September 21, 2016 – 6:18 am

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It’s Going To Be A Bit Loud [Godfather Records GR 547, 1CD]

Live at the Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden; January 9, 1969 (second show). Very good soundboard.

Stuart, collectorsmusicreviews.com (2010):

This release from the Godfather features a rare show from Jimi Hendrix & the Experience. Released originally on Disc 2 of Swingin’ Pig’s “On The Killing Floor” its broadcast on Swedish radio ensures its status as one of the few Hendrix bootlegs worth its salt - the ambience is close to most of the BBC sessions that have been officially released and are in near pin drop quality although while the Beeb never usually had an audience then the audience are loud and clear here though they never distract from the entertainment.

This is the second of two shows played that day - the first being recorded for SVT Swedish Television and available on DVD synced with sound of equal quality on “Live In Sweden”. The following night to this show appears on Midnight Beat’s “Welcome To The Electric Circus” [MB CD 016] - the sound of the Midnight Beat CD is nowhere near comparable to this release. According to Hagar’s review of the above DVD then Jimi seems distracted tonight - hardly acknowledging his fellow band members or even the audience but while this may be true then his playing is never anything than exemplary and sounds like Jimi at his peek.

The disc starts with a lengthy intro while Jimi and Noel banter between each other - Jimi dedicating the following song to the far right while the audience, obviously here for the hits and not the politics, shout out for “Wild Thing” to which Noel quips: “I know her well she’s really nice.” Once Jimi has rambled with his dedication to Wally (which was apparently the lost dog of a hippy at Woodstock) and The Rabbits he spins out a riff that folds to nothing, the band begin to prepare again and warm up before launching in to “I Don’t Live Today” - a rabid, funky and skewed version - circumnavigating around a tribal beat before quickly leaving the core of the song behind and mutating into a sprawling screed that increases in speed until it melts in a crunchy, feedback heavy discord that nearly brings the roof down.

Jimi’s in a quiet mood tonight although he does get round to chatting with the crowd and the radio listeners, getting lost in his own words sometimes. Once the song finishes Noel notes the title again and then Jimi speaks at length about the loudness of the set and how the electricity affects his fuzz tones and his guitar, tuning up and yet again dedicates  “Spanish Castle Magic” to the “Little Band Of Gypsies over there in the A section”.

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Thanks to CAPTAiN24 for sharing the show on the net.

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Track 01. I Don’t Live Today 11:25 (27.4MB)
Track 02. Spanish Castle Magic 6:10 (14.8MB)
Track 03. Hey Joe 7:08 (17.1MB)
Track 04. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 9:50 (23.6MB)
Track 05. Sunshine of Your Love 11:41 (28.0MB)
Track 06. Red House 12:12 (29.3MB)
Track 07. Fire 2:49 (6.8MB)
Track 08. Purple Haze 3:57 (9.5MB)
Track 09. Star Spangled Banner 3:19 (7.9MB)
69 mins

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  1. 72 Responses to “JIMI HENDRIX - STOCKHOLM 1969”

  2. Following the Monkees with their opening act?

    By Willis on Sep 21, 2016

  3. Did someone just imply that Jimi Hendrix was inferior to the Monkees ? Unbelievable

    By John,Dahl on Sep 21, 2016

  4. Great post dudes,now dis is what i mean rock muzak by legends in their prime when they wuz young and in their heyday,not no modern fake plastic computerized shit or old man geezer rock,Hows bout some more Jimi and maybe some doors and credence.Make me happy by postin only shows from da 70s and earlier,70s rock 70s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Sep 21, 2016

  5. Way to go bros,Real man tunes by a real dude no fag shit.boom boom is right about older tunes.Music is shit today

    By Carlos,Cuevas on Sep 21, 2016

  6. Appreciate the great show,Jimi will always be the standard for which other guitarists will be measured How can anyone say that the monkees were better than Jimi ? Who is this guy ?

    By Tony C on Sep 21, 2016

  7. Carlos,Cuevas is homophobic shit every day.

    By Willis on Sep 21, 2016

  8. Tony- Today”s music lesson: Jimi was an opening act for The Monkees at one point. Hence the sarcasm. Obviously Jimi on a whole other musical plane. Only way Monkees surpass Jimi is longevity… They managed to not kill themselves.

