I STARTED A JOKE (Updated April 6, 2014)

April 3, 2014 – 5:19 am

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Flaming Side Of The Moon - Synched [no label, 1CD]

Fan mix, excellent audio.

On March 30, 2014, The Flaming Lips shared on Soundcloud Flaming Side Of The Moon, a 43-minute instrumental piece.

The press release:

March, 31st 2014 - (Burbank, CA.) - THE FLAMING LIPS continue to explore the rich world of PINK FLOYD with their new digital release, FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON. Designed as an immersive companion piece to the original 1973 album, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, listeners are encouraged to listen to the new LIPS album while listening to DARK SIDE at the same time. FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON was also carefully crafted to sync up perfectly with the 1939 film, THE WIZARD OF OZ. For ideal listening conditions, fans are encouraged to seek out the original Alan Parsons’ engineered quadraphonic LP mix of DARK SIDE, but it will work with the album on any format. Available now through all participating digital outlets. A limited edition 100 vinyl copies will be distributed to friends and family of THE FLAMING LIPS.

It might have been an April Fools’ Day joke but, as indicated at the Funny Or Die site, there is also a video of the recording session.

And music fan, johnnyspork, has decided to take the band at their word and has synced Flaming Side Of The Moon with Dark Side Of The Moon and shared the result on the net. Thanks johnny for the effort.

johnnyspork noted:

Mixed together at equal volume and synced up in Acid Pro 7.0 and then exported directly as a 16-bit, 44.1 khz FLAC file.
Sources: the mp3 file the Lips posted to Soundcloud as well as the original 1973 mix of DSOTM in FLAC.

What do our readers think? Give this a listen and see if the Lips’ Flaming Side Of The Moon deserves an official release? Does the synched version measure up to any expectations or is it all a waste of time?

And for a surreal/psychedelic touch, Garet McKinley has synched Flaming Side Of The Moon; Pink Floyd’s Dark Side and The Wizard Of Oz and shared the 101-minute movie (music video?) here.

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UPDATE: April 6, 2014


The band had earlier announced they were to release an album called ‘Flaming Side Of The Moon’, which was designed to be played at the same time as Pink Floyd’s classic record. On Tuesday (April 1), they revealed it to be a hoax via a video created with the website Funny Or Die. Posting on Instagram, Coyne explained: “The Flaming Side of The Moon started off as a very clever and obvious and possibly stupid joke by the genius writers at Funny Or Die. We talked about possible ways it could go. We did one take of the companion piece of music.”

Of the making of the record, he continued: “They let us do whatever we wanted but they also suggested (which may have been funny as well) that we could just be bored or over analytical and just talk over it. We all played without actually be able to really hear each other… we ended up doing an abstract formless thang that, yes, plays well along side Pink Floyd’s marvelous thang but, I believe, and this is just by accident, it also stands as a strange, emotional, free-form expressionistic peice of music on its own…[sic]” - NME

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This track is no longer available for sharing.
The synched Flaming Side Of The Moon was originally shared as one 43-minute track. It has been arbitrarily split here for easier access.

Click here to order Flaming Lips’ Dark Side tribute album (2009).

Between 2011 and 2012, Pink Floyd released their massive Discovery boxset and the Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and The Wall Immersion boxes. Click here to order.

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  1. 33 Responses to “I STARTED A JOKE (Updated April 6, 2014)”

  2. Yay! I was hoping someone would do this. I don’t have the computer means to do this, so I tried it Old-School Real-Time using two machines running at the same time through a mixer. At first it worked, but after a few minutes it would go out of sync on it’s own - frustrating. I don’t know: some of it I like, some of it seems unnecessarily noisy. If nothing else, it’s kind of fun. I guess people will have to form their own opinion. But again, thanks for making it available.

    By Daniel Kershner on Apr 3, 2014

  3. i didnt know how i managed to do it but the day it appeared i went to the soundcloud thing and clicked on the embed part of the image and copied the address. i put it into my download manager and it dl’d automatically as a single file. its almost 41meg and 43.5mins. i shared it with a few ppl on this site a couple of days ago. i happen to love it.
    btw.. this is the 2nd time they did something along this line. there were articles in several online newsletters about this from the 29th thru the 1st about it. this is very kewl. im so glad it wasnt an april fools joke.

    By darth on Apr 3, 2014

  4. Crazy. Even better with the Wizard of Oz.
    Official release?
    Will anyone look/listen more than once? Probably not.
    Is it music historically significant? Time will tell.

    By F maj7 on Apr 3, 2014

  5. useless… and last segment is ridiculous ! Next step: myself singing with Caruso and Bowie.

    By Daniel LESUEUR on Apr 4, 2014

  6. sounds… interesting? :)

    I’ll give it a try. Love the Floyd and have a lot of time for the Lips, so… it can’t be all bad, can it?

