December 22, 2016 – 9:42 am

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John Zorn’s Book of Angels
Cologne 2016 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Acht-Brücken Festival, Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany; May 8, 2016. Very good webcast.

American guitarist, composer Jon Madof - and leader of the bands Rashanim and Zion80 - has performed extensively with other artists including John Zorn, Matisyahu, Marc Ribot, and Frank London. PopMatters’ Sean Murphy said: “All of his projects thus far have explored traditional Jewish sounds with a skillful blend of surf music, thrash, jazz and calmer acoustic. Each successive effort has seen Madof stretching and pushing himself farther, in as well as out, utilizing exotic instruments with feeling always at the forefront”. - wikipedia

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Thanks to Neetelbaers for sharing the show at Dime.

MPEG 1.0 Layer 3 320kbps 44kHz [WDR3 webcast] > VLC player > mp3DirectCut

Track 01. Holy Brother 5:37 (13.5MB)
02. Untitled
03. Untitled - Part A
04. Untitled - Part B
05. Untitled - Part C
Track 06. Ein K’Elokeinu 7:41 (18.4MB)
07. Untitled

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are omitted due to contractual obligations between the group and Tzadik Records.

Jon Madof - guitar
Frank London - trumpet
Matt Darriau - alto sax
Jessica Lurie - baritone sax
Zach Mayer - baritone sax
Brian Marsella - keyboards
Shanir Blumenkranz - bass
Yuval Lion - drums

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This is David Lewis, the manager for Zion80. As you know, you are posting this music without rights or permission. This is in violation of the copyright of the music. Please remove this content immediately to avoid legal action.

If the content is not removed within 72 hours we will begin legal proceedings against you and your website for unauthorized distribution of copywriten material.

Thank you

David Lewis

+ + + + +


We had written to the group requesting for permission to share the show. This is manager David Lewis’s reply. We would like to thank Jon Madof and David Lewis for allowing us to share the two tracks.

I spoke to the bandleader (Jon Madof) and he would be willing to allow the re-posting of the concert under a few conditions:

- If it is a high-quality live recording (the site lists it as the WDR webcast, so we assume this is the case)

- No compositions by John Zorn may be included (under expressed condition of the band’s contract with Tzadik Records)

The only tracks that could be included are 1 and 6, because the rest are John Zorn compositions. Track one is called ‘Holy Brother’ and track 6 is called ‘Ein K’Elokeinu.’

David Lewis

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  1. 77 Responses to “ZION80 - COLOGNE 2016 (UPDATED DEC 26: TWO TRACKS RE-INSTATED)”

  2. Hi - This is David Lewis, the manager for Zion80. As you know, you are posting this music without rights or permission. This is in violation of the copyright of the music. Please remove this content immediately to avoid legal action.

    If the content is not removed within 72 hours we will begin legal proceedings against you and your website for unauthorized distribution of copywriten material.

    Thank you

    David Lewis

    By David Lewis on Dec 22, 2016

  3. Great A&R move,David. Maybe you should have waited a day more so this niche group might get more international exposure. It might expand the fan base, sparking more interest and sales. I’m glad BigO pulled your plug immediately.

    By Fred Astaire Jr on Dec 22, 2016

  4. I never heard of Zion80 before this, and now apparently don’t need to. And by the way Mr. Lewis, you ALREADY are giving your band’s music away for free. Ever heard of YouTube? BigO is responsible about these types of shows, and in all honesty will continue to do what they do - and well - without you. Boom Boom Mancini, where are you NOW when we need your asinine croaks?!

    By Tony Pizza on Dec 22, 2016

  5. so they have 2 free live downloads on bandcamp without asking any info from the downloaders. what a strange move to threaten here for virtually the same thing.

