February 11, 2010 – 2:07 pm

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The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969 [Great Dane, 2CD]

Very good radio broadcast.

Let’s go back to a time when the internet was not even a word and when radio DJs were knowledgeable and interested in music. And if a DJ championed a band, like John Peel did throughout his career at the BBC, it was because he believed in the band and liked the music and not because the band was being pushed by a major label.

Like many bands, Pink Floyd got their break and performed numerous times on the BBC; at first with Syd Barrett and later with David Gilmour replacing him. And with psychedelic music in vogue, those 1967 shows were pretty heady ones then. And a track such as Daybreak is not only dreamy, it’s decidedly pastoral with Cymbaline pulling the listener into what might be considered “Pink Floyd territory.”

When this Italian boot first came out in 1992, it was a boon for Floyd fans since it had the complete Top Gear sessions. Here are some comments since then:

“Excellent stereo version of Interstellar Overdrive. Daybreak is an earlier name for Grantchester Meadows.” - Dan

“It is definitely the best quality I’ve heard of the early Barrett sessions… It is nice to hear cymbals on these recordings for the first time. To try to give a better picture of the quality… The version of Vegetable Man is the longer version (extended guitar solo) and Scream Thy Last Scream - vocal is more laidback, band is slower and no overdubbed high voice. These versions are the best I have heard and seem to be harder to find (different from the Early Singles versions).” - Anon

On the other hand, this boot also generated its share of controversy. As opposed to Ron Fleischer’s notes that accompanied the CD, here are some differing opinions:

“Green is the Colour/Careful with that Axe, Eugene are NOT from the 1969 show alleged on the cover. They’re definitely from the July 1970 John Peel show. Apples and Oranges, for all that the cruddy sound quality and noise make it appear to be a radio broadcast contemporary to the other September 1967 material, sounds EXACTLY like the standard studio version to me. Interstellar Overdrive is very definitely NOT in stereo on my CD. The recording imperfections are not the same in both channels and neither are the sound levels, but there’s no genuine separation. It is, however, a very good and different version!” - Anon

“Green and Careful are from the John Peel session 16.07.70. You can compare easily the guitar solo. There is NO record of the complete 12.05.69 session. As far as I know, this session was in fact Daybreack/Cymbaline/Narrow/Green/Careful. All the tracks are linked with seabirds are sea sounds. On this CD Green and Careful are not linked with this sounds. By the way, as this session is not listed in the BBC In Session tonight book it remains a sort of a mystery to me.” - Anon

To spice things even further, in the intervening years, some of these tracks have surfaced in better audio quality and in mid-January 2010, the Harvested group released Pink Floyd’s BBC Archives 1967-1969 - 40th Anniversary Edition (HRV CDR 008, RevB), an upgrade project which took more than six months to complete.

And for those who still remember, think back to the time when you first held this set in your hands and thanking the stars that someone took the trouble to compile them into CDs.

Thanks Phil for sharing the music… and the memory.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

We request that you immediately remove all infringing material, and cease any further posting of infringing material to your website.

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  2. hey bigo, thanks! i don’t have any syd floyd boots. i will put the probable date cause phil probably knows his stuff, and it’s too much typing. it’s not the first time the dates listed on the artwork are off or wrong.

    i do remember ice magazine. it was like a thin, white paper magazine. it might have been $3. this one inde record store i used to shop at years ago carried it.

    need to fix tags. i’ll play it walking.


    By Ed Saad on Feb 11, 2010

  3. More from that Stuff.Thats realy Great Gays!!!!

    By udo on Feb 11, 2010

  4. Please note, that there were a number of instances of the BBC playing non-BBC studio recordings;sometimes recordings that the artists recorded(at their regular recording studios) especially for the BBC.

