November 12, 2016 – 10:14 am

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From The Vaults [Archive 2201, 1CD]

Session tracks; from the ’50s. Very good stereo soundboard.

As usual with such compilations, duplication of tracks (on various titles) is inevitable.

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November 22, 2016:
These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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We have learned that your service is hosting the below-referenced infringing web site(s) on its network. These site(s) are offering files containing sound recordings which are owned by one or more of our member companies and have not been authorized for this kind of use… We are asking for your immediate assistance in stopping this unauthorized activity.

Amber Dunleavy
Universal Music Group

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Track 01. Our Love 4:31
Track 02. Hot Time In Berlin 2:20
Track 03. Autumn In New York 2:34
Track 04. My Blue Heaven 1:44
Track 05. Try A Little Tenderness 3:00
Track 06. Beautiful Baby 2:03
Track 07. I Only Have Eyes For You (live) 2:41
Track 08. Ad Lib Blues 2:20
Track 09. That Old Devil Moon 7:55
Track 10. You Make Me Feel So Young (live 1957) 2:49
Track 11. High Hopes for JFK (1960) 1:57
Track 12. New York New York (live 1979) 3:30
Track 13. Mack The Knife (live ’80s) 4:19
Track 14. Nice And Easy 9:23
Track 15. You And The Night And The Music 7:50
59 mins

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  2. Uncle Miltie and Steve McQueen were both bigger than Sinatra ask all the Hollywood sluts back then , sorry Carlos

    By Tony C on Nov 12, 2016

  3. …and AntMan is bigger than you, Tony C!

    By Elvislives on Nov 12, 2016

  4. Is Frank Sinatra supposed to have a big Dick? Thats what i read into these comments,What has that got to do with his music ?

    By Derick on Nov 13, 2016

  5. Bros , Frank has a monster in his pants , Ava Gardner who was married to the chairman of the board said that Frank only weighed 140 pounds but 100 of it was in his pants if you know what she means , Frank banged many broads including Lee Remick , Peggy Lee , Judy Garland and Liza Minelli , completing the mother daughter act most impressive ; also banged Ursula Andress and so did Dean Martin when they filmed 4 for Texas , Frank was married to Mia Farrow when She was 21 and he was 51 how’s that for bein a stud bros , also banged Marilym Monroe ,Frank was also a great singer and movie star too , a real man not like today’s pretty boy fags

    By Carlos Cuevas on Nov 13, 2016

  6. Does anyone have anything to say about Frank Sinatras music ? He is a legend after all , Why all of this talk about dicks ?

    By George on Nov 14, 2016

  7. Ava Garner also said that Frank Sinatra was insecure, friendless, and a drunk who faked a suicide attempt by shooting his pillow. She had to pay their rent, he was so broke. Damn what a man. She also said she refused to sleep with him on a regular basis, so much for being a “real man”. It sounds like Frank was a real pussy, so it’s no surprise that you admire him, Carlos.

    Read it and weep, just like Frankie did, Carlos you pussy boy.

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 14, 2016

  8. I sorry, George, but mi hijo Carlos is obsessed with dicks. He loves them all, long, short, thick, thin like a pencil. I told him not to take that job as towel boy in a gay bathhouse years ago, but he wouldn’t listen. Many times when he came home from work he couldn’t sit down, his sphincter was so sore! Sometimes it would be a week before he could shit right again! Ay carumba! Then he would have to suck off all those sweet gay boys he claims to detest now.

    By Carlos Cuevas' Mamacita on Nov 14, 2016

  9. The last two comments everyone else and Mamacita were the same idiot the Big O’s resident troll Corey Moron or Moron and many other personas LOSER! That being said Carlos.grow up and stop acting like a middle school dropout with a .20 IQ Comment on music ,nobody is interested in Porn talk only music

    By Carl on Nov 14, 2016

  10. We know who he is Carl another idiot troll just like Carlos ,Boom Boom and the late Darth wherever he is,no need to acknowledge them,thats what they want attention.Does anyone have anything to say about Frank the artist instead of this blabber bullshit

    By Sonny,larrasy on Nov 14, 2016

  11. the thing about that, Sonny,Iamamoron, is that YOU just acknowledged them and YOU just gave them attention. Moron.

    By Sonny,Moron on Nov 14, 2016

  12. finally figured this out, all the comments about size of his dick and none about the music is because he was one giant dick head -jerk.

    By Frank was a mobster on Nov 14, 2016

  13. the Rat Pack was great until Yoko nosed her way in.

    By 23rdDjin on Nov 14, 2016

  14. all of these comments and not one about mr sinatras music,what is wrong with people here,this is frank sinatra for christ sake

    By Zeke on Nov 14, 2016

  15. From what I have read , the negative comments toward Frank Sinatra by Ava Gardner came from Artie Shaw one of Ava’s many husbands who obviously felt jeleous and envious of Frank and his abilities in the bedroom , I wonder why ? So he spead lies to try and make Frank look bad , After Frank how could she ever be satisfied again , I imagine it would be like going from a salami to a tootsie roll

    By John C Holmes on Nov 15, 2016

  16. I’m sure Ava couldn’t stop laughing when Artie pulled down his pants , She and Frank may have had other issues but sex wasn’t one of them , in fact Carlos is right Frank had many famous lovers, the ones already mentioned plus many others , believe Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor also got to experience Sinatra in the sack

    By John C Holmes on Nov 15, 2016

  17. I’m sure being laughed at in the bedroom as Artie was by Ava would lead to some hostility towards Sinatra , After Frank I’m sure she found it hard to be satisfied , they may have had problems but the bedroom wasn’t one of them , in fact Sinatra did indeed have many famous lovers , the ones previously mentioned as well as many others , Liz Taylor and Debbie Reynolds come to mind as women who also enjoyed some sack time with Frank and his huge manhood

    By John C Holmes on Nov 15, 2016

  18. Uncle Miltie was still the biggest , and Steve McQueen too

    By Tony. C on Nov 15, 2016

  19. Attaboy John, you’re dumber dead than you were alive! Ava Gardner’s remarks about Sinatra were QUOTES from her in the article I linked to! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Stupid dead asshole!

