January 12, 2016 – 11:06 am

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DAVID BOWIE R.I.P. 1947-2016

Singer David Bowie has died from liver cancer on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69. The following note was posted at “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.” The singer only released his latest album Blackstar on his birthday on January 8, 2016. There had been rumours about Bowie’s health for years. His last live performance was at a New York charity concert in 2006. Bowie’s breakthrough came with 1972’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. His hits include Let’s Dance, Space Oddity, Heroes, Under Pressure, Rebel, Rebel, Life on Mars and Suffragette City. Bowie was a figure in popular music for over four decades, and was known as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. His androgynous appearance was an iconic element of his image, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s. - BBC/wikipedia

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New York 1973 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Radio City Music Hall, New York; February 15, 1973. Fairly to very good audience recording.

Woody Woodmansey is the only survivor of David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars. Hear the entire band as they play their second U.S. Tour in 1973, 40 over years ago. Bowie, Ronson, Bolder and Woody, here they come now… The Spiders From Mars. [Click here for Woody Woodmansey in Portland 2016.]

Thanks to Stranger009 for sharing the show at Dime. [There is a likelihood that this show was sourced from the “Soul Asylum” bootleg. Thanks to the original taper of the Radio City show.]

LP > tape > Nakamichi Tapedeck > CD-R > Audacity > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC
low gen tape > Nakamichi Tapedeck > CD-R > Audacity > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC
Source: TDKSA90 Cassette > TEAC Tape Deck w600r > RealTek HD Audio Manager > Audacity > Wav > FLAC Front End 8
Above > Audacity + mda_image > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1 (Set 1)
Track 101. Intro 0:28 (800k)
Track 102. Hang onto Yourself 2:51 (4.8MB)
Track 103. Ziggy Stardust 3:18 (5.6MB)
Track 104. Changes 3:33 (6.0MB)
Track 105. Soul Love 3:50 (6.4MB)
Track 106. John I’m only Dancing 2:39 (4.5MB)
Track 107. Drive in Saturday 4:35 (7.7MB)
Track 108. Five Years 3:49 (6.4MB)
Track 109. Space Oddity 5:29 (9.2MB)
Track 110. My Death 6:21 (10.7MB)
37 mins

Disc 2 (Set 2)
Track 201. cosmos 1:10 (2.0MB)
Track 202. The Supermen 2:44 (4.6MB)
Track 203. Aladdin Sane 5:35 (9.4MB)
Track 204. Panic in Detroit 4:27 (7.5MB)
Track 205. Moonage Daydream 5:05 (8.5MB)
Track 206. Width of a Circle 10:43 (18.0MB)
Track 207. Time 5:25 (9.1MB)
Track 208. Let’s Spend The Night Together 3:13 (5.4MB)
Track 209. Watch That Man 4:25 (7.4MB)
Track 210. Suffragette City 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 211. Rock and Roll Suicide 3:51 (6.5MB)
51 mins

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For those who want them, here are the “raw” or “untouched” tracks from the Soul Asylum bootleg. Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2004.

Track 01. Intro/Ode To Joy 2:36 (4.4MB)
Track 02. Hang Onto Yourself 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 03. Ziggy Stardust 3:19 (5.6MB)
Track 04. Changes 3:33 (6.0MB)
Track 05. Soul Love 3:48 (6.4MB)
Track 06. I’m Only Dancing 2:53 (4.8MB)
Track 07. Drive In Saturday 4:36 (7.7MB)
Track 08. Five Years 3:50 (6.5MB)
Track 09. Space Oddity 4:56 (8.3MB)
Track 10. My Death 5:52 (9.9MB)
Track 11. The Supermen 4:00 (6.7MB)
Track 12. Aladdin Sane 5:44 (9.6MB)
Track 13. Panic In Detroit 4:23 (7.4MB)
Track 14. Moonage Daydream 5:08 (8.6MB)
Track 15. The Width Of A Circle 10:45 (18.1MB)
Track 16. Time 5:29 (9.2MB)
Track 17. Let’s Spend The Night Together 3:22 (5.7MB)
Track 18. Watch That Man 4:26 (7.5MB)
Track 19. Suffragette City 3:46 (6.3MB)
Track 20. Rock N Roll Suicide 4:03 (6.8MB)
90 mins

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Click here to order David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar (2016).

