January 2, 2015 – 3:47 pm

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Live In NY Nov 1972 [A DoinkerTape, 2CD]

Live at the Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY; November 4, 1972. Very good audience recording. Mega-rare restored vinyl, speed corrected.

Thanks to Doinker for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Doinker noted:

I was actually at this concert at Radio City Music Hall, but I don’t remember much as a classmate of mine and I got convinced (by a soda attendant, no less!) that Mr Taylor himself would come out and see us. We waited most of the show there. Oh, those days of misspent youth! At least she was nice to look at…

It’s funny how things come around. I had torrented part two of this show a while back. I hadn’t seen a copy of part one since the early 1970s, but I attended a local record convention about a month ago and there it was, along with another copy of part two. Fortunately the record was in fairly good condition and the pressing wasn’t too terrible. It’s now been combined with the second set to make a complete show. If you still have the second set you can dump it into the second LP folder and it will speed your download.

I’d have to rate the show right up there with James’ best, and the recording at about an 8 out of 10. It’s a really well-done performance. For some strange reason LP2 required major speed correction, but LP1 was fine.

+ + + + +

Artwork (modified here) posted at rockrarecollectionfetish.blogspot - Thanks!

LP1 > Major speed correction on turntable > Sound Forge 6.0 > Click and Crackle Removal, painting of large pops > FLAC via TLH, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked.
LP2 > Sound Forge 11.0 > Click and Crackle removal > FLAC via TLH, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Sweet Baby James 3:24 (5.7MB)
Track 102. Makin’ Whoopie 2:06 (3.5MB)
Track 103. Riding On A Railroad 3:45 (6.3MB)
Track 104. Long Ago And Far Away 3:22 (5.7MB)
Track 105. Lo And Behold 3:29 (5.9MB)
Track 106. Anywhere Like Heaven 3:09 (5.3MB)
Track 107. Brighten Your Night With My Day 3:23 (5.7MB)
Track 108. Something In The Way She Moves 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 109. Highway Song 4:45 (8.0MB)
Track 110. Sunny Skies 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 111. Carolina On My Mind 4:37 (7.8MB)
Track 112. Rainy Day Man 3:20 (5.6MB)
Track 113. Instrumental (from One Man Dog) 2:23 (4.0MB)
Track 114. Hymn 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 115. Fanfare 2:26 (4.1MB)
50 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Nobody But You 3:19 (5.6MB)
Track 202. You’ve Got A Friend 5:17 (8.9MB)
Track 203. Chili Dog 3:00 (5.1MB)
Track 204. New Tune 1:34 (2.6MB)
Track 205. Back On My Feet Again 3:32 (5.9MB)
Track 206. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 2:46 (4.7MB)
Track 207. Country Road 5:53 (9.9MB)
Track 208. One Man Parade 3:50 (6.5MB)
Track 209. Steamroller Blues 5:38 (9.5MB)
Track 210. Fire And Rain 4:40 (7.8MB)
Track 211. (You Can) Close Your Eyes 2:30 (4.2MB)
42 mins

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  1. 53 Responses to “JAMES TAYLOR - RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, NY 1972”

  2. Thanks, bigO!

    By NAMoosedog on Jan 3, 2015

  3. 2 yrs later james played carnegie hall 7 blocks north and one block west and carly went back stage and met him for the first time and thus began their relationship. i was standing at the backstage door hoping to get an autograph and a security guard type guy grabbed 2-3 of us and said we should go inside. so we did and we met james and carly was with him. i had no idea who she was at the time but i learned later on. when i did learn who she was the story was that she was in a relationship with cat stevens.
    that was an interesting story too. evidently he had called her up one evening long distance at a hotel she was staying at or perhaps at home. i dont recall this part. but she answers and he didnt introduce himself but somehow expected her to recognize him by voice. i think he musta woken her up or something and she thought it was a prank and hung up on him. he called back and she again hung up. he called back a 3rd time and said carly its me cat. she said omg i love u. now i dont know at what point this took place with regards to the jt 74 meeting but from what i understand it was very close to the same period perhaps just shortly there after. maybe it was just after cat changed his name. who knows. maybe thats why she didnt know it was him. lol.
    i didnt ever take any pics of carly til the very early 80s. she did an appearance at sam goodys across the street from radio city in fact. never met cat. but ive met james dozens of times.
    my opinion of jt’s music however is that from 67-the mid 80s he was fabulous. not that after that he suffers much either. but that period of 20 yrs he is fabulous. ive seen him in small venues with 20 or so people and 100-300 people and ive seen him with several 1000. he always acts like hes totally oblivious of where he is or that there is anyone out there.
    that live set of him and carole king from the troubador is a keeper if anyone out there doesnt have it. i also recommend that 1970 set of him with joni.