    By tony on Apr 5, 2014

  7. thank you for the new version - out of sync was a bit challenging on the old neurons…..

    By rick on Apr 6, 2014

  8. @darth? Not an April Fools joke? http://pitchfork.com/news/54650-wayne-coyne-explains-flaming-lips-dark-side-of-the-moon-april-fools-prank/

    By Dave on Apr 6, 2014

  9. dave - no no .. i read several articles leading up to the event of the soundcloud posting with loads of information. much of them suggested it would be a possible joke. to be prepared either way. of course i was but being an absolute fanatic on floyd and wanting to make sure that if they did something i would try to make sure i was able to download or record it if possible. after all it may only be available for a limited time. i wanted this no matter what. i discovered this band late but i loved what i had heard. and what i saw them do on tv late shows had me totally hooked. when they covered bowies heroes i think i forgot to breathe. pun unintended. as i mentioned above i dont know how i managed it but within seconds i found the cloud recording that they posted and dl’d it immediately. i then took the url of it and put it into an email and sent it to myself. i then forwarded it to a few friends that i thought would like it. it turned up on here in sliced up form a few days later. i like my copy. i didnt make a copy of this one here.
    regardless of waynes explanation after the fact i find the piece fabulous and good enough to stand on its own. i have no interest in playing it alongside floyds album. i used to offer a copy of wiz of oz on vhs with the audio track tacked on of the dsotm twice because it works that way.
    btw.. 2001 also works with echoes. theres a list of films where various pieces of music work with various segments of those films. there are several floyd pieces that people often suggest to coincide with various film segments but its not just floyd that this works with of course. but floyd is just one of the most famous and accessible bands.
    i still love tangerine dream soundtracks. topgun2 will be heppening with tom cruise but that didnt haven td. td did do risky business. that was in 83. tom’s first movie and also td’s first sndtrck. too bad they couldnt make a sequel for that 30 yrs later with td on the sndtrck. td has done dozens of sndtrcks tho. i have them all. i have everything td ever did. over 500 hours worth. altho anything they have done live in the last year or two im still working on. i do have a few items.

    unreleased soundtracks is another specialty of mine. i have a few 100 of em but im also into extended versions sessions scores etc. to me theres nothing more amazing when most people know about 45-60mins of a soundtrack to a movie and theres a 2-4cd version out there. if its official or not doesnt matter. if i like the music i just want more. especially if its an epic film. from star trek to batman or superman or star wars or whatever. lord of the rings etc. there are 1000s of em. any films that have original scores. not collection of songs put together.

    intereting trivia btw.. first beatle member to release a solo album?
    yep.. paul mccartney. it was a soundtrack.

    By darth on Apr 9, 2014

  10. i used to offer a copy of wiz of oz on vhs with the audio track tacked on of the dsotm twice because it works that way.

    before or after the bust?

    By left of ohio on Apr 9, 2014

  11. Darth, re; soundtracks… If you haven’t heard them already, I like to recommend Popul Vuh, particularly their work on Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu and other of his films. They’re primarily instrumental with occasional chanting and whatnot. Lots of wonderful atmospheric / primitive stylization… hard to describe, but unique and stimulating.

    My favorite unreleased soundtrack (I’ll probably have to make it myself at this point) would be one for the Bukowski/Barbet Schroeder “Barfly”.

    By lowendbill on Apr 9, 2014

  12. I almost hate to ask but Darth - what soundtrack would that be for Sir Paul?

    By dwight on Apr 10, 2014

  13. dwight- that would be “The Family Way”.

    There is some controversy, though. Supposedly, the music on “The Family Way” was credited to George Martin, although every photo I’ve seen of the album cover clearly says “Music by Paul McCartney”.

    Some people think George Harrison’s “Wonderwall Music” soundtrack was the first Beatle’s solo release because of Sir Paul’s supposed lack of credit, but I tend to disagree with that for the above reason.

    By Dingus on Apr 10, 2014

  14. Thanks Dingus
    just found both the soundtrack and a 45 version attributed to the George Martin Orchestra on Youtube - interesting but definitely more George Martin than Paul

    By dwight on Apr 10, 2014

  15. in that thriller is a quincy jones album with m jackson singing.. i can agree that family way is a g martin album with paul all over it. but its still all paul on that. g martins production and efforts to make that album his are clear as hell and theres no denying it. but it came out years before wonderwall. even if a beatle used the assistance of another beatle.. the overall idea and concept of the entire wonderwall piece of music is harrisons and therefore that stands as his first release regardless of pauls assistance on it. it also has ringo on it and was the first release on apple records.
    harrison did chart with it in the usa so its also the first solo beatle to chart with a solo album.
    but paul did do his solo albeit with martins help release first 2 yrs earlier so he wins.