    By Rick on Sep 21, 2016

  9. I think Willis’ comment is not fully understood…
    Jimi Hendrix was the opening act for The Monkees for a few dates in 1967. That’s all he is saying, not that The Monkees are better.

    Thanks for the music BigO. 320kbps too! I still hope that one day the posts will be lossless.

    By Crack on Sep 21, 2016

  10. It’s funny how Boom Boom likes the 70s rock which 70s rolls and 70s rules, but uses the word muzak all the time, which is elevator or department store canned music, and in many cases, actually lousy digital versions of classics.

    But he’s right about this being a good post!

    By Chris on Sep 21, 2016

  11. This is a great post, thanks BigO. So much good stuff up on your site right now

    By Bing Bongong on Sep 21, 2016

  12. The Monkees were a joke but just like Mickey Dolan once said “We all knew it was bullshit having Jimi open for the Monkees but I got to see Jimi play every night he was with us and in that way it was fantastic.”A nice set,the sound is a little thin perhaps but most board tapes lack any real bottom end but as a huge Hendrix fan I will snatch it and add it to the collection.Thanks Big-O !!!

    By Couz on Sep 21, 2016

  13. Someone actually implied that the monkees were better musicians than The Jimi Hendrix Experience? Are you serious ? Cmon man whoever you are , get real , what drugs are you on ? And I like the monkees

    By Johnny on Sep 21, 2016

  14. The Monkees are better than Hendrix and a high school Quarterback is better than Tom Brady , seems logical

    By GW on Sep 21, 2016

  15. How can anyone believe that Jimi Hendrix was not as good as the monkees ? That’s like saying the 1910 fruitgum company were better than the Beatles , perhaps a mandatory IQ test should be required before posting comments here would be a good idea

    By Terrence on Sep 21, 2016

  16. Maybe Paul McCartney can open for Miley Cyrus or Ashlee Simpson after all they are better than Sir Paul right ?

    By Terrence on Sep 21, 2016

  17. By this time Jimi , Mitch and Noel were sick of each other and would soon part ways A rather ho hum going through the motions performance by Jimi’s standards but still great of course , Even a bored Jimi was better than most , He seemed invigorated when he teemed with Billy Cox , Buddy Miles and formed band of gypsies . I still don’t understand why he agreed to open for the monkees as their are certain mentally challenged people like the first commenter here who take that to mean that somehow the monkees were better which is ridiculous

    By Corey M on Sep 21, 2016

  18. Corey- It is hard to read sarcasm in text but I think it should be obvious in this case.

    By Rick on Sep 21, 2016

  19. American musical geniuses
    Louis Armstrong ..jazz
    hank Williams.. country
    miles davis.. jazz
    bob Dylan.. folk/ folk rock
    jimi Hendrix.. electric church music

    By sluggo on Sep 21, 2016

  20. Don’t forget Peter Tork , Mike Nesmith , Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz , Legends all , better than Hendrix according to Willis

    By GW on Sep 21, 2016

  21. hahaha wow we have some clods here at big o! nobody put down jimi, or said the monkees were more talented, the experience opened for the monkees only because they were largely unknown in the u.s. at the time-stop defending jimi you cavemen, he isn’t being insulted here. thank you for the Hendrix big-o

    By liquid99 on Sep 21, 2016

  22. Jimi opened for the Monkees only on order of management who wanted to get him gigs. Monterey was over, and he had no tour planned. They agreed to Monkees tour hastily, without knowing the audience/net result. Only one taped show remains from this ill fated tour. I got my copy from a trader who ended up working at a major poster seller “vault”.

    By rich on Sep 21, 2016

  23. Good call, Liquid 99!

    Sluggo- Totally agree with you for Dylan and Hank William. BTW- who would you pick for the Blues? My money’s on John Lee Hooker.

    By Rick on Sep 22, 2016

  24. liquid99.no one said you or anyone else insulted Jimi,Willis was the only one whos referral to Jimi as The Monkees opening act seemed like a put down. as if to say that somehow he was inferior,Sorry if it seems like im missing something,Seems like a put down to me

    By Tony C on Sep 22, 2016

  25. Whats all of this monkees vs Hendrix stuff? Monkees shouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath,Some people actually believe that? Get real

    By Zeke on Sep 22, 2016

  26. Also rich,is that show from the monkees tour available via download ? would love to hear it,Imagine how Jimi felt getting boos and catcalls from screaming girls yelling for Davy,must have been very upsetting for Jimi ,Noel and Mitch

    By Zeke on Sep 22, 2016

  27. good pun, Willis!

