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The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Sessions 1974 [no label, CD3/4/5 of 5]

Headley Grange, Hampshire, UK; 1974. Sessions and outtakes. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to davidraphael for sharing these tracks at Dime.

Here are five discs of rehearsals and improvisations for Genesis’ double-album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, the final album to include Peter Gabriel. In addition to all the sessions for tracks that would eventually appear on the album, these recordings also include instrumentals and improvisations that did not make it.

A fascinating insight into a band as they work (and struggle) towards their final goal. These are the fraught sessions that led Peter Gabriel to quit.

“Peter was getting difficult and, suddenly, he had a different attitude. And from that moment, it wasn’t as much fun” - Tony Banks.

“I’m part of this machinery and I don’t feel this is where I should be or who I am” - Peter Gabriel.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 3
Track 301. The Colony Of Slippermen 0:37
Track 302. Fly On A Windshield (take 1, long version) 11:53
Track 303. Fly On A Windshield (take 2) 2:44
Track 304. In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) 1:08
Track 305. Heart Of Stone (Rolling Stones) 4:33
Track 306. Drum Solo 3:09
Track 307. Untitled 2:16
Track 308. Counting Out Time (take 1, a strange one) 3:17
Track 309. Counting Out Time (take 2, a strange one) 1:08
Track 310. Counting Out Time (take 3, a strange one) 1:26
Track 311. Counting Out Time (long improvisation) 8:30
Track 312. Unreleased Instrumental 1 2:42
Track 313. Unreleased Instrumental 2 (take 1) 1:55
Track 314. Unreleased Instrumental 2 (take 2, hint of Blood On The Rooftops) 6:56
Track 315. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (take 1) 1:18
Track 316. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (take 2)/The Colony Of Slippermen (take,1) 0:49
Track 317. The Colony Of Slippermen (take 2) 0:26
Track 318. Medley: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/The Colony Of Slippermen 1:53
Track 319. Unreleased Instrumental 3 2:44
Track 320. Unreleased Instrumental 2 (take 3, hint of Blood On The Rooftops) 1:24
Track 321. Fly On A Windshield (take 3) 1:40
Track 322. Unreleased Instrumental 4 10:09
Track 323. In The Cage (instrumental improvisation) 3:25
76 mins

Disc 4
Track 401. The Colony Of Slippermen take 1 8:34
Track 402. The Colony Of Slippermen take 2 1:12
Track 403. The Colony Of Slippermen take 3 0:51
Track 404. The Colony Of Slippermen take 4 1:36
Track 405. The Colony Of Slippermen take 5 2:43
Track 406. Unreleased Instrumental 1 1:34
Track 407. Medley: Hairless Heart/In The Rapids 3:51
Track 408. In The Rapids take 1 0:55
Track 409. In The Rapids take 2 6:12
Track 410. Unreleased Instrumental 2 2:46
Track 411. Lilywhite Lilith 1:44
Track 412. The Colony Of Slippermen (take 6) 7:56
Track 413. In The Cage (instrumental improvisation) 11:41
Track 414. Unreleased Instrumental 2 14:48
Track 415. Unreleased Instrumental 3 0:31
Track 416. Unreleased Instrumental 4 1:31
Track 417. Unreleased Instrumental 5 3:04
72 mins

Disc 5
Track 501. In The Cage take 1 (strange vocals) 1:04
Track 502. In The Cage take 2 (strange vocals) 1:01
Track 503. In The Cage take 3 (strange vocals) 2:14
Track 504. Medley: In The Cage/Back In NYC take 1 1:37
Track 505. Medley: In The Cage/Back In NYC take 2 2:03
Track 506. Medley: In The Cage/Back In NYC take 3 3:30
Track 507. The Chamber Of 32 Doors take 1/Medley: The Chamber of 32 doors/Counting Out Time take 1 7:13
Track 508. Counting Out Time 0:23
Track 509. Medley: The Chamber Of 32 Doors/Counting Out Time take 2 6:17
Track 510. The Colony Of Slippermen take 1 0:33
Track 511. The Colony Of Slippermen take 2 0:59
Track 512. Unreleased Instrumental take 1-2-3-4 2:59
Track 513. The Waiting Room (long improvisation) 23:10
53 mins

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  1. 8 Responses to “GENESIS - LAMB LIES DOWN SESSIONS 1974 [CD3/4/5 OF 5]”

  2. Thank you for posting.. looking forward to hearing the 5th disc..

    By Tom on Feb 16, 2019

  3. Rumor has it Genesis was a band of Lil uns

    By U L E on Feb 16, 2019

  4. Thanks for posting these Lamb demos. It really is too bad the audio is not “very good soundboard” as described. Although not performed in front of an audience, it doesn’t sound like a soundboard recording. Maybe they just used a couple of mics in their rehearsal space. The sound quality is ‘poor’, not ‘very good’. I downloaded a couple of samples. It was enough.

    By zaar locust on Feb 16, 2019

  5. disk 5 Track 512. Unreleased Instrumental take 1-2-3-4 - this sounds like a jam that would eventually develop into part of “chamber of 32 doors”

    By Rael on Feb 17, 2019

  6. I fucked Genesis several time in the seventies. I swear Phil Collins has to have one of the smallest Cocs I ever had . The only one with a smaller Coc was Jerry Garcia . Unlike Jerry who was a crybaby and threw tantrums. Phil was at least nice

    By Bebe on Feb 17, 2019

  7. Bearing in mind that these recordings are from 1974 - 45 years ago - the general quality is pretty decent. Okay they lack the fine sound balance and range of modern studio recordings but that is mainly down to the fact that the technology wasn’t around back then. Top range digital recording and mixing desks have only been around since the mid 90s so taking all that into consideration what these snippets from Headley Grange give us is an insight into the origins and development of a great album.

    By Graeme Wright on Feb 17, 2019

  8. If you’re a Genesis fan, just download and ignore all the comments. This is way better than what I was expecting… and as Graeme said….wonderful insight to a wonderful album. As to sound quality from the period, the 2008 SACD/DVD remasters are amazing.. having grown up with vinyl and then the horrible first gen cd’s…

    By DanC on Feb 20, 2019

  9. Thanx!

    By leesa on Feb 20, 2019

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