    By darth on Jan 3, 2015

  4. Thanks for this one Big-o. Looks pretty decent.
    Just a quick question @Darth- with no disrespect what does your comment have to do with this post? And a Happy New Year to everyone!!!

    By BTLFAN on Jan 3, 2015

  5. perhaps darth is trying to get a job with the national enquirer. whatever his thought process its all about what he thinks he knows and nothing about the current post which is his usual modus operandi that is, anything ,to see his name in print.

    By jimmy olsen on Jan 3, 2015

  6. darth would never cut it as a reporter he thinks he is the message.

    By lois lane on Jan 3, 2015

  7. thats the darth version of gonzo journalism, lois.

    “she said omg i love u.”
    i never knew that carly simon was a 13 year old valley girl…

    By barth on Jan 4, 2015

  8. so i`m wondering what darths source was for this little love story. Was he in Carly`s room? no.Was he in Cat`s room.no. so how does he expect anyone to believe he knows what was said. such a little storyteller.

    By lois lane on Jan 4, 2015

  9. darth just does this to rile everyone up and then he sits and giggles at all the posts.

    By perry white on Jan 4, 2015

  10. it doesnt matter what my source was and u shouldnt wonder either. just enjoy the story for what it is. theres also no reason for u or anyone to get riled up over a story that i am offering u that u didnt know about. why would u?? for what purpose? and why do u ask questions and then provide answers to your own questions? how do u know where i was or how i know what i am offering to u as a story here? it makes no sense that u would just assume u can just say ‘no’ to your own questions. u dont have to believe the story. its 100% absolutely true. but i dont care if u believe it. im only offering it here because it has a little to do with jt and it went along with the train of thought that i started at the top of what i started with above. thats all. get over it.

    By darth on Jan 4, 2015

  11. darth, why do u type so much?
    don’t u know better?
    who are u?
    u better quit making up stories in ur little fantasy mind world.
    this did not happen period.
    I’m Carly.

    By Carly on Jan 4, 2015

  12. apparently in darthworld anything can happen.
    he can “hear” phone conversations in a hotel room miles away.there is only one other fellow who worked for me that could do that. darth must be superman.

    By perry white on Jan 5, 2015

  13. “2 yrs later” JT played Carnegie Hall end of May, 1974. (Concert were recorded for King Biscuit Flower Hour.) Carly Simon joined him onstage to sing their (huge) hit song & duet Mockingbird which was released in January 1974 on Carly’s Hotcakes album. The two recorded the song Autumn 1973. Carly and James would not have met for the first time “thus began their relationship” at Carnegie Hall 1974.

    By Fact Checker on Jan 5, 2015

  14. James Taylor never brags about meeting darth.

    By hi there on Jan 5, 2015

  15. Meeting darth was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I knew I’d made it when he started going through my trash.

    By Sweet Baby James on Jan 5, 2015

  16. i dont know that they were in the studio at the same time when they recorded the song as a duet. i do know that she stated that she met james for the first time backstage at carnegie hall at that 74 show. i do know that i saw them together and her hanging all over him at the time. i didnt know who she was at the time as i mentioned. i learned this very shortly afterwards.
    some of her songs had backing vocals with people who were not in the studio at the same time with her so it is quite possible that the mockingbird duet could have been done that way too. the songs vengeance and pure sin both have backing vocals by tim curry for example. tim wasnt necessarily there in the studio while carly was recording the songs. course this was in 1979. just making the point that songs can be recorded without both ppl being present. i wasnt there when jt and carly recorded that song so who knows? carnegie hall still could be where they met. i do know that carly is the source of the story. i didnt make it up.
    i didnt brag about meeting james taylor. i mentioned it as part of my story. i met many 1000s of celebs including musicians. it was what i did for most of 17 years as a photographer in nyc and sometimes in la sf and several other cities like phila. mentioning it isnt bragging. i dont know why u think it is bragging. but im not the celebrity or famous musician and u dont know jt or talk to him and he doesnt post on here.. so when would u see him brag about meeting ppl? and why would he mention meeting me anyway?
    james didnt live in nyc and i have never had access to his trash. jagger did and this incident happened once. what is wrong with u people?