    By barth on Sep 22, 2016

  28. I’m new to this fray,but I’ll add my two cents for what it’s worth , the ultimate insult is to imply that Jimi Hendrix was only an opening act for the monkees who by all acounts didn’t even play their instruments , while I enjoy their many hit singles to compare them and in the case of this Willis person put them above the Hendrix experance is ludacriss

    By Slappy on Sep 22, 2016

  29. I look at it like this , I believe the monkees released their first album in Sept of 66 , by Sept of 67 they had released 3 more albums , That’s four albums in a twelve month period all were in the top ten plus one monster hit single after another ,You had to have been there to truly get it , also Davy’s mug was on every magizine cover out there , Monkeemania was almost as big as Beatlemsnia had been in 64 65 plus many of the songs were great catchy tunes with Davy’s love ballads thrown in for diversity so 66 67 were definitely the time of the monkees , so accept reality , Hit singles were what made bands back then not album success of critical aclaim

    By Victor on Sep 22, 2016

  30. Your right , I was eleven years old in 67 and had never heard of Hendrix but was a huge monkees fan as I had been of the Beatles before , by 67 the Beatles had stopped touring and we’re getting into their weird acid period with Sgt Pepper , Magical Mystery tour etc so the Monkees filled that void with those early Beatles style of catchy top forty songs , Artists like Hendrix , Doors , Cream etc didn’t get into till years later after I had matured

    By Jack on Sep 22, 2016

  31. Zeke i’m not a dowloader so dont know if that June 67 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium show is online.

    By Rich on Sep 22, 2016

  32. A welcome addition to my JHE collection. Thanks for sharing!

    By Harold on Sep 22, 2016

  33. The man responsible for booking Jimi on the Monkees tour was his co-manager Mike Jeffrey. He did the deal and rang up his management partner Chas Chandler with the news… Jimi happened to be with Chandler. They were both stunned and in utter disbelief at Jeffrey’s bizarre move. Sadly there would be many more dodgy decisions taken by Jeffrey over the remainder of Jimi’s life and he is down in history as being one of the most devious crooked managers of all. Next time you see Eric Burdon, Hilton Valentine or John Steel, ask them what they thought of Jeffrey and you’ll get some colorful answers!

    By Bruce Skywater on Sep 22, 2016

  34. Found this review of Stockholm 1/9/69: ” The first show is uninspired while the second is probably one of the best that the band played that year with Mitch and Noel providing an excellent platform for Jim’s playing which is nothing short of extraordinary. I suppose what you have here are the two contrasting sides of the Experience. The group by now were exhausted from their never ending touring, playing to large arenas they had almost lost contact with their audience. Hendrix, especially felt this alienation with an audience who he felt demanded he ‘put on a show’ rather than listen to the music. His aside comments at the start of the first show and the sloppy manner of playing that follows would bear this out. On the other hand The Experience were also by now a finely honed unit that could deliver the goods with astounding brilliance as the second show proves.

    But why such a difference between the sets. This was answered by Noel in his 1990 book “Are You Experienced?”

    “Sweden. Always the same problem – no drugs. We were forced to drink the killer Schnapps, and it brought on Jimi’s mood for the first set. In desperation I went out between shows and with much persistence managed to score a leaper. We huddled anxiously over the dressing room table, crushed the pill into a powder, shared it out, and snorted it. The second show was much more together and enthusiastic.”

    By glenn e on Sep 22, 2016

  35. Yeah Bruce,bad rock band managers were infamous back then.Booking Jimi with the Monkees was ridiculous as it had to have been a teenybopper crowd,no way could they appreciate someone like Jimi.Was this before or after Monteray? must have been before as it made Jimi a star and cant believe he would have opened for them afterwards,Mike Jeffery a bad manager so was Allen Klein who ripped off many bands including the Beatles and Stones,The worst manager of all has to have been Stan Polley Badfingers manager who ripped them off so bad that they were completely broke,leading to the suicides of Pete Ham and Tom Evans a horrible human being

    By COREY M on Sep 23, 2016

  36. Stan Polley i believe lived to be a very old man,so much for justice in life

    By COREY M on Sep 23, 2016

  37. American Masters just had a show on Hendrix, which you can see in full for the next month here:


    It’s quite good, and even covers when he opened for the Monkees.

