December 30, 2016 – 7:36 am

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Nine Lives [no label, 1CD]

Solo demos from Morgan Studios, London, UK; 1970, 1971. Excellent soundboard. 2008 release.


When you consider that there have been virtually no outtakes from the most prolific era of Cat Stevens’ career (the early ’70s), “9 Lives” is a revelation. And at its best, this collection of solo acoustic demos rivals the best work in his catalog; here we have one of the world’s most original singer/songwriters at the top of his game, running through his songs (some of which would go on to become beloved classics) in the comfy confines of London’s Morgan Studios.

The CD includes embryonic versions of “Wild World,” “Peace Train,” “Moonshadow” and even “Morning Has Broken” (astonishing to hear on acoustic guitar, long before Rick Wakeman was brought in to add a bit of piano magic). Some of the lyrics are different. There are three songs Cat never “officially” recorded for “Mona Bone Jakon,” “Tea For the Tillerman” or “Teaser and the Firecat” (the albums these songs were demo’d for), and while they’re not quite as strong, lyric-wise, as the best things on those classic records, it’s simply breathtaking to hear the young Cat, with his sexy growl, on melodies we’ve never heard before. He was, quite simply, a brilliant artist.

The sound on “9 Lives” is studio quality - it’s as if you’re in the room with Cat - and it’s a marvelous listen from start to finish. From the rollicking “Tuesday’s Dead” and “Changes IV” to the whisper-quiet “Katmandu” and the bouncy “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out,” the CD is a Cat Stevens fan’s dream come true.

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Thanks to nurktwin for sharing the tracks on the net.


An astonishing collection of recently-unearthed tracks recorded by Cat Stevens, solo and acoustic, in London’s Morgan Studios in 1970 and ‘71. In pristine, studio quality, the 15 tracks include embryonic versions of the classic songs that would make up the seminal 1971 Teaser And The Firecat album. The CD also includes solo demos of songs from Mona Bone Jakon and Tea For The Tillerman as well as Cat’s contributions to the Harold And Maude movie and three songs that have never seen the light of day, in any form.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Track 01. Wild World 3:15 (7.8MB)
Track 02. If I Laugh 4:06 (9.8MB)
Track 03. Can This Be Love 4:02 (9.7MB)
Track 04. Changes IV 3:37 (8.7MB)
Track 05. Katmandu 2:56 (7.1MB)
Track 06. Morning Has Broken 2:51 (6.8MB)
Track 07. It’s So Good 2:28 (5.9MB)
Track 08. Tuesday’s Dead 3:36 (8.7MB)
Track 09. Don’t Be Shy 2:40
Track 10. Who’ll Be My Love 2:53
Track 11. Moonshadow 2:42
Track 12. How Can I Tell You 4:05
Track 13. Peace Train 4:16
Track 14. The Fisherman 2:26
Track 15. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out 2:41
49 mins

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  1. 113 Responses to “CAT STEVENS - NINE LIVES”

  2. When this guy became a muslim he definitely chose to follow the wrong way.

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 30, 2016

  3. Astonishingly narrow minded perspective… if you live your life from a place of love, acceptance and forgiveness, then any way you follow is the “right” way.

    By Jerry H. on Dec 30, 2016

  4. Muslim has nothing to do with it. Being a mindless shithead sheep without any moral backbone is another. Yusuf advocated sending Salman Rushdie straight on the shit-train to hell because some lunatic corrupt ayatollah told him to.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 30, 2016

  5. This is remarkable. Half way thru listening to it now. Of all the great stuff you’ve been putting up, this has to top it! Well done.

    By Trevor on Dec 30, 2016

  6. Thank you for this! The early version of “Morning Has Broken” (sans Rick Wakeman’s piano intro)sounds specially interesting.

    By Lobo on Dec 30, 2016

  7. Open your mind to the world Dickhead. It a beautiful thing.

    This stuff is wonderful. Thanks again Bigo!!

    By oneL on Dec 30, 2016

  8. Pristine sound quality, superb performances
    Thank you for this great post

    By Bob Cat Al on Dec 30, 2016

  9. Thank You Big O . . . for a wonderful contribution to any fans collection of sublime music!

    By KusalaKarmaKris on Dec 30, 2016

  10. Wonderful stuff. Hadn’t some across these before and a life long fan.
    Thank you Big O

    By swappers on Dec 30, 2016

  11. He is a terrorist sympathizer and in the same boat with Roger Waters. He should be shunned. He supports child bombers and advocates death to Israel. No place for Cat Stevens here in the free world. Thanks to Dick Head for his honest comment.