    By darth on Jan 5, 2015

  17. whoever you are darth. my legal team is in contact with this online site to obtain any information about you to stop & desist immediately on posting false information. the lies will stop from you. ms. Debra White will be in contact with Big O. thank you.

    I am Carly Simon.

    By Carly Simon on Jan 5, 2015

  18. darth, instead of writing paragraphs of silly blather like you just did above, wouldn’t it be easier to simply say “okay, u caught me in a lie,” since everybody knows that’s what just happened?

    By Willis on Jan 5, 2015

  19. Good morning, Carly Simon. Here’s some info on darth, aka Glen Frohman.


    By Dingus on Jan 5, 2015

  20. has it not occured to you yet each and every time you reply to Darth about one of his famous musician story lies you just encourage him to go on. ignore him as you would a lying 6 year old .

    By garbage pail kid on Jan 5, 2015

  21. I was at the alamo , darth wasn`t there no matter what he sez. that bar i killed at age of three was not photographed by darth no matter waht he sez

    By the real david croquet on Jan 6, 2015

  22. The 11/13/14 Time Magazine addresses the Carly/James relationship. Quote:

    “In the new issue of TIME, music legend Carly Simon discusses Taylor Swift’s career — and revealed a surprising story about her own history:

    “In 1971, I was walking down the street with my sister, we had just crammed Indian food into our mouths and were walking home. And I looked at the cover of TIME Magazine and it was James Taylor, whom I’d never met. And I looked at him from fairly far away, and I said to my sister, ‘I’m gonna marry that man,’” Simon told TIME’s Jack Dickey.

    “What were they thinking?” Simon asked about the cover’s psychedelic composition, “But it did have a supernatural quality, at least in getting the message to me.

    Simon and Taylor, fans will know, married in 1972. They met, according to Rolling Stone, just about a month after Simon would have seen that fateful magazine. The two divorced in 1983.”

    I would assume, since they were married in 1972, that at some point prior to Carnegie Hall 1974 they met and spent time in the same room together.

    By Fact Checker on Jan 6, 2015

  23. fact checker just blew DARTH out of the picture.

    By the real david croquet on Jan 6, 2015

  24. Darth gets OWNED! thanks fact checker!

    By the real david croquet on Jan 6, 2015

  25. For all of those that are concerned no one gets owned.
    this darth character is disillusioned by posting things here that just did not happen period far from the facts.
    as any one knows James & I met in the spring of April 1971.
    Married the day before this show in fact on November 3,1972.
    I am Carly.

    By Carly Simon on Jan 6, 2015

  26. hey carly who was you`re so vain about, warren or mick?

    By the real david croquet on Jan 6, 2015

  27. if i had the recording of her telling the story that i repeated here i wonder what yall would say then. as i said.. it came from her own mouth. i didnt make it up. did jt play carnegie hall in 72 as well as 74? is that possible? i dont think so but is it possible that i got the year wrong? it is 40-42 yrs ago so ill accept that i made that error if he did a show 2 yrs prior at carnegie hall as well as in 74. we all know he did carnegie hall in 74 for sure. we know he did rcmh in 72.
    normally artists play radio city when they play to larger audiences than carnegie hall because radio city was about 6270 seats in the early 70s and carnegie hall was 2804. i know this because of pink floyd and led zep shows i saw there. and other concerts from 72-80’s til they changed the seating.
    well they changed it at rcmh not so much at carnegie hall.
    anyway.. i know what carly said in the interview that i was witness to in person and also on radio when it aired later on the same month. so if the details / info is wrong or off.. its not on my end.. its on hers.
    btw.. how obnoxious it is to post as if u were her.

    By darth on Jan 6, 2015

  28. darth, for god’s sake, admit you told a fib or shut the fuck up. The irony of you calling anyone else obnoxious is just painful.