    By Steve MC on Sep 23, 2016

  38. Hendrix opened for the monkees ? Wow that means that the monkees were better , Right Willis Moron

    By Carl on Sep 23, 2016

  39. Who’s the bloody bloke that said the monkees were better than Jimi Hendrix ?Really Mate?

    By Henry AKA London on Sep 23, 2016

  40. heaven help us with our reading comprehension..

    By liquid99 on Sep 23, 2016

  41. Hey Hey this is a great show.
    I ain’t Monkeeing around
    Jimi’s to busy jamming
    to put anybody down (even you know who)

    By Bernestalker on Sep 23, 2016

  42. Who has been referring to Jimi Hendrix as the monkees opening act ? What an absolute insult to one of the greatest musical geniusus of all time , an unbelievable statement

    By Jerry Thompson on Sep 24, 2016

  43. well jerry ill tell you who’s ben insulting jimi - nobody!!! willis made the tragic mistake of posting a tiny clever comment with a bit of wit injected…naturally this was misunderstood by the literary titans here including yourself, so we have 20 posts unnecessarily defending jimi. pretty discouraging-whats the collective iq here at big o, about 80????

    By rozz on Sep 24, 2016

  44. He made the statement and didnt clarify it by saying he was only kidding or better yet made a point of how ridiculous it was to be playing 2nd fiddle.The monkees were much bigger though.I bet they sold more records in 1967 alone than Jimi sold his entire career,I guess that makes them better in some peoples opinions

    By Carl on Sep 24, 2016

  45. You’re an idiot, Carl.
    It was a fact: Hendrix opened for the Monkees. If you had a brain or a sense of humor, you’d understand how it was meant. Clearly, you have neither. (For the record, I’m a big Hendrix fan and couldn’t care less about the Monkees).

    By Willis on Sep 25, 2016

  46. Thanks for the support, rozz, but some people are hopeless.
    You say “why did the chicken cross the road?” and a cretin like Carl or Jerry or Henry says “duuuuh, I don’t see no chicken…”
    So, you either don’t try to be funny or you just ignore the drooling humorless morons.

    By Willis on Sep 25, 2016

  47. ahhh…jeezzz…

    By Purple Hayes and Kid Curry on Sep 25, 2016

  48. you make a statement and when people question and or disagree with the meaning of your comment you backtrack with rebuttals and the audacity to call people idiots,humorless and other names .it would be far more admirable to just own up to your comments and stop trying to spin everything ,The meaning of your comment was clear and to the point and expressed your opinion as idiotic as it was .Its like the public figure who makes an insensitive comment that offends a group of people then when he gets heat he says it was taken out of context.You made the statement ,your meaning was clear nuff said stop bloviating

    By Carl on Sep 25, 2016

  49. this is the no spin zone as bill oreilly likes to say

    By Carl on Sep 25, 2016

  50. Is that person mad because other people think his comments about hendrix were dumb ? the gall unbelievable that he would criticize people who disagree with him

    By Jerry Thompson on Sep 25, 2016

  51. Lets move on folks,enough time spent on one mans stupid opinion who give a shit.lets talk music

    By Victor on Sep 25, 2016

  52. apparently its not cool to say you like artists like the monkees.donny osmond,bay city rollers,archies,fruitgum co and other so called cheesy musical acts so instead of coming out directly and saying i like this knowing you will be laughed at and ridiculed you express it in subtle roundabout ways like calling jimi hendrix an opening act ,clearly a put down and an admission of admiration for the monkees.but why the need to deny it ? i also love the monkees and am unashamed to admit it,those hit singles were catchy as hell and davys ballads still to this day can make me misty eyed as the memories of my youth come flooding back.im sure many people feel the same way but wont admit it for fear of ridicule and being labled cheesy

    By Adam on Sep 25, 2016

  53. Hey Hey Were the monkees , monk monk monkeeing around , were to busy singin to put anybody down , were just tryin to be friendly , cmon now and hear us play , were the young generation and we’ve got somethin to say , From Mike , Peter Micky and Davy to Willis

    By Frank on Sep 25, 2016

  54. poor willis,but he said it so now he must own it

    By Eli on Sep 25, 2016

  55. While everyone is going back and forth over someones silly comment over whether or not it was meant as an insult to Jimi Hrndrix, There are two recent posts here by Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra that have a total of three comments total,just an observation people

    By Cool hand Howie on Sep 25, 2016

  56. It does appear that to get discussions going here that someone has to make a dumb controversial statement as is the case here and then the feeding frenzy begins which only escalates the problem,My only shock is that the Moron is not in the middle of this as he usually pounces during these things with his profanity laced tirades,why not go to the ellington and sinatra posts and give them some love instead of going back and forth over this silly topic

    By Cool hand Howie on Sep 25, 2016

  57. These nuts are going back and forth on your chin, Howie.

    Thanks for the shout out, moron!

