October 22, 2016 – 4:42 am

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The Fall 1969 Soundboard Tapes Vol 1 [Prof Stoned 2016, 1CD]

Stony Brook, State University of NY; October 18, 1969; other unknown venues and dates. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Prof Stoned for all the efforts; and for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Prof Stoned noted:

This collection consists of direct-to-stereo soundboard recordings that were made for possible inclusion on a live album during The Who’s 2nd American tour of 1969. The tapes ended up being rejected in favor of what became Live at Leeds. Pete Townshend drastically tried to prevent the 1969 tapes from being bootlegged by destroying them, but some of the material eventually did find its way into circulation, albeit scattered over various poorly compiled/mastered bootlegs and with very little documentation to accompany them.

“The Fall 1969 Soundboard Tapes Vol. 1-5″ collects every single circulating recording from this tour with the exception of officially released material. Furthermore, the best available sources have been selected, the speed of all recordings has been corrected and everything has been newly mastered for optimal sonic consistency. A lot of the dates remain a mystery and probably always will, unless previously uncirculated recordings of this tour show up.

It has been 10 years since I first started this series. As you may know, Vol. 4+5 did not get completed at the time, even though the first 3 volumes were (and continue to be) quite popular. All three ended up being professionally bootlegged on various CD’s and Vol. 1 even made it to some lavishly packaged colored vinyl release in 2013 (no, I did not buy it).

So why revisit this now? Quite frankly; I felt the mastering work on the 2006 volumes could be improved upon. But that’s not the only reason; the requests to finish the series never really stopped and there was still some great material left that I had received from a few helpful people. Luckily, I kept my notes from 2006 which made it a lot easier to complete Vol. 4+5. I pieced Vol. 1-3 together again from scratch, rather than using the original unmastered files and this has led to some new insights which helped improving the overall quality.

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All original recordings made by Bob Pridden.
Research, Notes & Sound Engineering by Prof Stoned, Sept/Oct 2016
Information & additional audio sources provided by Howard, Everett, Joe, Roland, Tim, Luke.
Special thanks to CG Whitman, whose research inspired this series.

Audio sources:
- Pure Rock Theatre (CD, Hiwatt ZA59, 1996)
- Wintertime Trip (CD, Dandelion DL 112, 1999)

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Track 01. Heaven and Hell 3:29 (8.3MB)
Track 02. Can’t Explain 2:24 (5.7MB)
Track 03. Fortune Teller 3:01 (7.2MB)
Track 04. Overture 4:51 (11.7MB)
Track 05. It’s a Boy 0:37 (1.5MB)
Track 06. 1921 2:30 (6.0MB)
Track 07. Amazing Journey 3:21 (8.1MB)
Track 08. Sparks (tape drags within) 4:15 (10.2MB)
Track 09. Summertime Blues 3:28 (8.3MB)
Track 10. Shakin’ All Over 5:48 (13.9MB)
Track 11. My Generation 8:56 (21.4MB)
Track 12. Young Man Blues 7:23 (17.7MB)

Tr. 01-02, 09-11: unknown place/date *
Tr. 03: unknown place/date
Tr. 04-08: State University of New York, Stony brook, NY - October 18, 1969
Tr. 12: unknown place/date

* has been labeled as “McDonough Gymnasium, Georgetown University, Washington DC - November 2, 1969″

Sourced from “Wintertime trip” and “Pure Rock Theatre”. Unlike the 2006 version, the Tommy section has now been put in the middle. I have some doubts whether Tr. 01-02 and 09-11 are actually from the same show, nor have I ever seen convincing evidence that either one of these sections were recorded in DC. This assumption seems to have arisen from Townshend’s comment before the last song: “Before we go back to England, we’d just like to say; why don’t all you fuckers who wanted to cause trouble, and that includes the cops, why didn’t you go to Washington, because this is a rock ‘n’ roll concert”. Why advice someone to go to Washington DC, when you are already there?! Furthermore, it would be another two weeks (and 13 shows) before the band was supposed to go back to England. My uneducated guess is that this section comes from one of the last four shows of this tour (three of which were in the State NY). Tr. 03 does not belong with the so-called “Georgetown” sections. I just put it there on the 2006 version and have decided to let it stay.

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  1. 24 Responses to “THE WHO - THE FALL 1969 SOUNDBOARD TAPES VOL 1”

  2. Great stuff. Just thought you would want to check out Track 11. It is more than just My Generation, as it blends into “See Me Feel Me”

    By strickles on Oct 22, 2016

  3. Kudos for listenin to me , Da Who is da best live band of all time , not officially da 70s but close enough Rog hittin dem high notes as he twirls da mic , da Ox boomin da base , Keith pounding dem drums like a motherfucker and Pete smashing da guitar, mo shows like dis and no geezer Muzak or fake modern shit wit lipsinkin and auto tune 70s Rock 70s roll 70 s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Oct 22, 2016

  4. Didn’t The Who open for the monkees at some point ?

    By Willis Dumbass Twin on Oct 22, 2016

  5. dah, dah, dah, doh, doh, dah, doh dah, bla, bla bla bla…….make sense to you ASScini?