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  2. A sad day indeed. Great gig posted. Thank you

    By natel nawami on Jan 12, 2016

  3. Whatever one thinks of his music, Bowie never really gets the credit he’s more than earned, for - soon after hitting the big time - lending his prestige to back a number of musicians on the skids whom he admired, to get them some attention, recording contracts, and back on their musical feet, most prominently Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mott the Hoople (wherever did that name come from????)…

    By Happy Camper on Jan 12, 2016

  4. Great sadness filled my heart waking up to this.

    By Darths mother on Jan 12, 2016

  5. This sounds odd to my ears…not any better than the FLAC version on Dime….did you happen to read the ‘comments’ on Dime of the re-recording ‘digitizing’ this guy did to the recording? Shoot I don’t know, maybe it’s my ears….YMMV

    By randolph on Jan 12, 2016

  6. Naked and Wired is a compilation to grace any collection. Bassman rates it as the best ever. It comes, it goes and is not often seen on any of the sites. It is still live on this site.

    By ND on Jan 13, 2016

  7. Many thanks, Big O. I know some folks who are gonna love this one. Expect more visitors…

    By dr.golgo on Jan 13, 2016

  8. Thank you Mr Bowie you will always be a legend R.I.P.

    By Sarah Novak on Jan 13, 2016

  9. So sad, he will be missed. Great talent. Any Bowie shows from the 1976 America tour??? Hoping for SBD, too many audience tapes sound bad. Thanks for everything you do!!!

    By Webwar on Jan 13, 2016

  10. Heartbreaking, devastating ,havent felt such a sense of loss since John Lennon, the fact that he was also a wonderful human being and leaves behind a young daughter makes it even more devastating

    By COREY M on Jan 13, 2016

  11. To those of you going batshit crazy with self-induced hysterical grief, let me ask you something: do you know anybody who’s had terminal cancer? If you don’t then I suggest you stop your wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth & crocodile tears.
    I will spare you details. But I suggest you look inward and at least TRY to be grateful for the gift of life - David’s was taken from him in a horrible way.

    By Johannes Bols on Jan 13, 2016

  12. You are right David had a horrible end , but by all accounts fought it to the end and apparently very few people knew as he didnt want anyones pity or sympathy. All of this only re enforces what kind of person he was, The epitome of dignity and class.Sad for myself and music lovers everywhere ? sure as he was one of the Idols of my youth just like Dylan, McCartney, Jagger,Elton ecc, but sadder still for his very young teen daughter who has lost her Father

    By COREY M on Jan 14, 2016

  13. You’re still an asshole, Corey M.

    By darths keyboard on Jan 14, 2016

  14. Corey,

    I survived cancer. You have to be an asshole to survive cancer. However, did I call you an asshole. No, so now pls allow me to let YOU know that my ancestors were gentlemen whilst yours were still hanging by their tails from trees. Do try to be polite in future. There’s a good fellow… ;`]

    By Johannes Bols on Jan 14, 2016

  15. Dont get the beef, David is gone, we are all saddened by it , not the time or place for petty disputes and name calling, Sorry to hear of your cancer fight , glad you beat it

    By COREY M on Jan 14, 2016

  16. I maintain that his young daughter is the one to feel for, Something that will stay with her forever, having lost both my parents before turning 13 and now on the verge of being a geezer i can speak from expereance that although you learn to cope you never forget or recover from the loss completly

    By COREY M on Jan 14, 2016

  17. Give it a rest, Corey. Thanks.

    By COREY M's KEYBOARD on Jan 14, 2016

  18. Bowie expanded the Spiders From Mars in mid-January 1973, adding more material to the set from Alladin Sane, which would not be released until April of that year. This is an important release, as an example of a set from that line-up:
    David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
    Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
    Trevor Bolder – bass
    Mick “Woody” Woodmansey – drums
    Mike Garson – piano, mellotron, organ (22 September 1972 – end of tour)
    Geoffrey A. MacCormack – backing vocals, percussion (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
    Ken Fordham – saxophone (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
    Brian Wilshaw – saxophone, flute (19 January 1973 – end of tour)

    By bill on Jan 15, 2016

  19. Big O, really appreciate the continued updates. Man, it’s been a helluva week.

    All the best to you!

    By dr.golgo on Jan 16, 2016

  20. thanks for posting this, BigO.

    I listened to some tracks from both versions of the show you have posted and the soul asylum version is much clearer. It sounds like the other version has had the bass boosted but it destroys the clarity of the drums and of the vocals.

    By bowie Lover on Jan 16, 2016

  21. re: bowie Lover’s comments on bass boost and clarity: compare the center break section of the two Space Odditys. The bass boost makes the instrumental muddier, while the original allows you to hear the audience joining in much better. It sounds more “live”. But there are areas where the bass boost gives a “fuller” sound, reminding me of 8-tracks in the car. So it’s wonderful that BigO let us have both experiences to choose from. Or d/l both if you like.

    By ScarRad on Jan 17, 2016

  22. “reminding me of 8-tracks in the car”

    who can ever forget that loud ‘click’ in the middle of a song when the tape changed tracks? i bought a very worn copy of “Who’s Next” for a dollar at a flea market last year. it looks pretty cool on the shelf next to “Are You Experienced?”

    By barth on Jan 17, 2016

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