October 26, 2016 – 2:50 pm

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The Fall 1969 Soundboard Tapes Vol 3 [Prof Stoned 2016, 1CD]

Fillmore East, New York, NY; October 22, 1969. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Prof Stoned for all the efforts; and for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

Prof Stoned noted:

This collection consists of direct-to-stereo soundboard recordings that were made for possible inclusion on a live album during The Who’s 2nd American tour of 1969. The tapes ended up being rejected in favor of what became Live at Leeds. Pete Townshend drastically tried to prevent the 1969 tapes from being bootlegged by destroying them, but some of the material eventually did find its way into circulation, albeit scattered over various poorly compiled/mastered bootlegs and with very little documentation to accompany them.

“The Fall 1969 Soundboard Tapes Vol. 1-5″ collects every single circulating recording from this tour with the exception of officially released material. Furthermore, the best available sources have been selected, the speed of all recordings has been corrected and everything has been newly mastered for optimal sonic consistency. A lot of the dates remain a mystery and probably always will, unless previously uncirculated recordings of this tour show up.

It has been 10 years since I first started this series. As you may know, Vol. 4+5 did not get completed at the time, even though the first 3 volumes were (and continue to be) quite popular. All three ended up being professionally bootlegged on various CD’s and Vol. 1 even made it to some lavishly packaged colored vinyl release in 2013 (no, I did not buy it).

So why revisit this now? Quite frankly; I felt the mastering work on the 2006 volumes could be improved upon. But that’s not the only reason; the requests to finish the series never really stopped and there was still some great material left that I had received from a few helpful people. Luckily, I kept my notes from 2006 which made it a lot easier to complete Vol. 4+5. I pieced Vol. 1-3 together again from scratch, rather than using the original unmastered files and this has led to some new insights which helped improving the overall quality.

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All original recordings made by Bob Pridden.
Research, Notes & Sound Engineering by Prof Stoned, Sept/Oct 2016
Information & additional audio sources provided by Howard, Everett, Joe, Roland, Tim, Luke.
Special thanks to CG Whitman, whose research inspired this series.

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Track 01. Jerry Pompili Introduction 0:37 (1.5MB)
Track 02. Heaven and Hell 4:06 (9.8MB)
Track 03. Can’t Explain 2:41 (6.5MB)
Track 04. Fortune Teller 4:21 (10.5MB)
Track 05. Young Man Blues 8:50 (21.2MB)
Track 06. Overture 5:24 (13.0MB)
Track 07. It’s a Boy 0:41 (1.7MB)
Track 08. 1921 2:30 (6.0MB)
Track 09. Amazing Journey (fragment missing within) 2:54 (7.0MB)
Track 10. Sparks 4:35 (11.0MB)
Track 11. Eyesight to the Blind 2:22 (5.7MB)
Track 12. We’re Not Gonna Take It (cuts in) 1:33 (3.7MB)
Track 13. Summertime Blues 3:23 (8.1MB)
Track 14. Shakin’ All Over 6:30 (15.6MB)
50 mins

Tr. 01-11: Fillmore East, New York, NY - October 22, 1969
Tr. 12-14: unknown date, assumed to be from the same venue

Note: The Who played eight shows in six days at the Fillmore East Theatre from Monday Oct 20 to Saturday Oct 25, 1969. Tr. 01-11 were recorded during one of these shows for sure, most likely the third one on Oct 22, if we go by the remarks Pete makes after Fortune Teller: (”See, we don’t play the same thing every night”, “Every night the same amplifier is always blown up during the solo of the first song” and “We have only done three shows so far”).We can faintly hear Pete have a tantrum over the malfunctioning amplifier after the first song, so this show should probably be counted as one of those three. The announcer has often been mistaken to be the late Bill Graham (legendary promotor, not the TV preacher), but the voice actually belongs to Jerry Pompili, an associate of Graham’s.