    By Gary Mccluskey on Dec 22, 2016


    By dropkick sarge on Dec 22, 2016

  7. I had the opportunity to listen to one cut before this was yanked. I was really intrigued and delighted by it. Now as I come back hoping to sample more I find that I’m cut off. Hacked off. Shame, because now I have a bad taste in my mouth and am far less likely to follow up on what I had learned through my own ears. The attitude is off-putting, if understandable. Big O is a great site with admirable ethical standards. I think most of us feel that it’s a win-win situation with the music we find on offer here. It’s disappointing when the bands don’t feel the same.

    By Mink Stollen on Dec 22, 2016

  8. David, there’s someone else who has put a whole load of the band’s live stuff on the net, and it’s freely downloadable!! The name for the writs is… Jon Madof.

    By Hip O'Crete on Dec 22, 2016

  9. Never heard of Zion80. Was curious to give them a listen. Thanks Big-O for all you do.

    By T. Way on Dec 22, 2016

  10. A great way to keep an unknown group anonymous. Perhaps David Lewis should consider a new line of work.

    By Sneadhurn on Dec 22, 2016

  11. As a musician who makes a small fraction of his tiny living through royalties, I have no problem with Mr. Lewis doing what he (and the courts) think is necessary to protect his client’s interests. And I applaud BigO for respecting his request, and for the ethics that they have applied throughout this website. There’s still plenty of great music here, no need for us to be greedy.

    By jraoul on Dec 22, 2016

  12. Big O is my only exposure to this type of music. For a band’s manager to not realize that is short sighted to say the least. Not sure what his plan is to get me to hear it now. More not less you goober!

    By oneL on Dec 23, 2016

  13. Another BigO fan here who finds it a fabulous resource for discovering new music.

    The description of Zion80’s music sounded really intriguing (are they anything like Matisyahu?) - but now I guess that I’ll never know :-(

    By Philip on Dec 23, 2016

  14. I can see this being a tough call for a new band and their manager at this time in the music business. David’s trying to protect their IP which is what he should be doing as their manager, but I also think some of the comments here have some merit. I’ve never heard of this band until today when I found them on Big-O—a site I go to almost exclusively these days. I’ve discovered so many names from today and days long past that I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. I could have found them elsewhere I suppose, but I didn’t.

    I first learned of Phish and the Grateful Dead from friends who had cassette tapes of shows—my first exposure to bootlegs. Look what happened to them! : )

    So, who’s right… in the case of this band, we may never know.

    Thanks Big-O.


    By Duff on Dec 23, 2016

  15. Zionist propaganda by a guy called Madof. Not to be trusted

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 23, 2016

  16. @David Lewis: such a bonehead move. Like others above, now I won’t know if I even want to spend money to see this band in concert and buy their albums.

    If anyone can contact Jon Madof, he should be alerted that his band is in great need of a new manager.

    By Dumbass on Dec 23, 2016

  17. @David Lewis: per commenters above, yep Jon Madof has posted lots of youtube videos of his band. Easy to grab those… if the music was worthy.

    By Dumbass on Dec 23, 2016

  18. I just found this page after my cousin told me about seeing Zion80 at the Village Vanguard in NYC.

    All I have to say is, if you are criticizing a band or their manager for asking illegal bootlegs to be removed, or if you think you have the right to tell an artist where he should and shouldn’t put his music up for free, you are a fucking moron.

    Jon Madof can do whatever the hell he wants with his music. You know why? Because it’s his.

    Anyone saying they now won’t be able to hear the music because it was removed from this one page is a lazy piece of shit. I haven’t heard the music at all, but I know how to use google to see where the music is that was actually authorized by the band.

    Do the fucktards posting this nonsense have jobs? Probably not. Cuz if you did you’d know that nobody works for free. If Zion80 wants to publicize music on their YouTube channel or THEIR bandcamp page, they can. And if they don’t want somebody posting their music without permission, THATS THEIR FUCKING CHOICE.

    I hope you morons aren’t an indication of the music fans of the future. Cuz if you are, we are truly FUCKED.

    By Stuart on Dec 23, 2016

  19. You know what? Musicians can do WHATEVER THEY FUCKING WANT with their music. Cuz it’s theirs.

    You sound like a bunch of little baby bitches crying cuz someone won’t give you something for free.

