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Lost Reel Masters/John Peel Session 1974 [no label, 1CD]

Lost Reel Masters; 1984 Studio Recording Session. Very good soundboard. BBC Peel Session; October 15, 1974; broadcast October 29, 1974. Very good radio broadcast.

English drummer Cozy Powell made his name with many major rock bands and artists like The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Robert Plant, Brian May, Whitesnake, Emerson, Lake & Powell, and Black Sabbath. Powell had appeared on at least 66 albums, with contributions on many other recordings. Many rock drummers have cited him as a major influence.

To cash in on his chart success the drummer formed Cozy Powell’s Hammer in April 1974. The lineup included Bernie Marsden (guitar), Clive Chamen (bass), Don Airey (keyboards) and Frank Aiello (Bedlam) on vocals. Clive Chamen was replaced on bass by Neil Murray in the band in early 1975 for the RAK Rocks Britain Tour. “Na Na Na” was a UK No. 10 hit, and another single “Le Souk” was recorded but never released. - wikipedia

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Thanks to snakehead for sharing the tracks at Dime.

lineage (Lost Reel Masters):
Soundboard Recording - CD-R (Trade) > CD Wave > dBpoweramp > Flac level 8

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Lost Reel Masters
Track 01. Take Your Time (instrumental) 4:13 (10.1MB)
Track 02. Instrumental #1 5:28 (13.1MB)
Track 03. Instrumental #2 5:04 (12.2MB)
Track 04. Take Your Time (with vocals) 4:09 (10.0MB)
Track 05. Bad Kid (with vocals) 3:53 (9.3MB)
Track 06. Living A Lie (with vocals) 7:56 (19.1MB)
Track 07. Le Souk (Final mix) 3:56 (9.4MB)
Track 08. Le Souk (3min single version; never released) 3:05 (7.4MB)
Track 09. Le Souk (Outtake) 3:59 (9.6MB)
42 mins

Peel Session
Track 10. Hold On 6:04 (14.6MB)
Track 11. Superstrut 5:10 (12.4MB)
Track 12. Foolish Girl 5:03 (12.1MB)
Track 13. Keep Your Distance 5:33 (13.3MB)
22 mins

Cozy Powell - drums
Bernie Marsden - guitar
Don Airey - keyboards
Clive Chaman - bass
Frank Aiello - vocals

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  2. Many thanks for Cozy! And Happy New Year 2017, BigO!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Dec 31, 2016

  3. thanks guys , and hey Happy New year!

    By sluggo on Dec 31, 2016

  4. It’s Clive Chaman, not Chamen. He was in the Jeff Beck Group with Cozy

    By mrbelette on Jan 2, 2017

  5. Super Strut is a cover of the lead-off track from Deodato 2, which had Billy Cobham on drums.

    By Dave (in MA) on Jan 2, 2017

  6. sure enjoyed ol cozy when he was with the guvnor.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 3, 2017

  7. The last four tracks have dead links.

    By Ted on May 31, 2019

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