October 29, 2016 – 9:55 am

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Unreprised [no label, 1CD]

Unreleased Reprise-era studio material. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Dave “dreitzes” for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Dave noted:

This is a personal compilation, a sort of “mop up” CD of various unreleased studio material that wasn’t included in any of my previous torrents.

The sound quality varies quite a bit. Tracks 1-6, 9, and 11-14 come from a bootleg that has been seeded here in the past, “Sinatra Unreleased” (Getzel #1), and the audio quality is excellent - with one exception. “Cry Me a River,” the song popularized by Julie London, is an extremely poor offline recording (that is, recorded over the air, possibly on a portable tape recorder) of a tune Sinatra had never previously attempted (to my knowledge). No studio-quality recording is known to exist. (Two titles from “Sinatra Unreleased” have been omitted here: “Mack the Knife,” which was officially released on the LA IS MY LADY vinyl LP, and “Have You Met Miss Jones,” which can be found in my torrent of “The Master in His Workshop,” from the RING-A-DING-DING sessions.) The remaining tracks come from a few different sources, and the quality varies from so-so (7, 8, 10) to very good (15-17).

Some further info:

The master take of “My Foolish Heart” has been issued only on the 20-CD COMPLETE REPRISE YEARS box set. These are alternate versions.

“Leave It All to Me” is a Paul Anka composition, arranged for Sinatra by Torrie Zito. No version has ever been released.

“Body and Soul” was recorded for LA IS MY LADY, but producer Quincy Jones and engineer Phil Ramone decided that it would be better to re-do it in a slightly lower key. No re-recording was ever attempted, however, and it was dropped from the album. Sinatra had recorded a version for Columbia many years earlier.

“Hey Look, No Crying” is an alternate version of the track from SHE SHOT ME DOWN.

“Everything Happens to Me” is an alternate version of the 1981 master that appears on the COMPLETE REPRISE YEARS set.

Edited versions of “It’s Time for You” were used in advertisements for Chrysler. The lyrics have been attributed to Sammy Cahn. No version has ever been released. Also, Joe Piscopo parodied the song on “Saturday Night Live”.

“Summer Me, Winter Me” is an alternate version of the TRILOGY track.

“Let’s Face the Music and Dance” is a different arrangement from the TRILOGY version.

“Evergreen” is a version of the Barbra Streisand hit. It was arranged for Sinatra by Nelson Riddle, but never completed.

“The Saddest Thing of All” is an unreleased version of a song that was occasionally performed by Sinatra in the mid-’70s, but was issued (from a different recording session) only on the big REPRISE YEARS box set in 1995.

I’ve never been clear on what the purpose of this bizarre version of “Gunga Din” was, but at any rate, it was never released in any form.

“I Wish You Love” and “I Believe in You” are outtakes from the Sinatra-Basie collaboration IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SWING that weren’t used on any of the Artisan bootlegs. “I Believe in You” is an alternate take, while “I Wish You Love” is a lengthy series of false starts and alternates. (Other tracks from these sessions were included in my torrent of “On the Inside.”)

“Style” was recorded for the ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS soundtrack. The track presented here is merely an extract of session chatter (no music), but it’s notable for a couple of special guests.

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November 22, 2016:
These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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Immediately remove the following unauthorized material in connection with Frank Sinatra.

Tracie Parry
GrayZone, Inc
Frank Sinatra Enterprises

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1. My Foolish Heart (unreleased take, June 6, 1988) 3:17
2. My Foolish Heart (unreleased take, duet with Frank Sinatra, Jr, June 6, 1988) 3:14
3. Cry Me a River (offline runthrough, June 6, 1988) 3:52
4. Leave It All to Me (unreleased, January 18, 1988) 3:43
5. Happy Birthday to Me (snippet of warm-up routine, 1984) 0:21
6. Body and Soul (unreleased, April 13, 1984) 4:10
7. Hey Look, No Crying (alternate take, September 10, 1981) 5:30
8. Everything Happens to Me (alternate take, April 8, 1981) 3:46
9. It’s Time for You (unreleased, July 31, 1980) 2:29
10. Summer Me, Winter Me (alternate take, August 20, 1979) 4:01
11. Let’s Face the Music and Dance (unreleased, July 18, 1979) 2:24
12. Evergreen (unreleased, November 12, 1976) 3:26
13. The Saddest Thing of All (unreleased take, September 24, 1974) 4:01
14. Gunga Din (unreleased spoken word recording, June 10, 1966) 2:40
15. I Wish You Love (unreleased session outtake, June 10, 1964) 22:17
16. I Believe in You (alternate take, June 9, 1964) 5:40
17. Style (session chatter only, April 10, 1964) 2:15
78 mins

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    By Carlos Cuevas on Oct 29, 2016

  3. Carlos Cuevas you amaze me ,i mean , anyone with a mindset like yours must live in the fucking jungle where there would be no electricity to even begin to access this site.

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  7. Ava Garner also said that Frank Sinatra was insecure, friendless, and a drunk who faked a suicide attempt by shooting his pillow. She had to pay their rent, he was so broke. She also said she refused to sleep with him on a regular basis. It sounds like Frank was a real pussy, so it’s no surprise that you admire him, Carlos.

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    By Tony C Moron on Oct 30, 2016

  10. What is wrong with you people?

    By roger franks on Oct 30, 2016

  11. Another Sinatra Saturday. The low-fi on these make it less valuable than others in the series, but the 1979-81 tracks represented a renaissance for FAS. She Shot Me Down is his last great album, orchestrated by the legendary Gordon Jenkins. If anyone wants to speak seriously about this music rather the losers who for the most part have spoken here, speak now.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 30, 2016

  12. anyone remember John Holmes also known as John Wadd Holmes ,believe he also would have given Sinatra Steve McQueen and Uncle Miltie a run for their money,For people who may not remember he revolutionized the adult film industry,was probably the most famous male adult film star ever

    By Quincy on Oct 30, 2016

  13. sad but believe he became a drug addict started doing gay porn to support his habit and died of aids

    By Quincy on Oct 30, 2016

  14. so your saying John Holmes is playing on this Sinatra recording? This is a music site not a porn site

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  20. My vote goes to Uncle Miltie

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  34. Ahmet Ertegun: The Atlantic Records mogul was dissed by a drunken Sinatra at a 1983 Southampton barbecue. Said Frank to Ahmet: “You ruined music with your rock ‘n’ roll. It’s your fault what happened to the music business … You’ve destroyed music in this country.

    By Ahmet on Nov 2, 2016

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