    Tell you what. Move out of your moms basement and get a job. Then see if you like working for free.

    I saw Ziom80 at the Village Vanguard in NYC and they were AMAZING. If you don’t want to listen to them it’s your loss!!!

    By Stuart on Dec 23, 2016

  20. I saw Zion80 at the Village Vaguard and they were fucking amazing. Maybe you fucktards criticizing their manager for protecting their music should move out of your moms basements, get a job and then see if you like someone taking your shit for free.

    And if the band wants to post on YouTube or Spotify or bandcamp for free, that’s their choice. Know why? Cuz the music is theirs and they can do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT WITH IT.

    Fucking losers. Get a life.

    By Stuart on Dec 23, 2016

  21. Fucktard Stuart do you have a job other than trolling with two IDs that are the same? These nuts on your chin are just something you want to enjoy in your spare time. And you have too much spare time.

    Stuart saw these nuts on his chin and they were amazing.

    Stuart can do WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS TO with these nuts on his chin.

    Fucking loser with no life. And these nuts on his chin.

    By Stuart Moron on Dec 23, 2016

  22. I needed to circle back around on this after finding them on Youtube. These guys are AMAZING! The drummer is particularly phenomenal. David Lewis is right to ask for this to be taken down. It’s theirs. Stuart’s point is on too, though a bit vitriolic… he’s right.

    My point was wrong in using the Dead and Phish as examples. They encouraged their shows to be taped and shared. It’s their own IP to do with as they please.

    That said, I’m thankful Big-O enlightened me to Zion80’s existence.

    I’m interested. Thanks Big-O, Zion80 and David Lewis. These guys are Great


    By Duff on Dec 23, 2016

  23. This is the one. just rips.


    By Duff on Dec 23, 2016

  24. Stuart, are you quite done? Hope not, cause you’re absolutely right.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 23, 2016

  25. Mr Lewis , many tanks fo forcing da removal of dis shit , Not many has ever heard of dis modern day auto tune lipsinkin crap and now fewer people will have to hear it , now maybe we can get back to da 70s when Muzak wuz real and bands cared bout da fans , me hopes dat all dis modern shit will disappear anyway sos tanks you for makin O remove it hope dat other managers will do da same so we don’t gots to hear dis shit no more and can stay in da 70s , Makes me happy by postin 70s shows only as dis is an omen 70s Rock 70s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancini on Dec 23, 2016

  26. My belief is that bootlegs stir up interest in bands and artists , hence more albums being sold as well as ticket sales , Bands like the grateful dead , Jefferson Airplane etc recognized this decades ago and encouraged bootlegging, Led Zeppelins manager , the infamous Peter Grant would troll the arenas and stadiums searching for bootleggers and would physically harm them as well as destroy their equipment on the spot . He would also go to record shops attempting to confiscate all boots of the band , Of course we see how successful this all was as Led Zeppelin is the most bootlegged band of all time , practually every show the ever did is out there , in some cases different versions, It certainly didn’t hurt the groups record sales or their ability to sell out stadiums . Mr Lewis the fact is , this exposure would have helped increase interest and in turn more people would have sought out official recordings . some people just can’t see the big picture

    By Chuck in Texas on Dec 23, 2016

  27. David Lewis , probably has a small dick , watch me in deep throat or blasting a load in morons mouth to see a real big dick in action

    By Harry Reems on Dec 23, 2016

  28. Fuck yourself , David Lewis !

    By homeless on Dec 23, 2016

  29. Guess the vacations over, sorry to see u back

    By Robbie Mathiason on Dec 23, 2016

  30. how about some real 70’s music like david cassady or the archies

    By Jason Novak on Dec 23, 2016

  31. Hi Everyone! Wow - thanks so much for all of the thoughtful messages, especially the antisemitic and homophobic ones! Those are always the best.

