April 21, 2017 – 5:37 am

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Paris 1974 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Olympia, Paris, France; December 9, 1974. Fairly to very good audience recording.

Thanks to petriz for sharing the show at Dime.

Artwork posted at rockrarecollectionfetish.

Audience Tape (unknow generation) > Tape Trade
Tape Desk Denon DRM-710 > Pioneer PDR-509 Standing alone cd burner  > Nero wave extraction > Wetransfer

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Thunderbox 8:22
Track 02.  Four Day Creep 4:49
Track 03. The Fixer 13:47
Track 04.  30 Days In The Hole 16:29
Track 05. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker 8:03
Track 06. C’mon Everybody 13:03
Track 07. I Don’t Need No Doctor 16:37
82 mins

Overburn to fit all the tracks onto an audio CD.

Steve Marriott - guitar, vocals, keyboards, harmonica
Jerry Shirley - drums, keyboards
Greg Ridley - bass, vocals, guitar
Clem Clempson - guitar, vocals, keyboards

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  1. 17 Responses to “HUMBLE PIE - PARIS 1974”

  2. Sweet! More Pie please! The fact that they aren’t in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & fucking Madonna & Tupac are is a goddamn travesty!

    By Starrwatts on Apr 21, 2017

  3. In bootleg realm, there are unlistenable Hendrix and Who concerts. Here’s unlistenable Humble Pie. Even when just talking, it’s so distorted.

    By ScarRad on Apr 21, 2017

  4. Starrwatts, I agree wholeheartedly. HOF for sure! Hopefully there is a better version of this, or another concert. They’re so great and underrated, like Rory Gallagher.

    By ScarRad on Apr 21, 2017

  5. Thanks for this,but where is Peter Frampton ?

    By Antonio on Apr 21, 2017

  6. @ Antonio: Peter Frampton left Humble Pie already in 1971 and was replaced by David “Clem” Clempson. Although Peter Frampton is shown on the picture of the backcover he didn’t play at that time with Humple Pie.

    By Mr. Snips on Apr 21, 2017

  7. Although Peter Frampton is shown on the picture of the backcover he didn’t play at that time with Humple Pie.

    Those bootleggers, what a bunch of … MORONS !!!

    By GG Allin died for your sins on Apr 21, 2017

  8. There’s a lot of MORONS here who should eat their humble pie !!!

    By GG Allin died for your sins on Apr 21, 2017

  9. As if you didn’t already know … MORON !!!

    By Antonio Moron on Apr 21, 2017

  10. Could someone say to Billy Paul to stop singing my song Your Song ? He’s so ridiculously out of place singing that white pop I hurt for him

    By Elton John Colld Train on Apr 21, 2017

  11. Thanks for this,but why is the sky blue?

    By Antonia on Apr 21, 2017

  12. This is a rough recording, but still worth a listen if you’re a Pie fan. There’s MUCH worse than this. I’ll take a weak historical recording over a perfect soundboard of a mediocre performance any day. Considering the price… this is great!!

    By Dan on Apr 21, 2017

  13. Thank you Big O Amigos. This will make great tunes to decompress after the Centralia Relay for Life.
    Respectfully, James

    By James on Apr 22, 2017

  14. That’s not Frampton on the back cover. It’s Clem Clemson.

    By Starrwatts on Apr 22, 2017

  15. RIP Steve Marriott. Around ‘75 Steve auditioned with the Stones to replace Mick Taylor. Of course the Stones chose Ron Wood instead - after all, who could expect Marriott to just stand there playing guitar while Jagger did all the lead vocals? Still, Keith has said several times over the years that he enjoyed playing guitar with Steve. In the DVD “The Life and Times of Steve Marriott,” one of the guys from Cheap Trick talks about Marriott being the next room at some hotel, blasting a tape of him playing with the Stones during that audition. I wonder whever happened to that tape? What a great bootleg THAT would make.

    By Jim Kneubuhl on Apr 22, 2017

  16. Jim Kneubuhl, I once saw 2 network writers at the Copper Penny in Burbank, CA verbally pound a poor strung-out addict for TV show ideas, and give him $50 bills for each crazy idea he came up with. They lacked any imagination of their own. But you have the germ of a great movie or TV series there, if done right. You have the guys who fished a demo set of songs for Boston out of the trash. Ditto for a radio station’s live recordings of Hank Williams Sr. The Beatles Star Club tapes. Many more, and it doesn’t have to be limited to rock. Perhaps it could be a Ken Burns documentary. It could celebrate the artists, recordings, even those not that well known, but who influenced others, like the original Tambourine Man.

    By ScarRad on Apr 22, 2017

  17. ScarRad - I can visualize it… The series begins with our hero digging up Marriott’s grave, thinking Steve took the tape with him. He doesn’t find the tape, but amidst Steve’s dust ‘n’ bones he finds what appears to be the key to a trunk, with a tag attached to it that says “How’s this for coming alive, Pete?” Not one to be deterred, our hero does a Keith Richards and snorts some of Steve’s ashes, only to be overtaken by an uncontrollable urge to sing “Itchykoo Park” all night in the graveyard. Yeah, it can go all kinds of interesting places from there. Thanks for the idea!

    By Jim Kneubuhl on Apr 22, 2017

  18. Jim, I didn’t know you were the ideas man at the Copper Penny!

    By ScarRad on Apr 22, 2017

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