October 22, 2016 – 1:46 pm

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Unreleased [no label, 1CD]

Various outtakes 1960-1988. Very good soundboard.

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November 22, 2016:
These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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Immediately remove the following unauthorized material in connection with Frank Sinatra.

Tracie Parry
GrayZone, Inc
Frank Sinatra Enterprises

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Track 01. Happy Birthday To Me (1984) 0:21
Frank sings to himself
Track 02. Leave It All Up To Me (Jan 18, 1988) 3:43
Commercial for Atlantic City tourism board, complete song
Track 03. It’s Time For You (1980) 2:29
Commercial for Chrysler, complete song
Track 04. My Foolish Heart (studio outtake; June 6, 1988) 3:17
Track 05. My Foolish Heart (with Frank Jr, studio outtake; June 6, 1988) 3:14
Track 06.The Saddest Thing Of All (studio outtake; Sept 24, 1974) 4:01
Track 07. Body & Soul (April 13, 1984) 4:10
Studio outtake, rejected as b-side for “LA Is My Lady”
Track 08. Mack The Knife (studio outtake; April 16, 1984) 4:50
Track 09. Lets Face The Music And Dance (studio outtake; July 18, 1979) 2:24
Track 10. Have You Met Miss Jones (Dec 12, 1960) 2:16
Studio outtake, same version as “More Ring-A-Ding-Ding” bootleg
Track 11. Cry Me A River (rehearsal, poor quality; June 6, 1988) 3:52
Track 12. Evergreen (studio outtake; Nov 12, 1976) 3:26
Track 13.Gunga Din (spoken; studio outtake; June 10, 1966) 2:40
41 mins

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  2. Thanks for the Sinatra bros , great singer and movie star too , Frank was also a real man a stud with the ladies , he banged lots of famous broads like Marlyn Monroe Angie Dickinson Peggy Lee Suzanne pleshette Judy Garland and Liza Minelli to complete the mother daughter act .Lauren Bacall , Ursulla Andress and Stella Stevens were also banged by Frank and Deqn Martin too , Frank was married to Ava Gardner who told people that Frank only weighed 140 pounds but 100 of it was in his pants if you get it so it no wonder why the ladies wanted him to bang them also was married to Mia farrow Dean Martin was Frank’s rat pack bud who also banged many broads hisself including many that Frank did first Back then men was men no fag shit so out in the open thanks again and keep more Frank comin , How about some Dean and Sammy or a whole rat pact show?

    By Carlos Cuevas on Oct 22, 2016

  3. Frankie banged me hard and constantly in every position and hole! Mi hijo is right, Frankie’s miembro masiva was the only one I couldn’t deep throat it was so big, and I’ve sucked so much man meat I lost count years ago! The three way we had with Ava Gardner was amazing, I never licked such a tasty twat. Mi posición favorita was 69 with me on top her while mi Frankie packed my dirt chute. Ay carumba!

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    By Carlos Cuevas' Mamacita on Oct 22, 2016

  4. If all you remember of those two guys was the women they had, you’re jealous and a damn fool. Yes, Frank had his pick of women but he was also the greatest song salesman the world has ever known. These songs are intriguing, especially the late period pieces when he worked with Quincy Jones on LA is My Lady fronting a Murderer’s Row of jazz musicians. The Saturday with Sinatra continues, and thanks.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 22, 2016

  5. Thanks for all of the Sinatra!

    By Bill on Oct 22, 2016

  6. The Moron is a faggot piece of shit , I was talkin about Frank bangin broads not guys , Forgot about Lee Remick , Frank banged her when the did The Detective back in the sixties

    By Carlos Cuevas on Oct 22, 2016

  7. Frank shit in my mouth and I chewed it and spit it back in his mouth then Carlos licked the poop drool off Siunatras mouth, then jacket himself off with driping poop.

    By tony rigoletto on Oct 23, 2016

  8. Hi why is there never and Rod Stewart stuff or The Faces on Here??

    By Adam Rod Fan on Oct 23, 2016

  9. Does no one talk??lol

    By Adam Rod Fan on Oct 23, 2016

  10. ARF-There is and has been. Go to the Search Box on the Top Right, type in “Rod Stewart” or “Faces” and review the results.

