November 5, 2016 – 5:24 am

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Forever Swingin’ [no label, 1CD]

Collection of outtakes and live tracks; from the ’40s and beyond. Fairly to very good mono/stereo soundboard.

As usual with such compilations, duplication of tracks (on various titles) is inevitable.

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November 22, 2016:
These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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Immediately remove the following unauthorized material in connection with Frank Sinatra.

Tracie Parry
GrayZone, Inc
Frank Sinatra Enterprises

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Track 01. Our Love 4:31
Track 02. Hot Time In Berlin 2:20
Track 03. Autumn In New York 2:34
Track 04. My Blue Heaven 1:44
Track 05. Try A Little Tenderness 3:00
Track 06. Beautiful Baby 2:03
Track 07. I Only Have Eyes For You (live) 2:41
Track 08. Ad Lib Blues 2:20
Track 09. That Old Devil Moon 7:55
Track 10. You Make Me Feel So Young (live 1957) 2:49
Track 11. High Hopes for JFK (1960) 1:57
Track 12. New York New York (live 1979) 3:30
Track 13. Mack The Knife (live ’80s) 4:19
Track 14. Nice And Easy 9:23
Track 15. You And The Night And The Music 7:50
59 mins

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  2. didnt Franks Sinatra ,coverKick Out The Jams?

    By wayne delinquent on Nov 5, 2016

  3. thanks for more frank sinatra bros,a great man,singer and also a movie star.frank had it all ,real talented,he was also a ladies man a real stud who banged lots of famous broads,among the broads that frank banged was marilyn monroe,angie dickinson,peggy lee,lee remick.judy garland and liza minelli ,doin both the mom and daughter very impressive,also ursula andress who had also banged dean martin,he was married to ava gardner and mia farrow wi was 30 years younger than frank.ava gardner said that frank only weighed 140 pounds but that 100 of it was in his pants if you catch her drift.bein a great performer as well as havin a monster sized dick was why the ladies were so turned on to frank a real man,no fag shit like there is today ,back then you didnt do that fag shit or you would get an ass whippen,frank was a real man

    By Carlos,Cuevas on Nov 5, 2016

  4. Ava Garner also said that Frank Sinatra was insecure, friendless, and a drunk who faked a suicide attempt by shooting his pillow. She had to pay their rent, he was so broke. What a man. She also said she refused to sleep with him on a regular basis. It sounds like Frank was a real pussy, so it’s no surprise that you admire him, Carlos.

    Read it and weep, just like Frankie did, Carlos you pussy.

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 5, 2016

  5. Oh dear… it’s that deja vu feeling all over again. Not in the case of the music but the comments related to Sinatra’s private life and not the music on offer.

    By Bruce Skywater on Nov 5, 2016

  6. Don’t believe no negative shit bout Frank , he was too much man for just one woman , that’s why he banged so many other broads Frank had 14 inches so some of the broads have said , no woman leaves a man like that Frank would dump them instead

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 5, 2016

  7. Uncle Miltie was the biggest , according to many friends and fellow comedians who saw him in the men’s room .He would have to stand on a platform to piss , now that’s big

    By Tony C on Nov 5, 2016

  8. Who is uncle Miltie ?

    By Johnny on Nov 5, 2016

  9. Sinatra was a pussy. Imagine being Ava Gardner, a smoking hot piece of ass who would fuck your brains out, living with a pussy who couldn’t pay the rent and probably didn’t even pay for all the booze he sucked down, drinking constantly because he was such a fucking loser. Crybaby Frankie had nothing but his cock and that didn’t matter to Ava, she wanted a real man with a job. She was being kind when she said she refused to sleep with him, the real story was that he couldn’t get it up. Only a pussy would idolize such a pussy.

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 5, 2016

  10. Big-O, just wanted to send my thanks for all the Sinatra. My dad was right.

    By Bob on Nov 5, 2016

  11. I banged Ava Gardner when she lived with Sinatra on a regular basis, usually in their bed while Frank was out on another bender. One time when I was putting the wood to her he walked in right in the middle of her 4th or 5th orgasm! He fell on the floor and curled up into a ball, crying loudly. Ava climbed off me and had me lie on the floor next to the whimpering simp so he could watch while she honked my choad! I gladly abliged her- I just can’t stand a pussy, and Frank Sinatra was the biggest pussy I had ever seen.

    By Perry Como, no homo on Nov 6, 2016

  12. Another Saturday, another Sinatra. Please forget these sex-starved idiots, please keep the music coming. Would welcome some full concerts though, yet The Sinatra family just released a 4 CD set of worldwide shows including Sydney which was frequently bootlegged.

    By Tony Pizza on Nov 6, 2016

  13. for those who havent figured it out,perry como no homo and everyone else are two of the morons many personas here on this blog,Sorry your not fooling many people imbecile

    By Carl on Nov 6, 2016

  14. Sinatra was no friend of rock music. He recorded a few soft rock tunes later in his career but called rock musicians “degenerates”. He insulted Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun according to info on the net: The Atlantic Records mogul was dissed by a drunken Sinatra at a 1983 Southampton barbecue. Said Frank to Ahmet: “You ruined music with your rock ‘n’ roll. It’s your fault what happened to the music business … You’ve destroyed music in this country.