    Anyway, I’m just doing my job. Zion80 is a great band, and I’m lucky and happy to be their manager. It’s our policy to ask for removal of any music posted without the artist’s consent and approval. You might not like that, but it’s not up to you. Sorry. Let me get you a tissue.

    Maybe one day when all of you have jobs, you’ll understand that it’s nice to have a good one. Especially if you can work with great people like Jon Madof and the other musicians in Zion80.

    If you want to hear their music, you can start at http://zion80.com/. If you don’t want to listen to it, that’s fine. There’s lots of other great music out there you can put in your ears.

    If a music site wants to post the band’s music, all they have to do is do it in a reasonable and fair way, and we’ll probably say yes. But that’s not what happened in this case. Oh well.

    Have a nice day!

    By David Lewis on Dec 24, 2016

  32. well mr.lewis, lets just say with your condescending attitude your good luck job /band has been crossed off my list for good.
    you painted everyone here with the same smug shit bristle brush.
    if you were my manager I`d fire you.

    By sluggo on Dec 24, 2016

  33. “Maybe one day when all of you have jobs”. Really? I happen to have today off due to Christmas, the first work day I’ve had off since Thanksgiving. My god, you have a crappy attitude. I would have listened to your band’s music on the original post but I’m sure as hell not going to go looking for elsewhere now. You are an idiot - sites like this promote music and that transforms into sales of the official releases. I hope your band realizes what an asshole you are and dumps you.

    By Roger on Dec 24, 2016

  34. Typical Jewish arrogance

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 24, 2016

  35. David Lewis does project a condescending attitude which I’m not so sure is smart for a band manager. Still, you all sound pretty entitled don’t you remember when you had to pay for ANY AND ALL music??? I think most bands would just like to be asked if its ok to post their shows which is understandable…

    By Rod Simon on Dec 24, 2016

  36. Mr Lewis , with all due respect read my earlier comments on this post , new bands need exposure, sites like this one offer that exposure, Many new groups have been discovered on blogs like this which in turn creates more interest in a band or artists music ! It certainly will not harm your clients financially, in fact by creating more interest it will only enable them to make more $$$ , Today’s radio and other media does a poor job at promoting talented people in fact the trash like Miley Cyrus and the like are the ones who get it instead of groups like the one you reoresent, Have a nice day sir

    By Chuck in Texas on Dec 24, 2016

  37. All the music offered here is essentially “under the radar” or with the unacknowledged allowance of the musicians or their estates. We should appreciate and be fortunate for it, but there is no entitlement to free or unauthorized recordings.

    Lewis sounds very restrained, considering all the shit dumped on him for doing the job THE BAND DEPENDS ON HIM TO DO. And his final request “all you have to do is ask in a fair way… ” is as reasonable as it gets.

    For that alone, I’ll probably check out their site.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 24, 2016

  38. This is not a commercial release. Anyone who has frequented this site has seen that any tracks commercially released are not put up for download. Fair enough and as it should be. No harm, no foul. But to complain that a live recording escaped your clutches is asinine. It’s all on you, guy. You should have ensured that you stationed goons at the door strip-searching every paying customer and doing cavity searches on the way out if you didn’t want your precious live show to get away. No real “manager” goes to these lengths to stop non-commercial live concert recordings that take NO revenue away from the band. Nobody here is making a penny off of Zion80…not even you, I’ll bet.

    By catdeli on Dec 24, 2016

  39. Damn. Where to begin? I might have liked this if only I could have heard it. What a twat move! Anyone remember when Chris Robinson went nuts over a Crowes bootleg he saw in a music store & later, after being around the Dead, encouraged fans to tape them? I have a bootleg from Indianapolis where they let people set up recorders! The dude next to me had a whole set-up with two mikes. Oh well. As for Stuart, assclown indeed! And this Dick Head fuck? Christ!!! Now we have religious smack on here?!? Can all of you fucking fools go away in the new year?

