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Chicago 2000 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Levin Performance Studio, Chicago, IL; December 9, 2000 (rebroadcast December 19, 2015). Very good FM.

Kiltartan Road runs through the barony of Kiltartan in County Galway, Ireland. It was there, through the work of Yeats, Gregory, Synge, and their companions, that Irish folklore and folk speech entered into the mainstream of English poetry and theatre. -

“A joy. Poetry to the ears. Alternately tender and rousing… Joseph Sobol’s song settings mirror the Irish master equally in joy and sorrow. Yeats would be proud to hear his verse so magically restored. Yeats urged himself to “write for the ear so that you may be instantly understood, as when actor or folk singer stands before an audience.” Backed by singers Kathy Cowan and Tom Orf, guitarist Sobol does just that…” - Chicago Tribune

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Thanks to mdshrk1 for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.

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Track 01. Carol of the Fieldmice 4:53 (8.2MB)
Track 02. Ave Maria/What’cha Gonna Call That Pretty Little Baby 4:43 (7.9MB)
Track 03. Last Night as I Lay Sleeping 4:18 (7.2MB)
Track 04. Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake 3:19 (5.6MB)
Track 05. Cry of a Tiny Babe 6:32 (11.0MB)
Track 06. Corpus Christi Carol 4:06 (6.9MB)
Track 07. Apples in Winter/Christmas Eve 4:35 (7.7MB)
Track 08. Lake Isle of Inisfree 6:11 (10.4MB)
Track 09. Christmas Childhood/O Men from the Fields/Round the Glory Manger 7:45 (13.0MB)
Track 10. Gesu Bambino/O Come Let Us Adore Him 4:41 (7.9MB)
Track 11. Where Did You Come From/Angels We’ve Heard On High 5:49 (9.8MB)
57 mins

Joseph Sobol - guitar
Kathy Cowan - vocal
Tom Orf - guitar, citern

Click here to order A Kiltartan Road Christmas (1995).

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