February 5, 2015 – 5:11 am

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Oakland 1993 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA; February 21, 1993. Very good soundboard, unfortunately Jerry Garcia’s vocals are low in the mix.

Thanks to DAZED64; and to greenerdude for sharing the show at Dime.

The prime interest of this show to fans is that this is said to be the first soundboard to circulate. However, it’s unfortunate that Jerry Garcia’s vocals are slightly buried. And if they had horns, they would have sounded like Steely Dan!

As Trainsrus commented at Dime: “I had been at the show… There were 20.000 folks who had a great time, includung me, so it couldn’t have been that bad…”

Click here for the February 23, 1993 show which featured Ornette Coleman.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (Set 1)
Track 101. Bertha 6:35 (11.1M)
Track 102. Greatest Story Ever Told 4:18 (7.2MB)
Track 103. Lazy River Road * 7:22 (12.4MB)
Track 104. Eternity * 8:50 (14.8MB)
Track 105. Ramble On Rose 8:01 (13.5MB)
Track 106. Queen Jane Approximately 6:02 (10.1MB)
Track 107. Row Jimmy 9:29 (15.9MB)
Track 108. Promised Land 4:32 (7.6MB)

Set 2
Track 109. Tuning 0:44 (1.2MB)
Track 110. Liberty * 5:59 (10.1MB)
Track 111. Corrina 7:31 (12.6MB)
Track 112. Crazy Fingers 7:04 (11.9MB)
77 mins

Disc 2 (Set 2 cont’d)
Track 201. Estimated Prophet 10:54 (18.3MB)
Track 202. Samson And Delilah 6:20 (10.6MB)
Track 203. Drums 9:23 (15.8MB)
Track 204. Space 12:42 (21.3MB)
Track 205. The Wheel 4:53 (8.2MB)
Track 206. I Need A Miracle 4:35 (7.7MB)
Track 207. Morning Dew 10:35 (17.8MB)
Track 208. Crowd 0:37 (1.1MB)
Track 209. US Blues 5:17 (8.9MB)
66 mins

* First time played.

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  1. 42 Responses to “GRATEFUL DEAD - OAKLAND 1993”

  2. I WAS THERE!!!!!

    By The Russian Assassin on Feb 5, 2015

  3. Hey Russian Assassin, I was there as well. Did you do the entire run? I was in the taper section with friends.There was nothing like being on the road with the boys. Good times and great people. Never had such a good time!!!

    By Long Beach Bill on Feb 5, 2015

  4. take away the pot and psychedelics and you have a bunch of long haired twiddlers noodling endlessly,singing poorly,writing terribly and followed by mindless nubs.

    By gold medal on Feb 5, 2015

  5. PLease, someone stop it! Ghastly overrated noodling

    By Elena Maughan on Feb 6, 2015

  6. thanks for sharing your pig-ignorant opinion, gold medal. To be sure, there was some noodling, some imperfect singing, and some mindless fans. But there was also inspired improvisation, emotionally true and evocative singing (if imperfect), and some of the smartest, funniest, and most human and humane people I’ve ever known in the audience.
    As for writing, you’re an idiot. The body of work that Garcia & Hunter compiled is matched only by Dylan and Joni Mitchell, in my opinion, and that of many others. Ask Elvis Costello about it.

    By Sven DiMilo on Feb 6, 2015

  7. GO SVEN GO!!!thanks for what i’m sure will be an entertaining show, bigO!

    By metaljohn333 on Feb 6, 2015

  8. garcia and hunter can`t hold a candle to dylan. look what all that dope haze has done to your brain. elvis costello ? what the hell does he have to do with the dead other than applaud their demise?

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  9. Bill!

    I was there all 3 nights as well. And matter of fact, I sat in the tapers section the last night… the ORNETTE COLEMAN night. I was on the fence about going, but am so glad I did.

    Wow… 22 years ago this month. Just seems like yesterday

    By The Russian Assassin on Feb 6, 2015

  10. - is the Oakland Show with Ornette Coleman

    By jdallenx on Feb 6, 2015

  11. id be interested in getting hold of these shows -

    By darth on Feb 6, 2015

  12. You’re entitled to your opinion, Gold Medal, but Dylan himself would beg to differ. He’s collaborated with Jerry onstage and written with Hunter.

    By drkrick on Feb 6, 2015

  13. What does Elvis Costello have to do with The Grateful Dead?

    He saw them in England in 1972.