    By Starrwatts on Dec 24, 2016

  40. i find it to be rather strange that Zion80 would allow a web broadcast of their performance and not expect people to record and post it online.

    while i dont care for Lewis’ condescending remark about jobs it could be mainly a response to the unfortunate troll fest seen far too often here.

    it would be good it bigO could contact David Lewis and find out what exactly he means by “do it in a reasonable and fair way, and we’ll probably say yes.” perhaps asking for the bands permission is indeed all it takes to make these tracks available for downloading. im sure they would be happy with the exposure and possible revenue stream.

    in the meantime… if u want to hear Zion80’s music for free just go to their web site, Bandcamp page or YouTube where their music has been posted by band leader Jon Madof. software that can record streaming audio like this is readily available at a low cost (hint).

    By barth on Dec 24, 2016

  41. I guess David Lewis considers himself a kinder gentler more modern version of Peter Grant ! Whereas David asks nicely and threatens softly , Peter would physically smash equipment and in some cases smash bodies and break bones so I guess it’s not that bad today

    By Victor , on Dec 24, 2016

  42. Yeah , I remember stories about Peter Grant , the man was very scary , a maniac, think he weighed 300 lbs and would destroy recording devices and beat the crap out if people in the audience at Zep shows , think he and his goons also would threaten to break arms and legs of record store employees if they didn’t give up and quit selling Zep boots , what a scary individual, think he also may have had mob ties

    By Antonio on Dec 24, 2016

  43. At the end of the day, the intellectual property in the music rests with Zion80, and they have appointed David Lewis as their manager - so BigO did exactly the right thing in removing it as his request.

    Whether it makes commercial sense or not is a different question - but it’s Zion80’s music, and it’s their decision.

    For those who posted homophobic or anti-semitic comment - that’s stupid, childish, and (where I live, at least) illegal, under legislation related to “incitement to racial hatred”. It would be good if Big) was to delete these comments - they add nothing whatsoever to the discussion here.

    By Philip on Dec 24, 2016

  44. Rather ironic that Peter Grant was so touchy about illegal recordings since everybody knows that Jimmy Page’s attitude was rather loose when it came to mention the composers from whom he “borrowed” his tunes (Willie Dixon, Bert Jansch, Randy California, Jake Holmes…). When it comes to money everything is fine for not losing any, not paying royalties, scaring bootleggers, you name it. Aleister Crowley’s house must have been very expensive to maintain in good shape.

    By mrbelette on Dec 24, 2016

  45. Homosexual is a race ? What kind ? Talk about racial hatred to the USA who hides behind their constitution to allow the existence of a Nazi Party or the Ku Kux Klan in the name of freedom of speech.

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 24, 2016

  46. People downloading from this site are supposed to not have any job ? What a briliant example of a great mind at work !

    By mrbelette on Dec 24, 2016

  47. When are we gonna listen to da Zion80 concert wit Roger Waters as special guest ? Dis waz a really cooking nite ! A real gas fa sure

    By Bim Bim Mantovani on Dec 24, 2016

  48. Mr Lewis - I have 2 JOBS and am happy to do both. Your action, while justified, cost a talented band some new fans and started the bad-mouth monster rolling (which can be far-reaching in the internet age). That being said, your response comment confirmed to me that you DESERVE all the bad-mouth you get.
    Thanks, BigO and Merry Christmas to all (even you, Mr Lewis)…

    By TDC on Dec 24, 2016

  49. People, you’re ignoring the fact that a manager does the bidding of his clients. It’s an adolescent fantasy to think that those glorious romantic rockstars are blissfully unaware of all the evils that managers do in their name.

    You don’t like how the Peter Grants of the industry bully people around? Well, I don’t either. Then you have to blame the band that rewards him for doing so. And if you keep rewarding that band whose actions you disapprove by your $upport, then you need to think about what YOU are enabling.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 24, 2016

  50. “a manager does the bidding of his clients.”

