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And Then Yo La Tengo Turned Itself Inside Out
New York 2017 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Town Hall, New York, NY; March 23, 2017. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to neil d (nulldogmas) who recorded and shared the show at Dime.

neil noted:

Titled “And Then Yo La Tengo Turned Itself Inside Out,” this show was billed as a one-of-a-kind experience, and it certainly was that. The familiar trio took the stage amid a panoply of collaborators: two additional drummers, an extra guitarist, a four-person horn section, and Zeena Parkins, who played an electric harp of her own invention, run through so many distortion pedals you never would identify it as a harp if you weren’t looking at it.

The plan was for this assemblage to improvise in, around, and over a set of YLT material, which on some songs worked to amazing effect, and on others sounded like trying to listen to Yo La Tengo while three other bands played at the same time. Any missteps were forgiven during the closing “Nuclear War,” though, which was absolutely sublime.

Thanks to a last-minute seat swap, this was recorded from just about the perfect location: fourth row just right of center, which left me close to both the stage and the speaker stacks, and relatively far from the horn section, which was mixed a bit high. (Mary Halvorson’s guitar remained almost inaudible either way.) There’s a bit of hiss on some of the quieter songs, as I had been anticipating a louder set from my up-close vantage, but nothing too distracting.

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Emily Gawlak,

Yo La Tengo spun one day of rehearsal with a bunch of relative strangers into spaced-out, sonic gold at And Then Yo La Tengo Turned Itself Inside Out, a one-night-only show at Manhattan’s historic Town Hall…

They proved that they’re adventurous performers too, tackling a two-hour trip through their recording history with eight musicians, most of whom they met for the first time the day before the show, during the impromptu supergroup’s first and only rehearsal.

Drummers Amy Garapic and Chad Taylor, harp player Zeena Parkins, guitarist Mary Halvorson and a formidable horn section (featuring Roswell Rudd on trombone, Vincent Chancey on french horn, Taylor Ho Bynum on cornet and Daniel Carter on saxophone) joined Hubley, Kaplan and McNew for an electrifying set that found a constant, stunning tension between order and chaos. This was established from the offset, as, out of the discord of tuning, “Let’s Be Still,” from 2003’s Summer Sun slowly emerged as the opening number.

Something was written down - papers shuffled on music stands - but it was never clear how much, as expressive horn solos, drum flourishes and the scratch of guitar fuzz cried out unexpectedly from an even dozen songs ranging from Electr-o-pura‘s “Tom Courtenay” to more recent pieces, such as “Ohm,” from 2013’s Fade.

Hubley, McNew and Kaplan swapped lead and backing vocals throughout the night, and thankfully set a good balance of brass. Rudd, Chancey, Bynum and Carter added an easygoing exuberance - and serious pedigree - to the proceedings, but at times threatened to drown out the band’s already muffled vocals…

For an encore, James McNew took the lead on Sun Ra’s “Nuclear War,” a song they first covered in 2002 (when they released three versions on an EP of the same name). Though inescapably political, it was a jazzy choice that showed the lighter side of the evening and the performers themselves, with its expletive-filled call and response. Walking in, I would have met the casual suggestion of 15-minute long, mostly instrumental songs with a groan. By the time the encore ended, and the audience rose once more for a standing ovation, I wouldn’t have minded a few more.

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Pictures by Ebet Roberts, posted at - Thanks!

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Disc 1
Track 101. Let’s Be Still 11:52
Track 102. Ohm 10:02
Track 103. Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House 6:34
Track 104. Black Flowers 5:56
Track 105. Tom Courtenay 4:22
Track 106. Our Way to Fall 6:12
Track 107. Green Arrow 7:38
53 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Saturday 5:04
Track 202. Stupid Things 11:18
Track 203. Autumn Sweater 5:42
Track 204. Blue Line Swinger 19:42
Track 205. Nuclear War 10:17
53 mins

Ira Kaplan - guitar, piano, vocals
Georgia Hubley
- drums, vocals
James McNew
- bass, keyboards, vocals

Chad Taylor - drums
Amy Garapic
- drums
Zeena Parkins
- harp
Mary Halvorson
- guitar
Vincent Chancey
- french horn
Roswell Rudd
- trombone
Daniel Carter
- saxophone
Taylor Ho Bynum
- cornet

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