    He performed with Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir (among others) at Village Music in Mill Valley, CA in April 1989.

    He recorded “Ship of Fools” for a Dead tribute album called “Deadicated” in 1991.

    In 1991 Elvis Costello & Jerry Garcia were interviewed by Musician magazine and appeared together on the cover.

    He put 4 Grateful Dead albums on his “500 albums you have to own” article for Vanity Fair in 2000.

    He recorded “Ship of Fools/It Must Have Been the Roses” for a 2000 Dead tribute album called “Stolen Roses” (Bob Dylan recorded “Friend of the Devil” for that album).

    It’s true that in the early 70s he traded Dead albums for Marvin Gaye albums, and in the late 70s he played the role of angry punk rocker for a little while, but he is a longtime admirer.

    You don’t have to like the Grateful Dead, but even people who love musicians who are always in tune and who can play Bach or Steely Dan (or whatever precison-happy music you’re into) perfectly also love the Grateful Dead.

    I’m one of those people. So is Elvis Costello. Deal with it.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Feb 6, 2015

  14. deal yourself a lone hand eric the other

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  15. gold medal, you are a square

    By Elvislives on Feb 6, 2015

  16. thank you thank you very much elvis wannabe

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  17. drivin` that train
    high on cocaine….

    America loves this ? some value system.

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  18. Kinda curious as to what gold medal thinks is good music or songwriting or singing or musicianship, etc…..

    By rick on Feb 6, 2015

  19. …or valuable lyrics, for that matter…

    By rick on Feb 6, 2015

  20. im guessing the bands or artists he likes never did any drugs. im thinking he only likes zappa and nugent then. there arent many out there who i can add to that list really. oh wait.. theres gene simmons.

    By darth on Feb 6, 2015

  21. @gold medal try…

    “one man gathers
    what another man spills…”

    we got it you’re not on the bus…that’s good then it leaves more room for the ones that are on it already & somebody that wants to take the ride with cowboy Neal at the wheel…!


    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 6, 2015

  22. darth u are guessing and guess what, u are wrong as use- U -al

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  23. Rick it wouldn`t matter if i told u who i like or don`t like u would use it against me so there no sense in that silly game.

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  24. @Gold Medal

    You spend a lot of time trashing other people for what they like, but you won’t play that game? Sheesh.

    By Crawdad on Feb 6, 2015

  25. crawdad get back in your mudhole u idiot

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  26. lol. Piece of work you are.

    By Crawdad on Feb 6, 2015

  27. I hate weighing in on these conversations but here I go…………..

    1. we are all untitled to our opinions.
    2. Appreciating or not appreciating any particular band or performer is nothing but your opinion.
    3.One man’s opinion of overrated noodling is another man’s “Kind of Blue”
    4 I loved the dead - in my era - The early 70’s to me the music from that era - late 60’s up through Wake of the flood stands up through today
    5. Even among deadheads - certain eras or performers are loved or hated
    If you are not a deadhead - you just aren’t - it doesn’t mean you are any better or any worse. Well maybe…..
    6. Wow — judging the American value system on two lines of one song by a rock and roll band. - thats a bit of a stretch for anyone….
    7. Any band thats been performing for that long is going to have its ups and downs - even long periods of ups and downs, it doesn’t matter if its rock, jazz or country, or anything else - you use Dylan as a point of reference - and complain about the dead not being able to sing? Have you listened to old Bobby boy lately?
    8. Hero-worship or hating does no one any good - you like it - listen to it.
    if you don’t let it go. Just because I don’t like to listen to Zappa for example doesn’t mean that I think people that do are idiots. Good for them. I can appreciate he was a great guitar player and an interesting person. That doesn’t mean Im going to like his music.

    By dwight on Feb 6, 2015

  28. darth is the only one who understands what i`m saying and even he is guessing at best
    u don`t have to know who i like ,u are on a grateful dead post so keep it there.

    By gold medal on Feb 6, 2015

  29. no i dont understand what u are saying. not even a little.
    im guessing that u are claiming u like musicians who dont or didnt do drugs. but thats preposterous. there are nearly none. i named the 3 i could think of off the top of my head.
    i dont think u know who u like.. u sure like to talk about who u dont like tho. u sure cant come up with names of who u do like tho since youre putting down bands/artists that have lyrics about drugs. hey even zappa had those.
    the point is u are just posting comments in an effort to upset others. good job.

