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Requiem [TomP remaster, 1CD]
Budapest Festival Orchestra
Collegium Vocale Gent
Iván Fischer conductor

BBC Prom 54. Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; August 26, 2016. Very good webcast.

The story of Mozart’s last months is almost as remarkable as the string of masterpieces he produced during them. Who was the cloaked figure rumoured to have commissioned Mozart to write the Requiem? We’ll never know, but the deathly tread, furious fight and radiant hope of the music remain unparalleled.

Iván Fischer brings his equally exceptional Budapest Festival Orchestra to the Proms, joined by one of Europe’s leading choirs for the Requiem…

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Thanks to tom_phillips (
TomP) for sharing the show at Dime.

Tom noted (August 2016):

I was delighted to hear many classical musicians in a Budapest vacation, who demonstrated excellent rhythm and unison timing that is so often in my experience missing with Western musicians, conductors and orchestras. Despite being a free jazz-head, I do enjoy choral music when well played and my wife does occasionally take me to Covent Garden where I heard an excellent Turandot and a wretched Carmen. Whilst last year’s Prom concert of Arvo Pärt was a dirge, in contrast to the same music played with verve and precision on a CD by a Finnish orchestra.

Well, having heard many CDs of the Requiem and not heard a really good one, my hopes were raised to see a Budapest orchestra in this Prom and I was not dissapointed by this wonderful performance that actually has perfect rhythm and timing, with the orchestra in time with the singers (very rare in my experience) so for me, this is WAY the best Mozart Requiem.

The broadcast sound was very good, but marred by strange BBC recording/editing. There was lots of phase inversions, initial vocal notes caused the balance to shift noticeably, some strange volume variations and it seemed that the conductor’s podium mic seemed to get left on at a high level so there was loud low frequency foot shuffling, baton and sniffing noise. Fortunately, these are easy to fix, so you can listen to the best quality Requiem ever and with individual parts tracked since some Dimers have indicated they prefer this.

As a foonote, BBC TV channel 4 HD also broadcast a video of this Prom, but it does not sound anywhere near as good as this post.

Note: Some versions of Mozart’s Requiem to check out - Marriner/Academy of St Martins (McNair, Watkinson, Araiza and Lloyd) on Philips from 1990; and Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic.

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BBC 3 320k AAC live stream > i-Sound (44.1k wav)
Edit details (Nero 8 unless indicated):
Corrected many patches of phase inversion throughout (Audition 5.5)
DC offset correction
Removed all applause / talk
Normalised volume
Fixed > 400 balance fluctuations
Fixed strange volme drops before & after crescendos + other volume variations
Cut periods of audience silence / coughing
Sharp cut-off subsonic filter (only when misc not playing)
Tracked individual parts
Flac tags (Tag & Rename)
Flac 6 + SBE / decode check (TLH)

Requiem in D minor (completed by Süssmayr)
Track 01. Introitus - Requiem 4:13
Track 02. Kyrie 2:32
Track 03. Sequentia - Dies Irae 1:41
Track 04. Sequentia - Tuba mirum 3:07
Track 05. Sequentia - Rex tremendae 2:01
Track 06. Sequentia - Recordare 4:28
Track 07. Sequentia - Confutatis 2:37
Track 08. Sequentia - Lacrimosa 3:33
Track 09. Offertorium - Domine Jesu 3:46
Track 10. Offertorium - Hostias 3:59
Track 11. Sanctus 1:26
Track 12. Benedictus 4:52
Track 13. Agnus Dei 3:36
Track 14. Communio - Lux aeterna 5:08
47 mins

Ákos Ács - clarinet
Lucy Crowe - soprano
Barbara Kozelj - mezzo-soprano
Jeremy Ovenden - tenor
Neal Davies - bass
Collegium Vocale Gent
Budapest Festival Orchestra
Iván Fischer conductor

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  3. Wow - Big-O’s on a roll this week with some serious musical muscle. Thanx! For those that haven’t seen it, “Amadeus” is a wonderful movie and whether you buy the premise or not, it’s a spectacular introduction to the depth of Mozart’s music and character.

    By Happy Camper on Apr 14, 2017

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  5. “I thought this was a rock blog”

    Yeah, specially the Jazz on Subday posts

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  6. Gee ! I didn’t know that this Mozart fella was still doing live shows. Simply unbelievable !

    By Dick HEAD on Apr 14, 2017

  7. Thanks for turning my ear back to the classics!

    By Steve MC on Apr 14, 2017

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    By muddy on Apr 16, 2017

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