July 14, 1973. It would a full 10 years before the brothers reconciled and started making music together again.

Lineage: Master Reels @ full track mono > Tandberg Model 11 > Wavelab 96/24 1ch mono > wav 44.1/16 2ch mono > flac
Taping Gear: Tandberg Model 11 R2R deck, Sony ECM-22P mic
Taped and Transferred By: JEMS

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Bowling Green 2:57 (4.9MB)
Track 02. Walk Right Back 3:10 (5.3MB)
Track 03. Lucille 6:22 (10.7MB)
Track 04. Wake Up Little Susie 2:09 (3.6MB)
Track 05. Cathy’s Clown 2:23 (4.0MB)
Track 06. (’Til) I Kissed You 2:47 (4.7MB)
Track 07. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) 3:03 (5.1MB)
Track 08. Bird Dog 2:26 (4.1MB)
Track 09. (All I Have To Do Is) Dream 3:50 (6.5MB)
Track 10. Band Introduction 0:57 (1.6MB)
Track 11. Stories We Could Tell 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 12. Mabel’s Room 4:38 (7.8MB)
Track 13. Good Hearted Woman 3:13 (5.4MB)
Track 14. Bybe Bye Love 2:21 (3.9MB)
Track 15. Let It Be Me 3:23 (5.7MB)
47 mins

Don Everly - vocals, guitar
Phil Everly - vocals, guitar
Samuel McCue - guitar
Gene Gunnels - drums
Ron Coleman - bass

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  1. 48 Responses to “THE EVERLY BROTHERS - SEATTLE 1973 [DON EVERLY R.I.P. 1937-2021]”

  2. A talent that was God given and never to be equaled.Thanks so much for this. Have to go home now and listen to all their music! A sad day in music history.

    By BTLFAN on Jan 4, 2014

  3. I put this on the wrong post, belongs here.

    I was just thinking that we lost so many musicians in 2013 and here we go only three days into the new year.
    Man those brothers could harmonize.There has to be something in the dna of siblings that sing together that give them such unique harmonies.
    Think of the voices of the gibb brothers, or the wilsons etc, its uncanny how they sing together.
    thanks bigo

    By sluggo on Jan 4, 2014

  4. Sadly, another Giant of Rock’N'Roll has passed. Unfortunately, I never got to see the Everly Brothers live although I did see them on TV throughout the ’60s and ’70s.

    Eerily enough, about five hours before my Daughter informed me of Phil’s Passing, I had a flash that something was wrong with one of the Brothers.

    Thanks again to everyone at the BigO for your wonderful policy of posting a show by a very recently deceased Musician the next day.

    May there be less In Memorium in 2014.

    By Britinvdon on Jan 4, 2014

  5. “They had that sibling sound,” said Linda Ronstadt, who scored one of the biggest hits of her career in 1975 with her recording of “When Will I Be Loved,” which Phil Everly wrote. “The information of your DNA is carried in your voice, and you can get a sound [with family] that you never get with someone who’s not blood-related to you. And they were both such good singers. They were one of the foundations, one of the cornerstones of the new rock-and-roll sound.”

    By barth on Jan 4, 2014

  6. Jay and the Americans Singer Jay Traynor Dead at 69.

    By darth on Jan 5, 2014

  7. think my local radio station said they had 19 top ten hits from 57-62. wow.
    back in 83 they were promoting that reunion i guess they had just done or were about to do i guess and they were on letterman at nbc studios and i was working the green room there and taking pics and i got some very nice ones of them. i think it was the only time i ever got any shots of them. they were fabulously nice.

    By darth on Jan 5, 2014

  8. i was working the green room there

    of course you were pumpkin.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 5, 2014

  9. first whopper of the new year!

    By barth on Jan 5, 2014

  10. RIP Phil. Truly one of the all time greats.

    By JB on Jan 5, 2014

  11. Working the green room…now that’s hilarious. How many things can you find wrong with this statement? Honestly, I can’t tell if darth really isn’t clever enough to come up with better stories or if he’s intentionally throwing out the whoppers to get attention.