    By darth on Feb 7, 2015

  30. Darth c`mon man we are kindred spirits me and u
    no matter what we say others are haters.right ?
    i don`t like zappa either.

    By gold medal on Feb 7, 2015

  31. I am not interested in what kind of music gold medal likes or doesn’t like. He may come up with an insulting reply to this post, or he may ignore it, but he won’t contribute anything worthwhile to a discussion about The Grateful Dead, music, or anything else.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Feb 7, 2015

  32. gold medal, you are actually a square peg in an A-hole!

    By Elvislives on Feb 7, 2015

  33. For the record Zappa wasn’t a guess - I couldn’t care less - just an example that I came up with scanning the right side of the page

    By dwight on Feb 7, 2015

  34. Thanks for this post…and the link for the Ornette Coleman show. 2 shows for the price of none!! Make sure the rest of y’all fight nice, alreet??!

    By bslakie on Feb 7, 2015

  35. @dwight. Thank you for your excellent, well reasoned post. like a breath of fresh air

    By Je Suis Darth on Feb 7, 2015

  36. Eric did I nice job detailing Costello’s love for the Dead. but I wanted to also mention that Elvis, along with his wife Diana Krall, joined Bob Weir and Phil Lesh with their recent band Furthur onstage for a few songs in NYC a couple of years ago. Great show!

    Elvis also wrote some lovely notes for the Deadicated tribute album (which, as Eric mentioned, he covered “Ship of Fools” on) talking about how he saw the Dead on a couple of their UK tours in the early-mid 70s.

    By Shaun on Feb 7, 2015

  37. About Dylan & the Dead. Besides touring together in 1987 (not the best tour for either of them, but there were some good moments). The tour rehearsals, which are easy enough to find online, are terrific. Bob’s credited that time with the Dead for encouraging him to start playing lesser-known songs from his catalogue.

    Bob went on to join them onstage several more times in the late 80s/early 90s, then toured on a double bill with Phil Lesh & Friends in the late 90s, then opened a bunch of shows for the re-grouped Dead (post-Garcia) in the early-mid 2000s. Each night on that tour he joined the Dead mid-set for a handful of songs.

    Bob’s played “Friend of the Devil” onstage a number of times in the last couple of decades, and often spoken of his friendship and great admiration for Garcia. Hell, Jerry first joined Bob onstage for a show back in 1980.

    I think it’s pretty clear he digs the Dead too. Every time I’ve seen him play for a Deadhead crowd he seemed to be enjoying himself, and the crowd, and gave his all more than some of the other times I’ve seen Dylan play.

    By Shaun on Feb 7, 2015

  38. I love Dylan but i thought his Dead tour was shite.

    By sluggo on Feb 7, 2015

  39. Never did understand why someone has to try to prove they are a better music fan by knocking another’s choices. I saw my first Dead show in 81, and kept going til the end. To me they started losing their touch in the 90’s, but every once in a while there would be an incredible show. It was worth the risk to go. Also saw Dylan/Dead in 87. Good show, although you have to keep in mind the tour was all in stadiums.

    And Elvis? I first saw him in 82 as an opener for Genesis. Couldn’t stand him, and most of the artists like him. They didn’t fit into the progressive/hard rock dinos I liked. Got dragged to the spinning songbook tour in 86 and loved it. I’ve seen him many times since.

    By grimjack on Feb 7, 2015

  40. Also saw Dylan do “Alabama Getaway” in 95.

    By grimjack on Feb 7, 2015

  41. Thanks, Shaun. I didn’t know about the Furthur show, and I will look for a recording of it. And GrimJack, I agree. I saw the Dead in the mid ’80s, before “Touch of Gray” and the venues were a little smaller, the crowd was friendly, and the shows ranged from okay (”Day Job,” anyone?) to inspired.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Feb 7, 2015

  42. There was nothing like them, nor since. But their last whiff of greatness was Spring 1990. I don’t they did even a dozen listenable shows over the next five years.

    By thor on Feb 13, 2015

  43. In case anyone is interested in the actual performances here, the sound quality is very good. As noted, the mixes are a bit odd, with some of the vocals and guitars buried a bit. The vocals aren’t great so some might prefer them down on some of these tracks, but another up side is that the rhythm section gets a chance to shine, which they do. “Bertha” and “US Blues” get strong treatments and “Liberty” is a less familiar but strong song apparently played here live for the first time. Phil Lesh sounds great on this tune.

    By Jania on Feb 20, 2015

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