TONY JOE WHITE R.I.P. 1943-2018

October 27, 2018 – 8:04 am


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BBC Radio Sessions 1991-2006 [no label, 2CD]

Solo performances. Very good radio broadcasts.

Craig Havighurst,

Tony Joe White, a songwriter and recording artist with the laid back but slightly dangerous demeanor of a well fed alligator, parlayed a unique take on swamp rock and country blues into an influential 50-year career. The Louisiana native died of a heart attack at home in Leiper’s Fork on October 24, 2018 at age 75. Only a month ago, White released a new album, Bad Mouthin’, and made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry.

While he never became a household name as a solo performer, a run of songs in the ’60s and ’70s galvanized White’s reputation as a songwriter who crafted crackling stories around roughneck and rustic characters. White’s own version of “Polk Salad Annie,” a partly spoken-word portrait of “a wretched, spiteful, straight-razor totin’ woman”, was a slow-burn single on Monument Records that reached No. 8 on the pop charts. It was his biggest hit personally, though Elvis Presley made it a go-to song in his live performances. White’s “Rainy Night In Georgia” went to No. 1 on the soul chart as recorded by Brook Benton and became an American standard. “Willie and Laura Mae Jones,” which he released on his 1969 album Black And White was quickly covered by Dusty Springfield on the iconic Dusty In Memphis.

White toured, recorded and consorted with the elite of rock and roots music through his life, including Steppenwolf, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Eric Clapton, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mark Knopfler. He was consistently a big draw in Europe, where he epitomized a certain strain of mysterious Americana. Among the distinguished artists who recorded his songs over the years were Etta James, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, Isaac Hayes, Johnny Cash and Ray Charles.

At the time of his death, White was already receiving praise for the new album Bad Mouthin’, a raw, blues-based project released Sept. 28. American Songwriter said its dozen songs “resonate with the dark, ominous, rootsy authenticity Tony Joe White has always exuded.”

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Thanks to propylaen for sharing the BBC sessions at Dime.

propylaen noted:

Many thanks to the Sergeant for sharing this collection at the Archives Vibes blog.

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Disc 1
Richard Skinner
GLR - 1991.12.11

Track 101. Chat 1:28
Track 102. Cool Town Woman 2:54
Track 103. Chat 3:54
Track 104. Undercover Agent For The Blues 2:32
Track 105. Chat 0:47

Into The Night - Nicky Campbell
Radio 1 - 1991.12.11

Track 106. Chat 3:03
Track 107. Tunica Motel 3:15
Track 108. Chat 5:03
Track 109. Polk Salad Annie 4:14
Track 110. Chat 5:48
Track 111. Rainy Night In Georgia 4:22
Track 112. Chat 4:26
Track 113. Cool Town Woman 3:10

Mary Costello
GLR - 1991.12.11

Track 114. Chat 6:04
Track 115. For Ol’ Times Sake 2:31
Track 116. Chat 7:16
Track 117. Steamy Windows 2:21
Track 118. Chat 2:15
66 mins

Disc 2
Richard Skinner
GLR - 1992.04.07

Track 201. Chat 1:22
Track 202. Main Squeeze 2:16
Track 203. Chat 2:07
Track 204. Undercover Agent For The Blues 3:17

Bob Harris
Radio 1 - 1992.07.07

Track 205. Chat 12:35
Track 206. Cool Town Woman 2:54
Track 207. Chat 8:56
Track 208. Undercover Agent For The Blues 3:12
Track 209. Chat 2:18

Richard Skinner
GLR - 1995.05.16

Track 210. Chat 0:52
Track 211. Menutha 3:15

Paul Jones
Radio 2 - 2006.09.21

Track 212. Not One Bad Thought 4:06
Track 213. Keeper Of The Fire 4:36
Track 214. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You 3:54

Mark Lamarr
Radio 2 - 2006.09.30

Track 215. Who You Gonna Hoo-Doo Now 4:12
Track 216. Scratch My Back 1:29
Track 217. Do You Have A Garter Belt 3:52
66 mins

Click here to order Bad Mouthin’.

  1. 29 Responses to “TONY JOE WHITE R.I.P. 1943-2018”

  2. rumor has it that you are a complete fucking asshole ULE with no respect for anyone.
    Tony Joe White is the epitome of swamp rock and a helluva talent and to be dissed by a lowlife like you is despicable,

    By sluggo on Oct 27, 2018

  3. rumor has it that you U L E are a complete fucking asshole with no respect for talent whatsoever.

