October 14, 2016 – 2:33 pm

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Desert Trip 2016 [no label, 2CD]

Live at Coachella Fairgrounds, Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA; October 7, 2016. Fairly to very good audience recording.

For those who want it - this is the complete show.

Thanks to Scooter123 for sharing the show at Dime.

Scooter123 noted:

Woodstock couldn’t get the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Bob Dylan in 1969. That miracle lineup was an impossibility then and for most of the years since, until the producers of Coachella finally made a facsimile of that ’60s triumvirate real with this weekend’s three-day Desert Trip festival in Southern California.

The Stones’ set was short on special effects (other than some fireworks near the very end) and none were needed. Stripped down, the Stones are still a rock & roll band to be feared.

Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox Platinum
Recorder: Sony M-10
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey [Flac Transfer L8]
Location: Left Center

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Pictures by Bjørnulf Vik, posted at - Thanks!

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Disc 1
Track 101. Start Me Up 7:54 (19.0MB)
Track 102. banter 0:14 (572k)
Track 103. Out of Control 6:29 (15.6MB)
Track 104. banter 0:32 (1.3MB)
Track 105. Ride Em On Down 2:53 (6.9MB)
Track 106. banter 0:15 (611k)
Track 107. Mixed Emotions 4:58 (11.9MB)
Track 108. Wild Horses 4:54 (11.8MB)
Track 109. It’s Only Rock and Roll 4:59 (11.9MB)
Track 110. banter 0:25 (989k)
Track 111. Come Together 4:18 (10.3MB)
Track 112. Tumbling Dice 3:57 (9.5MB)
Track 113. Honky Tonk Women 4:36 (11.0MB)
Track 114. banter 3:51 (9.3MB)
Track 115. Slippin Away 6:01 (14.4MB)
Track 116. Little T&A 4:11 (10.0MB)
61 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Midnight Rambler 11:59 (28.8MB)
Track 202. banter 0:48 (1.9MB)
Track 203. Miss You 8:07 (19.5MB)
Track 204. Gimme Shelter 7:20 (17.6MB)
Track 205. Sympathy for the Devil 7:20 (17.6MB)
Track 206. Brown Sugar 5:53 (14.1MB)
Track 207. Jumping Jack Flash 5:30 (13.2MB)
Track 208. You Can’t Always Get What You Want * 8:10 (19.6MB)
Track 209. banter 0:30 (1.2MB)
Track 210. Satisfaction 7:27 (17.9MB)
63 mins

Mick Jaeger - vocals, guitar
Keith Richards - guitar, vocals
Ronnie Wood - guitar
Charlie Watts - drums

Bernard Fowler - vocals, percussion
Sasha Allen - vocals
Tim Ries - sax, keyboards
Karl Denson - sax
Matt Clifford - keyboards, percussion, French horn
Chuck Level - keyboards, percussion, vocals
Daryl Jones - bass
* USC Thorton Chamber Singers

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  2. Dudes , I is not too happy today , all these geezer shows posted lately , Stones , Neil Young and more , Da 70s wuz da best so why not just post da 70s Muzak before dey became geezers who can’t cut da mustard anymore , You wuz making very happy for awhile but now old man Muzak has returned , Dudes , please keep it in da 70s 70s Rock 70 s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Oct 14, 2016

  3. Boom Boom, go back where you came from, please. You just make me tired.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 14, 2016

  4. Chuck Leavell

    By JR on Oct 14, 2016

  5. boom boom, I hope big o stops posting any shows from the 70’s so that you’re unhappy all the time-sick of seeing your stupid shit posted all over this site! I know this wont do any good but give the rest of us a break man, and thank you big o for all the VARIETY

    By jon jon on Oct 14, 2016

  6. incredible how expensive the “desert trip” was, definitely a unique once in a lifetime type situation but still making 6-9 million for 3 days work is pretty gross in todays world…imo

    By jon jon on Oct 14, 2016

  7. its interesting-while the guitar playing by Richards and wood is greatly diminished, jaggers vocals don’t seem to me to be significantly different than he sounded in 1980

    By jon jon on Oct 14, 2016

  8. Boom Boom you really get on my tit!!!!!!! Do the letters F O mean anything to you? Why don’t you pull your lips over the top of your head and swallow!!!!!!!

    By Lucifer on Oct 15, 2016

  9. it looks like the geezers are still able to cut the mustard despite what one tiresome punch drunk pugilist says.