    By Jack Jones on Nov 6, 2016

  15. would someone please tell me who is uncle miltie is? seen his name brought up before thanks

    By Johnny on Nov 6, 2016

  16. Who is Uncle Miltie? People keep mentioning him

    By Johnny on Nov 6, 2016

  17. Ava Gardner was lyin about Frank , She was jus jealous cause he was laying the big pipe to other broads .thats why she came out with them lies she wanted that huge dick all to herself that’s all. Frank was the biggest man in show business and not jus his dick , He made many films as well as bein the best singer ever dem broads should feel lucky that Frank banged them , Dean Martin also banged lots of broads some if the same ones that Frank banged Ursula Andress got a double dose of dick from Frank and Dean while filmin four for Texas . Don’t know why some folks want to insult Frank and lie bout him Ava Gardner was a lying whore who wanted Frank all to herself in fact most broads did but Frank was too much man for one broad

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 6, 2016

  18. Frank was too much man for one broad Ava Gardner was a lyin bitch , She just wanted Frank’s Dick all to herself , Frank banged many broads , they were lucky to get his huge dick once . Angie Dickinson said that Frank was the biggest she ever had and she had a lot but she weren’t no jeleous broad like Ava who lied about Frank

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 6, 2016

  19. Frank was also mob connected , could have someone taken care of with a phone call , you didn’t mess with Frank . He was called th echairman of the board

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 6, 2016

  20. Dean Martin also had a giant dick so said Ursula Andress who banged both Frank and Dean on the set of four for Texas . Back then men was real men none of this fag pretty boy shit if today . Think John Wayne banged Angie Dickinson also when they filmed Rio Bravo , don’t know bout how big he was cause Angie never said but he musta been packin also , just like Frank and Dino

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 6, 2016

  21. Carlos it’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean , It can be tiny as long as you know how to wiggle the worm

    By Tracy Lords on Nov 6, 2016

  22. That being said I must admit it is nice being filled up completely and stretched so yeah size does matter somewhat

    By Tracy Lords on Nov 6, 2016

  23. Johnny, Uncle Miltie was a successful comedian (had a hit TV show, I think in the 50’s, did nite club work, and was in a few movies). His name was Milton Berle, and the line on him was that he stole a lot of jokes - but not sure about that. I think that once or twice he had a serious role in the movies.

    By ScarRad on Nov 6, 2016

  24. Muchas gracias Tracy, mi hijo will feel muy bueno now knowing that as a man with a tiny penis he might still be able to satisfy a woman. If he would only stay out of the gay baths he might be able to meet a woman and test that theory, but the heart wants what it wants…

    By Carlos Cuevas' Mamacita on Nov 6, 2016

  25. hi big o thanks for all the music you provide, please give us a hand down here in comment land, 1 guy is consistently making an awful lot of noise

    By Help us big o on Nov 6, 2016

  26. Is this a music page or a place for degenerates to talk about dicks all day? Friggin’ losers!

    By Carlos Is A Retard on Nov 6, 2016

  27. when they’re not talking about them they’re being one.

    like they say, you are what you eat.

    By 23rdDjin on Nov 7, 2016

  28. by commenting and complaining you are giving them what they want ,attention.people will never learm

    By Stanley on Nov 7, 2016

  29. Thanks for the Uncle Miltie info , didn’t know what the big deal was about him , no pun intended , looked at a couple of YouTube clips , he’s very funny in a 1950s corney sort of way , maybe he did steal jokes and routines from others as I seem to have see. His type of act before , Jack Benny , Alan King , Jackie Gleason etc

    By Johnny on Nov 7, 2016

  30. Milton Berle comes from the golden age of comedy , George Burns , Bob Hope , Alan King , Jackie Mason , Phil Silvers , Jack Benny , Jackie Gleason , Red Skelton , Joan Rivers , Shecky Green , Jqck Carter , Jan Murray Soupy Sales , Nipsey Russell , Phyllis Diller , Totie Fields , and many more ,all very tainted comedians who were funny without having to be dirty , throw Bill Cosby in there too , It all changed in the seventies with the X rated style of George Carlen and Richard Pryor and taken even further in the eighties and nineties by Eddie Murphy and Sam Kinnison , Kathy Griffen also , like most things since the eighties vulgarity and over the top is the way of he world , forgot to mention Flip Wilson Lucille Ball and The two Carols , Burnette and Channing from th golden age of comedy

    By Adam on Nov 7, 2016

  31. There was a very infamous event that happened on the Sullivan Show back in 64 , Jackie Mason was on stage doing his comedy act when Ed from behind the curtain flashed two fingers reminding him that he had two minutes left , Mason supposedly gave Ed the middle finger which enraged Sullivan so much that Jackie was banned from the show and also had trouble finding other gigs for years , That’s how powerful Ed Sullivan was back then

    By Adam on Nov 7, 2016

  32. thats right adam.cross ed sullivan and you paid the price,thats why the stones changed the words to lets spend the night together to time together with jagger rolling his eyes,loved it when morrison said fuck you and did it his way in light my fire,jim had big balls

    By Harold on Nov 7, 2016

  33. Hmmm, so I guess the Sinatra boots got shut down. Somebody’s mad they’re not making a profit off of it…

    By Big Dave on Nov 25, 2016

  34. more than likely Big O just got tired of all the childishness surrounding Sinatra posts.

    By sluggo on Nov 25, 2016

  35. more likely their were some Warner Reprise-als.

    By 23rdDjin on Nov 25, 2016

  36. how em-fucking-barrassing…


    By 23rdDjin on Nov 25, 2016

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