JERRY JEFF WALKER - NEW YORK 1969 [R.I.P. 1942 - 2020]

January 7, 2018 – 2:15 pm


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JERRY JEFF WALKER R.I.P. 1942 - 2020

Jerry Jeff Walker, the singer-songwriter who wrote the much-recorded standard “Mr Bojangles” and later became a mainstay of the Texas outlaw movement that catapulted Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings to fame, died on October 23 at a hospital in Austin, Texas. He was 78. His former publicist John T Davis said the cause was cancer. Walker learned he had throat cancer in 2017.

“He was at home until an hour before his passing,” his wife of 46 years, Susan Walker, told the Austin American-Statesman. “He went very peacefully, which we were extremely grateful for.” Walker’s survivors include a daughter, Jessie Jane McLarty; a son, Django, who is also a musician; and two grandchildren.

In a career that spanned six decades, Walker never had a Top 40 pop hit. But in his 1970s heyday, he and the Lost Gonzo Band, his loose-limbed group of backing musicians, made a number of definitive Texas outlaw recordings. “I wanted our records to sound like we were having a grand time at a party thrown for a bunch of our best friends — which, I guess, is exactly what it was,” Walker was quoted as saying in the 1998 edition of The Encyclopedia of Country Music.

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with David Bromberg
New York 1969 [no label, 2CD]

WBAI Studios, New York, NY, 1969. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Mudshark for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Ramblin Scramblin 4:28
Track 102. Driftin Way Of Life 3:33
Track 103. Fading Lady 4:57
Track 104. Gypsy Songman 2:44
105. A Letter Sung to Friends - Omitted*
Track 106. Skies Of My Childhood 5:52
Track 107. My Old Man 4:49
Track 108. My Old Man 5:18
Track 109. About Her Eyes 5:15
Track 110. Fading Lady 3:06
Track 111. Janet Says 4:10
45 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Love For Others 4:08
Track 202. False Starts & Banter 1:32
Track 203. Let It Ride 4:26
Track 204. I Make The Money 2:41
Track 205. Instrumental 2:44
Track 206. Round & Round 3:59
207. Dead Men Got No Dreams  - Omitted*
Track 208. Folsom Prison Blues 4:36
Track 209. I Make The Money 2:29
Track 210. Gyspy Songman 2:16
Track 211. My Old Man 5:21
Track 212. Guitar Talkin Blues 3:40
Track 213. Mr Bojangles [reinstated]
38 mins

* Officially released on Five Years Gone.

Click here to order Five Years Gone.

  1. 42 Responses to “JERRY JEFF WALKER - NEW YORK 1969 [R.I.P. 1942 - 2020]”

  2. I realize that this may not be the best place to leave this comment but it’s now been over three months and counting since we lost Tom Petty . Been listening to a lot of TP since he left us even discovering many obscure songs and deep cuts that I never really paid much attention to when he was alive . Songs like Free girl now . The Wild one , looks like I’ve been fooled again (don’t like it ) runaway trains and many more , all great gems , one of the best songs he ever wrote and recording though was Dogs on the run from southern accents . The song would make Dylan envious. Lyrically complex and spell bounding. Whether Tom performs it in fast rock fashion or slow acoustical as he did often live it will make you realize what a great singer/songwriter/ performers Tom was . Of all the greats we have lost the last few years . This one continues to sting the worst. (At least for me . Miss you Tom RIP

    By Bill on Jan 7, 2018

  3. Thank you ! Good to see Jerry ” Warble ” Jeff Walker on your site ! Year 1978 there was in Finland a music- magazine named Musa, in there was country-writer , Named Ori Mattila ( a city which name it is -Orimattila) Stallion Matthew ! Ha ha ha ! He called Jerry Jeff Warble, because Jerry Jeff bought a village, population 3 people, recorded live-record there !

    By Artio Parviainen on Jan 7, 2018

  4. Thank you Mudshark and BigO for this! I heard the Original Broadcast back in 1969. David Bromberg’s Lead Guitar Work was Phenomenal. I’ve seen references to this over the Decades but this is the First Download. Thanks again!

    By Britinvdon on Jan 7, 2018

  5. While wandering the web looking for the actual broadcast date (no luck yet!) I found the the version of Bojangles on Five Years gone came from a 1967 appearance on WBAI, not this one. There were no references to Dead Men Got No Dreams coming from a radio broadcast so that one may be clean as well, but the evidence is stronger for Bojangles.

    FWIW. As always thanks for the great music, especially the stuff off the beaten track.

    By drkrick on Jan 8, 2018

  6. Hello drkrick

    Thanks for the feedback. Have reinstated Mr Bojangles.