    By Mancini Is A MORON on Oct 22, 2016

  6. Whenever I see someone has ‘re mastered’ recordings, I wonder what their experience and professional background is to warrant such a task. Is it a simple re EQ? Volume and speed adjustment? Are you using studios reference speakers? What digital to analogue devices are you using when converting the original bootleg cd source? You see? It’s all relative bullshit and I rarely see closet engineers contributing anything relevant. It’s merely an exercise is self indulgence. And Pete Townsend is a pedo nonce.

    By M on Oct 22, 2016

  7. your spy game is bollocks, M-

    “Townshend claimed he intended to show that child abuse has a financial chain that runs from Russian orphanages to British banks by paying a £7 charge for a child pornography site, which he cancelled immediately..”

    “When police subsequently confiscated his computers and files they found nothing incriminating, but the damage to his image had been done.”

    By barth on Oct 22, 2016

  8. M you ungrateful shit. Prof Stoned did the work he (she?) did - for whatever motivation and however successful - and shared the results of that labor with all of us for free. Listen if you choose, don’t if you don’t care to, but don’t slam someone for sharing their hard labor with the rest of us.

    By Rick on Oct 22, 2016

  9. M- and don’t write about someone being a ‘pedo nonce’ unless it’s my son Carlos. Then we know it’s true. Eight year olds, Dude.

    By Carlos Cuevas' Mamacita on Oct 22, 2016

  10. i have a few other things by Prof Stoned, he did a fine job. i’m sure the quality here is as good as those.

    remastering can be a subjective enterprise, different people have differing tastes. many fans were upset when the remastered version of “exile on main street” was released- they (and i) preferred the original murky version to the new clean sound.

    By barth on Oct 23, 2016

  11. Yes,I too preferred the original Exle recording in my opinionit was meant to sound murky ,One of my complaints about the 1980s into today is how albums seem to have too much production which takes away from the essence of the music.Prog rock bands may be better for this Pink Floyd,Yes,Alan Parsons etc but not many bands.The thing that i like about Tom Petty snd John Mellencamp is that their albums don’t seem over produced

    By Chuck in Texas on Oct 23, 2016

  12. M, you are a pompous, narcissistic wet turd. How’s that for an Ad Hominem argument? Not a single person in this forum needs or desires a lecture from you regarding the complex, interlaced, multifaceted job of remastering an audio source. Lots of us probably have forgotten more than you have ever known regarding audio engineering. Even those of us who don’t know a flange from a fart do know when something sounds better than a previous iteration, to our fallible, not-Zen-perfect-like-M’s, ears. You can tell us until hell freezes over all of the reasons why a certain remaster sounds bad, but if we think that it sounds good, it simply does. We like what we like. It is a tautology. That’s how the senses work. To think that you would have us believe that you are clever is stupefying. Happy Samhain!

    By Magic Sam on Oct 31, 2016

  13. “Russian orphanages”? Give me a break! If you complicit in anything, blame Russians like crooked Hillary did (((

    By Alex D. on Nov 25, 2016

  14. go fap somewhere else, dickweed.

    By 23rdDjin on Nov 25, 2016


    By Dino on Nov 27, 2016

  16. Research??? yeah that’s what I’m doing when I look at porn, come on pete

    By willy will on Nov 27, 2016

  17. Believe that Jimmy Page had a live in relationship with a 13 year old female groupie named Lori Maddox back in the early 70s , She also fucked David Bowie and Mick Jagger after Jimmy was through with her , guess that would get you jail time today , Oh the 1970s , things sure were different

    By Sully on Nov 28, 2016

  18. I think her glam rock name was sable star sully

    By the bubbler on Nov 28, 2016

  19. I thought Townshend was cleared of the child porn charge-? That’s the problem with those type of accusations, if someone is actually innocent the story is always out there and people pick the parts of the story they want to smear someone for life.

    By Derek Taylor on Nov 28, 2016

  20. The line is pretty blurry when it comes to celebrities, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen etc. Other than some off color comments it doesn’t appear to have affected Townsends career/perception significantly.

    By the bubbler on Nov 28, 2016

  21. The kids are alright

    By Pete Townshend on Nov 29, 2016

  22. Lori Maddox and Sable Starr were different people , believe they were friends who both worked the LA groupie scene back in the early 70s , think if you search you’ll see pics of them together partying with various rockers , Sable passed away awhile back Lori is still alive now in her late 50s , still think she and Jimmy remain friends , believe she is in the clothing business , man time flies ,t

    By Sully on Nov 29, 2016

  23. Pete Townsends dick is bigger than Muchael Jacksons

    By McCaulley Calkin on Nov 29, 2016

  24. Sad to say but once an accusation is made against somrone whether true or false some will believe it regardless , Human nature unfortunately

    By George Taylor on Nov 29, 2016

  25. Macaulay, not only don’t you know how to spell Pete’s name, but you don’t even know how to spell yours. Go back to school

    By mrbelette on Nov 30, 2016

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