    By Willis on Jan 6, 2015

  29. i didnt fib. i will not admit anything of the sort. i will not shut the fuck up. why dont u take your own advice?? if u think things i say are painful.. suffer quietly.
    i dont deny being wrong about things. i am not wrong about this however. as i said i could have gotten the year wrong IF he played carnegie hall 2 years prior as well as in 1974. if he didnt.. then i dont know what to say about this because i did hear carly speak of the incident where she met james for the first time at carnegie hall. the entire story i recounted was word for word as she told it. i was there in person when she told the story. i also listened to it as it played over the radio shortly thereafter. i sat in on a radio interview with 15-20 other people at a recording studio in nyc when she told the story. it was aired later that month. i had recorded it but this is approx 30 yrs ago give or take.
    so no.. i am not here to cater to what u wish. if u dont like my postings.. stop reading them. i know u get a real thrill out of this. what youre doing is way worse than anything im doing. im not going anywhere.
    try to find something more important than me to concentrate on. seriously. get a fucking life!!!

    By darth on Jan 6, 2015

  30. From Sheila Wellers book “girls like us”: Quote:

    “Carly Simon was flying high after the success of Anticipation and romantically too. On November 9, 1971 she’d attended James Taylor’s concert at Carnegie Hall. Joni and James were no longer a couple, and James’s lawyer, Nat Weiss, offered to take Carly backstage to say hello to James. Carly offered, “If you ever want a home-cooked meal…” and James replied, “Tonight.” “From that night on, we never spent a night apart from each other,” Carly says - at least when they were in the same geographical location, which now was most of the time. “All that” romantic activity of Carly’s “kind of stopped on a dime…”

    Mr. Darth had the location correct, just off by 2.5 years.

    By Fact Checker on Jan 6, 2015

  31. I’ve kept a daily diary since I was a little girl from age 6-7 on. I still keep one to this day. all of you are wrong. Although we knew of each other years perviously in recording circles & being from the Northeast Boston & Martha’s Vineyard. We never met until April 6,1971.

    By Carly Simon on Jan 6, 2015

  32. its no ones business carly what you did or did not say to cat stevens.This lying scumbag darth needs to be stopped from spreading any more of his bullshit.

    By the real david croquet on Jan 6, 2015

  33. Darth is recalling something that he read about - which happened to Carly circa 2008 (Cat/Yusef phoned her at her home on Martha’s Vineyard). Here’s the article (one of them…she also told the story on talk shows in mid to late 2000’s) http://www.timessquaregossip.com/2008/05/carly-simon-hung-up-on-cat-stevens.html

    By Gwen Carter on Jan 6, 2015

  34. is he still here? sheesh give it a rest in 2015 willya darth.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 6, 2015

  35. >>>>”seriously. get a fucking life!!!”

    lmfao glen….!!!

    that’s all you’re good for is a laugh…

    the only place where you were at is in a room listening to the interview over the radio stereo so yes you heard something but you can’t recall anything…

    so if we believe you & you just had the date wrong…you were hanging around the back door of Carnegie Hall when you were 11 years old…LOL…!!!!

    guess that goes along with those great times you saw jimi at age 8 9 & 10…being at Woodstock…& seeing great concerts & broadway shows at age 5-10 there in NYC…

    fucking hilarious you convicted circus clown boy…it just gets better & better…

    I tend to believe what Carly has posted here now that’s more plausible than you glen you fucking goniff child…!!!

    so who should get a life asshole…?

    By Jerry's Finger on Jan 6, 2015

  36. Carly, thank you. you have made my day.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 6, 2015

  37. time magazine mar 1, 1971


    gee a month later would be April 1971 so is RS correct as well as Carly…

    not clown boy glen…!

    By Jerry's Finger on Jan 7, 2015

  38. nothing to say for yourself darth?
    guilty silence?

    perhaps I`m sorry. ?

    By the optic on Jan 7, 2015

  39. darth, we’re still waiting for your apology…

    By Willis on Jan 8, 2015

  40. maybe after this outcome darth will stop the stories.Don`t wait up for an apology though.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 8, 2015

  41. dont expect the stories to stop either. Fact Checker blew him away and he stills insists that hes right.