    By bigozine2 on Jan 9, 2018

  7. 111 Janet Says is actually few seconds of Van Morrison !

    By Arto Parviainen on Jan 9, 2018

  8. REINSTATE “Letter Sung To Friends”. NOW!

    By Yummy on Jan 17, 2018

  9. Thanks!

    By Jacksprat on Oct 25, 2020

  10. The 1970s seems so long ago and it was a happier time for me before all the troubles of life crept in. Summer wasn’t complete without seeing Jerry Jeff on a hot July night singing London Homesick Blues. Seems like yesterday, seems like a lifetime age. Goodbye Jerry Jeff RIP

    By Roger S on Oct 25, 2020

  11. Another country master gone . . . . . thanks for this timely reminder Big O
    appreciated (well here at least)

    By swappers on Oct 25, 2020

  12. Yeah fuck , another old timer gone , never knew he wrote Mr Bojangles . Remember Neil Diamond did it on one of his late 60s albums . Whether it’s musicians or sports stars dyin off it really sucks big time

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  13. Hey DD , did you see the dodgers bullpen blow it last night ? How many fuckin relief pitchers did you see on both sides ? Pretty soon it’s goin to be a different pitcher every inning. The fuckin managers spend more time walkin to the mound for a pitching change than sitting in the dugout. Games is long and boring as shit . A Bob Gibson or Sandy Koufax pitcher game would usually last two hours give or take as did most games back then when pitchers was real men and went the distance. Nowadays games can run over three fuckin hours

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  14. Clayton Kershaw is supposed to pitch the next game for the Dodgers . I’d lay money on him gettin pulled after 5 or 6 innings no matter how well he’s pitching

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  15. Fuckin managers , analytics, pitch counts so called experts . They has ruined baseball

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  16. We’ll never know how good Kershaw really is cause of his lack of complete games . Think he’s already won over close to 200 for his career but I’d bet he ain’t got 50 complete games . You can’t compare him to Koufax , Gibson , Seaver , Palmer, Marichal, Gaylord Perry , Mickey Lolich , all the greats . It’s not his fault though. I’m sure he wants to finish games

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  17. He DD , I found the stats for Kershaw , Baseball reference. Com . In 13 seasons Clayton Kershaw pitches 233 innings once . His career record is 175 76 . Wit an era of 243 . Good numbers for maybe 8 or 9 seasons back in the day . Only 25 tuckin complete games in 13 seasons . That’s even worse than I thought.

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  18. Bob Gibson 255 complete games in 17 seasons . Jim Palmer 220 complete games for his career . Tom Seaver over 230 Juan Marichal over 200 complete . Same wit Lolich , Tiant , Koufax retired early but his complete game ratio was mostly all complete games

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  19. Listen to this , Warren Spaan won 363 motherfuckin games and pitched till he was 42 . He was throwing complete games in his last few seasons

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  20. Bob Gibson 251 career wins and 255 complete games. That’s mind blowing. He completed more games than he won

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  21. Sit down and shut up bout Clayton Kershaw bein up there wit these greats . It was a mans game back then . They didn’t play in short pants

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  22. Hey Derrick, see that you are off on one again - even tho you don’t watch sports anymore. You and your bassball and pictures - really fascinating.

    By HHH on Oct 25, 2020

  23. Here’s Derrick crying all over the place because it isn’t the 1970’s. He didn’t get the memo: there’s no crying in baseball. It makes sense to pull Kerplunk early. His ERA is atrocious third time through the batting order.
    Like everything else in life, poor Derrick can’t or won’t adjust to changing times. It obviously causes him great suffering, but I guess he enjoys the pain.

    By Mark on Oct 25, 2020

  24. Mark you Jew bastard. This is bout more than one pitcher . This shit happens all the fuckin time . Managers takin pitchers out even when they is pitching well . I said before. Maybe it’s not Kershaws fault . He probably wants to finish games . It’s the fuckin managers , trainers , analytics and other modern bullshit

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  25. Bob Gibson said that reporters used to ask him what’s wrong on them rare occasions he didn’t complete a game . That was the mindset back then . Great pitchers was conditioned to go the distance

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  26. Kershaw and most pitchers want to finish games . It’s the fuckin managers and front office assholes that won’t allow it . They is robbing pitchers like him of really proving his greatness. Like I said it ain’t his fault . 6 fuckin innings, going thru the other lineup wit ease and you still take him out ? What the fuck for? He coulda and shoulda finished that game . Only 25 complete games in 13 fuckin seasons? That’s one season for Gibson, Koufax, Seaver, Marichal, Gaylord, Palmer , Catfish , Tiant , Lolich etc