    By Britinvdon on Oct 23, 2016

  11. Mi hijo Carlos how could tu forget those stories I told you about Frankie and the Rat Pack and their circle jerks and bukakke parties whenever they got together? Part of being in the Rat Pack was to engage in sexual relations of all types with each other. That macho crap was just a front. Mi Frankie was so sexy in a garter belt and fishnet stockings! Those stories of mine probably influenced you to be a homosexual.

    By Carlos Cuevas' Mamacita on Oct 23, 2016

  12. I’ve got that stuff I want new stuff

    By Adam Rod Fan on Oct 23, 2016

  13. My advice is twofold: Stay away from trolls who would not know good music if it hit them broadside. Second, if you want any of this Sinatra music grab it now. Guessing Tina and Nancy will eventually want to release these rarities commercially.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 23, 2016

  14. Uncle Miltie , Milton Berle by all accounts had the biggest Dick in show business , His nicname was trouser trout , according to many it was so big he had to stand on a platform in the men’s room , remember a famous comedian commenting , may have been Jackie Mason that he once stood in the stall next to Uncle Miltie and asked him how do you control that thing to which Miltie replied with a wink, it has a life of its own my friend , Sorry Frank but Uncle Miltie had you beat

    By Tony C on Oct 23, 2016

  15. Uncle Miltie , Milton Berle had the biggest dick in show business, Many men’s room sitings , it is rumored that he had to stand on a platform to use the stall , The comedian Jackie Mason told a story of standing next to him in a stall and after sneaking a peak said to him how do you control that thing to which Uncle Miltie replied with a wink , it has a life of its own my friend , Sorry Frank but Uncle Miltie had you beat in the area of trouser trout

    By Tony C on Oct 23, 2016

  16. Uncle Miltie , Milton Berle was bigger than Frank,Some say he had the biggest cock in show business,many mens room sightings,legend has it that he used a platform in the stalls and when comedian Jackie Mason who was standing in a stall next to him sneaked a peak asked him how he controlled that monster,Miltie winked at him and said it has a life of its own my friend.Sorry Frank

    By Tony C on Oct 23, 2016

  17. Adam Rod Fan- sugarmegs has a lot of faces shows. the drawback is that their shows are one mp3 so u will need splitting software if you want the concert to be individual songs like bigO offers. its easy and cheap to buy. guitars101 may have some but u will need to sign up as a member for access. if they still have forums someone there might help u. brooklyn steve seems to be down again but he will be back.

    my apologies if this posts again, it didnt go through the first two times.

    By barth on Oct 23, 2016

  18. Obsessed much, Tony C? Asshole.

    By everyone else on bigo on Oct 24, 2016

  19. Everyone else, the moron and liquid 99 are the same person.

    By Tony C on Oct 24, 2016

  20. Tony C- Stick with Uncle Miltie’s penis, it’s what you know best. Obsessed asshole.

    By everyone else on bigo on Oct 24, 2016

  21. cover pic is Sin-atra behind bars which is where he belongs

    By Tommy Sands on Oct 24, 2016

  22. Although Tony C and Carlos are pretty obnoxious with their dickfest Maricon or Moron is also bad and offensive , Why do you insist on pouring gas on the fire you idiot ? You just make it worse , also agree about everyone else possibly being him as well as liquid among others

    By Carl on Oct 24, 2016

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    By Quincy on Oct 26, 2016

  24. How about John Holmes,thought he was the biggest dick in show for music i heard its Huey Lewis and Tommy Lee according to Pamela Anderson

    By Mr X rated on Oct 26, 2016

  25. Carmen Electra said Dennis Rodman had a python in his pants,Do sports stars count?

    By Mr X rated on Oct 26, 2016

  26. Mick Jagger has a tiny dick according to Keith Richards,he should know as should David Bowie RIP

    By Mr X rated on Oct 26, 2016

  27. ARF-You didn’t specify. You just wrote “any”.

    By Britinvdon on Oct 30, 2016

  28. Too bad these were taken down. Really enjoying the Sinatra tracks a lot, Big O, thanks!

    By Dirk Bill on Dec 1, 2016

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