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Bakersfield 2018 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Fox Theater, Bakersfield, CA; May 6, 2018. Very good audience recording.

Chris Willman,

Someday, there may be a lot more old-timers bragging about having attended the Neil Young & Crazy Horse tour of 2018 than actually saw it. It was a tale of a tour of two cities - three nights in Fresno followed by two in Bakersfield, offering fans in two of California’s least glamorous major cities an up-close-and-exclusive look at rock and roll’s least glamorous major star.

Was it the proverbial out-of-town tryout, or a coast-shunning, Highway 99-hugging end unto itself? Although not billed as such, was it Young’s idea of a promotional tour for the newly released archival album, “Roxy - Tonight’s the Night Live,” a set recorded in 1973 that lent three songs to Sunday night’s closing show, and which featured Nils Lofgren in a rare stint as Young’s second guitarist and backup pianist, as does this newly reconstituted lineup of Crazy Horse?

The answers to these questions probably feel more pressing to those who weren’t able to make it to the hastily arranged shows than to those on hand to witness the power, the glory and (naturally) the raggedness. Sunday’s finale-for-now at the stately Fox Bakersfield came close to personifying the ideal of what an electric set from Young should be: a mixture of the endless and the economical; classics and deep tracks; mind-bending indulgence and leave-‘em-wanting-more. And, for the significant part of the crowd that drove in from around the state or parts beyond to supplement the lucky locals, the show’s greatness proved that sometimes you do get what your tire tread pays for…

The finest moments Sunday came just a little more than halfway into the set, with a merely nine-minute “F*!#in’ Up” that is still going on in some other, more benevolent universe. With Lofgren facing him from inches away, Young was at peak Neil-ness, bending, squawking, whammy barring and generally making it sound like being a f-up is the grandest thing one could aspire to in the hero’s quest. As the number seemed to have ended, he added a minute-long coda to reprise and greatly slow down the opening verse, as if what’d just come before had been too grandiose and he needed to reinforce the f-ed-upness of being f-ed up. This would have reasonably been the climax at any other act’s show, but that’s not how Neil Young rolls, and so he rolled another seven numbers. He was singing about feeling small, but there wasn’t a moment’s doubt: We were hearing from a remaining giant.

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Thanks to ridemyllama for sharing the show at Dime.

Thanks also to ethiessen1 for the artwork.

Schoeps MK40 > Tinybox
> Edirol R-05 (24 bit/48 Khz converted to 16/44.1 Bit with dbpoweramp)
Transfer: Soundforge 10 (normalizing)
> flac 8
Row 4 DFC

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Disc 1
Track 101. Love To Burn 8:45
Track 102. Mansion On The Hill 6:16
Track 103. Country Home 7:07
Track 104. Don’t Cry No Tears 3:14
Track 105. Winterlong 3:57
Track 106. The Losing End 5:23
Track 107. Speakin’ Out 4:52
Track 108. World On A String 4:08
Track 109. Scattered (Let’s Think About Livin’) 4:24
Track 110. F*!#in’ Up 9:22
58 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Too Far Gone 4:06
Track 202. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:48
Track 203. Cinnamon Girl 3:53
Track 204. Cortez The Killer 11:47
Track 205. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) 6:31
Track 206. Roll Another Number 5:12
Track 207. Crowd 2:05
Track 208. Down By The River 13:12
51 mins

Neil Young - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Nils Lofgren - guitar

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  1. 6 Responses to “NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - BAKERSFIELD 2018”

  2. Now this sum ‘Crazy Horse’!
    Fantastic Big O thank you!
    Before the ageist waffle thanks so much for this - fifty years since this incarnation and more relevant today than most. First from Fresno and now Bakersfield! Legend at work

    By swappers on May 28, 2018

  3. Track 110 (also not correctly named in Fresno post) is called Fuckin’ Up. It’s not spelled with any *** or whatever. You are allowed. Thanks for these awesome posts from an oldie but goodie. And fuck the slimeballs and haters and perverts who post on this shit. They can go f&&k themselves. Here’s to you, Big O!

    By F**ked Up! on May 28, 2018

  4. Thank you for another Crazy Horse installment. Much appreciated.

    Now where’s that final AC/DC disc? Last one dropped APR 11. It’s been over a month.
    Also last Elvis was MAY 09. Waiting on final disc there also.

    By Punky Skunk on May 29, 2018

  5. Hello Punky

    Perhaps you might have missed this - posted by Arthur Moore on May 25:

    Hey Punky,

    If you read the info carefully, you will see that the last of the big AC/DC and Elvis sets will not include the last discs. With the AC/DC the last cd is video stuff and with Elvis it is a cd of badly recorded interviews. Somewhat disappointing but at least we got all of the best stuff. I was waiting for the stuff myself and then went back and read what I just posted. Hope this is helpful.

    By bigozine2 on May 29, 2018

  6. Great Stuff As Always !

    By TDC on May 30, 2018

  7. Rumor has it that Neil has a big un

    By U L E on May 30, 2018

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