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Inside I Remember Tommy [Artisan ART 606-2, 2CD]

Outtakes and session tracks. Recorded in 1961 with conductor Sy Oliver. Fairly to very good soundboard.

As usual with such compilations, duplication of tracks (on various titles) is inevitable.

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Thanks to the person who shared these tracks on the net in 2007.

Uploader’s notes:

More session excerpts, this time for I REMEMBER TOMMY. As always, it’s a mixed bag of alternate takes, incomplete takes, false starts, session chatter, etc, plus a single spoken line for a promotional bit of some kind. To the best of my knowledge, none of the material has been released commercially.

I’ve deliberately refrained from commenting on the music in my previous torrent descriptions, as the music generally speaks for itself, but let me offer one historical note here for the sake of relative newcomers. This album marks the reunion of Sinatra with one of the most important arrangers from his formative years, Melvin James “Sy” Oliver. Oliver was one of the arrangers for the Tommy Dorsey band, and he devised the original orchestrations for some of the numbers Sinatra chose to reprise (no pun intended!) in 1961.

The 1940 version of “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else” was modeled after Dorsey’s smash hit version of Irving Berlin’s “Marie,” in which the Dorsey band members chant rather light-hearted responses to vocalist Jack Lawrence’s delivery of the Berlin lyric. (According to critic Will Friedwald, legendary arranger Don Redman is often credited with originating this idea for another band.) They did the same thing with “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else,” chanting tongue-in-cheek responses to the lyric delivered by Lawrence’s replacement, young Frank Sinatra.

When Sinatra and Oliver tackled “The One I Love” in 1961, the conventional thing to do would have been to dispense with the band chants altogether and perhaps replace them with instrumental riffs - which, in fact, is what Sinatra did when he subsequently performed the song live (see the VEGAS box set for one example).

However, whether for old times’ sake or maybe just for the fun of it, Sinatra and Oliver couldn’t resist taking a different approach, so in the 1961 version, it’s Oliver himself one hears reprising (that word again!) the original, light-hearted band chant lyrics (which he himself may have dreamed up) in response to Sinatra’s lead vocal on the final refrain. That’s true of the track released on I REMEMBER TOMMY, and it’s also true of a complete alternate take included here.

While it might seem a bit odd to have an unexpected voice appear from nowhere to croon lines like “Like the bear, you ain’t nowhere,” it’s definitely one of my personal favorite moments of the TOMMY album. I always enjoy hearing this tongue-in-cheek but undeniably affectionate nod to Sinatra and Oliver’s fondly remembered earlier days with the Dorsey band. On top of all that, Oliver sounds great and he swings!

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Disc 1
Track 101. I’ll Be Seeing You [May 1] 13:07 (22.1MB)
Take 1 (false start)
Take 2 (false start) “One more for me.”
Take 3 (no music)
Take 4 (alternate take) “I’d like to do one more but I need an adjustment.”
Take 5 (false start)
Take 6 (false start)
Take 7 (false start) “Hold it!”
Take 8 (alternate take)
Intercut 1, take 1 (”…looking at the moon…”)
Intercut 1, take 2
Intercut 1, take 3 (no music)
Intercut 1, take 4
Intercut 1, take 5 (announcement only)

Track 102. I’m Getting Sentimental over You [May 1] 7:58 (13.4MB)
Take 1 (alternate take) “I’d like to make one more, and Sy…”
Take 2 (incomplete take) (clears throat)
Take 3 (false start) (bad note)
Take 4 (false start) (bad note) “Oops!”
Take 5 (announcement only)

Track 103. Imagination [May 1] 9:46 (16.4MB)
Take 1 (alternate take) “We had a slight clam…”
Take 2 (incomplete take)
Take 3 (incomplete take)
Intercut 1, take 1 (instrumental break, “Have you ever felt…”)
Intercut 1, take 2 (announcement only)

Track 104. Take Me [May 1] 2:44 (4.6MB)
Take 1 (no music)
Take 2 (alternate take)
Intercut 1, take 1 (announcement only)