    As for playing a released record, sometimes it was because the BBC wanted a group to perform a song which had never been played on stage, and the group wasn’t adequately rehearsed to play it. As I recall, the first BBC “performance” of The Beatles’ “I Should Have Known Better” consisted of the BBC playing the released record. The next week, The Beatles came back and really performed the song, in a slightly under-rehearsed version. Also, later BBC recordings by The Hollies & The Who were especially recorded(at Abbey Road & IBC respectively) and merely delivered to the BBC. This was because some artists didn’t like the BBC’s somewhat primitive overdubbing system(dubbing between two mono machines)

    By Philip Cohen on Feb 11, 2010

  5. wow great stuff, thanks all

    By brian on Feb 11, 2010

  6. ICE magazine was great. I used to rush out and get my copy every month and I still have them. The info in it was top notch. One of the last great mags that really cared about music

    By Matt on Feb 11, 2010

  7. The more SYD the better-
    Thank you Very Much.

    By John P McNea III on Feb 11, 2010

  8. LOVE the Syd stuff, THANKS :)

    By Ryan on Feb 12, 2010

  9. Gilmour has said the recordings will never be officially released the way Led Zep, The Who, Beatles and others did. Which kind of sucks, because they could put out a live recording of DSOTM.

    Story on the found TOTP “holy grail” footage of “See Emily Play” screening a month ago:

    The only other projects rumored are a remastered “Animals”, and seeing if they can do anything with the “Wall” concert footage, bits of which have been used in documentaries. I’d love to see top notch animators take a crack at making DSOTM, WYWH and Animals into short films.

    By Danny on Feb 12, 2010

  10. Great Syd B. boot!!

    By Hulkzilla on Feb 12, 2010

  11. What can i say!??
    Simply fantastic these gems!
    Many many thanks bigo’s team ;)

    By Rochacrimson on Feb 12, 2010

  12. “And for those who still remember, think back to the time when you first held this set in your hands and thanking the stars that someone took the trouble to compile them into CDs.”

    CDs? Try (expensive) boot vinyl with a track listing and no labels!

    Again, big-ups to big-o…

    By Paul on Feb 15, 2010

  13. I loved ICE. I worked in a music store and had a binder with every issue. Sadly, he binder disappeared when the store went out of business. The bootleg section alone was worth the price of a subscription.

    Does anyone know if Pink Floyd ever recorded the song “Let’s Light Another One” before changing the lyrics to “Candy and A Currant Bun” (or something like that)? I’d like to hear it.


    By Eric on Feb 20, 2010

  14. Eric, there is an early acetate mix of “Candy & a Currant Bun” in circulation which has the lyric as “Let’s Have another One”. For some reason, this is an edited mix that omits the guitar solo.

    By Philip Cohen on Feb 20, 2010

  15. I concur that this is fantastic stuff, especially the Syd tracks, though I’m not sure I believe the first four are truly “live.” The rest definitely are! It’s criminal that Gilmour and others haven’t cleaned up this material and done a proper release.

    Hey, Phil…your “probable” dates line up exactly with the Glenn Povey book “PF: In the Flesh” with one exception…The non-Syd set with “Julia Dream” is variously listed as June 28, 1968 or June 25. I can’t find either those listings in the Povey book. What’s your source?

    And finally….apparently the Floyd actually performed “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” “live” on several occasions complete with actual food preparation on stage. Anyone know if this was ever recorded? has it been a ROIO? I must know.

    By Scott Brookman on Jul 10, 2010

  16. Hi Scott

    We do have a copy of this ROIO

    Pink Floyd - Rise & Shine [Harvested HRV CDR 035 2CD yeeshkul 90238] live at City Hall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK, Dec 22, 1970. From 2nd generation cassette. This version of the Sheffield show is speed-corrected, drop-outs and tape flaws corrected. Ex- AUD stereo. A Feb 2009 release.

    Alan’s breakfast was performed. It is an audience recording.

    By Admin on Jul 10, 2010

  17. Hi, Admin:

    I’d love to get that 1970 Sheffield Floyd show…I looked under Feb 2009, but didn’t see it. How can I obtain it here?


    By Scott Brookman on Jul 10, 2010

  18. I will be posting this 2 CD set on Ebay one time only for any interested parties. DEC 3rd. 2010 thru DEC 13th.

    By JamJells on Dec 1, 2010


    By JESSEDHEPLER on Oct 16, 2012

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    help when i was surfing around

    By Nathan Bennett on Mar 19, 2015

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