    lowendbill - i have 2 nosferatu sndtrcks.. i dont know if they are the ones u mention. i got them from a guy in the east village. he connected me with the guitarist who reworked his own soundtrack for some very old films like metropolis before they destroyed it with songs in 1984. altho i have that one as well. the guy i am thinking of is a semi known avant garde guitarist who did his own thing. the name is relatively better known now than it was in the very early 80s. it escapes me now but i know its approximately on the same level and circuit as fred frith if u get my drift. i met him in this little hole in the wall shop and we talked sci fi and music for hours and we actually watched the film with his score added onto it together before i bought my copy. the shop was one of my faves too. one of the biggest disappointments of leaving nyc.
    i have sources for such things as barfly. u need to get back in touch with me. so i can share shit with u.

    By darth on Apr 10, 2014

  16. i went looking for the nosferatu sndtrck by popol vuh. i recognized the cover and the info on it. i have the original lp and since i dont have the ability to play lps and dont have my lps at hand i decided to find it and dl it thanks to your suggestion. i have several dozen albums and performances by pv but i havent heard this one in a while so i figured ill check it out. it isnt completely anywhere on youtube so i found it easily enough at -


    if anyone else wants it. its a very quick dl. about 90meg in size. definitely worth if it anyone else out there shares bill and my love for krautrock and atmospheric electronic stuff. this stuff is mind expanding.
    while looking on youtube i found other stuff i found i could use too. including -
    Popol Vuh - the Statal University of Milan Ita 9-75 95mins.mp3
    which i dl’d there. its very rare and very nice quality. there are over a dozen albums of popol vuh on yt and many other similar artists and bands that should keep anyone happy for ever. i remember discovering some of this stuff in the mid 70s thru mid 80s and each time i did i got even more and more excited wondering how much more there was. i knew a guy who had literally 50000 albums of this stuff but he hoarded it. thankfully there were others who didnt and from them i learned what was good and what was bad. its such a huge thrill when u can share the joys of this music with others who love it too.

    as for the barfly film.. i found a soundtrack for it. it only has 11 tracks on it tho.
    the 96min film is at -


    the tracks i found listed were at -


    the songs are easy enough to find one at a time if u dont happen to find them all at once.


    this link has them.

    By darth on Apr 10, 2014

  17. Darth, thanx for doing the homework/research! I’ll definitely follow up on that.

    By lowendbill on Apr 11, 2014

  18. bill - it took less than 3mins. seriously. but anything u ever ask me for.. id do for u. im your friend. but u knew that.

    By darth on Apr 12, 2014

  19. Thanx again, darth. Whether it took 3 minutes and three clicks or 30″ doesn’t matter. You still took the time and effort. Much appreciated. And I’m sure your links and references are appreciated by many others here who remain silent, not out of unappreciation, but from not wanting to get caught in the crossfire of the predictable snide putdowns that usually follow.

    By lowendbill on Apr 12, 2014

  20. It’s a funny thing about that “crossfire of the predictable snide putdowns”. They usually only follow rude, insensitive, or deliberately inflammatory comments, the vast majority of which are usually made by the same person.

    By Dingus on Apr 12, 2014

  21. yes bill.. and case in point. proof positive. the emperor wears no clothes.

    By darth on Apr 13, 2014

  22. darth its great that you have one friend. don`t blow it.
    lowedbill, don`t disagree with anything he says and you two can skip merrily along your journey together.

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 13, 2014

  23. darth has too friends . lowend and me.

    By durth on Apr 13, 2014

  24. “Durth”, will you be my friend? Or do I have to crucify, trash, slander and wish brain cancer upon darth to earn it?
    And Sarge, actually we have disagreed from time to time. He could care less and neither could I.

    By lowendbill on Apr 14, 2014

  25. i have more than one. and true friends are not that easily lost. theyre forgiving. when someone isnt.. theyre not genuine. i trust that bill wouldnt vanish on me. nor do i need u to warn me of anything. i didnt ask for your advice nor do i want it. dont give it when its not requested. no ones advice could be less appreciated or useful. i have less use for u and anything u have to say than things i flush.
    i dont have a problem with ppl disagreeing with me. that has never been a problem for me or anyone i know. in fact i often prefer that people do but if they do i want them to have reason and a semblence of linear thought and intelligence to back up why they think the way they do. and u dont even have to be my friend to do this. like u for example. i would never be friends with u. theres nothing about u that i find desirable or worthwhile and i see no reason to consider that sort of relationship with u. but that doesnt mean if u had the ability to discuss things rationally that i couldnt debate with u any subject reasonably. the problem is.. u arent capable. u dont have the iq or the wisdom. youre lacking in many ways. first of all u think that its a valid argument to just insult and call me names. thats not really reasonable. it makes u look foolish. how can i argue with u when u do that?? all i can do is throw my hands up and give up. just look at the last 10 years worth of shit u have typed in these columns. u have never said anything worth reading when u have responded to my postings. i have never posted anything to u first. not even once. however all of my postings towards u were responses to things u said to me. without exception. u have attacked me harassed me and assaulted me for years. u jumped on bandwagons that others have initiated because for most intents and purposes u are a coward. but the basic point is when u do this.. and i am willing to take the time to respond.. i deal with what u say directly and to the point. u dont do this. i know im not getting thru. i never seem to.

