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Montreux 1972 [William Tell Edition 129, 1CD]

Live at the
Montreux Casino Pavilion, Montreux, Switzerland; August 20, 1972. Very good audience recording.

English jazz and rock keyboardist Brian Auger specialised in playing the Hammond organ. He has played or toured with artists such as Rod Stewart, Tony Williams, Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin, Sonny Boy Williamson, Led Zeppelin, Eric Burdon and others. He is 78.

In 1970, he formed the jazz fusion ensemble Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express shortly after abandoning the abortive “Wassenaar Arrangement” jazz rock commune in a small suburb of The Hague. Oblivion Express cultivated the talents of several notable musicians, including future Average White Band drummers Robbie McIntosh and Steve Ferrone, as well as guitarist Jim Mullen. Likewise, in 1971 he produced and appeared on Mogul Thrash’s only album, Mogul Thrash. Two members of that band, Roger Ball and Malcolm Duncan, would go on to form the Average White Band.

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Thanks to taper Doctor Robert; William Tell; and Lucifer Burns for sharing the show at Dime.

Hitachi Low Noise Master Cassettes > Nakamichi 682 ZX Cassette Tape deck (normal eq/no noise reduction) > Tascam FireOne > iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo > Audacity > normalize > FLAC
Recorded on Hitachi Low Noise Cassettes > ITT Schaub-Lorenz: SL54 Automatic > Philips Mic EL 3782

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Track 01. Intro 0:18
Track 02. Just Me, Just You 7:25
Track 03. Marai’s Wedding 6:03
Track 04. Somebody Help Us 11:48
Track 05. Truth 9:19
Track 06. Band intro 1:05
Track 07. Don’t Look Away 16:40
Track 08. I Want To Take You Higher 8:32
Track 09. Untitled 2:13
64 mins

Brian Auger - Hammond organ
Alex Ligertwood - vocals
Jim Mullen - guitar
Barry Dean - bass
Godfrey McLean - drums
Lennox Langton - percussion

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  1. 7 Responses to “BRIAN AUGER - MONTREUX 1972”

  2. This should be brilliant- thanks for the posting!

    By trevor on Feb 12, 2018

  3. Extraordinary eclecticism, not just predictable 70’s rock but classical to folk to legends to contemporary artists to historic figures like Auger and yet here curiously no mention of Julie Driscoll but hey, this wheel’s on fire hey? Bu this date Julie had moved on to be with her husband fellow jazz musician Keith Tippetts

    By swappers on Feb 12, 2018

  4. Thanks! If you can find any 1991 Burdon/Auger Tour be sure to check it out. I saw the tour in NYC; and among best Burdon tour ever.

    By Rich on Feb 12, 2018

  5. Like with the hack ( McLaughlin) this is not true jazz but a blasphemous mutation of Jazz . Wes Montgomery ‘ Miles Davis ( pre bitches brew) John Coltrane ‘ Thelonious Monk ‘ Louis Armstrong ‘ Duke Ellington ‘ Charlie Parker ‘ Charlie Christian ‘ Joe Pass Tal Farlow . Need more ? That’s Jazz !

    By Smashmouth on Feb 12, 2018

  6. eyy thanks for this

    By Pizza Tony on Feb 13, 2018

  7. I was at the 91 Burdon/Auger tour as well and if it’s available I would love to relive it. Fantastic show and thanks for bringing it up Rich.

    By Steven on Feb 14, 2018

  8. Smashmouth may be correct in saying that “this is not true jazz,” but then, I don’t believe that anyone has actually implied as much. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express was however (in my humble opinion) among the very best of jazz fusion ensembles that emerged in the wake on Miles Davis’ groundbreaking genre blending experiments. While McLaughlin, Zawinul, Hancock and others garnered the spotlight with this then new genre, Auger’s take on fusion was the closest to ‘true jazz,’ embracing the traditional element of jazz (improvisation, swing and syncopation), only doing so with the implementation of electric instruments. Besides, whether it’s “true jazz” or not, there’s absolutely no denying that Auger remains one the true greats of the Hammond B3 organ. So maybe take it down a notch, Smashmouth. This is 2018. Your ‘it’s not jazz’ argument is nearly a half century old.

    By Jack Kerosene on Feb 15, 2018

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