    By Carlos' Other Brother on Dec 30, 2016

  12. doesnt bigO monitor its content ???
    first trump gets elected president then all the news networks are in a tizzy in regards to the celebrity deaths of 2016 giving this more airtime than they have syrian and isis atrocities now we have cat stevens who never recanted his call for rushdie’s head is being praised and promoted here
    this obsession with celebrity will leave to our downfall …and we deserve it

    By woodpeckerdeadwood on Dec 30, 2016

  13. You should live in Europe to see how islam is not only a religion but also a political force whose only goal is to conquer the world and submit all the non believers to the rules of islam. It has all to do with islam, you’re naive if you don’t see the truth. All muslim is a slave to the law of charia. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, love and tolerance. Muslims only want war with the rest of the world until it all becomes islamic. If you become one yourself they’ll destroy you or make you a dhimmi (slave) because to their eyes you’ll always be inferior. Ever ask yourself why terrorists are muslims and not buddhists ? I thought usa has learned their lesson, don’t you follow the news of the world ? And we could also talk about the role of women in the arabic culture. Another proof of who the real narrow-winded are. As for the music on this site, you should look on the net to find videos of imans who teach children that listening to rock will make muslims transform into pigs or monkeys. Exactly what the western world needs in the 21st century. You have to learn about islam’s true face and true goal.

    By Dick HEAD on Dec 30, 2016

  14. Thank you, BigO, for this post. Very special indeed! Saw Yusuf in October in NYC and he killed it. Am hoping he comes back again.

    Thanks again, brother!

    By je n'regret rien on Dec 31, 2016

  15. I was never a big fan of Cat Stevens, but these demos gave me a chance to hear some of his classic -and sometimes overplayed- songs, and I enjoyed them. Thanks.

    His conversion to Islam in the 70s is not a reason to shun him. Muhammed Ali converted to Islam, and so did Dave Chappelle, and nobody’s shunning them. I am a Richard Thompson fan (he’s a Sufi Muslim)and I certainly wouldn’t presume to know what he thinks about politics, terrorism, or anything else. So save the anti-Muslim generalizations for some other forum.

    By Eric (The Other Eric) on Dec 31, 2016

  16. 6 contrary religion posts here so far. 6 people can`t agree yet you expect the whole world to get along?

    By sluggo on Dec 31, 2016

  17. Fantastic demos, shame about the hate posts for such a wonderful musician - “I never called for the death of Salman Rushdie; nor backed the Fatwa issued by the Ayatollah Khomeini — and still don’t. When asked about my opinion regarding blasphemy, I could not tell a lie and confirmed that — like both the Torah and the Gospel — the Qur’an considers it, without repentance, as a capital offense. The Bible is full of similar harsh laws if you’re looking for them.”

    By Jon on Dec 31, 2016

  18. jon, what the hell do you think you’re doing? using reason, facts, and direct quotes is frowned upon here at big ozine…just shout out something offensive and/or ridiculous and you’ll fit in just fine

    By Mike London on Dec 31, 2016

  19. Thanks, bigO, for this treat! I saw him about 5 times, in the 70’s. Pretty music is just that, pretty music. Happy New Year, to all. jimg

    By jimg on Dec 31, 2016

  20. Cat Stevens will be put in a concentration camp if he ever come here with therest of the muslim savages

    By President Donald Trumster on Dec 31, 2016

  21. Dont get me started on this topic again,Islam is not a peaceful religion ,The murder people including other muslims,treat women like cattle and their goal is world domination just like Adolf Hitler.At least our resident muslim in the white house the big eared grinning one Barack HUSSEIN Obama will soon be out of office and a true american will take his place.just hope he dosent close gitmo before he leaves

    By COREY M on Dec 31, 2016

  22. Fucking asshole, puking up your political horseshit again, showing everyone what an uninformed jerkoff you are.


    By COREY MORON on Dec 31, 2016

  23. oh, boy, the crazies come out, now Corey M dredging up claims that Obama is Muslim. How about the PROOF, Corey M? You got it? Then open up and show the world what PROOF you have that Obama is a Muslim.
    None of this has anything to do with these demos which were made years before Cat Stevens converted to be a Muslim. SHOW ME ONE SONG IN WHICH CAT STEVENS EVER ADVOCATED VIOLENCE. And since you can’t find one by Cat Stevens, then now show me just one song in which Yusuf advocated violence, terrorism, hate, killing. Just one.