    By Working the Green Room on Jan 5, 2014

  12. intentionally throwing out the whoppers to get attention

    BINGO !

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 5, 2014

  13. the man created some of the most beautiful and timeless music.

    By paul e on Jan 6, 2014

  14. Thanks for these Everly shows. We just lost one of the greats….

    By Nick on Jan 6, 2014

  15. If Darth was “throwing out whoppers to get attention” (which I doubt), it obviously worked like gangbusters. As usual, all the predictable backlash kicks in. I’m not taking sides - what I’m trying to say is: If something or someone really annoys you, you can best defeat it by just ignoring it. By snowballing a pile of silly responses, people just come off as petty and manipulable at the drop of a (Darth) hat. And if anyone is so bothered by whether Darth was REALLY in a given green room or not (I could care less myself), why hasn’t anyone just done the logical and obvious response: respectfully ask him to prove it.

    By lowendbill on Jan 6, 2014

  16. “respectfully ask him to prove it.”

    we have, many times. he cant because the photos are “in storage”.

    By barth on Jan 6, 2014

  17. if you were in the green mr.darth , can you prove it so we can just get on with things?

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 6, 2014

  18. The green room is where guests relax and prepare for the show. Why the hell would a photographer be permitted to “work” it? Admittedly, knowing darth’s propensity for going where he’s not wanted (rooting through celebrities’ trash cans, scamming his way into concerts without paying, etc.), I’m sure he’d try…but he’d be out on his ass pretty quickly. Thus, it’s obvious: he’s not only lying about his photos, but knows absolutely nothing about photgraphing celebrities.

    By Working the Green Room on Jan 7, 2014

  19. photographers often had 3 song passes for concerts and they were on their own to manage to stay inside the show if they could. if i knew the staff i was able to manage things. more often than not i didnt have a problem. in some cases i had to buy a ticket but that was very rare. when i did id squeeze up close and still get my shots. in many cases i didnt have to worry about assigned seating. most of my work was done off stage so concerts isnt a big deal anyway. the trash thing was very early 80s and only once or twice and only because of aj webbermans fame doing it. i am easily disgusted and that entire thing sickened me so i didnt wanna do that. besides when i explained that i tried to explain that it didnt involve private peoples trash but office type stuff. like labels and tv studios and radio stations. there wouldnt be food and garbage like u are assuming. it was promotional merchandise being thrown out that could be used and sold on the 2ndary market. such as promotional 8×10s and press kits and albums and tapes and biokits and slides and all sorts of stuff that now adays sells for $100s if not $1000s. the sorts of things u see being sold on ebay and at concentions and thru auction houses for ridiculous money. items that we as fans aww and oooh at wishing we could own. i scored an inflatable $5000 pig this way once from the 88 floyd tour. i got kiss demos that they recorded under a pseudonym so they could see if they could get signed if the label didnt know it was them. i have 100s and 100s of rare items that i saved and collected that i am happy that i did so with. other things i sold and am happy i did this with cuz it helped keep me alive.