    By sluggo on Oct 27, 2018

  4. He may have had the size ‘ but not enough fame so no backstage adventures with me . His loss .

    By Bebe on Oct 27, 2018

  5. I demanded both . Fame and also a huge Coc .

    By Bebe on Oct 27, 2018

  6. Waad I say ?

    By U L E on Oct 27, 2018

  7. Didn’t say nuthin before. But Rumor has it this dude had a big un

    By U L E on Oct 27, 2018

  8. Since when is saying someone has or in this case ( HAD ) a big scholong an insult . That’s the ultimate compliment. I’m sure Milty ( Uncle ) and Sinatra appreciate all the adulation that their Dics brought them ‘ not to mention all the broads they banged

    By C Tony on Oct 27, 2018

  9. When Milty ( Uncle ) passed ‘ they had two funerals ‘ one for him and the other for his scholong . At least RUMOR HAS IT ….. Ha Ha

    By C Tony on Oct 27, 2018

  10. I heard somewhere that The late actor Forest Tucker from F Troop had a big prick “ supposedly the biggest in Hollywood history . I guess he wasn’t as famous as Sinatra / Berle / McQueen etc which is why he hardly gets mentioned.

    By Handy Dandy on Oct 27, 2018

  11. Im packing 12 limp Does that count

    By Joe Schmoe on Oct 27, 2018

  12. I thought the comments were for the artists and their songs. Was sup with all the coc talk. Is this a gay musicians website or what???????

    By Joe Schmoe on Oct 27, 2018

  13. Don’t think it’s all gay ‘ maybe some but in case you haven’t noticed they’re some Dic luvin women talkin about it as well . Bebe “ Traci and others

    By Handy Dandy on Oct 27, 2018

  14. You all are a bunch of queer lovers.When I was a kid That shit would be handled quick.just like a coon lookin at a white woman.By the way this shit is too mellow. Classic Rock is what everybody wants or should want.You can start with some Led Zep.Never see any here for some reason.

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2018

  15. anything goes these days I guess.Next thing youll be able to hump a donkey or marry your dog.My daddy would turn over in his grave if he saw the shit goin on today.

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2018

  16. aint no morals no more

    By Derrick on Oct 27, 2018

  17. Totally agree with Derrick

    By Joe Schmoe on Oct 28, 2018

  18. There is a lack of a moral compass

    By Joe Schmoe on Oct 28, 2018

  19. Did all you assholes forget this is a music site????
    The only nice comment here is from Sluggo!If you guys can’t talk music why don’t you go elsewhere or shut the Fuck Up!

    By BTLFAN on Oct 28, 2018

  20. Thanks O…You scum have on respect,whats the passing of one of the greats got got to do with all the shit you spread…and Big O you wonder why your still begging for donations when you allow this filth….you are now the laughing stock of the Internet…

    By skinned knees on Oct 28, 2018

  21. Hello BigO ! My wish is that no one else can comment on this page. most of the comments are made here but only by idiots. therefore prefer no more. who is for it?

    By Benawa on Oct 28, 2018

  22. Come visit ‘ read articles if you choose ‘ listen to great music ‘ download if you choose ‘ Ignore the idiots comments. There ‘ why is that so difficult?

    By CJ on Oct 28, 2018

  23. Rumor has it complainers gots little uns

    By U L E on Oct 28, 2018

  24. I think the faggot ULE is the main instigator

    By The Purger on Oct 28, 2018

  25. Who cares who the instigator is or what these nut jobs say . It has nothing to do with the music. There was a mass shooting in Pennsylvania yesterday ‘ lives were destroyed. That’s serious. This is bullshit !

    By CJ on Oct 28, 2018

  26. Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this guy . Sorry that he passed on but quite frankly he wasn’t a household name or even close “ quite frankly I never heard of him before this . It’s not like he was Elvis for Pete’s sake .

    By Pat Grooms on Oct 28, 2018

  27. Thanks Big-O, a marvellous selection of live Tony Joe. The man will be missed. And this poor London boy also pines for the great FM radio provided by Greater London Radio / BBC Radio London in the 1990s…

    By Forrest Gate on Oct 28, 2018

  28. Thanks again “BO”. saw Tony 2 years ago at the Grey Eagle in Asheville. His son went to UT in Knoxville and he played a few of the frat parties for the boys. We were around 40 and we would go down and listen. Hippies and frats, Tony was always glad to see us. God bless that Swamper

    By Matches on Oct 30, 2018

  29. that is one extremely fonky soul man! does anyone know why the sessions were so short? its odd that he would play only 2 or 3 songs and chat, most radio interview sessions are longer. if there is more i’d love to hear it. thanks, BigO!

    By barth on Nov 6, 2018

  30. Pat Grooms, he is a household name in our community and in “our” world. You just live in a different area.

    By Matches on Dec 24, 2018

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