May 23, 2009 – 1:11 pm

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Lone Star Cafe 1985 [no label, 2CD]
with Jorma Kaukonen and Jaco Pastorius

Live at the Lone Star Cafe, New York, NY. January 2 and 6, 1985. Very good soundboard.

While The Band disbanded in 1976, the members, with the exception of Robbie Robertson, regrouped in 1983. While the later Band were not as prominent as before, they could still be bluesy and soulful (just check out Disc Two’s You Don’t Know Me) and they could easily rock your socks off.

Thanks then to davmar77 who shared these tracks on the Dime site.

This is what davmar77 noted: “In the later days of The Band during the ’80s, the Lone Star Cafe seemed to have become their New York City home away from home. They played there with many different incarnations throughout those years. Here we have Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson along with meager backing. This is two late shows recorded a few nights apart and they include some lesser performed songs and unusual covers. Jorma Kaukonen and Jaco Pastorius each sit in on the different shows.”

Slightly more than a year later, Manuel committed suicide on March 4, 1986. On December 10, 1999, Rick Danko died in his sleep at the age of 56. And on June 15, 2007, The Band’s late-period keyboardist, Richard Bell, died from multiple myeloma.

Note: Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1 (Jauary 2, 1985, Late Show)
Track 101. C.C. Rider (13.6MB)
Track 102. You Don’t Know Me (4.4MB)
Track 103. Honest I Do (9.1MB)
Track 104. King Harvest (7.1MB)
Track 105. My Love (11.5MB)
Track 106. Keep Loving Me * (9.4MB)
Track 107. Sick And Tired * (11.3MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 108. Share Your Love (7.4MB)
Track 109. I Wish You Were Here Tonight (11.0MB)
Track 110. Mystery Train * (10.2MB)
Track 111. Crowd/Tuning (3.8MB)
Track 112. Blaze Of Glory * (8.7MB)

* with Jorma Kaukonen

Disc 2 (January 6, 1985, Late Show)
Track 201. Mystery Train (10.4MB)
Track 202. You Don’t Know Me (5.2MB)
Track 203. Keep Loving Me (11.5MB)
Track 204. Just Another Whistle Stop (6.4MB)
Track 205. My Love (11.8MB)
Track 206. King Harvest (5.5MB)
Track 207. Caledonia Mission (5.2MB)
Track 208. Georgia On My Mind (4.4MB)
Track 209. The Weight (12.0MB)
Track 210. Honest I Do @ (11.8MB)
Track 211. Blaze Of Glory @ (18.8MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 212. Turn On Your Lovelight @ (1.6MB)
Track 213. God Bless America @ (3.0MB)
Track 214. Oh Canada @ (1.8MB)

@ with Jaco Pastorius

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  2. This is History!
    Thanks ;-)

    By Rochacrimson on May 24, 2009

  3. I saw them as a trio around this time on a bill with Roy Buchannan (another brilliant musician who died too young), then met Danko and Manuel in December of that year when our band opened for them. It was a shock when Richard died, not so much for Rick who was in very poor health due to years of drugs and alcohol.

    By Bill from Pgh on May 24, 2009

  4. Very cool. Thanks.

    By Mike & Kim Hayward on May 25, 2009

  5. Very, very nice. Thank you!

    By bob from Michigan on May 25, 2009

  6. I only had an incomplete version of this. Thanks for sharing it.

    By Matt on May 27, 2009

  7. Thanks. Great music from a great place. No more iguana on the roof, no more building in fact. It was torn down last month. As it read out front lo those many years ago, “Too much ain’t enough”

    By John on May 28, 2009

  8. Thanks,
    I was at the Jorma show. Man I miss that place. The glory days…

    By David on May 29, 2009

  9. Hey, Rochacrimson, did you know Buchanan was a member of Ronnie Hawkins’ band in Canada that over time became Danko, Manuel, and Hudson’s old outfit, The Band? He taught Robertson enough guitar so that when Buchanan moved on, Robertson switched from bass to guitar.

    I would love to hear any bootlegs or other ROIOs from that band in that time!

    By O.B. Dan on Jun 1, 2009

  10. Thanks for more great memories. I caught these guys at the Lone Star one Friday at the late show, just not one of these smokin’ nights. I think that Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh or another one of the Eagles joined in for the encores. It’s all becoming a little hazy ……

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Jun 2, 2009

  11. I saw the Band @ Hialeah Racetrack on the afternoon of March 3,1986 with Roger McGuinn opening for them.(Richard Manuel committed suicide the next night). Another show I saw was Stanley Clarke @ Sunrise Music Theater(Ft.Lauderdale)around 1984. At the end of the show Stanley brought Jaco Pastorius out onstage and they played,”School Days”,”Birdland” and jammed for 10 minutes. Stanley later said in a magazine article on Jaco, that it was the only time they ever played together.(I had gone into the artist’s restroom by mistake during the show and Jaco was hiding out in there by himself acting kind of stange. His hair was real short and I didn’t realize it was him until he came out onstage)

    By Robbie Mac on Jun 20, 2009

  12. Could you be so kind as to post again sometime?

    By David Wright on Jul 6, 2012

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