    as for my photos.. yes all the pics i took are in a storage space that i was forced to obtain in july 02. its about 75 miles from where i live. i havent been there. i have no way to get there but i pay on it every month and one day when i do move assuming that happens to a bigger place i hope to find someone who will help me hire a truck and some movers to get my things to my new home. then ill start a small business and part of that will be to post my pics on a site where the first page or two will be of me with the people i have met. there are 401 of those. the first one was wendy o williams of the plasmatics. she wouldnt let me shoot one of her alone. i have 4 of me with clapton. its not all music but most of them are.
    at various points from 1980-95 i took pics at abc and nbc and cbs. concert photography wasnt a big thing for me but i did it when i could. i prefered small venues like the bottom line and the lonestar cafe and roadhouse and so on.
    im sorry there are those of u who dont believe me.. i dont know what to do for u. i do have have a pic of me with simmons of kiss but i dont have any other pics that i can offer currently. there was a woman who found something around 164 pics i had sold to a flea mkt vender in nyc and was selling them on ebay a few years ago. a friend of mine had found them on ebay being sold 15 at a time for a crazy amount of money. i wrote to the woman telling her that she should try to lower the price and she would be much more successful as they were really not worth what she was asking. haha. they werent my best work. they ultimately didnt sell. and she didnt put them back up. i should have taken a copy of each posting so id have a copy of the images. ha. she actually used my real name in the posted ads. guess she thought i was famous. it was on the back of some of the pics.
    anyway.. yes i worked with nbc and abc and i often took pics in their green rooms before and after the celebs were on the shows. be it sat nite life or letterman or the today show or live at 5 or conan or any other program they were in the building for. later on letterman moved over to the sullivan theater then conan eventually moved to la and the today show moved across the street and live at 5 stopped totally. but there were other programs in nyc. regis and kathy lee and then kelly. and then good morning america and david brenner and there were radio shows like robert klein which became david brenner then richard belzer. i was the inhouse photographer for that series of shows too. then i worked for tower records up and downtown and did all those instore appearances when anyone appeared in person there til i left nyc in nov 95. anytime there was an appearance at any book store or record store or did any publicity appearance at all in the boros of manhattan or queens or bklyn. if i could get there i did. conventions soundchecks restaurants etc. i took bands to movie screenings and local eateries if i knew them and had the ability. i went to galleries and various openings and parties and special engagements and things not open to the public.
    theres no reason to be so angry with me and repeatedly call me a liar on things just because i am not sitting here trying to spend all my time and energy proving my life to u.

    By darth on Jan 7, 2014

  20. First rambling blather of the new year; it was inevitable. I doubt that anyone read the entire essay. bill, this is why we don’t ask for proof- it only leads to more embellishments of the mythos of darth. We already know that everything’s in a storage closet somewhere in the remote Himalayas buried deeper than the nuclear waste, and probably just as toxic. I don’t think anyone’s angry, the feeling is more like amused tolerance.

    By Dingus on Jan 7, 2014

  21. astounding essay.
    tales from the green .
    garbage,demos, pseudonyms,homonyms and antonyms followed by
    astounding tales of darkness,secrecy, backroom deals,lunch,blurred photos, crossed lines, and hidden treasure.

    By the emperor`s new clothes on Jan 7, 2014

  22. darth is the new walter mitty

    By the emperor`s new clothes on Jan 7, 2014

  23. First rambling blather of the new year; it was inevitable.

    it was more than that,it was bound to happen.
    darth you shouldn`t be afraid of garbage i have picked it up for 43 years and never once have i puked.

    By slapnuts the garbageman on Jan 7, 2014

  24. different ppl have different tolerances. i remember once i was hanging back stage at the beacon th for the allmans before they came in and just after dickey betts came in a garbage truck went by and i dont know if u know how bad nyc garbage trucks are but theyre way worse than other cities. dont ask me why but hey.. its nyc. the wind was blowing as it oft to do from west to east along the street from bway along 75th i guess where the backstage door is and the stench was so bad that i was all but throwing up. i have a horribly weak stomach. i raced as fast as i could to the next corner just to turn the corner in order to breathe. it really affected me that badly. no kidding here. i nearly missed dickey because the truck and his limo came at nearly the same time. the wind didnt turn the corner haha so i was able to breathe once i turned that corner. the older i got the worse it got for me. interestingly i hadnt talked to my brother in a long time and in a phone call in 2002 we discovered that we seem to have inherited this trait. someone can say the word shit and ill smell it and cough a little. lol.

    slap - ever find anything worth anything?

    btw.. if yall dont wanna read (and u know u did read it all) my blathering ramblings then dont provoke them. its your own doing.
    if i say i worked the green room of a tv studio where a celeb waited for his turn to appear on a talk show.. theres no reason to not just accept it. i have no reason to lie about this. its a fact. i did what i did in so far as photography from early 1980 to nov 1995 in nyc. i dont see any what the problem is. get over it. its just photography. i mostly got what i got in the streets like anyone else running around with a camera but there were times i was fortunate and had the exclusivity of being able to get what i got inside. theres no walter mitty about it.