    Except for all the Colonel Parker’s of this world of showbiz

    By mrbelette on Dec 25, 2016

  51. “Maybe one day when all of you have jobs, you’ll understand that it’s nice to have a good one.”

    And, that’s when he turned into a condescending prick. I’m not going to check out the band. Ever. I’m not going to their concerts, watch their videos, buy their merchandise. Screw Lewis, screw the bands that he represents.

    By thevictoriousgecko on Dec 25, 2016

  52. Homosexual is not a race. What about the usa that use their constitution to allow the existence of the nazi party and the kkk under the pretense of freedom of speech ?

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 25, 2016

  53. BigO did the right thing in removing when asked. They always do that, as they respect the rights and wishes of the artists. that is going to avoid any serious issues that could affect BigO. BigO NEVER posts official material.

    David Lewis should be doing what he can to protect the rights of his band, as a manager, but that should not include fan-shared material that is not officially available. Fan shared unnofficial material helps to create a groundswell of support for a band, like word of mouth, free publicity, goodwill.

    But actions like his, heavy-handed and draconian, does nothing but push potential fans away. I might have streamed the files here on BigO to check them out, and then I may have gone to the official site and bought something and become a fan. But now, I can’t be bothered, due to this guy’s attitude.

    By Fink Ployd on Dec 25, 2016

  54. does david lewis like to suck big dicks and swallow monster loads? im here for that

    By Harry Reems on Dec 25, 2016

  55. Harry that’s the most accurate comment you’ve ever made! You’re here there and everywhere for sucking big dicks and swallowing monster loads!!

    Merry Christmas you needle dicked asshole!


    By John C. Holmes on Dec 25, 2016

  56. The Book of Angels music is John Zorn’s not Zion80’s. He’s the one who composed it, not Jon Madof

    By mrbelette on Dec 25, 2016

  57. No thanks , after the way David Lewis initially responded like A jerk I would never listen to his shitty band , After much blowback and shit thrown back at his and the bands direction they now want to offer a couple of token crumbs ! Actually would have had more respect for Lewis and the group if they had completely stood their ground . Wouldn’t listen to their music now if they paid me to

    By Tom on Dec 26, 2016

  58. First Lewis forces the removal of the show and now after much blowback in his and the bands direction the decide to toss us a couple of bones , Why golly thank you Mr Lewis sir , wow two whole songs , can’t wait , err no thanks , you couldn’t pay me to listen to your shitty band now you pompas prick , hope your band never makes it off the ground now , Here’s to you flipping burgers at McDonald’s by this time next year

    By Tom on Dec 26, 2016

  59. I listened to the two songs here, then looked on Spotify for Zion80. They have a live EP up there: https://open.spotify.com/album/1Qxo0RULrjnOMsu3k5Hs0k

    By LatinStar613 on Dec 26, 2016

  60. Thank you Big O and thank you David.

    By Mink Stollen on Dec 26, 2016

  61. Thank you. After spending Christmas Eve and morning in the ER, these two songs are cheerful and are helping me get past the pain and the first music I’ve heard. Fun! I truly appreciate them.

    By ScarRad on Dec 26, 2016

  62. “I spoke to the bandleader (Jon Madof)” Yes well done. Would have been a good idea to do it in the first place, after all he’s supposed to be concerned.

    By mrbelette on Dec 26, 2016

  63. why are certain people kissing lewis ass ? if he wanted to make things right he would ok the return of the complete show,also if it has not been officially released how can copy right laws be involved ? someone please enlighten me

    By GW on Dec 27, 2016

  64. Also the show is already out on the web by way of the short time posted here as well as other blogs im pretty sure,Ask Peter Grant RIP if trying to stop bootlegging works ,hundreds of zeppelin boots on line

    By GW on Dec 27, 2016

  65. The Jews will behave when I’m in office, believe me. I already have Netanyahu begging me for favors. I’m already a Platinum Member at the Gaza Strip Club.