Track 105. Without a Song [May 2] 13:15 (22.3MB)
Take 1 (false start) “Once more.”
Take 2 (false start)
Take 3 (false start) Instructions to trumpets.
Take 4 (no music)
Take 5 (false start)
Take 6 (alternate take) “May we hear that, please?”
Take 7 (no music)
Take 8 (false start) “Once more.”
Take 9 (false start) “Shhhhhh.”
Take 10 (no music) “Make the entrance… nice and gentle.”
Take 11 (false start) “Once more for me.”
Take 12 (alternate take) “Hold that, and I’d like to do one more for me.”

Track 106. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [May 2] 7:32 (12.7MB)
Take 1 (false start)
Take 2 (false start)
Take 3 (alternate take)
Take 4 (announcement only)

Track 107. Daybreak [May 2] 7:39 (12.9MB)
Take 1 (alternate take) “No, let’s make another one…”
Take 2 - ?
Take 3 (alternate take)
Take 4 (false start)

Track 108. In the Blue of Evening [March 21] 2:08 (3.6MB)
Take 1 (false start)
Take 2 (incomplete take)

Track 109. Promo plus “Daybreak” intro intercut [May 2] 1:07 (1.9MB)
“This is Frank Sinatra and I’ve got clues for you.”
Intercut 1, take 1 (no music)
Intercut 1, take 2

Disc 2
Track 201. There Are Such Things [May 3] 9:38 (16.2MB)
Runthrough (false start)
Take 1 (alternate take) “That was a good rehearsal.”
Take 2 (false start)
Take 3 (false start)
Take 4 (false start)
Take 5 (alternate take) “Let’s hear it once…”

Track 202. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else [May 3] 6:10 (10.4MB)
Take 1 (incomplete take)
Take 2 (alternate take)

Track 203. There Are Such Things [May 3] 11:04 (18.6MB)
Take 6 (tune up only)
Take 7 (incomplete take)
Take 8 - ?
Take 9 - ?
Take 10 (false start) (deliberate foul-up)
Take 11 (incomplete take)
Take 12 (false start)
Take 13 Harp or no harp? “I’ll never smile again…” (false start)
Take 14 (false start)

Track 204. It’s Always You [May 3] 12:52 (21.6MB)
Take 1 (false start)
Take 2 (alternate take)
Take 3 (false start)
Take 4 (alternate take)
Take 5 (false start)
Take 6 (incomplete take)

Track 205. It Started All Over Again [May 3] 4:55 (8.3MB)
Take 1 (false start) “Holy Christ, I was swingin’…”
Take 2 (alternate take) “How’s that as a record?”
Take 3 (false start)

Track 206. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) [May 3] 7:53 (13.2MB)
Take 1 (false start)
Take 2 (false start)
Intercut 1 (ending), take 1 (false start)
Intercut 1, take 2 (short)
Intercut 1, take 3 (long)
Intercut 1, take 4 (long, incomplete)
Intercut 1, take 5 (false start)
Intercut 1, take 6 (announcement only)

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  2. More priceless Sinatra gems even if most are incomplete , It’s still Frank ! And please people no. more talk about his private life or his big dick , who cares . Just keep it about the music OK ! Thank you

    By Terrence on Dec 10, 2016

  3. Thanks Again For Another Classic Bootleg .

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    By Adam(Rod Fan) on Dec 10, 2016

  6. Adam- Sugarmegs has the Hollywood Bowl show. its listed under “RodStewartRonnieWood2004-08-30HollywoodBowlCA”. its an audience recording and the description says “it’s by no means an A+ but DEFINATELY listenable”.

    By barth on Dec 11, 2016

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  10. Yo Raquel- did Frankie teach you the words to this one?

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  11. Here’s another “great” moment in Raquel’s “singing” career:


    Holy shit, I’ll never be able to wash that image out of my brain!

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    Got wood, anyone?

    [sorry} ;)

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