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Hollywood 1968 [no label, 1CD]

Live at The Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA; August 23, 1968. Fairly to very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to original taper (?) TheXav; and to
Emperor Nobody for sharing this “widened mono” version.

Original notes:

A wonderful performance from the Bookends period, full of energy and good humour. The performance was recorded by Al Kooper, and was likely intended for an official live album. A few recording anomalies (the guitar hitting Paul’s mic stand and tape saturation) likely commanded a veto from the CBS Records executives. It’s a shame, because, aside from a few recording baubles, the show is certainly worth an official release. Of special note are the performances of “Overs,” “At The Zoo,” “Leaves That Are Green,” “The Dangling Conversation,” and “Old Friends / Bookends.”

Source is the Grapefruit bootleg GRA-042-A which itself is a copy of Vigotone’s Voices Of Intelligent Dissent.

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Track 01. Mrs Robinson 2:58
Track 02. Homeward Bound 2:37
Track 03. intro 2:35
Track 04. April Come She Will 2:02
Track 05. Fakin’ It 3:27
Track 06. Overs 2:17
Track 07. The 59th St Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) 1:38
Track 08. intro 1:10
Track 09. America 3:31
Track 10. A Most Peculiar Man 2:28
Track 11. I Am a Rock 3:12
Track 12. At the Zoo 2:08
Track 13. Scarborough Fair 3:46
Track 14. Bye Bye Love 2:25
Track 15. Cloudy 2:09
Track 16. Leaves That Are Green 2:42
Track 17. Punky’s Dilemma 2:23
Track 18. intro 0:33
Track 19. Benedictus 2:53
Track 20. The Dangling Conversation 2:45
Track 21. intro 0:50
Track 22. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her 2:38
Track 23. A Poem On the Underground Wall 2:00
Track 24. Anji 2:28
Track 25. The Sound of Silence 3:26
Track 26. Richard Cory 2:50
Track 27. Old Friends 1:53
Track 28. Bookends 1:36
Track 29. He Was My Brother 3:08
71 mins

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  1. 22 Responses to “SIMON & GARFUNKEL - HOLLYWOOD BOWL 1968”

  2. its tum ta tum time.

    By simon dinklefingle on Dec 8, 2018

  3. Rumor has it Paul Simon gots a little un

    By U L E on Dec 8, 2018

  4. Rumor has it Art Garfunkel gots a big un

    By U L E on Dec 8, 2018

  5. Rumor has it Art got most of the women which pissed of Paul which is why they could never get along and broke up . Penis envy.

    By U L E on Dec 8, 2018

  6. rumor has it U L E is a marmot

    By simon dinklefingle on Dec 8, 2018

  7. Paul does have a tiny one ‘ that’s why I ended up divorcing him .

    By Carie Fisher on Dec 8, 2018

  8. Great performance and sound . Should have been officially released , on second thought maybe it’s better that it wasn’t because it probably would have been doctored up in the studio with overdubs

    By Bill on Dec 9, 2018

  9. Thanks Bill. I wasn’t going to bother with this for some reason but your sensible and informed opinion made me give it a try. In amongst the drivel from the pillocks trolling about their winkles and general short comings there is some vestige of sanity on occasion.
    & thanks Big O

    By swappers on Dec 9, 2018

  10. winkles are for perri`s

    By simon dinklefingle on Dec 9, 2018

  11. Très grande performance de la part d’un très grand duo. C’est une musique intemporelle.
    Ce concert est d’une très grande qualité et le son est parfait.
    Merci encore Big O.

    By Bernard (France) on Dec 9, 2018

  12. Paul was indeed small ! Extremely small . Art on the other hand had a Hogie in his pants . What a monster. We had several backstage encounters in the late 60s and early 70s during the Bridge over troubled water time and tour s . Of course after that first encounter with Pauls small Coc I tried to get out of it after that . Paul was so jealous of Arts manhood and would throw tantrums similar to Jerry Garcia when I would go backstage with the Grateful Dead . Small men have big tempers I found out over the years . I guess it’s that penis envy thing .

    By Bebe on Dec 9, 2018

  13. Wow! This was an excellent show. Quite enjoyable and memorable. Having been to the Hollywood Bowl several times not long after this show, I can visualize the performance as well as listen to it. Thank you very much.

    By Arizona on Dec 9, 2018

  14. Tom & Jerry sound full at the Bowl, especially the guitar. This is better than the Central Park recording. I’m glad the studio didn’t get to it.

    By ScarRad on Dec 9, 2018

  15. Yeah , like I said earlier officials are usually redone in the studio . Honestly I don’t trust any official live release even those that claim nothing was done . It was quite a shock to find out years later that some of my favorite live albums as a kid were a fraud . Ya Yas by the Stones being the worst . Probably my all time favorite live album m as a kid . When I found out they had redone most of the vocals as well as some instruments I was depressed for months . Other examples of live albums that were Frauds are Frampton comes Alive , Thin Lizzie’s Live and Dangerous and Kiss Alive 1 and 2 Only trust bootlegs.

    By Bill on Dec 9, 2018

  16. I also heard SnG’s Central Park show from 81 was also loaded with overdubs.

    By Bill on Dec 9, 2018

  17. Oh Thnaks for this. Have just finished the Paul Simon ‘Homeward Bound’ biography so was looking for some shows !!!

    By Seamus Devlin on Dec 9, 2018

  18. I’m going to have the sounds of the silence playing when I kill myself.

    By Nirob on Dec 10, 2018

  19. I have had this show for several years now, but it is a fine one. Glad to see it shared here, and especially glad to see it getting the good reception it deserves.

    By J Hand on Dec 10, 2018

  20. WOW! I was at this show and never in a million years expected to be able to hear it again. It sounds fantastic, thanks so much for posting it!

    By Robbie on Dec 10, 2018

  21. >Carie Fisher go home Carie, you’re dead.

    By Snord on Dec 13, 2018

  22. RIP Joe Osborn, 81 Wrecking Crew Bassist. 16 No. 1 songs, starting with Nelson’s “Travelin’ Man,” a song written for – and rejected by — Sam Cooke that Osborn heard and brought to Nelson’s attention.

    After that, Osborn drove chart-toppers from performers including Johnny Rivers (“Poor Side of Town,” “Secret Agent Man”), Barry McGuire (“Eve of Destruction”), Gary Lewis & the Playboys (“This Diamond Ring”), the Mamas & The Papas (“Monday, Monday”), Glen Campbell (“Gentle On My Mind”), the Turtles (“You Baby”), the Association (“Windy”), the Fifth Dimension (“Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”), the Cowsills (“The Rain, The Park and Other Things”), Richard Harris (“MacArthur Park”), Tommy Roe (“Dizzy”), Seals & Crofts (“Summer Breeze”), Neil Diamond (“Holly Holy”), Helen Reddy (“I Am Woman”), America (“Tin Man”), Barbra Streisand (“Stoney End”), England Dan and John Ford Coley (“Nights Are Forever”), the Partridge Family (“I Think I Love You”), the Grass Roots (“Temptation Eyes”), and Olivia Newton John (“Don’t Stop Belevin’”).
    Osborn’s influence was especially evident in his work with The Carpenters. He discovered the brother-and-sister team in 1966 when they showed up at his short-lived Magic Lamp records label to accompany an auditioning trumpet player. He helped them to shape their distinctive harmonies and played on all of their hits.

    By ScarRad on Dec 18, 2018

  23. Joe Osborn was also on Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

    By ScarRad on Dec 18, 2018

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