    By barth on Oct 15, 2016

  10. Of course da playin is shit by Keef and Wood cause dey is ole geezers , like I says da 70s wuz dA best , 60s good too please make me happy by postin some stones from there 72 US STP tour , Dey was wicked back den , hadn’t even turned 30 yet sept for maybe Bill Wyman Stevie Wonder opened for dem , Truman Capote , Dick cavett and Andy Warhol wuz wit dem much of da tour Keef would kill a bottle of Jack a day as well as all da smack he wuz shootin , Mick Taylor wuz playin dem great clean licks and Jagger was screwin Sable Starr , Lori Maddox , Bebe Buell and all da rest of dem groupie chicks Oh my god da 70s can’t never be dat good again 70 s Rock 70s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Oct 15, 2016

  11. I believe the song Star Star or more infamously known as Starfucker was about Sable Star and the other groupie girls at the time

    By GW on Oct 15, 2016

  12. ,Not sure how many people were at DESERT TRIP 2016 but most reveiws have been very positive and a lot of people are saying it was one of the best Dylan shows ever,So boom boom time to give it up,this proves once and for all you know Shit!
    By skinned knees on Oct 14, 2016

    By skinned knees on Oct 15, 2016

  13. My God, big O moderators, can you please block Boom Boom Mancini from posting? I used to come to these blogs often, and loved doing so. But after the darth nightmare and now whoever is posting these awful, rambling, incoherent Boom Boom Mancini entries on every up you folks graciously provide, the experience is being ruined. I’m not seeing a great many of the knowledgeable posters anymore. This guy is single-handedly hijacking your blog.

    By Mr. Jimmy on Oct 15, 2016

  14. Boom Boom is actually quite funny , not really offensive or profane like some others here , If you want to block people how about this Moron idiot and also this wacko who refers to himself as everyone else ,those two are the worst by far

    By Victor on Oct 15, 2016

  15. I think Boom Boom has struck a cord , He is soright on about the nineteen seventies being he best decade for music , don’t see how anyone can dispute that

    By Matt on Oct 15, 2016

  16. Victor/Loser- These nuts on your chin are actually quite funny, not really offensive or profane like when you and Butt Boom 69.

    These nuts have struck your chin, Matt. They’re the best nuts for your chin, don’t see how anyone can dispute that

    By Matt Moron on Oct 15, 2016

  17. heres another fine article by jon pareles on the desert trip festival featuring alleged ‘geezer’ bands:

    “All of them delved beyond their surefire hits, digging out songs that deserved another airing or, as Mr. Young did, performing a handful of new ones. And none took their songs, no matter how popular, for granted.”

    By barth on Oct 15, 2016

  18. in all fairness barth that reviewer is not very authoritative, he doesn’t know that the stones have been playing the same set for decades for instance and is generally unfamiliar[I’m not sure how] with all the acts. after reading that fluff I don’t respect his opinion on anything..

    By zakk on Oct 15, 2016

  19. Yes Mr Jimmy , as I earlier said If someone needs banning it should be Moron and also Everyone else who may or may not be the same person as Moron has many personas here . As predicted and on cue he was right there with his old tired nuts take following an admonishment . Personally don’t believe in banning or censoring anyone for statements , freedom of speech , you can always ignore statements you don’t like . To me Boom Boom is comic relief in how he rambles on but the facts are his seventies preferences are probably shared by most here who just won’t admit it as it would validate him and his incoherent ramblings , just a thought

    By Victor on Oct 15, 2016

  20. hey victor, mancini can think whatever he wants to but why post it front and center under every show???? the 70’s may be the best decade for classic rock but there’s many other genres of music that didn’t peak at that time, jazz for instance. how the hell can anyone be happy listening to the same played out stuff over and over and over???? if you haven’t grown, changed, or matured musically since age 18 somethings wrong…

    By zakk on Oct 15, 2016

  21. also I don’t think censorship is necessary; preventing people from using multiple names would do the trick, that way you cant just change your name and troll for a while, or have conversations with yourself, or support your own screen names with other of your own screen names, its ridiculous. for example, “hi I’m new here, whats this I hear about someone saying the monkees are better than Hendrix?” give me a break please!!

    By zakk on Oct 15, 2016

  22. here at big o we have people who troll with one screen name and feign indignation with the other

    By zakk on Oct 15, 2016

  23. zakk- ive been reading jon pareles’ music articles since he was writing for crawdaddy in the ’70s. hes also been published regularly by rolling stone, the village voice, and is currently the chief popular music critic in the arts section of the ny times. a background like that is about as authoritative as it gets. feel free to check his bio for the full details. im sure mr. pareles is well aware of the recent tours of the stones and many other bands.