    By Barry on Dec 31, 2016

  24. Is he a Muslim or British? I can’t tell which. This deportation thing might be harder than I thought. I’ll let Pence handle that, I’m going to be busy kissing Putin’s ass and pushing for a nuclear arms race. Screw that nuclear triad, we’re going to be the first country with a nuclear quartet. That, I can tell you.

    By Donald Trump U. on Dec 31, 2016

  25. COREY M- you’re an asshole, always were, always will be. Shove your hate up yer ass, you pussyface bastard, and stop raping barnyard animals. Try to educate yourself somewhere other than Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, and Trump University.

    I’ll be grinning ear to ear at your sorry, lazy white ass when your boy Trump takes away your Medicare and cuts your Social Security. I’ll be on my book tour by then, raking in the millions that your fat trailer trash ass will only be able to read about.

    FUUUUUUCK YOU and all your knuckle dragging inbred hillbilly family and friends.

    By Barack FUCKING HUSSEIN Obama on Dec 31, 2016

  26. It was all a joke! Yusuf was just joking about advocating murdering a private British citizen for “offending Islam”. From Wikipedia:

    “Two months later, Yusuf Islam appeared on a British television programme, BBC’s Hypotheticals… In the episode (”A Satanic Scenario”), Islam had an exchange about the issue with the moderator and Queens Counsel Geoffrey Robertson. Islam would later clarify the exchanges as… “part of a well-known British national trait… dry humour on my part.”

    Robertson: You don’t think that this man deserves to die?
    Y. Islam: Who, Salman Rushdie?
    Robertson: Yes.
    Y. Islam: Yes, yes.
    Robertson: And do you have a duty to be his executioner?
    Y. Islam: Uh, no, not necessarily, unless we were in an Islamic state and I was ordered by a judge or by the authority to carry out such an act – perhaps, yes.
    [Some minutes later, Robertson on the subject of a protest where an effigy of the author is to be burned]
    Robertson: Would you be part of that protest, Yusuf Islam, would you go to a demonstration where you knew that an effigy was going to be burned?
    Y. Islam: I would have hoped that it’d be the real thing.

    The New York Times also reports this statement from the programme: [If Rushdie turned up at my doorstep looking for help] I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like. I’d try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is.”

    –Hilarious sense of humor. Ride the piece o’shit train.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 31, 2016

  27. If the music brings pleasure, then fine, dig it. But nice music does not redeem a hateful heart.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 31, 2016

  28. Ah, yes. Reminds me of the best part of the internet, filled with people whose opinions are little more then shit but smearing the walls with it anyway.

    By Alice Bowie on Dec 31, 2016

  29. Betty Chestnut Says: One good way to tell when Big O has a great posting, is when all of these little monsters here start ripping not only each other to pices, but do their best to make the whole forum as unpleasant as possible.

    By Music Industry Troll on Dec 31, 2016

  30. nice Barack, you’ve decided to offset coreys “hate” by doubling down on it yourself. you’re definitely proving a point , just not the one you want to

    By gw on Dec 31, 2016

  31. corey-regardless of whether people agree or disagree with what you’re saying, don’t bring politics in here; we need this space for matters of importance, like uncle miltie and dick talk

    By gw on Dec 31, 2016

  32. With all due respect , look at the comments before mine ! I didn’t open up his topic , Dickhead and Camper did , so spread the critizium around folks if you feel the need to , and by the way I still love Cat Stevens music , as for Omama being a Muslim , He spent many years of his youth going to an Islamic school and his father was a radical Muslim , also he has repeatedly gone out of his way to defend Islam even at the detrement of the United States best interest. , releasing gitmo savages , allowing refugees and terrorists over here Ebola virus refugees as well as not using the word Islam or terrorism to describe atrocities , Wear blinders if you choose people

    By Corey M on Dec 31, 2016

  33. Obama was the Manchurian candidate M is for Muslim

    By Corey M on Dec 31, 2016

  34. Therefore, as is Corey M-ANCHURIAN.

    You vote for Putin’s poodle and deride the man who stands up to him? Yes, you are a moron.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 31, 2016

  35. Corey M- with all due respect u just dont know anything about politics. stick to music.

    its strange that so many people will readily believe the never ending conspiracy theories but ignore the facts about Trumps many deficiencies and Putin-love. oh well.

    lets rock…

    By barth on Dec 31, 2016

  36. DickHead started it folks , don’t hear anyone blasting him , his comments were more inflammatory than mine , why is that?