    By Donald Trump U. on Dec 27, 2016

  66. Why are people so up in arms by the removal of this no talent garbage? i say good riddance .this is worse than that hack John Mclaughlin and his fake jazz

    By Smashmouth on Dec 27, 2016

  67. Wow - so many hysterical comments on here. Antisemites, homophobes, etc etc. Such a quality audience!

    Do you think musicians like this band or any other really care what you think? If you like what they do, fine, listen to it. If not, listen to something else.

    I’d be willing to bet to a person that the intellectual giants making these silly comments have never created anything of any value, let alone starting a band and putting out original music.

    So, @smashmouth, @tom, @harry and all the others…. What have you done other than trolling music websites?

    Is this what you were put on earth to do????

    By LatinStar613 on Dec 27, 2016

  68. I make outrageous comments because I’m desperate for attention, blah blah blah

    By smashmouth on Dec 27, 2016

  69. if you wonder about the declining music industry look at the comments on this page-nobody wants to pay for music anymore, and they get angry when its not free. the artists are not immune as well; diminishing sales of new music have led to the endless tour mentality.

    By Rod Simon on Dec 27, 2016

  70. LatinStar613- you’re on my deportation list now, right behind that Muslim from Kenya. That, I can tell you. I’ve built lots of things and created many jobs for people at companies like Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines and so many others!

    My son Barron uses Spotify, so he knows all about music. I might start a label and put him in charge, it’ll be a yooge success! Everyone will want to be on it, amazing people like Ted Nugent and Kid Rock! Barron could be bigger than Allen Klein and Irving Azoff with my tutelage, believe me!

    By Donald Trump U. on Dec 27, 2016

  71. rod.this show is not an official release,so how cN COPYRIGHT laws be in effect,it has been stated by others here that blogs like this help create interest on official releases.now with this heavy handed mean spirited approach people that would have sought them out are no longer interested.how is that good for business ?

    By GW on Dec 27, 2016

  72. Latinstar ? Star of what ? You talk about originality and all you’re saying is just old clichés. Since when music is supposed to be made for other musicians only ? You don’t have to be a musician to listen to it, to criticize it and say you don’t like it. You mean only people who like it should express their opinion ? How old are you ? You must live in a fantasy world junior.

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 28, 2016

  73. well if free live music in any way created interest in official releases, than why are sales figures so terrible? I don’t mean this in a snarky way, it would seem like a logical conclusion but the numbers tell a different story

    By Rod Simon on Dec 28, 2016

  74. Miley Cyrus and other trashy music sells very well because thats what the media force feeds the public,Ive discovered many artists on blogs like this.This isnt the sixties and seventies when great music was everywhere on the radio.Poor promotion is the cause of poor sales,which is why bands have to tour their asses off to survive.also record shops are dieing,you cant find anything in stores anymore and many people dont like shoping on line.blogs like this certainly do help generate interest in an artist and their music

    By COREY M on Dec 28, 2016

  75. Based on the two tracks that were re-posted, looks like we haven’t been missing any new sounds with this band, guys.

    By Rowdy Roddy on Dec 28, 2016

  76. I’d be interested in reading as to what you may consider “new sounds”. Although I haven’t listened to these tracks, I have taken note that there are a great many posting on bigO who may consider something as a “new sound” only because they’ve rarely, if ever, strayed from a somewhat narrow comfort zone musically.

    By Alice Bowie on Dec 28, 2016

  77. Why is everyone making such a big deal about the removal of this crap ! I listened to the two tunes , boring and repetitive, but hell in a rock guy so what do I know , We should thank this guy for getting this taken down , only please take the other two tunes down as well please

    By Tony C on Dec 28, 2016

  78. Still going on about miley cyrus? What passes for new sounds at big o is a little different than sites that don’t actually ignore most new music. Big o is primarily focused on older music and artists which only seems normal if you don’t frequent other music forum. I think that once you have over 25-30 boots of a particular artist it tends to become more of a collecting activity than a listening experience , particularly for bands that don’t like to change their set lists.

    By Barry Melton on Dec 28, 2016

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