Sourced from “Accept No Substitute” and “Wintertime Trip”. The latter only has a part of the Tommy section from the Fillmore shows and was sourced from a tape with better fidelity. Tr. 12-14 might be from another night. This section runs slower than the rest on the “Accept No Substitute” and there’s no sign of the buzzing in John’s amp which can be heard between interludes on the first part. Also, there is a 50-second fragment of an unidentified version of “Amazing Journey” on “Accept No Substitute” between Tr. 11 & 12 (not included here) which doesn’t match with Tr. 09 or the versions from 1969/10/15, 1969/10/18 & 1969/10/19.

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  1. 10 Responses to “THE WHO - THE FALL 1969 SOUNDBOARD TAPES VOL 3”

  2. Dude , lets me be da first to tanks ya for listenin to me and goin back to real Muzak , Da Who wuz da greatest live band of all times at least in da early 70s , even though it ain’t officially da 70s yet it’s close enough , After Old men Brian Wilson and Roger Waters yuz come back to firm by listenin to me wit dis great show , Rog hittin dem high notes and twirling da mic , Da Ox boomin da base , Keith pounding dem drums like a motherfucker an Pete doin his windmill before smashing his guitar , No more old man geezer Rock or fake modern Muzak wit lipsinkin and auto tune , jus great shit like dis , 70s Rock 79s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Oct 26, 2016

  3. Tommy has got to be some of the most boring, pompous music in existence…

    By Fritz on Oct 26, 2016

  4. Fritz enjoys blowing squirrels and listening to Lady Gaga.

    By mothy on Oct 26, 2016

  5. Tommy is not terrible actually quite good but I always felt that Quadrophenia was much better , both the studio album and live

    By Carl on Oct 27, 2016

  6. I’m with you, Carl.

    By Rick on Oct 27, 2016

  7. You just can’t complain about Tommy vs. Quadrophenia, boys. Tommy broke HUGE ground for the band….the live shows are stuff of legend (Woodstock, anyone?). Not only did Townshend see a BIG picture, but he stripped it down to be presented to an audience, every night. No fancy screens, or back-up musicians. Quad was a grand “headphone” album. Tommy was turned into a fantastic live story. Movies and Broadway turned it sour for most, but Tommy is a lasting statement. Listen to the Expanded Live At Leeds and tell me that that wasn’t the shit, back then

    By BSlakie on Oct 27, 2016

  8. I have the bootleg version of the live at Leeds show and that’s the one to have , from what I’ve read the later editions (reissues expanded special editions were tinkered with in the studio as both Pete and Roger supposedly added guitar and vocal overdubs a big pet peeve of mine The original album only 5 or 6 songs was not doctored , why the chose to do this is beyond me in fact most live albums seem to be messed with in some way whether overdubs or edits , I only trust bootlegs to get the pure undoctured version of a show , also Amsterdam 9 / 29/ 69 is even better than Leeds and is soundboard bootleg just my opinion

    By Carl on Oct 27, 2016

  9. I appreciate your opinion, Carl. I have the Amsterdam show, as well as the Live at Hull. These are powerhouse shows! I haven’t dug into the overdub claims for Live at Leeds. Hell, I listened and loved KISS Alive! at 8 yrs old. Later, finding out about those overdub issues….I don’t care. A house divided on Tommy vs. Quadrophenia is merely a matter of taste. I got a little high and mighty, at first. I hold my stance, because I’ve done most of the research. I truly love talking about music….but arguing, just isn’t constructive to our own feelings. Let’s move on, now….

    By BSlakie on Oct 28, 2016

  10. Hey BSlakie, that Woodstock show was happening with the sun rising in the background! Quite a scene.

    Truly a golden era for The Who, as you guys have been saying.

    BTW, I thought that Ken Russell Tommy movie was just awful.

    By dorgunr on Nov 1, 2016

  11. Something else besides overdubs on the official deluxe Leeds show was play it out of sequence, The Tommy part of the show is on disk two when in reality it was performed in the middle of the show and they finished off the show with other songs another reason that record companies get too cute and think they know what people want , live should mean truly live unaltered and in proper sequence as it happened

    By Tom on Nov 29, 2016

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