    Oh and by the way, dick obsessed idiots with needle dicks- just because he fucked them doesn’t mean he was any good at it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 15, 2016

  20. Charlie Chaplin was said to have a huge scholong which explains his being able to bed many much younger women , believe he had an 18 year old wife when he was in his fifties , also Errol Flynn aka Robin Hood was also amply rigged , he would play the piano with his cock much to the delight of guests

    By Tony. C on Nov 15, 2016

  21. The Ava Comments were at the request of Artie Shaw , if she made them it was at his bequest , She was trying to save a floundering relationship and Artie’s ego needed boosting so she agreed to attack Frank for his sake , Artie as most men would have a hard time measuring up f you know what I mean

    By John C Holmes on Nov 15, 2016

  22. Nice try, Little John, but if you had read the article you would have read that Ava Gardner said of Artie Shaw: “He dumped me one week after our first anniversary. The bastard broke my heart.”

    A G: “It was another one of those nights I ended up refusing to sleep with Frank. I was half asleep in my room across the suite and heard this gunshot. It scared the bejesus out of me. I didn’t know what I was going to find. His brains blown out? He was always threatening to do it. Instead, he was sitting on the bed in his underpants, a smoking gun in his hand, grinning like a goddamn drunken schoolkid. He’d fired the gun into the fucking pillow.”

    She seemed amused at the memory. “At least his overdoses were quieter.”

    Still want to claim she was doing Artie a favor, dickweed? Too much of a PUSSY like your boy Frankie to read the sorry truth about him? Go back to your dirt nap, asshole.

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 16, 2016

  23. 21 “comments” so far and not one of them about the music.Wonder if anyone has even listened to these tracks.

    By Briabear Monnie on Nov 16, 2016

  24. You can’t believe everything you read ! Ava had an on again off again relationship with Shaw for years after their divorce ; she said he was mentally deranged and abusive , Sinatra had issues but prowess in the bedroom was not one of them for obvious reasons , had that been the case he wouldn’t have had so many women many who were much younger than him .by all accountsUrsulla Andress had a threesome withFrank and Dean Martin when filming a movie Dean no small fry himself went first to loosen her up , afterwards crew members heard screams as Frank took his turn , his was so enormous that she almost passed out from the Experence , , Also Artie Shaw was married multiple times , many women said he was abusive and because of his size a bad lover so consider the sorce .ava Gardner was also fucked up , multiple marrages and involvements , I’m sure after Frank , she searched long and hard no pun intended trying to find a man who could measure up to Frank

    By John C Holmes on Nov 16, 2016

  25. You can’t believe everything that is written , Artie Shaw was manipulative and very insecure especially about his sexuality , and after knowing about Ava and Frank and Frank’s large cock who wouldn’t be ,Ava and Frank had their issues no doubt but sex wasn’t one of them , Both Artie Shaw and Ava Gardner were married multiple times and both had relationship issues, Women kept leaving Artie probably because he had a small dick , Ava probably was so spoiled being with Frank that she spent the rest of her life looking for so one who could measure up, Frank continued to have many women the ones mentioned and many others Besides Ava , Angie Dickinson and Ursula Andress who had a three way with Frank and Dean Martin have said how huge Frank was

    By John C Holmes on Nov 16, 2016

  26. Was Frank Sinatra really that well hung ? Too bad I wasn’t around then would have loved to have expererced him

    By Tracy Lords on Nov 16, 2016

  27. Artie Shaw was an insecure man with a small dick , Ava probably laughed at him all the time , he was married many times all ending in divorce Avahad her own issues and wanted to hurt Frank by lying about him because he cheated on her , Ava spent the rest of her life looking for a man who could measure up to Frank but I guess no one could , Frank continued to bed many famous wine the ones previously mentioned and many more Both Angie Dickinson and Urusala Andress said that Sinatra was huge , Ursala had a three way with Frankand Dean Martin no small fry himself , Crew members heard screams coming out of the trailor screams of pleasure

    By John C Holmes on Nov 16, 2016

  28. Artie Shaw was married 7 times I believe ,so women must have left him for a reason , Ava Gardner had many emotional issues before and after Sinatra so her lieing about him to the press is not a supprise Women can be vindictive Frank did indeed go on to hav many affairs , He was huge but Uncle Miltiewas still he biggest

    By Tony C on Nov 16, 2016

  29. And don’t forget Steve McQueen , Both Ann Margret andTuesday Weld saidSteve was the biggest they ever had , they were both in the Cincinatti Kid with McQueen , Steve also fucked Faye Dunaway during filming of The Thomas Crown affair , Reports are that Steve had a cock the size of three coors cans put together ouch

    By Tony C on Nov 16, 2016

  30. Don’t forget Tony C Sucker’s obsession with dicks. What does that tell you? That’s he’s an asshole who wishes he could have sucked those celebrity dicks? Bingo.

    By everyone else on bigo on Nov 17, 2016

  31. Fuck these guys ,im the biggest cock of all time

    By Ron Jeremy on Nov 17, 2016

  32. what the fuck is wrong with the people here? unbelievable

    By charles on Nov 17, 2016

  33. Please make available again

    By PETE on Dec 1, 2016

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