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The Last Goodbye 1968 [Mid Valley, 3CD]

Live at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA; October 4, 1968. The Forum, Los Angeles, CA; October 19, 1968. Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; November 26, 1968. Very good soundboards.

Some of these tracks have previously been released on the Lost Farewell Masters (Watch Tower, click here). These new soundboards, released in February 2016, are said to have “perfect sound (from multi-track masters) offering ‘official quality sound’.” As collectorsmusicreviews said, “This may be one of the best Cream releases to be announced in the past few years… and a definite claim for your collection.”

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Thanks to ethiessen1 and to Dowling for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

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Disc 1
Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA; October 4, 1968
101. White Room - Omitted *
102. Politician - Omitted *
Track 103. Crossroads 4:03 (6.8MB)
Track 104. Sunshine Of Your Love 5:32 (9.3MB)
Track 105. Spoonful 16:55 (28.4MB)
106. Deserted Cities Of The Heart - Omitted *
Track 107. Passing The Time 10:48 (18.1MB)
Track 108. I’m So Glad 7:01 (11.8MB)
61 mins

* Available on Live Cream Vol 2.

Disc 2
The Forum, Inglewood, CA; October 19, 1968
Track 201. White Room 7:03 (11.8MB)
202. Politician - Omitted **
203. I’m So Glad - Omitted **
204. Sitting On Top Of The World - Omitted **
Track 205. Crossroads 4:22 (7.3MB)
Track 206. Sunshine Of Your Love 6:39 (11.2MB)
Track 207. Train Time 8:07 (13.6MB)
Track 208. Toad 12:46 (21.5MB)
Track 209. Spoonful 17:22 (29.2MB)
78 mins

** Available on Goodbye Cream.

Disc 3
Sports Arena, San Diego, CA; October 20, 1968
Click here for the tracks.

Disc 4
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; November 26, 1968
Track 401. Introduction 1:47 (3.0MB)
Track 402. White Room 6:02 (10.2MB)
Track 403. Politician 6:29 (10.9MB)
Track 404. I’m So Glad 6:59 (11.7MB)
Track 405. Sitting On Top Of The World 4:57 (8.3MB)
Track 406. Crossroads 4:35 (7.7MB)
Track 407. Toad 11:13 (18.8MB)
Track 408. Spoonful 16:05 (27.1MB)
Track 409. Sunshine Of Your Love 8:04 (13.6MB)
Track 410. Stepping Out 4:37 (7.8MB)
71 mins

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce - bass, vocals
Ginger Baker - drums

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  1. 12 Responses to “CREAM - THE LAST GOODBYE 1968”

  2. Wow I am guessing thanks owed to sluggo (legend!) to ask for all four discs - Thanks for this Big O great to have it all . . . . well most of it

    Great quality

    By swappers on May 12, 2016

  3. Ditto ! Thanks to Sluggo and BigO. It’s pretty
    easy to complete LA and Oakland.

    By fred astaire jr on May 12, 2016

  4. hey..thanks goes to Bigo O here for sure!!!!

    By sluggo on May 12, 2016

  5. May thanks for this (and disc 3). It’s great to finally hear these shows in soundboard quality. When you think back to what else was going on musically in ‘68, Cream was far ahead of their time and still sound fresh today, nearly 50 years later.

    By ictus75 on May 12, 2016

  6. one of my favorite bands ever…thanks again for a real gem, bigO!

    By metaljohn333 on May 12, 2016

  7. Wow…thanks for this and for CD3 too…the “Complete” Goodbye. Always loved the live tracks off Goodbye and Live Cream, but always wishing to hear more from these shows. Can’t do any better than this…wonder why they never decided to put this out as a legit box.

    Also thanks for the John Denver 1982 and re-posting the 73 Purple show in Berlin. I’ve got a lot of listening to do now!

    By MisterManiac on May 13, 2016

  8. Wow! What a treat! Big thanks to BigO!

    By swlabr on May 13, 2016

  9. As far as sourcing the omitted tracks: 10/04/68 (complete) is available under the title “Silver Horses Running Moonbeams In Your Dark Eyes” - in SBD but likely not remixed/remastered (as this newer version is). 10/19/68 (complete) is likewise available as “Sweet Cream”…and, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a glitch inherent in the original source at the very beginning of “White Room.” Curious to hear if it’s in this version. 10/20/68 (complete) was posted here the other day. Finally, 10/18/68 (partial) is available on disc #2 of “Roaring Marshall Stacks.” Enjoy! Peace to Jack, Eric & Ginger.

    By je n'regret rien on May 14, 2016

  10. The beginning of Clapton’s solo on “Sunshine Of Your Love” at the Forum is a real Highlight. Thanks a lot !

    By Triojazz on May 17, 2016

  11. Track 209 corrupt at 16:31, thank you for all.

    By Gennarino on May 31, 2016

  12. Bernardnpf, I could not have said it better myself. Well done!

    By HHH on Aug 24, 2021

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