    By Corey M on Dec 31, 2016

  37. And I’m no fan of Trumps either

    By Corey M on Dec 31, 2016

  38. Honestly , just came here to enjoy the Cat post , then Dickhead started in on the Muslim and politics angle and then others followed suit and as usual on this blog the free for all was on again What are people supposed to do ? Not express an opinion ? Opinions are like assholes , everyone’s got one

    By Corey M on Dec 31, 2016

  39. if corey just doesn’t know anything about politics barth, then you know less. your pre election bluster was comical and you don’t know much about music either.

    By gw on Dec 31, 2016

  40. and yes cory is still a moron as well ,so you’re in fine company..

    By gw on Dec 31, 2016

  41. Everyone’s got one, and you are one, Corey M. You polluted the comments here with your pro-Trump crap for months, so saying now that you’re “no fan of Trumps” [sic] [big surprise: Corey doesn’t know how to use punctuation] along with your too-stupid-to-know-that-you’re-a-racist “Obama’s a Muslim” bullshit is just more proof that you’re an idiot who should shut up and leave important discussions to more intelligent people (i.e. everyone).

    By Willis on Jan 1, 2017

  42. GW ,the point was made that dickhead started this whole thing ,why does he get a pass and Barth,CoreyM etc get the hammer? cmon people if anyone needs spanking its dickhead,not that i have a dog in the fight.Actually just wanted to hear this great Cat Stevens music,dont care about his religion or politics

    By Sonny,larrasy on Jan 1, 2017

  43. Yep.Dickhead got it rolling and others took it and ran with it,another post filled with disrespect and name calling,normal for here obviously

    By Antonio on Jan 1, 2017

  44. Willis anyone who disrespects the Great Jimi Hendrix by calling him an opening act for the Monkees has no credibility whatsoever ,kindly shut up

    By Carl on Jan 1, 2017

  45. Didn’t Cat Stevens open for the Monkees?

    By Willis Dumbass Twin on Jan 1, 2017

  46. thanks gw always good to know someones paying attention!

    have a prosperous 2017!

    By barth on Jan 1, 2017

  47. Carl - seriously? Hendix WAS an opening act for the Monkees…. sheesh….

    By barth on Jan 1, 2017

  48. Did Cat Stevens actually call for the beheading of Salmon Rushdie ? i do not recall hearing of it,however if true i don’t see why anyone would ever want to hear his music again ,Islam is a sick demented religion

    By charles on Jan 1, 2017

  49. Islam comes from Mohammed.

    Mohammed murdered, raped and stole.

    His disciples murdered, raped and stole.

    By fuckcatstevens on Jan 1, 2017

  50. Whether true or not its disrespectful to someone of Hendrix stature.A slap in the face to his legacy

    By Carl on Jan 1, 2017

  51. A real peaceful religion alright ,Dickhead was right on.Muslims want to take over the world,look at France the UK and Germany,We’ll be next if we dont wake up .at least the grinning big eared muslim is leaving office soon,lets hope the Donald can clean up the mess.hopefully by closing mosques and deportations

    By COREY M on Jan 1, 2017

  52. even i was not aware of Cat Stevens religious views ,calling for murders beheadings etc thats news to me.lets hope its nottrue,love his music,grew up on much of it

    By COREY M on Jan 1, 2017

  53. Corey M, you’ve ranted enough on this page for now. Why don’t you just shut up and move on.

    By Randy on Jan 1, 2017

  54. “A slap in the face to his legacy”

    which Jimi and his manager AGREED to. they realized it was a mistake fairly quickly. sheesh!

    as i recall Willis made a JOKE about it. give it a rest already…

    By barth on Jan 1, 2017

  55. it was not a joke,willis actually believed that the monkees were better, maybe hes right.they sold more records and had more hits in 1967 than jimi had his entire career,if it was A JOKE HE WOULD HAVE SAID JUST KIDDING FOLKS RIGHT THERE AND THEN.POOR JIMI.GUESS HE CAN NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN

    By Carl on Jan 1, 2017

  56. at least muslims dont put up with that fag bullshit and keep their broads in line and in there place

    By Carlos,Cuevas on Jan 1, 2017

  57. What is this stuff about someone saying that Jimi Hendrix was not as good as the monkees? what kind of asinine statement is that ? cant believe anyone is that stupid,as for Cat Stevens.dont care what he thinks about religion or politics,just like his music

    By Frank on Jan 1, 2017

  58. The worst bunch of whiny little babies on the internet is right here.

    Waaaaahhhhh waaaaahhhhhhh he said it first waaaaahhhhh!!!!

