October 6, 2009 – 4:02 am

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Accelerator Ghost Dance 2008 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Kursaal Chamber Hall, 43 Heineken Jazzaldia, Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain. July 25, 2008. Very good satellite broadcast.

Those of you who thought that the Nine Compositions (Iridium) 2006 nine-disc box set was Anthony Braxton’s farewell to the Ghost Dance series, his main compositional output since 1995, will be pleased with this live gig from the San Sebastian Jazz Festival last year.

Playing Composition No. 348, Braxton is joined by many from the Nine Compositions recording including Taylor Bynum (who co-leads with Braxton on trumpet and flugelhorn), Jessica Pavone (violin, viola), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar) and Jay Rozen (tuba). Chris Dahlgren (double bass, viola da gamba) and Aaron Siegel (drums, percussion, vibes) are the final two members.

Braxton has described Ghost Trance Music as “a melody that doesn’t end” rooting it in the musical culture of American Indians and Indonesian gamelan. In 1991, Braxton took summer courses while teaching at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut. His study on the music of Amerindians led him to trance music from around the world, which soon became what he called “Ghost Trance Music.”

As saxophonist and fellow Braxton band member James Fei once wrote: “Each Ghost Trance Music (GTM) composition consists of two parts. The primary portion is a long melody based on a steady stream of eighth notes… Each GTM piece also has four secondary compositions, which are one-page miniatures scored for trios. These can be cued up anytime, in addition to the over 400 Braxton compositions which can also be inserted into a GTM performance… As is evident from even just these building blocks, one can see that this is a music with many layers, capable of shifting from the steady eighth note melody to tremendous complexity.”

With a good broadcast sound quality, the septet are in fine form, with the pulse melody played with a hard brashness as Composition 348 is in a new class of GTM that Braxton calls “Accelerator Whip”, so it eschews the regimented pulse of the earliest GTM. Here, the score is decidedly chaotic in the absence of a central conductor, with each player overlapping another constantly with counter rhythms and melodies. There are quiet lyrical passages as well as moments when the instruments sound like angry animals in a forest.

Running over 62 minutes, you can hear this countless times without finding the same path that you thought you found the last time around. Indeed, Accelerator Ghost Dance is a dense musical forest worth getting lost in. - Philip Cheah

Thanks to boldsouls for sharing the tracks on the Dime site and to fastone for the artwork.

Note: Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track A. Composition #348
Part 1. (11.4MB)
Part 2. (13.3MB)
Part 3. (9.5MB)
Part 4. (10.6MB)
Part 5. (15.0MB)
Part 6. (12.4MB)
Part 7. (8.4MB)
Part 8. (8.2MB)

Anthony Braxton - saxophones, clarinet
Taylor Bynum - trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Jessica Pavone- viola, violin
Mary Halvorson - electric guitar
Jay Rozen - tuba
Chris Dahlgren - double bass, viola da gamba, melodica
Aaron Siegel - drums, percussion, vibes

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  2. now you’re talking, bigo!!! i’ll get this!!!


    By Ed Saad on Oct 6, 2009

  3. Hi Bigo Team,

    Braxton is always welcome, you rule, dude,
    keep em coming more on Braxton!

    best, Kike.

    By Kike on Oct 6, 2009

  4. hey bigo, i got it!!! thanks!!! i had to redownload track 3. it didn’t look right. i only got 5:40, 7.79 meg. now i got 9.0 so that seems right. will fix tags and play walking.

    mary’s b-day is this month, but i already sent her something. when i hear back from her, i will send her this link.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 6, 2009

  5. Awesome stuff. Braxton never ceases to amaze. Please, more experimental music as well. Thank you.

    By lanzarishi on Oct 6, 2009

  6. hey bigo, i sure did enjoy this walking earlier. thanks again!

    on that iridium, my friend, andrew raffo dewar, plays on it also. he’s good and plays soprano sax. he sent me both of his albums. he’s in tuscaloosa, al and teaches at the the university. not real far from me in b’ham. he’s also on another braxton album and bill dixon who played with cecil taylor. he’s on conquistador with alan silva. fan.

    will get cool world. mal waldron played with mingus. too much music to get and keep up with! i love it.


    By Ed Saad on Oct 6, 2009

  7. I believe Comp. 348 is an accelerator composition, not accelerator whip. The latter started at 351.

    By B. Clugston on Oct 7, 2009

  8. Dear Bigo-Team

    it’d be great to hear from you the AACM recordings on the list. There’re too much interesting music on this series.

    Thank you for your attention.

    best, Kike.

    By Kike on Oct 9, 2009

  9. En estos precisos momentos estoy escuchando esta joya en mi querido ipodtouch es una maravilla Anthony Braxton:)

    By Jorge A. Mussuto (@jmussuto) on Aug 27, 2011

  10. HI, parts 3, 5 & 6 are not availables. Perhaps you can repose it. Thanks in advance.

    By Pere on Jan 28, 2017

  11. Thanks so much for the music, BIGO.
    Unfortunately, I could only get three of these tracks to download (1, 2, and 4). Any chance they could be re-upped? Thanks, again.

    By YogaforCynics on Mar 21, 2017

  12. All working now.
    Thanks again, BIGO!

    By YogaforCynics on Apr 2, 2017

  13. I would really appreciate if you can reupload the
    missing parts.


    By Jose Ricardo Aguilar on Sep 20, 2021

  14. Hey Jose Ricardo Aguilar, you have got two Hopes, Bob and NO!!!


    By DD on Sep 21, 2021

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