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A Day Gone By [Rover Records RRCD 0001, 2CD]

Rarities and home recordings. Very good audio.

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There are few releases that bear Nick Drake’s name, with only three lifetime albums under his belt, and the scantest of studio recordings, demos, radio tracks, etc his legacy was almost on a par with that of one of his heroes - Robert Johnson.

However, a new boot has just emerged on Rover records featuring what could be the last word on the home recordings by the folk troubadour. “A Day Gone By” features numerous upgrades, new to circulation variants and session tracks that feature Nick’s playing that the estate of Nick Drake are not willing to release. Justifiably, some of the sources used previously to Nick Drake bootlegs and grey area recordings showed diminishing returns but this release promises the best of what’s out there.

Thanks to vtwin88cube for sharing the tracks on the net.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (80 mins)
The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1967/1968
Track 101. Strolling Down The Highway 3:09 (5.3MB)
Track 102. Cocaine Blues 2:08 (3.6MB)
Track 103. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright 2:11 (3.7MB)
Track 104. Betty And Dupree 2:08 (3.6MB)
Track 105. Get Together 2:01 (3.4MB)
Track 106. Here Come The Blues 3:52 (6.5MB)
Track 107. Come In To The Garden 2:14 (3.8MB)
Track 108. Summertime 1:37 (2.7MB)
Track 109. Joey 5:13 (8.8MB)
Track 110. Strange Meeting II 3:36 (6.0MB)
Track 111. Milk And Honey 2:54 (4.9MB)
Track 112. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 3:24 (5.7MB)
Track 113. Courting Blues 2:38 (4.4MB)
Track 114. Black Mountain Blues 2:54 (4.9MB)
Track 115. Morning Monologue 3:17 (5.5MB)
Track 116. Saturday Sun I 3:22 (5.7MB)
Track 117. Mayfair III 3:03 (5.1MB)

Hampstead, London. 1968/1969
Track 118. Fly II 3:40 (6.2MB)
Track 119. Hazey Jane I 4:43 (7.9MB)
Track 120. Place To Be 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 121. Parasite II 4:07 (6.9MB)
Track 122. Three Hours 6:15 (10.5MB)
Track 123. Day Is Done 4:26 (7.5MB)

John Peel Session, BBC Radio One. Studio Five, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London. August 5, 1969. Broadcast: August 6, 1969. Produced by Pete Ritzema. Engineered by Mike Harding. Fragments only.
Track 124. Time Of No Reply 0:59 (1.7MB)
Track 125. Three Hours 3:00 (5.0MB)

Disc 2 (79 mins)
Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July – December 1968. Engineered by John Wood. Early, rejected takes. Orchestra arranged and conducted by Richard Hewson.
Track 201. Magic 3:30 (5.9MB)
Track 202. The Thoughts Of Mary Jane 3:51 (6.5MB)
Track 203. Day Is Done 3:13 (5.4MB)

Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July – December 1968. Engineered by John Wood.
Track 204. Time Has Told Me 4:07 (6.9MB)
Track 205. Saturday Sun I 2:53 (4.9MB)
Track 206. River Man 4:46 (8.0MB)

Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. November 11, 1968. Engineered by John Wood.
Track 207. Joey (Take 2) 3:05 (5.2MB)

The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1968.
Track 208. Saturday Sun II 0:58 (1.6MB)
Track 209. Saturday Sun III 2:21 (3.9MB)
Track 210. Mayfair I 0:36 (1.0MB)
Track 211. Mayfair II 1:42 (2.9MB)

Hampstead, London. 1968/1969.
Track 212. Fly II 2:55 (4.9MB)
Track 213. Parasite I 4:08 (6.9MB)
Track 214. Joey (Fragment) 1:44 (2.9MB)
Track 215. Guitar Instrumental (No. 1 - Guitar) 1:22 (2.3MB)

The ‘Work Tape’. Possibly recorded at The Music Room, Far Leys, Tanworth In Arden. 1968.
Track 216. Poor Boy 3:12 (5.4MB)
Track 217. Time Has Told Me 1:15 (2.1MB)
Track 218. Voices 0:30 (836k)
Track 219. Sketch II - Guitar 1:02 (1.7MB)
Track 220. Sketch IV - Piano 1:55 (3.2MB)
Track 221. Sketch V - Guitar 3:23 (5.7MB)
Track 222. Sketch VI - Piano 0:31 (873k)
Track 223. Sketch VII - Piano 2:18 (3.9MB)

Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. July 1974. Produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. Guitar track only. (Tracks 24-27)
Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London. February 1974. Produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. Guitar track only. (Tracks 25-26)

Track 224. Hanging On A Star 3:18 (5.6MB)
Track 225. Rider On The Wheel 2:33 (4.3MB)
Track 226. Black Eyed Dog 3:21 (5.6MB)
Track 227. Tow The Line 2:18 (3.9MB)

The “Interplay One” Educational Toolkit album, released by Longman (Mono LG 582 241367). Unknown studio. Recorded late 1971, released early 1972.
Track 228. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again 2:10 (3.6MB)
Track 229. Full Fathom Five 1:21 (2.3MB)
Track 230. With My Swag All On My Shoulder 2:49 (4.7MB)

The Mick Audsley album “Dark and Devil Waters” released by Sonet Records (SNTF 641), 1972. Produced and arranged by Robert Kirby and Mick Audsley. Recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London.
Track 231. The Commissioner, He Come 2:55 (4.9MB)
Track 232. Dark And Devil Waters 3:02 (5.1MB)

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  1. 5 Responses to “NICK DRAKE - A DAY GONE BY”

  2. Flac here if you want it.

    By Creatist on Jun 24, 2014

  3. Wonderful stuff Big O!
    Thanks for this
    Once again I thought I had most everything so this is a welcome addition to the vaults as I definitely don’t have this collection. Love some Nick Drake and he is more important than many realise, accept or acknowledge, without him there would have been no John Martyn (so Martyn always said, acknowledging his Drake’s influence). Sad loss from depression and would have gone on to greater things had we been more able to treat him, I reckon despite the downward slide that is palpable if we listen to his later work . . .
    This is however delightful and

    By swappers on Jun 24, 2014

  4. Hello Big O:

    Thanks for the Nick Drake sets. I thought I’d heard everything- but there are a few performances here that sound new or different. For newbies to ND rarities, this is a pretty good place to start.


    By Peter Grainger on Jun 30, 2014

  5. Have only started going through them buts thats definitely a different recording of “Cocaine Blues” there to the better known one on “Family Tree” in which he plays it much softer while this one sounds more forceful. Also he seems to slip in the intro to “Courting Blues” here at the beginning. I’m something of a Nick Drake completist lol. Amazing how for a musician who lay forgotten for many years, didn’t succeed in a career and has never been known to appear in front of a video camera in his adult life, there is such a wealth of recording along with the ever growing collection of published photographs. It’s awesome someone found the long lost complete Peel Session. Now if only someone could with the right proof find GY!BE’s first album.

    By Sam on Dec 20, 2014

  6. Thanks, Big O. This is special.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Feb 7, 2015

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