    Waaaaahhhhhh Hendrix Monkees waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

    Waaaahhhhh Trump Obama Muslims waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

    Change your diapers kiddies, you’ve had a big smelly load in them for a too long!

    By everyone else on bigo on Jan 1, 2017

  59. Nice rant.Everyone else oh im sorry i meant Moron.not fooling anyone here .Nuts on your chin also jerkoff

    By Eli on Jan 1, 2017

  60. Moron likes to suck big dicks,he could suck a softball through a very thin garden me all the time,the back of his throat is very sore from my giant cock pounding away

    By Harry Reems on Jan 1, 2017

  61. Corey maintains a consistent level of stupidity and grammatical oddities , so these nuts are consistently parked right on his chin. You should create even more screen names to defend yourself, its completely obvious and pathetic.

    By Corey Moron on Jan 1, 2017

  62. The only thing obvious is that it’s you who have all of these screen names , Moron Err or is it everyone else / John C Holmes / Barth/ Reems / Carlos/ Tony Pizza and Tony C / no telling how many more oh and lest I not forget Dickhead

    By Eli on Jan 1, 2017

  63. Moron is the man of a thousand faces

    By Eli on Jan 1, 2017

  64. Shut up moron and keep suckin ahhhhh yes that’s it

    By Harry Reems on Jan 1, 2017

  65. Will all of you many wackos and idiots shut the hell up , this shit is on almost every post , in starting to agree with some others who say do away with these bulkshit comnents , This Dickhead asshole started it all and then all of the nut jobs crawled out of the woodwork , Really what does this shit have to do with music , haven’t seen much here in this comments section music related just the same nutjobs in every post with the same shit over and over , Just get rid of the comments and it will be much better

    By Derrick on Jan 1, 2017

  66. I just try to ignore these fools myself , It’s very hard to do sometimes but I try , the music here is why I keep coming back as it’s very diverse , something for everyone . It’s been said by others that maybe a link to the comments should be clicked on , that way those of us who just want the music don’t have to have it directly in our face on every post , the way it is now it’s impossible not o see the idiots comments even when you don’t want to

    By Stanley on Jan 1, 2017

  67. I know it’s hard but try to ignore the many nutcases , the music is why you should come , but I agree this stuff in your face on almost every post is frustrating

    By Stanley on Jan 1, 2017

  68. Eli is the troll of a thousand nuts on his chin. He’s right, he’ll never forget Dickhead and all those wonderful times they had together.

    By Eli Moron on Jan 1, 2017

  69. Good old Harry Reems, always into the gay sex. If anyone’s sucking it, they have to open their eyes to make sure it isn’t a cigarette. Needle dick.

    By John C. Holmes on Jan 1, 2017

  70. Carl- maybe u can move on- Willis did indeed admit that his comment was a joke. he said: “If you had a brain or a sense of humor, you’d understand how it was meant. Clearly, you have neither.” its right here in the original post if u need to refresh your memory:

    By barth on Jan 1, 2017

  71. theres no misunderstanding barth, they/he just likes to keep asinine arguments going.

    By george tayler on Jan 1, 2017

  72. Eli is the man of a thousand dumb posts.

    By Switchblade Eli on Jan 1, 2017

  73. But really eli is just another of Coreys puppet names, there’s quite a few..

    By Barry Melton on Jan 1, 2017

  74. yeah I know he stays busy here, it would be sad if it wasn’t annoying

    By Artie on Jan 1, 2017

  75. I’m sure that most of the fools who comment here have more than one identity , doubt if it’s limited to just a few

    By George Taylor on Jan 1, 2017

  76. You’re probably right George/Corey/Harry Reems/Eli/barth/Happy Camper/Moron/Dick HEAD.

    By George Taylor Moron on Jan 2, 2017

  77. What the hell is wrong with people here ? Do you all know how stupid and silly you all sound ? This is a place or do I thought where people came to because of their love for music and to share pleasent thoughts and perhaps memories , Is their really that much hatred and hostility between people ? It so that’s a sad commentary on society

    By Tom on Jan 2, 2017

  78. Every post he same old tired trolls and their vulgar rants and insults , it never ends , too bad because the music offered here is great

    By Tom on Jan 2, 2017

  79. and yet you keep replying tom, why is that?

