December 25, 2014 – 4:58 am

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Peter Phillips, director
Love Is Better Than Wine [A Zootype Project, 1CD]

Live at St Paul Church, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts; December 2, 2012. Excellent WCRB-HD-FM broadcast December 22, 2013.

Thanks to zootype for sharing the show at Dime.

BEMF programme notes:

Sebastián de Vivanco [ca.1551-1622]: “Magnificat Octavi Toni”
Orlande Lassus: Motet: “Osculetur me osculo” [ca.15xx]
Orlande Lassus: “Missa Osculetur me” [ca.15xx]
Arvo Pärt: “I am the true vine” [1996]
Arvo Pärt: “Tribute to Caesar” [1997] [not broadcast]
Thomas Tallis: “Sancte Deus” [ca.1530-1540] [not broadcast]
Hieronymus Praetorius: “Magnificat Quinti Toni” [published 1622]

For this Boston Early Music Festival holiday appearance, the globally revered a cappella vocal ensemble The Tallis Scholars have assembled a gorgeous collection of Renaissance and contemporary polyphony, bookended by two thrilling double-choir Magnificats. Spanish composer Vivanco’s richly textured “Magnificat Octavi Toni” opens the programme, followed by a breathtaking setting of “Osculetur me” by Lassus which is noted for is vivid word-setting and dramatic tensions.

The program continues with works by contemporary composer Arvo Pärt, whose intense study of early European polyphony informs compositions of transcendent purity, and the somber yet passionate “Sancte Deus” by the ensemble’s namesake Thomas Tallis. The festive celebration concludes with a Christmas Magnificat by Hieronymus Praetorius which features the composer’s settings of two famous Christmas carols, ‘In dulci jubilo’ and ‘Joseph lieber’, interleaved between its verses.

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Picture by Eric Richmond, posted at - Thanks!

HD over FM broadcast; HD-FM tuner > PC > stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps WAV > tracked and edited in audio editor > WAVs > SBEs repaired, checksum files and FLAC-8 files created in Trader’s Little Helper

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. radio intro A 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 02. radio intro B 0:12 (339k)
Track 03. Sebastián de Vivanco: “Magnificat Octavi Toni” 7:13 (12.1MB)
text after the New Testament, Luke 1, 46-45

Track 04. radio outro 0:17 (491k)

Track 05. radio intro 1:11 (2.0MB)
Track 06. Orlande de Lassus: Motet: “Osculetur me osculo”, a8; 3:24 (5.7MB)
text after “The Song of Songs”, aka “The Song of Solomon”

Track 07. radio intro 0:41 (1.2MB)

Orlande de Lassus: “Missa Osculetur me”, a8 for double choir
text after “The Song of Songs”, aka “The Song of Solomon”
Track 08. I Kyrie 2:19 (3.9MB)
Track 09. II Gloria 4:40 (7.9MB)
Track 10. III Credo 8:03 (13.5MB)
Track 11. IV Sanctus, Benedictus 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 12. V Agnus Dei 2:46 (4.7MB)

Track 13. radio intro 0:24 (675k)
Track 14. Arvo Pärt: “I am the true vine” 7:22 (12.4MB)
text after the New Testament: John 15:1

Track 15. radio outro 0:23 (652k)

Track 16. radio intro 0:40 (1.1MB)
Track 17. Hieronymus Praetorius: “Magnificat Quinti Toni” 9:15 (15.6MB)
Track 18. radio outro 0:20 (553k)
55 mins

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  2. Magnificent! Thanks and Happy Holidays

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  5. Thanx Big O,this is GORGEOUS stuff, a treat for my aching ears and salve for the post Crimbo hangover. Slower and more reverb please.

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  6. wow…this is beautiful what an incredible choir…post!!!

    thanks to all involved…

    very very ethereal…puts me straight back into that pew surrounded by the stain glass…!!!

    By Jerry's Finger on Dec 26, 2014

  7. Magnificent music, wonderful sung by the Tallis Scholars! Thanx!

    By Tony Lauber on Jan 6, 2015

  8. Enough of dat classical shit, give us da real music. DA 70’s ROCK ! Helen Reddy, Captain & Tenille, John Denver, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, John Miles, all dose great rockin’ singers wit da rock n roll true spirit. Da true spirit of da 70’s real music. Wop bama lama wop bam boom boom manciniiiiiiiiiii

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