    By barth on Oct 15, 2016

  24. ok but he says the stones hold on to a 1960’s spirit of improvisation and that no 2 shows are the same-I strongly disagree, they can do whatever they want to but they choose to be a greatest hits jukebox at massive stadiums for decades…which is perfectly ok but super conservative and safe as milk

    By zakk on Oct 15, 2016

  25. Jaeger??

    By Lobo on Oct 15, 2016

  26. …with a beer chaser please…

    By barth on Oct 16, 2016

  27. i havent checked the rolling stones set lists for the last several decades but its obvious that they have so many greatest hits and well known songs that there isnt a whole heck of a lot room left in their shows for b-sides deep cuts or covers. i think pareles’ mention of improvisation was about the way keith & ron are interpreting the songs these days. my objection to their recent tours was the outrageous ticket prices.

    By barth on Oct 16, 2016

  28. what reveiw did Zakk! read,another trouble maker or is it someone hiding behind an other name, All bath was doing like an earlier post of my own was more postive reveiws about the old guys that they still rock

    By skinned knees on Oct 16, 2016

  29. skinned knees-so you think that any difference of opinion is trolling?? after I complain up post about people using different names you ask if I’m a trouble maker or someone hiding behind another name???

    By zakk on Oct 16, 2016

  30. the review I read was from the link barth was nice enough to provide at the top of this thread…did you read any of the comments at all?

    By zakk on Oct 16, 2016

  31. Your right Zakk , around here you must follow the consensus opinion of the masses or you are some kind of troll or troublemaker , Don’t ever dare to have a controversial opinion about anything or Moron , Everyone else and others will crucify you , Just be a good boy and fall in line and you’ll be fine

    By GW on Oct 16, 2016

  32. Yes Zakk , be a good little boy and just fall in line with this sites mainstream commenters or risk being labled a troll or a troublemaker , don’t dare express a controversial opinion that is different than most or you will be crucified like Boom Boom , Willis , and several others . The real trolls here like Everyone else and Whoever this Moron fuck is never get any criticism despite their vulgarity , you can add Carlos o that list as well , but say you prefer the nineteen seventies as well as saying you are for or against q certain political agenda or candidate as well as being against a certain alternative lifestyle or sexual orientation then you will be blasted as well . Just be a good boy , agree with everything the regulars say here don’t express anything different in the way of opinions and you’ll be fine

    By GW on Oct 16, 2016

  33. what the fuck are you on about?!?!

    By 23rdDjin on Oct 16, 2016

  34. not too sure what you’re talking about GW. big o is still a great music site and the bit rate is often better now too, but the comments section has gone dumb. 5 years ago there were idiots here {hello darth}, but there were also many passionate and super knowledgeable music fans who would post mini essays with thoughts, recollections, insights, etc., and again I’m not talking about darths imaginary stories and pics. it seems like those people are no longer here or no longer posting and its sad-I go to other sites for newer music but I always check big o for classic rock and artists; the musics still good here thank you big ozine. still, used to be i’d read the comments for hours and come away interested now it only takes seconds and I come away annoyed..

    By zakk on Oct 16, 2016

  35. zakk, i`ve been reading and posting here for a very long time..the darth wars took the mickey out of a lot us that used to post “real” events,and it wasn`t 5 years ago either more like just a year perhaps but it went on forever and many good posters just gave up arguing their position with the idiot. Boom boom has nothing on that turd.

    By sluggo on Oct 17, 2016

  36. Boom boom is infinitely more of a nuisance than Darth ever was. At least Darth contributed information, recollections, links, etc. Boom boom is just an idiot, through and through.

    By Rick on Oct 18, 2016

  37. darth was a villain-chambers bros, prison AND an idiot-kent state, tv schedules, as well. boom booms routine is just dumb but darth was a total shitstorm

    By loma prieta on Oct 18, 2016

  38. Boom Boom, you retrograde buffoon, if you only like bands from the 60’s and 70’s, those ARE geezer shows and you are a geezer.

    Half a dozen performers who kick butt from the 2000s that you won’t pay any attention to:
    The Record Company
    Mayer Hawthorne
    John Mayer
    Black Keys
    Ryan Adams

    There are plenty of others, but you are so stuck in the old days that you can’t get out. Kinda pathetic.

    By Just Bill on Oct 19, 2016

  39. on this page alone boom boom, victor, gw, matt are the same person , this is how he uses commas - space comma space. look throughout the comments sections under different shows and you see the same person is making an awful lot of the divisive posts here. crazy!!!

    By mcm on Oct 20, 2016

  40. mcm.liquid 99.moron and many others,nice try deflecting prick

    By Eli on Oct 20, 2016

  41. comma this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    By Eli on Oct 20, 2016

  42. yeah MCM an Liquid both made refference to commas,dead givaway ,same person

    By Tony C on Oct 20, 2016

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