    By Cool hand Howie Moron on Sep 25, 2016

  58. tis hard to believe how many people didnt see the joke for what it is… a joke…

    its best to ignore a troll, not feed it… tis also hard to believe how many people cant see that…

    By barth on Sep 25, 2016

  59. this individual should not feel the need to apologize for liking the monkees or not liking hendrix if thats the case.Im unashamed to admit that i have a soft spot for Abba,The Carpenters.Air Supply Christopher Cross among other acts that im sure most would consider not talented and cheesy,but unlike this Willis person ill just admit it,that being said this topic has gotten tiresome please lets move on from it

    By Adam on Sep 25, 2016

  60. could it be that willis and the moron are the same person? he used the word moron in one of his comments,just a thought

    By Jack on Sep 25, 2016

  61. could it be that Jack is a moron? yes.

    think about these nuts on his chin.

    By Jack Off on Sep 25, 2016

  62. having a bit of fun?? that’s about enough from jack, eli, carl, frank on this matter. why don’t you guys {1 guy??}, head over to sinatra and ellington and give some love regardless of whether you download the show or even like the music at all-do it because Howie thinks those posts are lonely..

    By loma prieta on Sep 25, 2016

  63. willis and his alter ego the moron,seems logical.im a believer ,no pun intended

    By Jack on Sep 26, 2016

  64. Monkees are the best

    By TJ on Sep 26, 2016

  65. One individual makes a stupid ill thought out comment and then the floodgates open.Whether it was meant as a joke or not know one can know for sure but who cares.Everyone is entitled to their opinion.A few admonishments would have been plenty,but typical of the loons on this site it goes on and on .Lesson ,never express any opinion ever at least here as you will be crucified. As ive said many times,the music here is great listen and download but if you comment here you are risking verbal torture

    By Chuck in Texas on Sep 26, 2016

  66. Yeee HAW pardners it’s like a good old fashioned Texas lynch mob right chere on the bigO ranch! Who brought the rope?

    Y’all best get your panties unbunched, ya hear? Humorless friggin’ morons…

    By Chuck Amuck on Sep 26, 2016

  67. nice try chuck amuck/ the moron another of your many personas .your shtick is so obvious its laughable

    By Tony C on Sep 30, 2016

  68. there are always missunderstandings in humor and syntax.
    Jimmy was the first guitarist I know had his guitar singing words. That’s what charmed me. he had a great command of the beat and wow wow sounds. he also went through changes in timing and tuning quite well.
    He must of had a huge music talent inside from birth. he was tottally different.
    I agree with the one gentelman who said, “then I heard Jimmy.”

    I loved his stuff and suffered and still suffer from not having him here.
    I pray for him.

    By corwin Brookshire on Oct 7, 2016

  69. Damn good share pal. It’s very hard to find, specially on mp3

    By Alan on Nov 28, 2016

  70. This is a super great live performance - considering the great sound quality, can’t understand at all why this one has never been officially released .

    By Derek Taylor on Nov 28, 2016

  71. Dick Cavett: How does it feel to be the world’s greatest guitar player?

    Jimi Hendrix: I don’t know. Ask Mike Nesmith.

    By Willis on Dec 29, 2016

  72. one trick pony, willis?

    By Mike London on Dec 29, 2016

  73. If Hendrix fans, a good CD to get is Jimi Hendrix on the BBC. Stuff you won’t get elsewhere. Any CD of Live on the BBC of any artist you like should always be part of your set due to the law that anything played had to be live due to Union rules during the 60’s. That made every song different and live but in studio quality and generally no screaming, talking, whoop-whoop nonsense. Artists would do stuff not found elsewhere. There are also short questions, and oddball stuff like Hendrix coming up with a radio jingle for BBC-1!

    By ScarRad on May 3, 2017

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