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  27. Who the fuck decided that pitchers couldn’t go the distance anymore? These babies have more arm problems and Tommy John surgeries than the old timers and they don’t pitch nearly as much

    By Derrick on Oct 25, 2020

  28. Not my comment above derrick. I’m with you on the baseball mess.

    By HHH on Oct 26, 2020

  29. Kershaw should have been allowed to finish that game . Especially with a big lead

    By HHH on Oct 26, 2020

  30. Derrick- As with everything else, you are living in the past. Do I wish starting pitchers threw more innings? Yes. But I’m not going to go through a box of Kleenex crying about it. Stats show what they show, and owners are paying pitchers insane amounts of money. Pitchers in the past did not work out/exercise like they do now, and that puts extra strain on their shoulders, elbows, and forearms. Of course owners are putting protecting their investments ahead of winning games. That means managers and coaches from the minors to the majors are under orders to baby the pitchers. It’s still (to me, at least) an exciting game. Just as with football, if you don’t like it then don’t watch-but then you’d have less to rant and cry about.

    By Mark on Oct 26, 2020

  31. Starting pitchers don’t go deep in games anymore because they are told they can’t . By so called experts who know nothing. I mean 5 innings and that makes you a great pitcher? No it doesn’t.

    By HHH on Oct 26, 2020

  32. HHH- I’m not going to explain it again. Read my response to Derrick and it’s obvious why pitchers don’t go deep into games anymore. It isn’t rocket science. Amazing how many armchair sports analysts think typing “experts who know nothing” makes their own opinion any less stupid.

    By Mark on Oct 26, 2020

  33. That’s fine . It is what it is . Just don’t refer to these pitchers as great . Five to six innings dosent make you great . As derrick said , blame the so called experts. Managers GMs . derrick I was researching it . The compete games actually started going down in the late eighties. Roger Clemens who is considered a great pitcher and won well over 300 games only had a little over 100 complete. That’s impressive by today’s weak standards, but pales in comparison to what the Seaver’s, and Gibson’s did in the sixties and seventies. I mean Gibson 255 complete games and Seaver with over 220 is over twice as many as Clemens .

    By HHH on Oct 26, 2020

  34. Triple h , it’s just gotten worse and worse. When Clemens and them 80s and 90s guys like Greg Maddux , John Smoltz , Tom Glavine , Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling was doin their thing they at least was goin 7 to 8 innings with an occasional complete game . That was bad enough, but now it seems there is a pitcher for every inning. I mean back in the day a pitcher had to learn how to pitch out of jams when you didn’t have your best stuff . That’s how you became a good pitcher . These days they yank you at the first sign of trouble. How the fuck is you supposed to learn how to pitch like that ?

    By Derrick on Oct 26, 2020

  35. Jesus fuck Christ , how many pitching changes took place last night ? Seems like the managers was at the mound every fuckin inning removing pitchers . I remember Goose Gossage and Rollie Fingers would come in the games around the 7 th or 8 th innings back in the day , they would finish for the starter . But now sometimes a team will go thru 6 or 7 pitchers . That’s fuckin ridiculous. The games drag on for hours. 3 or more . A Gibson game was usually under 2 as he pitched real fast .Didnt take much time

    By Derrick on Oct 26, 2020

  36. I suck a lot of dik.

    By Derrick on Oct 26, 2020

  37. I am Bill and Bill is me and we are assholes.

    Eli, Freddie Fender, CJ, Groupie Chick Traci, Derrick, U L E, Terrence, Bill, Smashmouth - You’ve really gone rabid repeating and talking to yourself. When you are treated like an adult, you ask for supervision/moderation! The word is self-restraint. Isn’t it obvious why you are not at other sites? They’ve have long banned you.
    By bigozine2 on Apr 26, 2018

    By Derrick on Oct 26, 2020

  38. Bill sucks a lot of dik too.

    By Derrick on Oct 26, 2020

  39. Derrick will you shut the FUCK up?!?

    By DD on Oct 27, 2020

  40. I’m sure that’s not the real triple h

    By Derrick on Oct 28, 2020

  41. Nice post. Thank you. A rebel with country class. BIGO! Please clean up these ‘allowed’ comments that have nothing to do with the posting itself?

    By datters on Oct 28, 2020

  42. On a site constantly filled with treasures, this one ranks near the top. Thanks, BigO !!!

    By TDC on Oct 29, 2020

  43. Just shut up datters

    By Derrick on Oct 29, 2020

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