    By Artie on Jan 2, 2017

  80. I could ask you the same question Artie ! You know it wouldn’t be so bad if these comments were not right beside every post , there pretty hard to ignore even if you would prefer not to look at them . The suggestion of having to click on a link to get to them makes a lot of sense , that way those of us who just want the music don’t have to see and hear this shit all the time and the trolls can still have their little playground .

    By Tom on Jan 2, 2017

  81. People , this is the Internet for you , where people can an do express their true selves without fear of reprisal , you can remain anonymous and are free to behave like an idiot if you choose to do so and obviously that’s what many do here . Freedom of speech has a cost and having to endure this is one of them

    By Victor on Jan 2, 2017

  82. I’ve said before that the only comments nessasarry Are Big Os that come with each post ! They are usually very knowledgeable and offer all of the info one needs to know about that artist , The rest of the comments are nothing but a continuing freak show that offer nothing . It will never change as long as the inmates continue to run the asylum

    By Chuck in Texas on Jan 2, 2017

  83. 3 opinions in a row by the same person, you’ve said this like 25 times already in past posts-blah blah blah nothing you say is genuine

    By Adam[rod fan] on Jan 2, 2017

  84. yeah adam rod fan and how do we know that you arnt the 4th ? agree with tom, make a seperate link to click.sick of this bullshit

    By Terrence on Jan 2, 2017

  85. while im sure some people post under different names,im also sure that there are many that do it not just a few

    By Terrence on Jan 2, 2017

  86. ive even heard that moron is barth and carlos is willis/corey/reems etc,enough of this who give a shit ,there all wackos

    By Terrence on Jan 2, 2017

  87. you people all love this shit,just admit it,makes your boring 9 to 5 lives a little more interesting

    By Terrence on Jan 2, 2017

  88. come on, you know exactly whats going on

    By Adam[rod fan] on Jan 2, 2017

  89. These nuts on your chin make your boring life a little more interesting, don’t they Terrence?

    I’m sure only one moron posts with the name Terrence. I’ve heard that Terrence needs so much attention that he makes four consecutive comments instead of one.

    By Terrence Moron on Jan 2, 2017

  90. Adam rod fan is another of morons many identities

    By Eli on Jan 3, 2017

  91. As is everyone else , Holmes , etc

    By Eli on Jan 3, 2017

  92. Maybe Darth is all of these people

    By Eli on Jan 3, 2017

  93. Interesting how all of these trolls popped up when he quit appearing

    By Eli on Jan 3, 2017

  94. these cretins aren`t darth because he would not be able to refrain from telling us how he was the forrest gump of rock and roll always just one step away from everything cool that happened.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 3, 2017

  95. sarge, let darth go. To trash someone endlessly who isn’t even posting anymore. lowers you to the level of the rest of these jokers.

    By Happy Camper on Jan 3, 2017

  96. No “Eli” it’s not interesting. Neither are your four consecutive comments. These nuts are interesting on your many chins though.

    By Eli Moron on Jan 3, 2017

  97. yeah eli’s genuinely concerned about the trolling, very touching

    By Switchblade Corey on Jan 3, 2017

  98. the darth theory actually makes sense,these trolls appear just as he departs .think about it

    By Stuart G on Jan 3, 2017

  99. wrong stuart, darth was totally different. if darth was still online he would be called darth, not boomboom/carlos/reems/holmes/corey/victor/eli/ terence/stuart/tom

    By Switchblade Corey on Jan 3, 2017

  100. “think about it” Why bother? He was an asshole starved for attention. Think about music.