    By barth on Jan 8, 2015

  42. Darth got everything wrong here and over on the bruce cockburn post he can`t even figure out whether bruce or the venue is called the quiet knight when it is posted as plain as anything on the back cover of the cd artwork. If anyone else had made this mistake he would be jumping all over them calling them dumbasses , idiots etc…
    you are a real piece of work darth and it`s hilarious that you ignore this james taylor/carly/cat thread now because you were SO WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG…

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 9, 2015

  43. @Carly Simon “Although we knew of each other years perviously” So Carly honey, just how pervious were you, you little minx.
    (by the way, luv all your music and your private life is not a suitable subject for any further discussion on this little love fest of a blog)

    By GMAL on Jan 9, 2015

  44. u want an apology.. fine.. i am sorry. im sorry that everyone has to put up with the shit that u idiots put them thru here. that u morons cant stop what youre doing. that for several years now u cant control yourselves and that there doesnt seem any way to stop u from continuing this attack and harassment and non stop instigation and provocation. i am very sorry that all the normal and decent people who happen upon these listings and postings have to weed thru this shit to find any semblence of information and helpful postings that they can learn from or find useful knowledge in.
    i am hugely apologetic in that i dont know how to stop these assholes from doing what they do. nothing has worked. even when i dont post they refuse to stop talking about me. they dont care.. i could disappear for a week or two and they still have to talk about me. so it isnt me. i am so very very sorry that there are so many of these schmucks. i truly apologize that god has made so many of these mistakes and that they have found their way to this site. i have attempted to ignore them. for the most part i still do. if u notice i dont respond to most of them. i do let the majority of their stupid gibberish go by and i ignore it. course when i do that.. they say ridiculous crap like.. so no response eh? and why so quiet darth? and other nonsense. how much of this do i have to endure? u people need to contact the moderator at [email protected] and tell him how u feel if u have a problem with what is going on here. keep in mind that he will likely explain to u that he believes in freedom of speech and all that so u have to consider your complaints before crying to him. there is a point however where freedom of speech and the opportunity to voice ones opinion in an open forum can border on harassment and persecution. the moderator can and has removed some postings at his discretion. i cant seem to get thru to some of the people on here thru reasoning.. no one else has been able to either from what i have thus far seen. perhaps if enough people complain to the moderator.. the harassment towards me could be stopped. or at least slowed down. im not asking for responses to what im saying here. i know the simple minded out there will not be able to prevent themselves from posting replies of course and contradicting what i just said.. its not in them. they simply have to. but perhaps those among u out there who get it.. will see it from my point of view. one can only hope.

    By darth on Jan 10, 2015

  45. “Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. Someone with histrionic personality disorder wants to be the center of attention in any group of people, and feel uncomfortable when they are not. While often lively, interesting and sometimes dramatic, they have difficulty when people aren’t focused exclusively on them.”


    By barth on Jan 10, 2015

  46. u want an apology.. fine.. i am sorry.

    see that was easy .

    By a parrot named darth on Jan 10, 2015

  47. u people need to contact the moderator at [email protected] and tell him how u feel

    I think i will tell him I will make a donation if he deletes every single post of yours from now on.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 10, 2015

  48. the problem is.. u are focused exclusively on me. thats a behavioral problem. try focusing on something else. if u need medication.. get it and take it. try therapy. do whatever it takes. what youre doing isnt working.

    in all likelihood he will tell u to keep your money and stop reading my postings if they bother u so much. just as i have told u. u dont send money into the site so they censor what u dont wanna see on it. thats not how the site works. i actually have nearly no money and i have sent some into the site. i never even considered asking for all of someones posts to be removed altho i think some types of postings should be. i wont say which ones because in all likelihood if i did some of u idiots would post more of those types of comments. its like telling children dont do this.. so they do it more.

    By darth on Jan 10, 2015

  49. i actually have nearly no money

    bootleg sales down?

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 10, 2015

  50. hes just a lazy sod who should bugger off.

    By barth on Jan 10, 2015

  51. if u had been paying attn.. i havent sold any tapes since very early july 02. thats more than 12 years ago. when i did sell i sold audios from 1980-95 and videos from 88-02 with a small break in 96. never sold a cd or dvd ever. never sold anything i ever dl’d. i only started dl’ing in late 05 or so and didnt start burning cds til may 06. dvds a couple of years later.
    i guess u see and remember what u want to. whats convenient.
    u have no idea how lazy i am. i have no intention of buggering off. nothing is preventing u from following your own advice however.

    By darth on Jan 11, 2015

  52. if u knew anything about black sabbath u would have known that they DID play this BOC show:


    By barth on Jan 11, 2015

  53. here you go glen once again you are proven wrong lying con boy clown…

    I stumbled upon this great rolling stone interview from ‘73 that backs up some of what fact checker says & what the poster Carly has stated above…could Carly here actually be THE Carly Simon…? hmmm…?


    By Jerry's Finger on Jul 11, 2015

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