    i dont know who durth is but im pretty sure its that idiot barth. so no.. he isnt my friend.

    when bill disagreed with me he later realized he was wrong and we came to terms with it. (wink) didnt we bill. hehe.

    on that note.. i once thought i was wrong.. but i was mistaken.

    By darth on Apr 14, 2014

  26. …yawn… youre mistaken… again. im not durth. but youre the babe ruth of boredom.

    the ernie banks of the banal.
    the don drysdale of the dull.
    the pancho herrera of the hackneyed.
    the hank aaron of humdrum.
    the derek jeter of the jiveass.
    the sandy koufax of krap.
    the willie mays of mediocrity.
    the roger maris of the mundane.
    the casey stengel of the second rate.
    the tom seaver of swearing.

    By barth on Apr 14, 2014

  27. the julia child of fast food
    the colonel sanders of good taste
    the wendy`s dave of low cal lunch
    the hamburglar of special sauce
    the aunt jemima of syrup
    the uncle ben of perverted rice

    By durth on Apr 14, 2014

  28. i have less use for u and anything u have to say than things i flush.

    that`s why you took up half a page ?

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 15, 2014

  29. i dont know who durth is but im pretty sure its that idiot barth

    c`mon cuz you know me!

    By durth on Apr 15, 2014

  30. What ever happened to talking about the music on the posts? I tried listening to this one, but to my ears it is just my old DSOTM LP with a bunch of mostly detracting bleeps and noises. Truly for the most obsessed fan only. For my money (and it was when I bought them on disc) the PF “Trance Mix” CDs that came out in the 90s are a cooler re-envisioning of those great old albums.

    But if you can’t beat em…Check out Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack to the old James Caan movie, Thief. It’s awesome in my opinion because it is the only time I know of that the group added a lot of electric guitar to their synth-heavy sound.

    By RollingStoner on Apr 15, 2014

  31. RSer, agree that TDream soundtracks are quite intense. Note though that the last track on the original Thief soundtrack (during James Caan’s final confrontation with Robert Prosky) was NOT by TDream. That guitar-heavy track was by Craig Safan. Yes, it totally rocks!

    By golgo hakase on Apr 17, 2014

  32. i dont know if soundtracks are what matters in so far as td but if u are looking for mind expanding cds.. one of the one i always go back to which does it for me is ricochet from 1975.
    if u want a nice discography for them theres a reasonable one at -


    i am kinda partial to the pre 83 era but there are some exceptions too.
    i have just about everything on that site altho there may be a couple of things from last year i havent gotten and i am not all that happy about some of the reissues and remixed old albums that have been redone and in some cases re-recorded and re-released. theres a lot of controversy and discrepancy between different camps of thought about what is going on in the world of td.

    unless one is very wealthy it isnt easy to keep up with all the material out there. and then there are the leaves and trees some of which have been released officially now. scroll down in my link and u will see a list of soundtracks. and theres ep’s. some of those are extremely rare and in some cases only obtainable at concerts. i have a friend or two who didnt buy one on the way in and were out of luck on the way out. some of these things are not cheap either. an ep for $20-25 or even $30. ive seen some of these cds for $125-250. and thats for in print product.

    then theres other bands that either exist thanks to td or coexisted with td and came up along with them and put out incredible material from 69-78 or so and deserve our attention as well. there are 100s and 100s of these bands and artists. not only krautrock but many from italy and japan and england and even iran and czech and france etc. i probably had 2-4000 audio tapes (i no longer have those) and i still have several 1000 cds of many of those and i have a few 1000 lps too. many of these obscure albums are worth $100s even $1000.
    trying to collect td is hard enough. collecting other music becomes nearly impossible. delving into other areas of collecting isnt easy. one has to be extremely rich to keep up. or one must let go of having to own actual tangible copies and accept that its the music that matters and say to themselves that its ok to dl and burn their own copies. there begins a whole other argument. hmmm…

    By darth on Apr 17, 2014

  33. Thanks God for not renewing the Darth show another season

    By Milton Romney on Mar 1, 2017

  34. Hello. And Bye.

    By DamienUseva on Dec 14, 2021

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