    By everyone else on bigo on Jan 3, 2017

  101. Wow that’s some theory , Switchblade /moron/ everyone else/ Barth / Willis/ Chuck/ Dropkick/camper/ cool hand / Sluggo / Corey M / Carl / Reems / Holmes / Boom Boom/ Carlos / Carlos Maricon / Victor / Dickhead / Bruce S / Ron Jeremy / Tony Pizza / Tony C / many others I’m sure . Oh and lest not forget Einstein after all you so much smarter and than anyone else here

    By Eli on Jan 3, 2017

  102. More nut cases babbling on about everything except the music , par for the course here , Guess I’ll be accused of being another person now

    By George Taylor on Jan 3, 2017

  103. Why don’t all of you people just shut up please and go away ! The only thing bad about this blog are the people commenting , and no I don’t have other usernames , first time I’ve commented , just very tired of this all the time . It wouldn’t be so bad if these comments weren’t in your face on every post but you cannot escape them

    By Alex S on Jan 3, 2017

  104. Blah blah, you’re not fooling anyone

    By James O on Jan 4, 2017

  105. thats right you arn’t fooling anyone james o err i mean moron

    By Eli on Jan 4, 2017

  106. you’re a busy boy today corey

    By Eliar on Jan 4, 2017

  107. Who are you to say that the Monkees are not better than Hendrix ? Of course they are !

    By Dick HEAD on Jan 4, 2017

  108. The Monkees biggest hit “I’m a Believer” was written by the greatest rocker of the 70s: Neil Diamond himself in person. You can’t do better than that ! That’s why The Monkees are still touring and play in packed stadiums and are selling millions of their new album “Good Times”. No one is listening to Jimmie Hendrix anymore. That’s because the ones who listened to Jimmy Hendrix were the Woodstock hippies who were too stoned out of their minds to realize they were listening to Jhiminy Hendrix rambling on his guitar for 30 minutes while on drugs. If they would have been sober they would have listened to the Monkees but now they old died from overdose. And Jeremy Hendrix is dead too because he took drugs like all the hippies in the 70s. Except Neil Diamond who wrote “I’m a Believer” for The Monkees. That’s why Rhino Records the N°1 rock label made all these great box sets about The Monkees. They never made oe about Johnny Hendrix. That should tell you a lot unless you’re deaf to great music.

    By Dick HEAD on Jan 5, 2017

  109. Dickhead , couldn’t have said it better myself my brother agrees ohooooo Davy

    By Willis Dumbass Twin on Jan 5, 2017

  110. Dickhead makes a great point ! What is shit to some is great to others , Look at the facts , Jimi Hendrix basically had a career that saw him as a supporting player for people like Little Richard until his breakthrough at Monteray in 67 , He then exploded until his death only 3 years later in 1970 , during that time he never had a top ten let alone a number one single on the charts , don’t believe he had a number one album either , The monkees on the other hand had a hit tv show as well as were on the covers of many magazines during that 66 thru 70 period , Had 6 or 7 top ten singles between sept of 66 thru sept 67 alone and 4 number one singles during that 12 month period I’m a believer was number one for 7 straight weeks making it the biggest song of the year and one of myths biggest selling singles ever , Only the Beatles during their 64/65 Beatlemania heyday were more of a phenomenon , and it didn’t stop there , they continued their assault on the pop charts for another 3 years , believe the had like 20 top ten and 8 number one singles during that period total , Hendrix chocked on his puke and the monkees to this day despite Davy’s sad passing continue to sell out arenas everywhere, Willis was right , Hendrix should have been honored to have been their opening act as it gave him much exposure, maybe he should have tried harder to be more mainstream back then and then he may have come a little closer to matching the monkees popularly

    By John Dahl on Jan 5, 2017

  111. ok corey

    By Walter Whitorey m on Jan 5, 2017

  112. corey, I’m guessing you just ping pong back and forth between big o and political sites all day every day trying to stir up some action. what a dull life..

    By Eliar on Jan 5, 2017

  113. I like both Monkees and Jimi Hendrix. I also like 30’s jazz and blues. I like metal but not screamo. I like a lot of stuff. But the difference is that Jimi Hendrix had street cred, severe warts and all, and came to an end like a whole lot of other rockers. Hendrix was pushing boundaries and expanded electric rock blues. He came up through the rock scene and paid his dues. The Monkees were the pre-fab four, except for Davy Jones. But they eventually paid their dues too and are legit. Let’s just enjoy the music!

    By ScarRad on Jan 6, 2017

  114. pay attention to the lyrics, but watch the sparks fly!

    By ScarRad on Jan 6, 2017

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