    By darth on Jan 8, 2014

  25. Stick out your can, here comes the garbageman!

    By Dingus on Jan 8, 2014

  26. I don`t want anyone knowing what I have darth the world is a funny place.

    By slapnuts the garbageman on Jan 8, 2014

  27. darth=Walter Mitty! Perfect!

    By Working the Green Room on Jan 8, 2014

  28. darth: “i dont see any what the problem is.”

    In the immortal words of Johnny Rotten: “the problem is you!”

    By Working the Green Room on Jan 8, 2014

  29. i just got back from climbing mount everest,whats new?

    By walter"darth" mitty on Jan 8, 2014

  30. exhilarating to say the least, looking at some pix i took on the summit.
    next stop, deep sea diving to look at the remains of the titanic.

    By walter"darth" mitty on Jan 8, 2014

  31. no, i’ve never seen this darth person.

    By the green room on Jan 8, 2014

  32. i was a green room once.
    another time i was a blue room and a yellow one, now i`m headed to nepal tibet to capture a yeti.

    By walter"darth" mitty on Jan 9, 2014

  33. Hey, are there any live recordings of the Everlys with Warren Zevon as their bandleader?


    Ace K.

    By Ace K. on Jan 10, 2014

  34. lowell george and phil everly did a couple secret gigs together.

    By the emperor`s new clothes on Jan 10, 2014

  35. obviously not if you know about them-probably made that up,lol

    By dwight on Jan 10, 2014

  36. Phil Everly and John Sebastian sung background vocals on the original version of Little Feat’s song “Dixie Chicken”, which was completely redone.

    According to the book “Rock ‘N Roll Doctor: Lowell George”, George was friendly with John Sebastian, who was working on an album project with Phil Everly. George heard a cassette of the two singing together, and suggested they join Little Feat. This was shortly after the Sailin’ Shoes album. The three played together, but that was it.

    By Dingus on Jan 11, 2014

  37. according to ben fong torres new book about little feat everly sebastian and george did a couple small gigs togehter as well but they felt that everly was out of his element.

    By the emperor`s new clothes on Jan 11, 2014

  38. Interesting. I saw an interview where George said money was the main motivating factor for the trio, and he wasn’t interested. That leads me to believe they must have sung together more than once, a few small gigs to see how they worked together.

    By Dingus on Jan 11, 2014

  39. Almost forgot… thanks, the emperor’s new clothes

    By Dingus on Jan 11, 2014

  40. I am a French-Canadian published writer from Laval, Quebec. (Excuse my awkward English.)
    I just read your very good article on Phil Everly. Merci. Thanks.
    The Everly Brothers harmonies were absolutely unique. A quest of eternity. Kind of an attemp to reconcile the yin and the yang of America.
    Bye Bye Love is so lively and effervescent for such a dark song that it could have been sung by a Black choir.
    Please go down under section “Nouvelles, etc.” of my website, for an article written by me (in a very passable English) on Don and Phil in a miserable hotel of Montreal corn-field outskirts in 1966.
    André Pronovost

    By André Pronovost on Feb 3, 2014

  41. Very interesting and detailed blog.
    I have run their biggest fan organization for 47 years now. I have put this on the facebook group page The Everly Brothers Music Group.
    Thanks so much!

    By Martial F. Bekkers on Mar 8, 2014

  42. I’ll be the first. …sad loss I love the Everly Brothers
    great music from a simpler time
    God Bless Don

    By The Truth on Aug 23, 2021

  43. Rumor has it Don had a Average Un

    By U L E on Aug 23, 2021

  44. Rumor has it Phil had a Average Un too

    By U L E on Aug 23, 2021

  45. Two Average Uns

    By U L E on Aug 23, 2021

  46. Oh for the days of darth . Actually people talking about music . And darth was widely lambasted.

    By George on Aug 23, 2021

  47. he was, George, and deservedly so. the examples above of his typical blathering are proof of that. i suspect the sociopath is still with us.

    By barth on Aug 23, 2021

  48. What do you guys think about their penises?

    By U L E on Aug 23, 2021

  49. Last one twernt me nuther fake

    By U L E on Aug 24, 2021

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